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DIARY: August 9, 1989 09:43 PM Saturday; Rod Welch

Called Morris on ideas discussed with Ross about using SDS.

2...Management 80% Communication Solving Problems When People Don't Listen
3...SDS Design Effective Maintains Alignment Avoids Costly Mistakes
.....Writing Notes Twice Not Enough Time for Listening Analysis
.....Time Not Enough for Analysis SDS Seems Like Writing Notes Twice
.....Conversation Fast and Easy; Writing Takes Too Much Time
.....Listening Strengthened by Adding Intelligence to Information
.....Making Sense Complex Correlations Implications Risk Management
.....Deliberative Analysis Makes Sense Complex Correlations Nuance
.....Intelligence Improves 1st Impressions to Save Lives Time Money
.....Listening Critical, Organizational Memory Understanding Follow Up
....."Yes" Requires Intelligence to Align Action with Intentions
.....Intelligence Knowledge History Improve Listening and Paperwork
.....Stories Improve Listening, Productivity and Earnings
.....Thinking Through Writing Adds Intelligence to Management
.....History Organizational Memory Enable Root Cause Analysis
.....Listening Verifies for Accurate Understanding Timely Follow Up
.....Talk is Cheaper than Writing for Accurate Communication
.....Build the Job with Conversation Listening Fails Talk is Cheap
.....Authentic Conversation Align Communication for Accuracy Truth
.....Accuracy Truth Align Communication Authenticate Conversation
.....Communication Mistakes Costly Effective Communication Saves Money
.....Civilization Case Study Cost Savings Working Intelligently
.....Going First Takes Courage Faith Not 100% Sure Cost Savings
.....100% Sure Civilization Takes Courage and Faith Power of Knowledge
4...Deliberative Analysis Improves Understanding
5...Double Entry SDS Process Adds "Intelligence" to Management
6...Organizational Memory Invests Time for Good Management to Succeed
7...Discovering "Understanding" is Not Writing Things Down Twice
........................Communication Metrics
.....Data Entry Strategies
.....Writing Record of Daily Work Occurs Over Time Not All at Once
8...Handwriting Limitations of Conventional Notetaking
9...Meeting Notes Inherently Defective Due to Limitations of Handwriting
10...Organizational Memory Strategic Asset
11...Investing Intellectual Capital Saves Time & Money
12...Meeting Notes Improved by SDS Flexible Structure Organizational Memory
.........Murphy's Law Excuses Mistakes to Avoid Accountability
....................Think, Remember & Communicate
13...Time to Think Very Limited - Reengineering Dilemma
14...Remember the Past or Risk Repeating History of Past Mistakes
15...Meetings Require Preparation for Effective Communication
16...It can be exhilarating, intoxicating, even useful to attend meetings.
17...Expediting Collaborating Excuse Bad Management Laziness
18...Love Listening by Others, But Often Don't Listen to Others
19...Overkill SDS Not Needed Internal Management Excuses Mistakes
20...Internal v External Excuse Bad Management Expediting Collaborating
21...Convincing Management to Use Good Management Practice Impossible
22...Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise Remember 5% of Gist of Things
23...Budget Improve Management No Allocation Experiment Pilot Test
24...People Get Mad Prospect Learning Cognitive Science Improve Management
25...Ignorance Communication Knowledge Listening Makes SDS Overkill
26...Executives Learn to Get By Without Making Efforts for Accuracy
27...Overkill SDS Not Needed to Align Communication If People Just Listen
28...100% Sure Success to Experiment on Improving Management
29...Internal Management Needs Self-Audit, Diligence, Shared Meaning
30...Notice Practices Improve Accuracy, Avoid Mistakes, Delay, Extra Cost
31...Creativity, Innovation, Enlightenment Supported by SDS
32...Big Organizations Restrain Creativity
33...Fear Losing Investment Learning Popular Information Technologies
34...20 Minutes Not Enough Time to Improve Management Save Time and Money
35...Integration Improves Productivity More Complex Takes Time to Learn
36...SDS Enables Commitment to Improve Management, But Not Enough Time
37...Synergy Learning and Frequent Use Powerful Formula for Improvement
38...Complexity Integrated Functions Easy Blessing Used Frequently
39...How much time do we spend doing the work, and how much time do we

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0201 - IBM Credit Corporation
020101 - Mr. Ross H. Armstrong
020102 - Account Operations Manager
0202 - Chips & Tech.
020201 - Mr. Morris E. Jones
020202 - Vice President
020203 - Advanced Products

SDS, Manual, Review & Comments
Manual Complex Difficult to Follow
Integration New Capability SDS Wider Range than Other Software, Morri
SDS Helps People Think Remember Communicate on Creating Documents Us

0706 -
0706 -    ..
0707 - Summary/Objective
0708 -
070801 - Follow up ref SDS 7 0001.
070802 -
070803 - Morris feels the SDS manual shows a broader range of support than is
070804 - available in other software.  The integrated design that makes it
070805 - faster and easier to manage complexity, is more complex than other
070806 - software.  A lot of people feel better using technology they can learn
070807 - quickly, but doesn't improve productivity.  He indicated SDS requires
070808 - a big commitment to improve productivity that most people don't want
070809 - to make.  He commented favorably on the design.  Morris is worried
070810 - that adding intelligence to information in order to improve listening
070811 - takes extra time.  He noted that better listening is important, but
070812 - there isn't enough time to understand and follow up to get things
070813 - done.
070814 -
070819 -
070820 -
070821 -
070822 -
070824 -  ..
0709 -
0710 -
0711 - Discussion
0712 -
071201 - After talking to Ross this evening, called Morris for comments
071202 - ideas Ross advanced about using SDS for adding "intelligence" to
071203 - information, and feelings that encourage people to resist improving
071204 - productivity. ref SDS 0 HJ6I,
071206 -  ..
071207 - Morris has read some of the SDS manual, and feels funcationality is
071208 - overwhelming.
071210 -  ..
071211 - He has never seen a software program that helps people think,
071212 - remember, analyse, add alignment, integrate time and information, use
071213 - a specific intelligence process for capturing organizational memory,
071214 - and combine contacts, diary, subjects, and documents altogether in one
071215 - integrated program.  He explained that customers are familiar seeing
071216 - explanations of how software can indent, paginate, cut and paste, use
071217 - bold, add pictures and print documents.  He never saw these typical
071218 - tasks in the SDS manual.
071220 -  ..
071221 - We reviewed the challenge of using computer power for aiding cognitive
071222 - tasks; this makes SDS seem foreign and harder to learn, as discussed
071223 - with Ross earlier this evening. ref SDS 7 7499
071225 -  ..
071226 - Other programs do a good job helping people create documents.
071228 -  ..
071229 - SDS helps people plan what documents to create, what meetings to
071230 - attend, calls to make and places to go, and what to say in documents,
071231 - meetings and calls, and what actions to take on the job each day.  SDS
071232 - further helps people perform their work by providing instand access to
071233 - information needed to carry out tasks, and SDS helps people think
071234 - about what they did in order to figure out what to do next, and be
071235 - prepared to do it.  This is a management or "intelligence" cycle, as
071236 - explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 6649
071238 -  ..
071239 - Morris feels it is hard to sell SDS because helping people think,
071240 - remember and communcate is more complex.
071241 -
071242 -
071243 -
071244 -
071245 -
071246 -
071247 -
0713 -

Computers not used for management
Time, too busy to manage effectively
Writing Notes Twice, Discovery
People Skills is Leadership Time, Wasting 70% of Day in Unproductive
Managers Mostly Talk and Listen Listening Improved by SDS
Core Task Management Thinking Not Improved by Computers
Communication Main Factor of Success, Management Productivity
80% Management Time Communication Listening Understanding Follow Up C

3610 -
361101 -  ..
361102 - Management 80% Communication Solving Problems When People Don't Listen
361103 -
361104 - Morris advised that he does not use computers for management.  He
361105 - feels SDS support for a plan, perform, report process is unusual for
361106 - daily work.  Morris noted that executives do not use computers to aid
361107 - understanding and decision support, per below, ref SDS 0 J47F, because
361108 - there is not enough time, with so many problems to fix, and constant
361109 - crisis that unexpectedly come up all the time.  In order to keep up
361110 - with a hectic schedule, his management practice at Chips and
361111 - Technologies entails mostly talking and listening in constant
361112 - meetings, discussions, phone calls and email on matters of varying
361113 - scope and complexity, ranging from technical design, to faclities,
361114 - equipment and personnel.  He has learned to use a lot of popular
361115 - technologies for communicating, like the telephone, email, and
361116 - presentation software.  This takes about 80% of his time.  Meetings
361117 - take time to resolve conflicts in understandings from prior meetings
361118 - and fixing problems caused by people who don't listen, see below.
361119 - ref SDS 0 CJ9J
361120 -
361121 -          [On 921127 Morris explained how small, inconsequential
361122 -          problems misunderstanding daily communications later explode
361123 -          into major crises. ref SDS 32 0674
361125 -           ..
361126 -          [On 950517 proponents of modern project management (MPM)
361127 -          offer leadership for charasmatic Pied Pipers of change with
361128 -          natural intelligence for entertaninment that avoids study,
361129 -          history, experience, reading and writing, hoping a strategic
361130 -          vision leaps into the future with breakthroughs that ignore
361131 -          the past; reflects 2 worlds of management theory X and Y
361132 -          distinguish command from creativity, control from
361133 -          empowerment, impulse from deliberation, and accuracy from
361134 -          bumbling. ref SDS 65 IJ4F
361136 -           ..
361137 -          [970829 book on managing says communication primary process
361138 -          of management, ref SDS 98 6666.]
361140 -           ..
361141 -          [On 020217 DOD management practice is mostly communication,
361142 -          ref SDS G2 1332; better listening requires technology that
361143 -          makes capturing organizational memory fast and easy so people
361144 -          can remember accurately. ref SDS G2 9360  Found SDS
361145 -          accomplishes this requirement. ref SDS G2 3105
361147 -  ..
361148 - Morris' practice aligns with a report on 890513.  At that time, an
361149 - engineering and construction executive indicated during a professional
361150 - event that communication requires 90% of management time, and further
361151 - noted difficulty using computers for management communications.
361152 - ref SDS 3 6690  Earlier this evening, Ross explained similar practice
361153 - at IBM. ref SDS 7 QY6L  Below, Morris commented again that people
361154 - don't use computers for management. ref SDS 0 6993
361155 -
361156 -          [On 910911 investment manager sees no demand for SDS to
361157 -          improve accuracy of communication because executives spend
361158 -          most of their time talking. ref SDS 21 5567
361160 -           ..
361161 -          [On 931130 Drucker cites analysis as core management
361162 -          practice, task, and responsibility for converting information
361163 -          into knowledge that makes communication effective.
361164 -          ref SDS 35 7911
361166 -           ..
361167 -          [On 940510 article in HBR says management is 66%
361168 -          communication ref SDS 43 0034
361170 -           ..
361171 -          [On 940722 people spend 80% of the time trying to find
361172 -          information due to information overload. ref SDS 51 CR6L
361174 -           ..
361175 -          [On 960205 managers waste 70% of day in unproductive
361176 -          meetings. ref SDS 80 5902
361178 -           ..
361179 -          [On 960721 frustration meetings not productive. ref SDS 85
361180 -          0896
361182 -           ..
361183 -          [On 960919 Contracting Officer's day is 90% communication,
361184 -          worries meeting unproductive. ref SDS 86 9834
361186 -  ..
361187 - Morris uses a bound notebook to enter understandings and action items
361188 - from the constant flow of communication, he cites, per above.
361189 - ref SDS 0 8812  He can make copies to organize information in folders
361190 - on related subjects, and his secretary sends important information to
361191 - colleagues working on common tasks.  He can study his notes when time
361192 - permits and add comments to remember important ideas that occur from
361193 - reading and remembering correlations that may have been overlooked at
361194 - the time events occurred.  Morris uses an electronic calendar, the
361195 - Wizard, to manage follow up meetings, which is similar to "DayTimers"
361196 - for tracking important information and action items.  He said this
361197 - method of time and information management is weak, because it cannot
361198 - be changed very easily.  His secretary creates agenda items for major
361199 - meetings from his bound notebook and prior agendas.
361200 -
361201 -          [On 910418 Intel reports building faster processors so
361202 -          technology can help managers work faster. ref SDS 16 2744
361204 -           ..
361205 -          [On 910529 SDS integrated design is counterintuitive because
361206 -          people have years of experience separating scheduling from
361207 -          filing. ref SDS 19 9989
361209 -           ..
361210 -          [On 920215 Morris could not convert tradiational manual
361211 -          practices of scheduling and filing to use SDS plan, perform,
361212 -          report integrated design. ref SDS 28 5820
361214 -           ..
361215 -          [On 950927 Intel reported failure on using technology to help
361216 -          managers work faster. ref SDS 73 7732
361218 -           ..
361219 -          [On 960919 USACE manager received constant communication. see
361220 -          ref SDS 86 9834]
361222 -           ..
361223 -          [On 970829 reviewed book on management finding communication
361224 -          is primary factor, ref SDS 98 6666.
361226 -           ..
361227 -          [On 971126 Dave Vannier reported his work is mainly meetings.
361228 -          ref SDS A3 3849
361230 -           ..
361231 -          [On 981027 architect uses binder for time and information
361232 -          management. ref SDS B2 3234
361234 -           ..
361235 -          [On 990907 Intel reports SDS accomplishes objectives of
361236 -          POIMS. ref SDS C3 0149
361238 -           ..
361239 -          [On 000309 manager reports similar work practices, finds SDS
361240 -          unique method. ref SDS D1 3068
361242 -           ..
361243 -          [On 010425 Morris reports using SDS is a "utopia" because the
361244 -          Typical Day Scenario explains everything is in the right
361245 -          place at the right time. ref SDS E2 EP7F  He asks where time
361246 -          for analysis is explained. ref SDS E2 LY5G
361248 -           ..
361249 -          [On 030512 Morris work practice common for information
361250 -          management; SDS links for paperless office working online
361251 -          opposite of requirements for conventional practice that
361252 -          prints everything; links increase amount of information to
361253 -          print. ref SDS G9 ZT54
361255 -           ..
361256 -          [On 080318 Morris showed a small 3" x 4" notebook used for
361257 -          meetings and stored in a shirt pocket. ref SDS I2 9G6U
361259 -           ..
361260 -          [On 090404 0041 Gary explains use case and suggests new
361261 -          feature to convert schedule task into a diary record for a
361262 -          prior date. ref SDS I3 F06O
361263 -
361264 -
361265 -
3613 -

SDS Explanation, Thinking Through Writing
Analysis Correlations Implications Incite
IBM's Binder Time Information Management
Writing Notes Twice Objects Does Not Grasp Difference between Informa
Listening Improvement Needed to Make Conversation More Effective
Yes Winning People Over Leadership Trust Communication Needs Metrics
100% Sure Reduces Opportunity to Discover Improvement, 000225, Eric A
Continual Improvement Learning Key Attribute of Successful Executives
Learning Supported by SDS Intelligence Process Plan Perform Report
Writing Everything Down Not Enough Time Overkill

AT12 -
AT1301 -  ..
AT1302 - SDS Design Effective Maintains Alignment Avoids Costly Mistakes
AT1303 -
AT1304 - Morris said he likes SDS architecture that ties Diary reports of daily
AT1305 - work to follow up tasks in the Schedule, because it connects planning
AT1306 - to relevant history that expedites complementary action, and helps
AT1307 - avoid taking conflicting action that causes problems, rework, delay
AT1308 - and extra expense.  He feels this is a new way of working that
AT1309 - improves traditional methods of management analysis, but is not sure
AT1310 - the benefits justify entering handwritten notes twice.
AT1312 -       ..
AT1313 -      [On 001219 SDS "re-tools" human skills to enable a powerful new
AT1314 -      way of working intelligently routinely. ref SDS D9 QT6F
AT1316 -       ..
AT1317 -      [On 040416 Morris explains interoperability is a strong advantage
AT1318 -      of SDS, for submission to Architecture Committee on SDS
AT1319 -      standards for organizational memory and intelligence support.
AT1320 -      ref SDS H1 3M7N
AT1322 -  ..
AT1323 - Morris feels the idea of adding "intelligence" that avoids mistakes
AT1324 - and discovers opportunities overlooked in notes written once is a new
AT1325 - way of thinking, per POIMS. ref OF 1 2777  He notes that nobody has
AT1326 - experience showing "intelligence" in the private sector saves time and
AT1327 - money, so nobody has enough faith to try.
AT1328 -
AT1329 -          [On 891113 executive objects to organizational memory because
AT1330 -          there is not enough time to add intellignece that avoids
AT1331 -          mistakes. ref SDS 8 0001
AT1333 -           ..
AT1334 -          [On 901011 Morris indicated SDS is an important new direction
AT1335 -          for technology. ref SDS 14 3J8I
AT1337 -           ..
AT1338 -          [On 910520 Morris tried SDS, ref SDS 17 655O, and seemed to
AT1339 -          grasp the process of adding intelligence that converts
AT1340 -          information into the power of knowledge. ref SDS 17 I66F
AT1342 -           ..
AT1343 -          [On 910523 Morris commended SDS design, ref SDS 18 3001, but
AT1344 -          had difficulty using SDS according to the plan, perform,
AT1345 -          report design. ref SDS 18 2736
AT1347 -           ..
AT1348 -          [On 910810 Morris explained SDS design breakthrough is using
AT1349 -          a hybrid that integrates hierarchial and relational data base
AT1350 -          design. ref SDS 20 7793
AT1352 -           ..
AT1353 -          [On 920215 Morris gave up trying SDS because linking is
AT1354 -          counterintuitive. ref SDS 28 5820
AT1356 -           ..
AT1357 -          [On 921127 Morris frustrated little, inconsequential details
AT1358 -          esclate into major problems. ref SDS 32 0674
AT1360 -           ..
AT1361 -          [On 010425 Morris described SDS typical day scenario is a
AT1362 -          "utopia" because everything is available when needed.
AT1363 -          ref SDS E2 EP7F
AT1365 -           ..
AT1366 -          [On 080124 case study shows Medit assembly language platform
AT1367 -          enables Knowledge Management support for working
AT1368 -          intelligently which has been difficult to accomplish with
AT1369 -          other technologies. ref SDS I1 WG5G
AT1370 -
AT1371 -
AT1373 -      ..
AT1374 -     Writing Notes Twice Not Enough Time for Listening Analysis
AT1375 -     Time Not Enough for Analysis SDS Seems Like Writing Notes Twice
AT1376 -     Conversation Fast and Easy; Writing Takes Too Much Time
AT1377 -     Listening Strengthened by Adding Intelligence to Information
AT1378 -
AT1379 -     Morris feels that, even though he likes SDS architecture for
AT1380 -     keeping track of critical details, per above, ref SDS 0 8211,
AT1381 -     investing time to transcribe notes from his manual notebook, which
AT1382 -     he explained above, ref SDS 0 HJ4J, into SDS records seems like
AT1383 -     unnecessary duplication, because there is too much information and
AT1384 -     not enough time to write everything down per below. ref SDS 0 0880
AT1385 -     Morris indicated that using SDS to write things down twice seems
AT1386 -     like overkill.  He believes that the notes people write during
AT1387 -     events are adequate for organizational memory, based on the many
AT1388 -     successful companies, who do not invest time for intelligence that
AT1389 -     shows cause and effect, per discussion with Ross, earlier this
AT1390 -     evening. ref SDS 7 3S6H and ref SDS 7 MT7O  Below, Morris cites
AT1391 -     disadvantages of handwritten notes. ref SDS 0 SI4K
AT1393 -          ..
AT1394 -         [On 910520 Morris started using SDS and learned critical
AT1395 -         intelligence can be created without writing his notes twice;
AT1396 -         but, just by writing information once in SDS, people can
AT1397 -         "debug" management to save time and money. ref SDS 17 I66F
AT1399 -          ..
AT1400 -         [On 020927 the movie "The Maltease Falcon" showed that a
AT1401 -         common business practice in the 1930s and 40s was for someone
AT1402 -         to take notes during meetings where important, complex
AT1403 -         information was presented, so that someone could "get it all
AT1404 -         down." ref SDS G6 W682
AT1405 -
AT1406 -
AT1408 -      ..
AT1409 -     Making Sense Complex Correlations Implications Risk Management
AT1410 -     Deliberative Analysis Makes Sense Complex Correlations Nuance
AT1411 -     Intelligence Improves 1st Impressions to Save Lives Time Money
AT1412 -
AT1413 -     We reviewed SDS support for adding intelligence to information
AT1414 -     captured, as Morris describes from first impressions that people
AT1415 -     write, jot, and hurridly scribble "once" during meetings, calls
AT1416 -     and routine daily work.  Investing time for deliberative analysis
AT1417 -     to "connect the dots" that verify alignment expands understanding
AT1418 -     and refines accuracy of knowledge by triangulating fragmentary
AT1419 -     information with history, context and relevant sources, see POIMS,
AT1420 -     ref OF 1 16EF  Accurate understanding that makes sense of complex
AT1421 -     correlations, implications and nuance, otherwise overlooked and
AT1422 -     forgotten, per below, ref SDS 0 8850, enables people to discover
AT1423 -     emerging problems and opportunities in time to take effective
AT1424 -     action that saves lives, time, and money.
AT1425 -
AT1426 -         [On 950204 Morris attended a seminar where ideas were
AT1427 -         presented that sounded like SDS methods. ref SDS 56 5932
AT1429 -      ..
AT1430 -     Morris noted organizations these days are learning to streamline
AT1431 -     overhead using technology to manage information.  As a result,
AT1432 -     with fewer managers....
AT1433 -
AT1434 -
AT1435 -                        there isn't enough time
AT1436 -
AT1437 -
AT1438 -     ...for analysis to understand and follow up in SDS records like
AT1439 -     this one, because executives attend a lot of meetings, per above.
AT1440 -     ref SDS 0 8812  Conversation seems faster, easier and more
AT1441 -     effective because people like to talk; they don't want to write
AT1442 -     and read memos, because that is harder work than talking and
AT1443 -     listening.
AT1445 -         ..
AT1446 -        [On 921205 Covey notes that habits of good management practice
AT1447 -        are hard to form; takes commitment and faith working
AT1448 -        intelligently. ref SDS 33 6013
AT1450 -         ..
AT1451 -        [On 940527 cognitive overhead takes time for the mind to
AT1452 -        organize information, essential for proactive management, often
AT1453 -        associated with IBIS. ref SDS 45 F95N
AT1455 -      ..
AT1456 -     This aligns with analysis in POIMS. ref OF 1 2777
AT1457 -
AT1458 -        [On 891113 executive objects to organizational memory because
AT1459 -        there is not enough time to add intellignece that avoids
AT1460 -        mistakes. ref SDS 8 0001
AT1461 -
AT1462 -        [On 901007 Morris worried about writing notes twice again.
AT1463 -        ref SDS 13 ZS4H
AT1465 -         ..
AT1466 -        [On 911121 Morris doesn't have enough time to learn SDS.
AT1467 -        ref SDS 22 7420
AT1469 -         ..
AT1470 -        [On 911121 Morris explained an AI program Chips purchased to
AT1471 -        support engineering management that does not require writing
AT1472 -        notes twice. ref SDS 22 8809
AT1474 -         ..
AT1475 -        [On 911123 Morris identified Welch Management method, SDS
AT1476 -        enables using good management consistently; other executives
AT1477 -        don't work this way, ref SDS 23 4930, use feel good management
AT1478 -        to expedite. ref SDS 23 1331
AT1480 -         ..
AT1481 -        [On 920215 the AI program was not effective for obtaining
AT1482 -        relevant information from organizational memory. ref SDS 28
AT1483 -        2115
AT1485 -         ..
AT1486 -        [On 920402 Ross seemed to relate issue of using SDS to improve
AT1487 -        earnings conflicts with IBM culture that image and style of
AT1488 -        management that relies on conversation. ref SDS 29 0344
AT1490 -         ..
AT1491 -        [On 921127 Morris complained small details turn out later to be
AT1492 -        big problems. ref SDS 32 0674
AT1494 -         ..
AT1495 -        [On 940121 "Killer Application" improves productivity of
AT1496 -        management. ref SDS 37 6301
AT1498 -         ..
AT1499 -        [On 951022 investors worried Killer Application that improves
AT1500 -        productivity needed to sustain inflated stock prices.
AT1501 -        ref SDS 74 6565
AT1503 -         ..
AT1504 -        [On 950228 Morris complained that nobody has notes that anyone
AT1505 -        can decipher. ref SDS 58 RO8I
AT1507 -         ..
AT1508 -        [On 950626 training teaches executives to be good talkers.
AT1509 -        ref SDS 62 4392
AT1511 -         ..
AT1512 -        [On 991108 tension between relying on talking and using
AT1513 -        alphabet technology to improve understanding through analysis
AT1514 -        has been a continuing debate from the time of Plato and
AT1515 -        Aristotle in 2,400 BC. ref SDS C7 7426
AT1516 -
AT1518 -      ..
AT1519 -     Listening Critical, Organizational Memory Understanding Follow Up
AT1520 -     "Yes" Requires Intelligence to Align Action with Intentions
AT1521 -     Intelligence Knowledge History Improve Listening and Paperwork
AT1522 -
AT1523 -     Morris feels since communication takes up most of the time on the
AT1524 -     job, per above, ref SDS 0 8812, people need more diligence to
AT1525 -     listen better in order to take advantage of good communication
AT1526 -     skills that expedite getting things done.  It feels great giving
AT1527 -     orders and talking people into saying "yes!"  But, when you find
AT1528 -     out later they took the wrong action, because listening failed, it
AT1529 -     causes productivity and earnings to suffer. see below, ref SDS 0
AT1530 -     126J  Also, below, Morris explains top executives are excellent at
AT1531 -     getting people to listen without using SDS, most commonly using
AT1532 -     pictures, graphs, and diagrams for clear communication, explained
AT1533 -     below. ref SDS 0 6V46  But sometimes people just don't listen, and
AT1534 -     this makes everybody mad. ref SDS 0 W98F
AT1536 -      ..
AT1537 -     SDS enables better partnership between leadership and technology
AT1538 -     for listening, creativity to discover opportunity, and proactive
AT1539 -     problem handling, shown by the record on 890324. ref SDS 2 LZ5F
AT1540 -
AT1541 -          [On 931130 Drucker cites analysis as core management
AT1542 -          practice, task, and responsibility for converting information
AT1543 -          into knowledge that makes communication effective.
AT1544 -          ref SDS 35 7911
AT1546 -           ..
AT1547 -          [On 940114 example illustrates unproductive meetings are
AT1548 -          common. ref SDS 36 O15M
AT1550 -           ..
AT1551 -          [On 940508 executives are good learners with strong listening
AT1552 -          and pattern recognition skills that greatly aid understanding
AT1553 -          to follow up. ref SDS 42 3381
AT1555 -           ..
AT1556 -          [On 940609 pictures conversation convey cursory 1st
AT1557 -          impression false confidence fools gold, ref SDS 48 4933,
AT1558 -          leading to continual bumbling, ref SDS 48 4671, Alice in
AT1559 -          Wonderland management noted by Kissinger. ref SDS 48 4238
AT1561 -           ..
AT1562 -          [On 950412 PMI event revealed evidence leadership is at war
AT1563 -          with technology that moves information too fast for people to
AT1564 -          understand and follow up, ref SDS 61 4543, listening fails
AT1565 -          when executives and managers feel neither will listen.
AT1566 -          ref SDS 61 4423
AT1568 -           ..
AT1569 -          [On 950517 proponents of modern project management (MPM)
AT1570 -          offer leadership for charasmatic Pied Pipers of change with
AT1571 -          natural intelligence for entertaninment that avoids study,
AT1572 -          history, experience, reading and writing, hoping a strategic
AT1573 -          vision leaps into the future with breakthroughs that ignore
AT1574 -          the past; reflects 2 worlds of management theory X and Y
AT1575 -          distinguish command from creativity, control from
AT1576 -          empowerment, impulse from deliberation, and accuracy from
AT1577 -          bumbling. ref SDS 65 IJ4F
AT1579 -           ..
AT1580 -          [On 950428 professional event showed technology has reduced
AT1581 -          productivity of leadership. ref SDS 63 3921
AT1583 -           ..
AT1584 -          [On 950502 discussed PMI conference at Asilomar to present a
AT1585 -          better partnership between leadership and technology.
AT1586 -          ref SDS 64 5830
AT1588 -           ..
AT1589 -          [On 950327 examples multiply illustrating need for better
AT1590 -          communication. ref SDS 60 0200
AT1592 -           ..
AT1593 -          [On 960205 study published on managers waste 70% of day in
AT1594 -          unproductive meetings. ref SDS 80 5222
AT1596 -           ..
AT1597 -          [On 960311 Johanna Neuman's book Lights Camera War explains
AT1598 -          constant struggle to build a partnership between leadership
AT1599 -          and technology. ref SDS 81 G635
AT1601 -           ..
AT1602 -          [On 960715 PMI conference at Asilomar fails to present better
AT1603 -          partnership between leadership and technology. ref SDS 84
AT1604 -          0001
AT1606 -           ..
AT1607 -          [On 970524 Morris attended Cal Tech seminar on how small
AT1608 -          problems from communication mistakes escalate into major
AT1609 -          crisis and loss. ref SDS 93 QO4O
AT1611 -           ..
AT1612 -          [On 000515 pictures limited representation of
AT1613 -          multi-dimensional knowledge, ref SDS D2 3R5K, Peirce semiotic
AT1614 -          strives to capture continuous flow of human thought with
AT1615 -          exestential graphs. ref SDS D2 Y34F
AT1617 -           ..
AT1618 -          [On 010312 pictures take 1000 words to explain, noted by Eric
AT1619 -          Armstrong. ref SDS E0 MU62
AT1621 -           ..
AT1622 -          [On 021228 SDS records on Internet save time and money;
AT1623 -          request to keep up good work listening. ref SDS G8 0001
AT1625 -      ..
AT1626 -     Executives demand better "listening" that enables people to
AT1627 -     understand and follow up with the correct action.  A good record
AT1628 -     of what was said and done enables planning to solve problems that
AT1629 -     block progress.
AT1630 -
AT1631 -          [On 970707 USAFIT study reports management always degrades to
AT1632 -          entropy when information overload occurs because everybody is
AT1633 -          talking and nobody is listening, as Morris notes today.
AT1634 -          ref SDS 97 0108
AT1636 -           ..
AT1637 -          [On 981223 HQUSACE engineer proposes people use more people
AT1638 -          and more diligence rather than SDS to improve communication.
AT1639 -          ref SDS B3 HS8J
AT1641 -           ..
AT1642 -          [On 000116 50% organizational memory on meetings is useful,
AT1643 -          which is way above industry norms. ref SDS C9 3456
AT1645 -           ..
AT1646 -          [On 001126 more diligence using information technology was
AT1647 -          proposed to perform knowledge management rather than SDS.
AT1648 -          ref SDS D7 QW8I
AT1650 -           ..
AT1651 -          [On 020217 DOD program manager says organizational memory
AT1652 -          provided by SDS improves productivity of meetings.
AT1653 -          ref SDS G2 9360
AT1655 -      ..
AT1656 -     SDS improves long-term components of communication for
AT1657 -     listening...
AT1658 -
AT1659 -                       •  understanding
AT1660 -                       •  follow up
AT1661 -
AT1662 -     ....that support short-term skills for talking people into saying
AT1663 -     yes, as explained in NWO. ref OF 3 03CS  Capturing organizational
AT1664 -     memory provides a resource of shared meaning that strengthens
AT1665 -     biological listening. see POIMS, ref OF 1 3773
AT1667 -           ..
AT1668 -          [On 911121 Morris reported company policy is to destroy
AT1669 -          intellectual capital so that organizational memory cannot be
AT1670 -          discovered in lawsuits. ref SDS 22 5920
AT1672 -           ..
AT1673 -          [On 921127 Morris complained small details are overlooked,
AT1674 -          turn out later to cause big problems. ref SDS 32 0674
AT1676 -           ..
AT1677 -          [On 931130 Drucker reports people giving up on communication.
AT1678 -          ref SDS 35 3851
AT1680 -           ..
AT1681 -          [On 940327 Morris encountered resistance when offering his
AT1682 -          notes to refresh people's memory of prior communications.
AT1683 -          ref SDS 39 J47F
AT1685 -           ..
AT1686 -          [On 940609 listening to understand, follow up requires more
AT1687 -          than biological hearing. ref SDS 48 4671
AT1689 -           ..
AT1690 -          [On 970123 Intel uses confrontation to resolve differences
AT1691 -          when people remember common events differently. ref SDS 92
AT1692 -          1111
AT1694 -           ..
AT1695 -          [On 011003 IT engineer giving up because productivity
AT1696 -          paralyzed by hopeless quagmire of complexity due to
AT1697 -          information overload. ref SDS F3 EC5N
AT1699 -      ..
AT1700 -     Like double entry bookkeeping improves accounting, writing and
AT1701 -     feedback verify listening, see POIMS. ref OF 1 259O  Traditional
AT1702 -     paperwork, documentation, meeting notes, ects, are improved, per
AT1703 -     telecon with Ross today, ref SDS 0 3S6H, by adding "intelligence"
AT1704 -     that connects daily work into chronologies of cause and effect
AT1705 -     that aligns plannng and working with objectives, requirements and
AT1706 -     commitments.  These connections make context management fast and
AT1707 -     easy by positioning the mind in related contextual history that
AT1708 -     expands span of attention and verifies accuracy.  This greatly
AT1709 -     improves traditional information management practice of reliance
AT1710 -     on remembering only the gist of information.
AT1712 -           ..
AT1713 -          [On 911123 Morris reported that SDS enables Welch Management
AT1714 -          method that integrates work tasks, but executives don't work
AT1715 -          this way. ref SDS 23 0477
AT1717 -           ..
AT1718 -          [On 931130 Drucker suggests integrating work components to
AT1719 -          improve productivity; understanding and follow up are parts
AT1720 -          of communication that SDS supports. ref SDS 35 C95J
AT1722 -           ..
AT1723 -          [On 940121 software industry needs "Killer Application" that
AT1724 -          makes computers useful for improving management productivity
AT1725 -          by lifting ability to think, remember and communicate.
AT1726 -          ref SDS 37 6301
AT1728 -           ..
AT1729 -          [On 950223 Morris worries that Welch does not listen well
AT1730 -          enough to complaints about SDS. ref SDS 57 7499
AT1732 -           ..
AT1733 -          [On 950228 Morris complained meetings are unproductive
AT1734 -          because nobody listens. ref SDS 58 1994
AT1736 -           ..
AT1737 -          [On 950303 people cannot remember what happened during a
AT1738 -          meeting in Paris, France. ref SDS 59 3333
AT1740 -           ..
AT1741 -          [On 951022 investors worried Killer Application that improves
AT1742 -          productivity needed to sustain inflated stock prices.
AT1743 -          ref SDS 74 6565
AT1745 -           ..
AT1746 -          [On 951103 worry Welch does not listen. ref SDS 76 6820
AT1748 -           ..
AT1749 -          [On 960205 report managers waste 70% of day in unproductive
AT1750 -          meetings. ref SDS 80 5222
AT1752 -           ..
AT1753 -          [On 980827 management consultants claim teaching listening is
AT1754 -          more effective than SDS; makes it difficult for executives to
AT1755 -          recognize SDS above the noise of advertising. ref SDS B1 E15J
AT1757 -           ..
AT1758 -          [On 000116 50% of meeting notes are useful. ref SDS C9 3456
AT1759 -
AT1760 -
AT1762 -      ..
AT1763 -     Stories Improve Listening, Productivity and Earnings
AT1764 -     Thinking Through Writing Adds Intelligence to Management
AT1765 -     History Organizational Memory Enable Root Cause Analysis
AT1766 -     Listening Verifies for Accurate Understanding Timely Follow Up
AT1767 -
AT1768 -     Organizational memory captured by writing a coherent "story" uses
AT1769 -     deliberative analysis for an "intelligence" process of
AT1770 -     organization, alignment, summary, feedback, discussed with Ross
AT1771 -     earlier this evening. ref SDS 7 MT7O, also, explaining "vision."
AT1772 -     ref SDS 7 ZM7I  Thinking through writing a coherent "story" helps
AT1773 -     makes sense of complexity, and facilitates memory, see POIMS.
AT1774 -     ref OF 1 3742  Good memory and understanding complexity help
AT1775 -     prepare for effective meetings, and for working productively that
AT1776 -     saves time and money. This is an entirely new kind of capability
AT1777 -     to strengthen listening skills for proactive problem handling by
AT1778 -     revealing conflicting intentions before mistakes are made, similar
AT1779 -     to the way Morris debugs software and computer chips before
AT1780 -     sending to the customer. Better listening is a big part of
AT1781 -     continual learning.
AT1783 -           ..
AT1784 -          [On 900303 research indicates the human brain is wired to use
AT1785 -          "stories" that aid memory and understanding cause and effect.
AT1786 -          ref SDS 9 3016
AT1787 -
AT1788 -
AT1789 -
AT18 -

Authentic Conversation Alignment Verify Truth Overkill Writing Every

B503 -
B50401 -      ..
B50402 -     Talk is Cheaper than Writing for Accurate Communication
B50403 -     Build the Job with Conversation Listening Fails Talk is Cheap
B50404 -     Authentic Conversation Align Communication for Accuracy Truth
B50405 -     Accuracy Truth Align Communication Authenticate Conversation
B50406 -
B50407 -     Morris feels writing a coherent story and adding connections to
B50408 -     verify alignment with objectives, requirements and commitments so
B50409 -     that people are prepared to work productively takes a lot of skill
B50410 -     and diligence.  Writing takes time to "debug" communication by
B50411 -     authenticating conversation to reduce mistakes and improve
B50412 -     earnings, called out by POIMS. ref OF 1 1108  Executive training
B50413 -     teaches dialog skills to be persuasive talking people into saying
B50414 -     "yes" which is faster and easier than being prepared by writing
B50415 -     and studying background.  Leadership is taught to expedite using
B50416 -     conversation to get things done by focusing on the future rather
B50417 -     than worry about the past.  Mistakes that cause delay and extra
B50418 -     cost are avoided by hiring smart people with good communication
B50419 -     skills for listening.  He said a big challenge occurs when people
B50420 -     are hired who have good communication skills, but won't listen to
B50421 -     persuasive executives.  Below, Morris frustrated by mistakes when
B50422 -     people don't listen. ref SDS 0 6V46
B50424 -           ..
B50425 -          [On 911121 discussed deliberative analysis again, requires
B50426 -          leadership with broader vision. ref SDS 22 5830
B50428 -           ..
B50429 -          [On 911123 executives taught to make decisions that "feel
B50430 -          good" in the moment and develop justification later.
B50431 -          ref SDS 23 1331
B50433 -           ..
B50434 -          [On 931130 Drucker reports people giving up on communication;
B50435 -          everybody's talking, nobody's listening makes communication
B50436 -          the biggest risk in enterprise, ref SDS 35 3851, supports
B50437 -          Morris's worry today that manager's won't listen.  On 960103
B50438 -          executives don't have time to listen; rely on style not
B50439 -          content. ref SDS 78 8409  On 940506 managers submit summary,
B50440 -          executives won't listen to critical details. ref SDS 41 2945
B50441 -          On 950426 executives work by conversation, ref SDS 62 4392,
B50442 -          use 20 80 methods to expedite. ref SDS 62 4022  On 001207 too
B50443 -          many people having too many problems cause productivity,
B50444 -          earnings and stock prices to fall. ref SDS D8 V54M  On 950412
B50445 -          executives feel their problems are caused by managers who do
B50446 -          not tell the truth. ref SDS 61 3920
B50448 -           ..
B50449 -          [On 940609 Kissinger recommends analysis to avoid continual
B50450 -          bumbling like Alice in Wonderland. ref SDS 48 4238  SDS
B50451 -          enables deliberative analysis. ref SDS 48 3U7J
B50453 -           ..
B50454 -          [On 950517 executives aver nitpicking the past to second
B50455 -          guess mistakes, fear accountability. ref SDS 65 8599
B50457 -           ..
B50458 -          [On 950822 Morris reports executive training focuses on the
B50459 -          future, because the past is "water under the bridge."
B50460 -          ref SDS 69 9433]
B50462 -           ..
B50463 -          [On 960205 managers waste 70% of day in unproductive meetings
B50464 -          because people are not prepared, don't listen.
B50466 -           ..
B50467 -          [On 010510 Steve Balmer reported Microsoft products improve
B50468 -          productivity. ref SDS E5 GT5G
B50470 -           ..
B50471 -          [On 010608 DCMA uses Senior Functional Advisors to grow
B50472 -          competence. ref SDS E7 3T8I
B50474 -           ..
B50475 -          [On 000116 Morris reported that 50% of meeting notes are
B50476 -          useful. ref SDS C9 3456
B50478 -           ..
B50479 -          [On 041019 in offering a 2nd opinion, Doctor Guardino asked
B50480 -          an aide to authenticate conversation during a meeting at
B50481 -          Stanford Medical Center by leaving the room to check the
B50482 -          written record showing a pathology report that discovered IBC
B50483 -          was dated 040419, rather than three (3) days earlier on
B50484 -          040416. ref SDS H4 BV92
B50485 -
B50487 -      ..
B50488 -     Communication Mistakes Costly Effective Communication Saves Money
B50489 -
B50490 -     Morris feels diligence and management training are needed because
B50491 -     when communication fails, things don't get done, the wrong things
B50492 -     are done, work does not align with requirements and commitments,
B50493 -     and so has to be done over.  Rework causes extra cost, delay,
B50494 -     conflict and crisis.  If people feel bad about communication, they
B50495 -     get mad, won't be team players, they obstruct, cover up and don't
B50496 -     tell the truth.  Failed communication ripples through everyone,
B50497 -     spreading quickly and broadly, like a virus.  Soon, everything is
B50498 -     infected, as small problems cascade out of control.  Morris feels
B50499 -     listening is critical to productivity and earnings, per above.
B50500 -     ref SDS 0 CJ9J
B50501 -
B50502 -         [On 911221 marketing "cooked the books" to cover up problems;
B50503 -         problems to escalate causing loss, conflict, and scrambling to
B50504 -         downsize in order to stay in business. ref SDS 26 C38U
B50506 -          ..
B50507 -         [On 921021 Frank Shultz reported that communication is a big
B50508 -         problem at NASA and JPL. ref SDS 31 4390
B50510 -          ..
B50511 -         [On 951101 psychologists hired to improve communication.
B50512 -         ref SDS 75 5500
B50514 -          ..
B50515 -         [On 950412 executive describes productivity suffers because
B50516 -         managers and engineers don't tell the truth, and when
B50517 -         executives won't listen to the truth. ref SDS 61 3920
B50519 -          ..
B50520 -         [On 970524 Morris attended Cal Tech seminar on how small
B50521 -         problems from communication mistakes escalate into major
B50522 -         crisis and loss. ref SDS 93 QO4O
B50524 -          ..
B50525 -         [On 971008 government reported study showing SDS saves time
B50526 -         and money by reducing mistakes that cause rework. ref SDS A0
B50527 -         1273
B50529 -          ..
B50530 -         [On 991007 communication is biggest risk in enterprise.
B50531 -         ref SDS C4 7920
B50533 -          ..
B50534 -         [On 001207 too many people having too may problems causes
B50535 -         productivity, earnings and stocks to decline. ref SDS D8 V54M
B50537 -      ..
B50538 -     Morris advised that many organizations send managers and engineers
B50539 -     to seminars and pay for training to improve talking and listening
B50540 -     skills because communication so important to productivity, per his
B50541 -     initial comment that 80% of his time is communicating. ref SDS 0
B50542 -     8812
B50543 -
B50544 -         [On 950412 executive reported that people won't tell the boss
B50545 -         the truth, overlooking that "truth" is a moving target on the
B50546 -         information highway, and often the boss won't "listen" to the
B50547 -         truth. ref SDS 61 3920
B50549 -          ..
B50550 -         [On 950426 executive training teaches better talking and
B50551 -         listening. ref SDS 62 4392
B50553 -          ..
B50554 -         [On 980307 Andy Grove, Chairman of Intel, explained process of
B50555 -         capturing organizational memory to avoid ambiguity of mental
B50556 -         maps, i.e., forgetting. ref SDS A7 3668
B50558 -      ..
B50559 -     We discussed the idea of "listening" by capturing organizational
B50560 -     memory, so that people can be prepared to work productively with
B50561 -     accurate understanding to avoid mistakes.  Better listening is a
B50562 -     lot of hard work using conventional methods and technologies.  SDS
B50563 -     makes good management faster, easier and more useful by adding
B50564 -     intelligence to organizational memory that provides an expanding
B50565 -     resource of "knowledge."  This enables people to continually learn
B50566 -     from daily experience, discussed with Ross earlier this evening.
B50567 -     ref SDS 7 7499
B50568 -
B50569 -         [On 000307 research at SRI found that knowledge management is
B50570 -         a lot of hard work using popular information technology.
B50571 -         ref SDS D0 767G
B50572 -
B50574 -      ..
B50575 -     Civilization Case Study Cost Savings Working Intelligently
B50576 -     Going First Takes Courage Faith Not 100% Sure Cost Savings
B50577 -     100% Sure Civilization Takes Courage and Faith Power of Knowledge
B50578 -
B50579 -     Morris said continual learning sounds good when consultants talk
B50580 -     about it at seminars, but, since nobody has experience with SDS,
B50581 -     you cannot be 100% certain of cost savings.  Everyone is afraid to
B50582 -     go first because they are not 100% sure of the results.  Below,
B50583 -     Morris notes that executives are taught not to try improving
B50584 -     productivity and earnings by retooling skills and tools, unless
B50585 -     everybody is 100% sure of cost savings. ref SDS 0 YM5N  Ignorance,
B50586 -     fear, and denial prevented saving time and money on Broadwater
B50587 -     Dam, reported a few months ago 890324. ref SDS 2 8R51
B50588 -
B50589 -          [On 950911 Tofflers, authors of Future Shock, propose that
B50590 -          learning, which they also call "thinking," is the best skill
B50591 -          to learn. ref SDS 71 2222
B50593 -           ..
B50594 -          [On 960924 Max Blodgett applied leadership to help people
B50595 -          discover the power of knowledge that was resisted at USACE.
B50596 -          ref SDS 88 IJ7S
B50598 -           ..
B50599 -          [On 980307 Andy Grove reports experience at Intel trying to
B50600 -          get successful executives to improve the work is like
B50601 -          "...walking through the Valley of Death." ref SDS A7 1657
B50603 -           ..
B50604 -          [On 990317 Jason Yuen at San Francisco International Airport
B50605 -          made the same point, ref SDS B4 5600; on 990505 Jason needed
B50606 -          help changing attitudes at the San Francisco International
B50607 -          Airport that resist improvement to save lives, time, and
B50608 -          money. ref SDS B5 4732
B50610 -           ..
B50611 -          [On 031211 relentless pressure through persistant exposure
B50612 -          enables people to gain enough experience to change attitudes
B50613 -          about investing time to work intellgently. ref SDS H0 PE5Y
B50615 -           ..
B50616 -          [On 050322 going first takes courage and faith to advance
B50617 -          civilization with a new way of working. ref SDS H7 KK3M
B50619 -      ..
B50620 -     We did not discuss progress of civilization that shows cost
B50621 -     benefits of investing in learning, e.g., computers, forks, glass,
B50622 -     electricity, cars, chairs, etc.  We can never be 100% sure of
B50623 -     anything until experience is gained; however, this does not
B50624 -     relieve responsibility to make sensible choices based on related
B50625 -     experience.  Civilization has a lot of experience showing that
B50626 -     stronger learning skills bring significant rewards.  SDS has an
B50627 -     innate structure and process for improving learning.  That is
B50628 -     adequate grounds to investigate.
B50630 -          ..
B50631 -         [On 950721 management standards require continual learning to
B50632 -         encourage practices that save time and money, so that people
B50633 -         can gain experience showing cost savings. ref SDS 68 2846
B50635 -          ..
B50636 -         [On 991217 civilization cost study showing value
B50637 -         of KM.
B50639 -      ..
B50640 -     Mentioned Ross is thinking about pilot testing SDS, per above,
B50641 -     ref SDS 0 HJ6I, but regardless of that effort, since SDS is the
B50642 -     only method available to improve organizational memory, and since
B50643 -     this is a critical strategic asset, responsible executives are
B50644 -     obligated to investigate SDS under requirements to maintain
B50645 -     shareholder value.  Why not divert a portion invested to improve
B50646 -     talking and hearin, to pilot test SDS for better listening?
B50648 -  ..
B50649 - Reservations about using SDS based on experience using manual methods,
B50650 - rather than experience using SDS, overlooks advantages of automated
B50651 - integration explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 6528,
B50653 -  ..
B50654 - We discussed these advantages in the next segment, below. ref SDS 0
B50655 - 8850
B50656 -
B50657 -          [On 911123 "feel good management" defined as common methods
B50658 -          used which fear accountability. ref SDS 23 1331]
B50659 -
B50660 -          [On 911205 discussed with Wayne executive aversion to
B50661 -          analysis at ref SDS 25 8402.  On 950223 Morris learned at a
B50662 -          seminar for executives that writing can help, ref SDS 57
B50663 -          5931; he remains worried about "overkill."]
B50665 -           ..
B50666 -          [On 940609 analysed aversion to writing and desire to rely on
B50667 -          conversation to build the job. ref SDS 48 9057]
B50669 -           ..
B50670 -          [On 950204 SDS avoids fragility of knowledge. ref SDS 56 0550
B50672 -           ..
B50673 -          [On 950223 Morris attended a seminar that advocated SDS
B50674 -          methods. ref SDS 57 5931]
B50676 -           ..
B50677 -          [On 950426 every advance to save time initially resisted
B50678 -          because fear not enough time. ref SDS 62 T2WK
B50680 -           ..
B50681 -          [See example at Corps of Engineers on using hand written
B50682 -          notes to prepare SDS record, ref SDS 89 2079.]
B50684 -           ..
B50685 -          [On 950426 management training firm says executives work by
B50686 -          conversation. ref SDS 62 4392]
B50688 -           ..
B50689 -          [On 971229 management training emphasizes talking and
B50690 -          listening skills. ref SDS A5 2000]
B50692 -           ..
B50693 -          [On 980307 Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, explains benefits of
B50694 -          taking copious notes to avoid mistakes. ref SDS A7 3668]
B50696 -           ..
B50697 -          [On 980405 accountability feared. ref SDS A8 5065
B50699 -           ..
B50700 -          [On 990625 Forbes article reported CEOs failing because they
B50701 -          don't feel like taking notes. ref SDS B7 7344]
B50703 -           ..
B50704 -          [On 901007 Morris worried again that adding "intelligence" to
B50705 -          management was extra work. ref SDS 13 5G5N
B50707 -           ..
B50708 -          [On 950426 every advance to save time initially resisted
B50709 -          because fear not enough time. ref SDS 62 T2WK
B50711 -           ..
B50712 -          [On 980405 accountability feared. ref SDS A8 5065
B50713 -
B50715 -  ..
B50716 - Deliberative Analysis Improves Understanding
B50717 - Double Entry SDS Process Adds "Intelligence" to Management
B50718 - Organizational Memory Invests Time for Good Management to Succeed
B50719 - Discovering "Understanding" is Not Writing Things Down Twice
B50720 -
B50721 - The common worry (per Morris, above, ref SDS 0 5930, and in the
B50722 - discussion with Ross earlier this evening, ref SDS 7 3S6H) that SDS
B50723 - requires writing notes twice is incorrect.
B50725 -  ..
B50726 - Analysis in SDS, adds "intelligence" to verify accuracy of information
B50727 - that was written once, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 0561
B50729 -  ..
B50730 - "Intelligence" provides proactive problem handling that avoids cost
B50731 - and delay of rework, by expanding and verifying understandings from
B50732 - first impressions that occur in the heat of battle, similar to double
B50733 - entry bookkeeping which discovers mistakes that are overlooked using
B50734 - single entry methods. see POIMS, ref OF 1 7822  Per above, SDS debugs
B50735 - "understanding," ref SDS 0 9Y5I, similar to the way Morris debugs a
B50736 - software program. see, also, POIMS. ref OF 1 5795  This is different
B50737 - from writing notes twice.
B50739 -      ..
B50740 -     [On 901007 Morris worried about writing notes twice again.
B50741 -     ref SDS 13 ZS4H
B50743 -  ..
B50744 - Why should software be the only process that is debugged?  Why not
B50745 - debug management, as well?  If engineers make mistakes in the logic of
B50746 - software, shouldn't it be expected that mistakes occur in in other
B50747 - work?  We can ignore mistakes and accept lower productivity, earnings,
B50748 - stock prices and downsizing; or, we can use tools to increase chances
B50749 - for success.  Using SDS to debug management improves earnings and
B50750 - stock prices, so it isn't necessary to downsize.
B50752 -      ..
B50753 -     [On 921205 Covey's book, "7 Habits of Highly Successful People,"
B50754 -     cites proposed writing a diary to aid understanding, ref SDS 33
B50755 -     1121, which is a strategy of investing intellectual capital.
B50756 -     ref SDS 33 J3WS
B50758 -      ..
B50759 -     [On 940303 SDS provides double entry verification of accurate
B50760 -     understandings. ref SDS 38 5RWG
B50762 -      ..
B50763 -     [On 940820 example PG&E debug computers, can also debug
B50764 -     management. ref SDS 52 7767
B50766 -  ..
B50767 - SDS makes it fast and easy to capture organizational memory for
B50768 - understanding who, what, when, where, why and how things happen, then
B50769 - discover correlations, nuance and implications that are otherwise
B50770 - overlooked, and thereafter use this powerful new intellectual capital
B50771 - to plan and follow up.  Understanding and follow up are deliverables
B50772 - of listening that make communication effective, which Morris noted are
B50773 - the weak link in management. ref SDS 0 CJ9J  "Discovery" occurs from
B50774 - deliberative analysis that adds organization and structure to
B50775 - information, summarizes to create perspective, connects summary to
B50776 - relevant details to maintain comprehension, and obtains feedback to
B50777 - improve accuracy.
B50779 -      ..
B50780 -     [On 900319 memory of sequence imparts cause and effect that is a
B50781 -     major factor in human reasoning, indicating SDS strengthens basic
B50782 -     innate faculties. ref SDS 10 0702
B50784 -      ..
B50785 -     [On 910223 SDS provides organic structure like DNA. ref SDS 15
B50786 -     RR5I
B50788 -      ..
B50789 -     [On 931130 Drucker says "analysis" is primary responsibility of
B50790 -     management. ref SDS 35 7911
B50792 -      ..
B50793 -     [On 941211 example from PG&E work. ref SDS 54 0000]
B50795 -  ..
B50796 - Alignment with objectives, requirements and commitments further
B50797 - enables discovery of related experience that impacts initiatives.  The
B50798 - result is better memory of chronology that reveals cause and effect,
B50799 - and wider span of attention, than occurs when writing notes only once.
B50800 -
B50801 -                        Communication Metrics
B50802 -
B50803 -       ...was later defined on 950202, ref SDS 55 0333, and on 950327.
B50804 -       ref SDS 60 0000
B50806 -      ..
B50807 -     [On 950204 SDS avoids fragility of knowledge. ref SDS 56 0550
B50809 -      ..
B50810 -     [On 950426 every advance that saves time was initially rejected
B50811 -     because of fear there was not enough time. ref SDS 62 T2WK
B50813 -      ..
B50814 -     [On 971008 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued report on cost
B50815 -     savings from Communication Metrics. ref SDS A0 2979, ref SDS A0
B50816 -     1273]
B50818 -      ..
B50819 -     [On 980307 Andy Grove's book "Only the Paranoid Survive" says
B50820 -     anlaysis removes ambiguity of mental maps.  He takes copious notes
B50821 -     and asks questions. ref SDS A7 3668]
B50823 -      ..
B50824 -     [On 980405 accountability feared. ref SDS A8 5065
B50826 -      ..
B50827 -     [On 901006 explained this to Morris again. ref SDS 13 ZS4H
B50829 -      ..
B50830 -     [On 920513 Bill Benkevitch, manager with Navy, doesn't have enough
B50831 -     time for adding "intelligence" to management because data entry is
B50832 -     not cost effective. ref SDS 30 5592  On 970611 Bill had more time
B50833 -     to consider SDS and was concerned managers are unable to recognize
B50834 -     the merits. ref SDS 96 0007 and ref SDS 96 0900
B50836 -      ..
B50837 -     [On 950204 SDS expedites writing. ref SDS 56 4995]
B50839 -      ..
B50840 -     [On 960609 SDS improves alphabet. ref SDS 48 8854]
B50841 -
B50842 -
B50843 -
B50844 -
B509 -

8 Steps Com Metrics Write Everything at Once Not Necessary Write What
Jones, Morris 8 Steps Com Metrics Write Everything at Once Not Necess
Writing Everything Down Best Practices Organizational Memory Capture
Data Entry Strategies Practices Methods Com Metrics 8 Steps Write Eve
Fear Writing Analysis Don't Know What to Write, SDS Doesn't Start fro
SDS Records Created Not in All at Once in 1 Day Over Days, Weeeks.. R

BC08 -
BC0901 -      ..
BC0902 -     Data Entry Strategies
BC0903 -     Writing Record of Daily Work Occurs Over Time Not All at Once
BC0904 -
BC0905 -     Occassionally when rushed, support staff can enter hand written or
BC0906 -     dictated notes into SDS, which can later be fleshed out at a
BC0907 -     convenient time.  So, it isn't necessary to write everything down
BC0908 -     all at once.  The record grows as awareness deepens about
BC0909 -     correlations, implications and nuance.  SDS makes this practice
BC0910 -     practical and useful for saving time and money.
BC0911 -
BC0912 -        [On 950327 decided to create a new profession to do this work
BC0913 -        of Communication Metrics. ref SDS 60 6118]
BC0915 -      ..
BC0916 -     Managers are beginning to enter notes directly into SDS on a
BC0917 -     notebook computer, instead of using a notebook of paper.  As
BC0918 -     prices decrease and capability of small systems improves, this
BC0919 -     will become more common.
BC0920 -
BC0921 -
BC0922 -
BC0923 -
BC0924 -
BC0925 -
BC10 -

Hand Written Notes Inadequate
Meeting Notes Support, Facilitator
Writing Twice SDS Adds Intelligence Analysis Planning to Scribbles Wr

BL05 -
BL0601 -  ..
BL0602 - Handwriting Limitations of Conventional Notetaking
BL0603 - Meeting Notes Inherently Defective Due to Limitations of Handwriting
BL0604 -
BL0605 - Morris said there are problems with handwritten notes because the
BL0606 - resulting record is....
BL0607 -
BL0608 -    Incomplete.....
BL0610 -         ..
BL0611 -        The dynamics of conversation and social pressure inhibit
BL0612 -        reflection, verification and correlation with other sources.
BL0614 -         ..
BL0615 -        Related information necessary to understand and efficiently
BL0616 -        apply information and ideas is not provided, cited nor
BL0617 -        accessible.
BL0618 -        ..
BL0619 -        It is difficult to talk and take notes at the same time.
BL0621 -     ..
BL0622 -    Difficult to organize and add context that permits understanding
BL0623 -    the meaning of information when it is needed weeks, or years after
BL0624 -    it is first created by conventional notetaking.  see NWO for
BL0625 -    explanatin of "understanding." ref OF 3 5361
BL0627 -     ..
BL0628 -    Difficult to read, handwritten notes are often unfathomable even to
BL0629 -    the person who wrote them.
BL0631 -     ..
BL0632 -    Filed away rather than used to support continuing endeavors.
BL0634 -     ..
BL0635 -    Not available when needed.
BL0636 -
BL0637 -        [On 960920 difficulties capturing organizational memory was
BL0638 -        cited in a meeting at USACE. ref SDS 87 BS4N
BL0639 -
BL0640 -
BL0641 -
BL0642 -
BL0643 -
BL0644 -
BL0645 -
BL07 -

Haste Makes Waste, Avoid
Deliberative Analysis Converts Information
Investing Intellectual Capital
Writing, Reading, Expedited by SDS
Obstacles to Leadership, Ovecoming
Understanding Writing & Linking Unlock Memory
Discover What We Know Before Writing to Tell Others What to Do Delibr
Investing Intellectual Capital Grows Knowledge under Farming Model
Time Not Enough to Think

C611 -
C61201 -  ..
C61202 - Organizational Memory Strategic Asset
C61203 - Investing Intellectual Capital Saves Time & Money
C61204 - Meeting Notes Improved by SDS Flexible Structure Organizational Memory
C61205 -
C61206 - SDS solves inherent problems using traditional handwritten notes for
C61207 - capturing organizational memory, cited above by Morris. ref SDS 0 SI4K
C61208 - SDS flexible structure, explained a few months ago on 890523,
C61209 - ref SDS 4 P13O, strengthens management by making it fast and easy to
C61210 - add intelligence that organizes, analyzes, aligns, summarizes, and
C61211 - manages feedback to verify accuracy.
C61213 -          ..
C61214 -         [On 971202 advantages of SDS for improving communication were
C61215 -         reviewed with HQUSACE. ref SDS A4 1243
C61217 -     ..
C61218 -    Hurrying from meeting to meeting, phone call to discusison, gives
C61219 -    the appearance of being productive, but in reality errors and
C61220 -    ommissions occur beyond our notice with the result that much time
C61221 -    is spent correcting mistakes, and later more time is spent correct-
C61222 -    ing prior corrections.  Feel Good management says maybe these won't
C61223 -    cause harm.  Business recessions show they are devastating.
C61225 -          ..
C61226 -         Murphy's Law Excuses Mistakes to Avoid Accountability
C61227 -
C61228 -         The notion of mistakes with unknown causes that excuses poor
C61229 -         performance in order to avoid accountability is the source of
C61230 -         "Murphy's Law" -- see NWO, ref OF 3 9448, the POIMS paper,
C61231 -         ref OF 1 0307, and analysis on 940609. ref SDS 48 4671
C61233 -             ..
C61234 -            [On 960518 See Landauer on "meaning drift" ref SDS 82 3734
C61236 -             ..
C61237 -            [On 980307 Andy Grove, Chairman of Intel, explained process
C61238 -            of capturing organizational memory to avoid ambiguity of
C61239 -            mental maps, i.e., forgetting. ref SDS A7 3668
C61241 -     ..
C61242 -    SDS gives you more time to analyse and plan follow up because of
C61243 -    its fast data entry tools and its data base environment which
C61244 -    alerts you to related issues and facts.  Automated links between
C61245 -    Time and Information management let you instantly schedule follow
C61246 -    up.
C61247 -
C61248 -       [On 950426 farming provides "investment" model for management to
C61249 -       save time. ref SDS 62 4404]
C61250 -
C61252 -  ..
C61253 - Management training today teaches that the role of a manager is to add
C61254 - value to employees and other resources.  This is accomplished through
C61255 - the capacity to...
C61256 -
C61257 -                    Think, Remember & Communicate
C61258 -
C61259 -      [On 911123 Morris explained executive training that recommends
C61260 -      "feel good" management. ref SDS 23 1331
C61261 -
C61263 -  ..
C61264 - Time to Think Very Limited - Reengineering Dilemma
C61265 -
C61266 - If we do not have TIME to think carefully about serious matters, then
C61267 - the management structure needs to be adjusted.  Otherwise money saved
C61268 - by managers covering too many bases, is lost many times over through
C61269 - increased mistakes and missed opportunities, that only become apparent
C61270 - later, or may never come to be recognized -- i.e. failure occurs
C61271 - without anyone really understanding why, commonly explained as....
C61273 -                            ..
C61274 -                           Murphy's Law
C61275 -
C61276 - ....discussed below. ref SDS 0 148J
C61278 -  ..
C61279 - Managers do not punch a time clock.  They are paid to decide the level
C61280 - of effort required to get the job done and to make that effort. Some-
C61281 - times this means 12 - 24 hour days, other times we leave early to play
C61282 - golf.  The credo is "Whatever it takes!"  Thus, if you regularly do
C61283 - not have enough time to analyse the day's events, and to plan follow
C61284 - up, then the organization structure is inadequate. Failure will occur!
C61285 -
C61286 -
C61287 -
C61288 -
C61289 -
C61290 -
C613 -

Marketing, Resistance
Security & Privacy - Discovery
Remembering (linked records), Concurrent Discovery
Dig Out of the System, Proactive Analysis
History is Critical, Continual Learning
Traceability to Original Sources

CE08 -
CE0901 -  ..
CE0902 - Remember the Past or Risk Repeating History of Past Mistakes
CE0903 -
CE0904 - The saying:
CE0905 -
CE0906 -         "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."
CE0907 -
CE0908 - ...arises from difficulty getting information we need from the record
CE0909 - in time to use it to address current endeavors.
CE0911 -  ..
CE0912 - Most of the time information that shows the correct course is readily
CE0913 - available, but digging it out of the "system" does not seem cost
CE0914 - effective....
CE0915 -
CE0916 -      [On 920215 example of conventional methods failing organizational
CE0917 -      memory. ref SDS 28 HJ8G
CE0919 -  ..
CE0920 - That's why lawyers love "discovery" and everyone else fears it.
CE0922 -  ..
CE0923 - Lawyers know that the chances are high that crucial information is
CE0924 - available in the record, and they are willing to be paid $300 per hour
CE0925 - to spend all the time necessary to find it.  The curiosity is why
CE0926 - people are willing to pay others to discover critical information, but
CE0927 - not willing to discover it themselves in order to improve productivity
CE0928 - earnings and stock prices?
CE0930 -  ..
CE0931 - SDS lets us discover for ourselves what happened and take action to
CE0932 - avoid calamity by remembering the past instantly, when necessary.
CE0933 -
CE0934 -      [On 970707 report by U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology on
CE0935 -      information entropy endemic to large enterprise. ref SDS 97 0108]
CE0936 -
CE0937 -
CE0938 -
CE0939 -
CE10 -

Marketing, Resistance
Too busy to manage effectively
Meeting Notes, confirm understandings
TQM, Meetings, Communications
Investing Intellectual Capital Leveraged by
Meetings Unproductive
Meetings, People Not Prepared
Figuring Out What to Say, What was Said,
Movies Theater are Scripted
10% of Mental Capacity is Used, SDS Lifts

CQ12 -
CQ1301 -  ..
CQ1302 - Meetings Require Preparation for Effective Communication
CQ1303 -
CQ1304 - It can be exhilarating, intoxicating, even useful to attend meetings.
CQ1306 -  ..
CQ1307 - In that setting we are performing like an actor on stage. This is an
CQ1308 - important part of management, the leadership func- tion. But
CQ1309 - leadership must be "informed," and correctly "understood" in order to
CQ1310 - achieve its aims, and this can only be attained through the proper
CQ1311 - balance between delivering lines of dialog and figuring out what
CQ1312 - dialog to deliver.  Or conversely, what the dialog was, and what it
CQ1313 - means.  We all like to go to the movies and the theater because "the
CQ1314 - good guy wins" and is always able to marshal the better argument or
CQ1315 - turn of phrase.  That happens because someone wrote it that way. They
CQ1316 - thought long and hard about the structure of the event and the
CQ1317 - language to make it come out "correctly."
CQ1319 -      ..
CQ1320 -     [On 940413 used this idea in POIMS paper, ref SDS 40 4888.]
CQ1322 -  ..
CQ1323 - SDS helps people achieve better quality decisions using greater
CQ1324 - diligence for reporting on performance and finding critical details to
CQ1325 - "connect the dots" showing cause and effect that controls future work.
CQ1327 -  ..
CQ1328 - More care investing intellectual capital results in a bigger resource
CQ1329 - for converting future information into knowledge, per Welch's law of
CQ1330 - conservation of knowledge, ref OF 1 line 276, and ref OF 1 line 307.
CQ1332 -  ..
CQ1333 - Writing things down and linking them up increases use of our mental
CQ1334 - faculties above the 2% - 10% which psychologists say humans typically
CQ1335 - achieve.  That is because within a short time from attending a meeting
CQ1336 - or other dialog encounter, most of the information is disconnected. We
CQ1337 - can remember it only if asked, so the information is in the mind, but
CQ1338 - the critical connections that convert information into useful
CQ1339 - knowledge are lost.
CQ1340 -
CQ1341 -
CQ1342 -
CQ1343 -
CQ14 -

WMA Marketing, Customer analysis
Internal management, Thinking Through Writing
Executive Challenge, Self Dialog
Ignorance Management Computer Cognitive Science Fear Considering Need
100% Sure Won't Try to Retool Improve Because Fear of Failure Greater
Budget Improve Management Pilot Test Experiment Save Time Money Make

EA08 -
EA0901 -  ..
EA0902 - Expediting Collaborating Excuse Bad Management Laziness
EA0903 - Love Listening by Others, But Often Don't Listen to Others
EA0904 - Overkill SDS Not Needed Internal Management Excuses Mistakes
EA0905 - Internal v External Excuse Bad Management Expediting Collaborating
EA0906 -
EA0907 - Morris feels he doesn't need SDS, per comments above. ref SDS 0 5930
EA0909 -  ..
EA0910 - He said SDS helps external management where a lot of communication is
EA0911 - in writing with people in different organizations that have different
EA0912 - agendas, like projects performed under contract.  Morris said his work
EA0913 - is different because people are not guided by a contract, when
EA0914 - performing internal management.  Since everybody is on the same team,
EA0915 - SDS is unnecessary overkill for internal management, because writing
EA0916 - is not needed to get things done correctly, on time and within budget.
EA0917 - People expedite by working cooperatively through direct communication
EA0918 - in meetings and calls, based on trust and flexibility that is missing
EA0919 - for external management.  He feels that making sure everybody
EA0920 - understands everything during the meeting is faster and easier than
EA0921 - learing to use SDS, and then having to confirm critical details by
EA0922 - sending out SDS records and getting feedback.
EA0924 -       ..
EA0925 -      [On 921127 Morris worried small details that are forgotten later
EA0926 -      cause major problems for internal and external management; wants
EA0927 -      proactive problem handling for context management was important.
EA0928 -      ref SDS 32 0674
EA0930 -       ..
EA0931 -      [On 020131 Morris cannot collaborate on SDS improvements because
EA0932 -      he cannot remember Medit programming. ref SDS G1 J15H
EA0934 -       ..
EA0935 -      [On 041130 medical management health care fears accountability
EA0936 -      prefers working by conversation and avoid written confirmation of
EA0937 -      work plan, and resist review by Tumor Board. ref SDS H5 YR8F
EA0939 -  ..
EA0940 - Morris observed that contracts need accurate organizational memory to
EA0941 - perform work correctly, on time and within budget, because income
EA0942 - depends on meeting requirements and commitments.  He said SDS is good
EA0943 - for this, as reported on 890324 by the Engineer for the Broadwater Dam
EA0944 - project. ref SDS 2 6894  Morris said daily operations for internal
EA0945 - management depend more on good communications for political skills to
EA0946 - motivate, pursuade, get along, be a flexible, be team player, and be
EA0947 - sensitive to feelings rather than pin everybody down the way SDS does.
EA0948 - He feels flexibility builds trust that enables things to get done in a
EA0949 - relaxed team atmosphere, without problems and conflicts that occur in
EA0950 - external management.
EA0952 -  ..
EA0953 - Morris said people learn good listening skills from classes on
EA0954 - management in college, from executive seminars, listening to
EA0955 - inspirational tapes and reading self-help books on how to be a good
EA0956 - listener make SDS unnecessary duplication which is overkill for
EA0957 - internal management, per his comments above. ref SDS 0 5930
EA0958 -
EA0959 -      [On 920215 organizational memory was needed for internal
EA0960 -      management to downsize. ref SDS 28 HJ8G
EA0962 -       ..
EA0963 -      [On 020820 people want relaxed, rather than accurate, daily
EA0964 -      communication for getting things done. ref SDS G5 V66I
EA0966 -  ..
EA0967 - We reviewed concern earlier this evening that people love others to
EA0968 - listen, but often don't listen to others, ref SDS 0 CJ9J, and this
EA0969 - causes delay, extra cost and conflict, perhaps loss of trust.
EA0970 - ref SDS 0 126J
EA0971 -
EA0972 -      [On 950228 Morris frustrated meetings unproductive waste time
EA0973 -      arguing about who, what, when, where, why, how organizational
EA0974 -      memory from prior communications. ref SDS 58 1994
EA0976 -  ..
EA0977 - Morris feels this is not a big enough problem to justify disrupting
EA0978 - smooth working relationships, which he fears would happen if SDS were
EA0979 - deployed for internal management to pin everybody down all the time.
EA0980 - Morris said top executives are excellent communicators for making sure
EA0981 - everybody listens better than SDS can help.
EA0983 -  ..
EA0984 - We reviewed Morris' earlier comment that people still don't seem to
EA0985 - listen, even to top executives who have strong communication skills.
EA0986 - Earlier this evening, he was greatly exercised about this, pera above.
EA0987 - ref SDS 0 SL6J
EA0989 -  ..
EA0990 - Morris advised that people go to seminars on team building.  Expert,
EA0991 - inspirational consultants are hired to improve communication by using
EA0992 - pictures and being entertaining and personable to build relationships
EA0993 - of trust, so people overlook minor mistakes to focus on the "big
EA0994 - picture."  But communication still seems to be a difficult problem
EA0995 - getting people to listen.  It is very frustrating after taking a lot
EA0996 - of classes on how to be an effective executive using leadership skills
EA0997 - to make sure everybody understands everything, and spending a lot of
EA0998 - time finding really good pictures, graphs, and charts that simplify
EA0999 - things, only to find later that people are confused and don't follow
EA1000 - up correctly, when he remembers being very clear on what to do.
EA1001 - Sometimes, people don't use common sense, and take conflicting
EA1002 - actions, which later become big problems.
EA1004 -         ..
EA1005 -        [On 921127 Morris frustrated that small, inconsequential
EA1006 -        mistakes that everybody ignores at the time, later turn into
EA1007 -        major problems. ref SDS 32 0674
EA1009 -         ..
EA1010 -        [On 931130 Drucker reports people giving up on management
EA1011 -        because communication is too complex to improve. ref SDS 35
EA1012 -        3851
EA1014 -         ..
EA1015 -        [On 991108 Havelock explains speach is entertaining, normative,
EA1016 -        and exaggerated to persuade, ref SDS C7 4505; errors in speech
EA1017 -        are overlooked and ignored by people adjusting to perceived
EA1018 -        context; ref SDS C7 XT1P; poetry evolved to improve accuracy of
EA1019 -        speech, ref SDS C7 3596; alphabet technology was an explosive
EA1020 -        technology that improved accuracy by orders of magnitude to
EA1021 -        enable advance of civilization. ref SDS C7 5628
EA1023 -         ..
EA1024 -        [On 000515 pictures limited representation of multi-dimensional
EA1025 -        knowledge, ref SDS D2 3R5K, Peirce semiotic strives to capture
EA1026 -        continuous flow of human thought with exestential graphs.
EA1027 -        ref SDS D2 Y34F
EA1029 -         ..
EA1030 -        [On 010312 pictures take 1000 words to explain, noted by Eric
EA1031 -        Armstrong. ref SDS E0 MU62
EA1033 -  ..
EA1034 - This presents the dilemma of the mellennium that makes communication
EA1035 - the biggest risk in enterprise, explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 IE6L, due
EA1036 - to conflicts between conscious and subconscious processing,
EA1037 - ref OF 1 6J9J, that becomes evident in conflicts between personal and
EA1038 - organizational memory, summarized as a "2-worlds" problem, explained
EA1039 - in NWO. ref OF 3 TF6H
EA1040 -
EA1041 -        [On 050218 people get mad resolving tensions from Knowledge
EA1042 -        Management dilemma balancing personal drives for taking
EA1043 -        immediate action with requirements for organizational memory
EA1044 -        and management. ref SDS H6 XY4I
EA1046 -  ..
EA1047 - So, after several hours, Morris seems to recognize communication needs
EA1048 - more than talking and hearing, and that internal management needs
EA1049 - support, as well as external managemenet, contrary to common
EA1050 - impressions that internal management can avoid good practices, per
EA1051 - above. ref SDS 0 0880  Once in awhile we have to pin somebody down on
EA1052 - something, otherwise people act in conflict that causes continual
EA1053 - bumbling, delay and extra cost for rework.  Rather than "pinning
EA1054 - people down," SDS builds shared meaning through a common
EA1055 - organizational memory, so people take complementary action that
EA1056 - leverages individual skills to increase productivity, earnings and
EA1057 - stock prices.
EA1059 -       ..
EA1060 -      [On 960924 Max Blodgett commented along the same lines about need
EA1061 -      for deliberative analysis once in awhile. ref SDS 88 IJ5P
EA1063 -  ..
EA1064 - Morris feels solving this problem is not worth the expense of using
EA1065 - SDS, because nobody else in the office is using it, and nobody he
EA1066 - knows in other companies uses SDS, so it would be out of place in his
EA1067 - company because people believe internal management is less adversarial
EA1068 - than managing contractors, and so everybody feels that internal
EA1069 - management doesn't need help to align communications, because they
EA1070 - don't know communication is more complex than seeing, talking and
EA1071 - hearing, i.e., people are ignorant about the difference between
EA1072 - talking and hearing, and communication and listening, i.e., nobody
EA1073 - understands that knowledge is much different from information.
EA1075 -  ..
EA1076 - Morris gave an example of the Broadwater Dam project where SDS aligned
EA1077 - daily communications with objectives, requirements and commitments
EA1078 - using "Command and Control of the Record" to organize information in
EA1079 - context for effective meetings and decision support that implements
EA1080 - good management practice and organizational policies consistently,
EA1081 - explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 1113  He feels using SDS this way for
EA1082 - internal management would undermine the trust that enables people to
EA1083 - get things done smoothly and cooperatively by talking things out and
EA1084 - using good listening skills, per above. ref SDS 0 W95N
EA1086 -  ..
EA1087 - We decided to ignore the innovation loop recognizing the problem that
EA1088 - people don't listen, but maintaining people don't need help solving
EA1089 - the problem, because people have good listening skills. ref SDS 0 W48L
EA1091 -  ..
EA1092 - We reviewed the POIMS plan, perform, report process for figuring out
EA1093 - what needs to be done based on policy, commitments, and objectives.
EA1094 - ref OF 1 2300
EA1096 -  ..
EA1097 - Morris concurred that meeting objectives, implementing policies and
EA1098 - accomplishing commitements are important to internal management.  He
EA1099 - feels people skills are more helpful than SDS, but noted these are not
EA1100 - mutually exclusive.  Using accurate organizational memory that adds
EA1101 - "intelligence" to management does not prevent using good people
EA1102 - skills.  He has noticed that a lot of executives seem to have good
EA1103 - memories, so SDS to broaden the benefits of good memory could be
EA1104 - helpful.
EA1105 -
EA1107 -  ..
EA1108 - Convincing Management to Use Good Management Practice Impossible
EA1109 - Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise Remember 5% of Gist of Things
EA1110 - Budget Improve Management No Allocation Experiment Pilot Test
EA1111 -
EA1112 - Morris advised that organizations do not budget for good management,
EA1113 - so there is no money to pilot test or implement SDS.
EA1115 -       ..
EA1116 -      [On 980307 Andy Grove at Intel recommends executives experiment
EA1117 -      to discover better methods while they can afford it, rather than
EA1118 -      wait for a crisis that forces them to clutch at every straw as
EA1119 -      the ship is sinking. ref SDS A6 3416
EA1121 -       ..
EA1122 -      [On 990527 Clay Chirstensen explains in his book "Innovator's
EA1123 -      Dilemma" that managers in big organizations are not allocated
EA1124 -      budgets for experimenting, testing, pilot testing new ideas.
EA1125 -      ref SDS B6 0703
EA1126 -
EA1128 -  ..
EA1129 - People Get Mad Prospect Learning Cognitive Science Improve Management
EA1130 -
EA1131 - Morris feels it is impossible to convince management to approve using
EA1132 - SDS on the job because executives refuse to invest time for learning
EA1133 - why they need help to remember more than the gist of the story.  He
EA1134 - indicated that POIMS presentation of cognitive science issues on
EA1135 - memory and understanding how information overload causes continual
EA1136 - mistakes takes time to study, but nobody will listen, per above.
EA1137 - ref SDS 0 PU7J  He said that trying to educate top people on
EA1138 - requirements for good management just makes people mad, because they
EA1139 - feel they already know how to use good management.  He feels this is
EA1140 - very tricky.
EA1141 -
EA1142 -      [On 971024 Max Wideman, author in the field of project
EA1143 -      management, noted that people resist cognitive science.
EA1144 -      ref SDS A1 8288
EA1146 -       ..
EA1147 -      [On 980307 only the CEO has authority to work "intelligently."
EA1148 -      ref SDS A7 2189
EA1150 -       ..
EA1151 -      [On 990527 Morris encountered objections to using SDS at Intel.
EA1152 -      ref SDS B6 074D
EA1154 -       ..
EA1155 -      [On 991025 Drucker calls for technology to integrate management
EA1156 -      science and cognitive science. ref SDS C6 0785
EA1158 -       ..
EA1159 -      [On 010426 Pat Lincoln says POIMS is interesting but difficult to
EA1160 -      grasp. ref SDS E3 IB6N
EA1162 -       ..
EA1163 -      [On 040721 Pat indicated people resist SDS; they get weary,
EA1164 -      frustrated, and mad trying to understand POIMS, and refuse to
EA1165 -      listen because integrating computer science, management science,
EA1166 -      and cognitive science is hard; they avoid study to learn about
EA1167 -      SDS, based on belief they are building something better.
EA1168 -      ref SDS H3 QH5F
EA1169 -
EA1171 -  ..
EA1172 - Ignorance Communication Knowledge Listening Makes SDS Overkill
EA1173 -
EA1174 - Ignorance about cognitive science prevents people from investing time
EA1175 - for understanding differences between biological hearing that captures
EA1176 - information (along with seeing and other senses), and "listening" that
EA1177 - adds intelligence to what is heard for creating knowledge.
EA1178 -
EA1179 -      [On 011129 cognitive science is a painful subject; people don't
EA1180 -      want to discuss it. ref SDS F7 MG8N
EA1182 -       ..
EA1183 -      [On 020415 CSG management does not believe losses caused by bad
EA1184 -      management can be avoided by using good management. ref SDS G3
EA1185 -      5N3M
EA1187 -  ..
EA1188 - Executives Learn to Get By Without Making Efforts for Accuracy
EA1189 - Overkill SDS Not Needed to Align Communication If People Just Listen
EA1190 -
EA1191 - Management believes the problem of people not "listening" is lack of
EA1192 - common sense and failure to work hard paying attention.  Executives
EA1193 - feel that if people listen by paying attention, then help aligning
EA1194 - communication with SDS is unnecessary overkill, which Morris explained
EA1195 - above. ref SDS 0 0880  This belief (paradigm) prevents executives from
EA1196 - investing time to learn that information density changes "meaning" in
EA1197 - the human mind without being aware of the change, and it causes people
EA1198 - to overlook critical details in the 95% of communication that falls
EA1199 - outside human limits on span of attention, commonly called remembering
EA1200 - the "gist" of the story, and so causes continual mistakes (bumbling),
EA1201 - leading to loss, conflict, crisis and calamity, commonly attributed to
EA1202 - not "listening," and is excused as "Murphy's Law.
EA1204 -       ..
EA1205 -      [On 921127 Morris complained small details cause major problems
EA1206 -      and felt that proactive problem handling for context management
EA1207 -      was important. ref SDS 32 0674
EA1209 -       ..
EA1210 -      [On 921205 Covey notes that habits of good management practice
EA1211 -      are hard to form; takes commitment and faith working
EA1212 -      intelligently. ref SDS 33 6013
EA1214 -       ..
EA1215 -      [On 940527 cognitive overhead takes time for the mind to organize
EA1216 -      information, essential for proactive management, often associated
EA1217 -      with IBIS. ref SDS 45 F95N
EA1219 -       ..
EA1220 -      [On 970603 David Vannier tried getting approval for SDS at Intel,
EA1221 -      based on Intel's early support for improving management.
EA1222 -      ref SDS 95 5803
EA1224 -       ..
EA1225 -      [On 971126 Dave's boss wants to wait. ref SDS A3 1942
EA1227 -       ..
EA1228 -      [On 980808 Ross explains hard work solves information overload at
EA1229 -      IBM. ref SDS A9 3379
EA1231 -       ..
EA1232 -      [On 990527 Morris has tried to discuss SDS with his boss, but
EA1233 -      people don't have time to listen. ref SDS B6 074D
EA1235 -       ..
EA1236 -      [On 000307 Knowledge Management is another expression for
EA1237 -      cognitive overhead that takes a lot of hard work investing time
EA1238 -      to capture the record and organize information for understanding
EA1239 -      correlations, implications, and nuance -- connecting the dots,
EA1240 -      and for finding critical details when needed. ref SDS D0 5182
EA1242 -       ..
EA1243 -      [On 020618 SDS records on the Internet show benefits of good
EA1244 -      management; creates desire to work intelligently, but seems out
EA1245 -      of reach using familiar technology and methods everygody likes.
EA1246 -      SDS explicit links change attitudes from getting by with bad
EA1247 -      management that seems fast and easy, to using good management
EA1248 -      because SDS makes working intelligently to save time and money
EA1249 -      fast and easy. ref SDS G4 MU6H
EA1251 -  ..
EA1252 - Ignorance of human mental biology that makes communication the biggest
EA1253 - risk in enterprise, see POIMS, ref OF 1 R69H, makes using SDS to
EA1254 - leverage "intelligence" seem shocking because everybody is relying on
EA1255 - native intelligence and hard work.  The image of an executive as
EA1256 - experienced and smart enough to tell people what to do, noted above,
EA1257 - ref SDS 0 VQ4I, is threatened by the prospect that every communication
EA1258 - is the cause of problems rather than the solution, explained in POIMS.
EA1259 - ref OF 1 4079 and NWO, ref OF 3 4077
EA1261 -       ..
EA1262 -      [On 920402 style, image of executive prevents improving earnings.
EA1263 -      ref SDS 29 0344
EA1265 -       ..
EA1266 -      [On 990527 Morris cited cultural pressures prevent improving
EA1267 -      management. ref SDS B6 1233
EA1269 -       ..
EA1270 -      [On 020415 savings using good mangaement to avoid losses of bad
EA1271 -      management is shocking; executives do not believe good management
EA1272 -      saves time and money. ref SDS G3 5N3M
EA1274 -  ..
EA1275 - To avoid the shock that communication is the cause of problems under
EA1276 - new realities of information overload, that seems on first impression
EA1277 - to threaten personal image and belief that communication is the core
EA1278 - competence of success, savings using SDS are dismissed as incredible,
EA1279 - rather than investigated to discover the scope of the problem and
EA1280 - opportunity for improvement.  As a result of failing to investigate on
EA1281 - the pretext of not having time, ignorance about impact of
EA1282 - communication on productivity, and fear of learning new methods merged
EA1283 - with fear of accountability from better organizational memory, cause
EA1284 - denial by calling SDS "overkill" which does not justify a budget.
EA1286 -      ..
EA1287 -     [...Ross indicated SDS is overkill earlier this evening.
EA1288 -     ref SDS 7 3S6H
EA1290 -      ..
EA1291 -     [On 990527 Morris cited strong cultural forces prevent improving
EA1292 -     management. ref SDS B6 1233  He tried explaining SDS to the people
EA1293 -     at Intel. ref SDS B6 074D
EA1295 -      ..
EA1296 -     [On 020415 cost savings Com Metrics shocking, management cannot
EA1297 -     believe opportunity to improve earnings. ref SDS G3 5N3M
EA1298 -
EA1300 -  ..
EA1301 - 100% Sure Success to Experiment on Improving Management
EA1302 -
EA1303 - We discussed experience showing SDS improves productivity that
EA1304 - increases earnings, which pay for SDS.
EA1306 -  ..
EA1307 - Morris noted that in the beginning, people are not 100% sure that
EA1308 - adding "intelligence" to management saves time and money.  Since SDS
EA1309 - seems like overkill, justifying a budget based on savings from
EA1310 - avoiding communication mistakes is embarrassing to people who feel
EA1311 - they are good communicators, and shocking that large savings could be
EA1312 - possible.  So, people are afraid to believe better communication will
EA1313 - save money, and they don't want to listen about how to improve
EA1314 - listening, except for telling people to listen better and attend
EA1315 - seminars.
EA1316 -
EA1317 -      [On 980307 Andy Grove cites marketing advantage and courage
EA1318 -      needed to be an early mover before people are 100% certain of
EA1319 -      cost benefits. ref SDS A6 N14G
EA1321 -       ..
EA1322 -      [On 020618 SDS records on the Internet show benefits of good
EA1323 -      management; creates desire to work intelligently, but seems out
EA1324 -      of reach using familiar technology and methods everygody likes.
EA1325 -      SDS explicit links change attitudes from getting by with bad
EA1326 -      management that seems fast and easy, to using good management
EA1327 -      because SDS makes working intelligently to save time and money
EA1328 -      fast and easy. ref SDS G4 MU6H
EA1330 -  ..
EA1331 - Morris feels top executives won't try to improve management, unless
EA1332 - they are 100% sure it will work, per above, discussing resistance to
EA1333 - continual learning ref SDS 0 V66N  Since there is no budget for pilot
EA1334 - testing to investigate SDS, everybody prefers to work by conversation
EA1335 - to expedite and get along by using people skills, because it is less
EA1336 - controversial no matter how much it costs. It is easy to explain away
EA1337 - problems caused by people not listening, per above, ref SDS 0 6V66,
EA1338 - and most people cannot remember details. Ambiguity of relying on
EA1339 - fungible memory provides a safety valve for avoiding accountability.
EA1340 - Executives feel that using SDS would eliminate this safety valve, and
EA1341 - so causes fear of personal risk from lawyers discovering mistakes were
EA1342 - made leading to accountability.
EA1344 -      ..
EA1345 -     [On 990317 program manager at SFIA expanation was not totally
EA1346 -     convinced SDS would save time and money. ref SDS B4 5600
EA1348 -      ..
EA1349 -     [On 991014 Morris proposed enterprise can survive by failing to
EA1350 -     assume any burden for experimenting to discover how to improve
EA1351 -     productivity and earnings. ref SDS C5 3166
EA1353 -  ..
EA1354 - Related discussion earlier with Ross that bad management can always be
EA1355 - justified as less costly than good management.  Failure is easily
EA1356 - purchased by failing to pay the price of success. ref SDS 7 3S6H
EA1357 -
EA1358 -     On 890324 Tudor VP feels SDS is "overkill" wants to avoid risk of
EA1359 -     good records. ref SDS 2 6894
EA1361 -      ..
EA1362 -     [On 950517 internal management last bastion of hunter/gatherers,
EA1363 -     foragers on daily information. ref SDS 65 0060.]
EA1365 -      ..
EA1366 -     [On 960721 frustration and aruging about what was said at prior
EA1367 -     meetings. ref SDS 85 0896]
EA1369 -      ..
EA1370 -     [On 980308 Andy Grove takes copious notes, diligence to avoid
EA1371 -     ambiguity of mental maps is not fun, not easy, but is essential
EA1372 -     for executive management. ref SDS A7 3668]
EA1374 -      ..
EA1375 -     [On 980405 managers fear accountability. ref SDS A8 5065]
EA1377 -      ..
EA1378 -     [On 990625 article in Fortune says successful CEOs write what up
EA1379 -     understandings at meetings, and this is critical to "execution."
EA1380 -     ref SDS B7 1024]
EA1381 -
EA1382 -
EA1384 -  ..
EA1385 - Internal Management Needs Self-Audit, Diligence, Shared Meaning
EA1386 - Notice Practices Improve Accuracy, Avoid Mistakes, Delay, Extra Cost
EA1387 -
EA1388 - We discussed the idea that internal management is less amenable to
EA1389 - using SDS than external management performed under contract.
EA1391 -  ..
EA1392 - Internal management lacks inherent feedback "metrics" of contract
EA1393 - notice provisions that are used for external management.  Internal
EA1394 - management often involves exchange with those who are clearly
EA1395 - subordinates or superiors on the one hand, and who are more or less
EA1396 - experienced, which restrains and limits feedback, as explained in the
EA1397 - NWO... paper. ref OF 3 2670
EA1399 -  ..
EA1400 - On 881003 notice was explained for supporting accountability in daily
EA1401 - communications using SDS. ref SDS 1 R35N
EA1402 -
EA1403 -     [On 911123 Morris identified feel good management. ref SDS 23 1331]
EA1404 -
EA1405 -     [On 970829 book on management accountability does not explain how
EA1406 -     to use "notice" practices for adding accountability to daily
EA1407 -     communciation. ref SDS 98 L24N
EA1409 -  ..
EA1410 - External management permits feedback metrics because the parties to an
EA1411 - agreement have equal standing.  This occurs less often for internal
EA1412 - management, so fewer questions are asked about the efficacy of
EA1413 - actions, comments and instructions.  Lack of feedback conceals and
EA1414 - suppresses error. SDS allows executives to challenge themselves in
EA1415 - internal management with a form of check that contracts provide for
EA1416 - external management.
EA1418 -  ..
EA1419 - Professional analysis using SDS provides timely feedback to refine
EA1420 - understanding and strengthen follow up, essential for effective
EA1421 - listening, with less rancor and fear of accountability than occurs in
EA1422 - external management using contract notice provisons. Using a dedicated
EA1423 - role for SDS makes up for lack of time and diligence that is hard to
EA1424 - come by in fast paced organizations.
EA1426 -  ..
EA1427 - Morris' identification of demand for better listening, ref SDS 0 CJ9J,
EA1428 - to make executive communication skills effective, seems to offer a
EA1429 - significant market for SDS to support internal management.
EA1430 -
EA1431 -     On 890324 Tudor VP feels SDS is "overkill" wants to avoid risk of
EA1432 -     a good records. ref SDS 2 6894
EA1434 -      ..
EA1435 -     [On 911130 discussed discovery issue with Justice Stanley Mosk, on
EA1436 -     Calif Supreme Court. ref SDS 24 0001]
EA1438 -      ..
EA1439 -     [On 920210 DNRC worried about discovery, ref SDS 27 6546.]
EA1441 -      ..
EA1442 -     [On 950202 Com Metrics formulated to supplement cost and schedule
EA1443 -     control. ref SDS 55 0333.]
EA1445 -      ..
EA1446 -     [On 950705 reviewed internal/external issue. ref SDS 66 4995.]
EA1448 -      ..
EA1449 -     [On 950909 discussed again at ref SDS 70 4480, and on frustrations
EA1450 -     about poor meeting productivity, ref SDS 58 1994.]
EA1452 -      ..
EA1453 -     [On 951221 article on risk management says poor communication
EA1454 -     greatest risk to earnings. ref SDS 77 5988.]
EA1456 -      ..
EA1457 -     [On 960125 tried to get Turner Construction to present ideas for
EA1458 -     Asilomar Conference. ref SDS 79 5005]
EA1460 -      ..
EA1461 -     [On 970107 contractor found SDS record helpful, despite initial
EA1462 -     fears about accountability. ref SDS 91 4953]
EA1464 -      ..
EA1465 -     [On 970603 Intel needs support for meetings. ref SDS 95 5803]
EA1467 -      ..
EA1468 -     [On 980307 Grove cites need for feedback to alert management about
EA1469 -     mistakes, even though it is not fun. ref SDS A7 4697]
EA1471 -      ..
EA1472 -     [On 010522 Pat Lincoln raised discovery issue for using SDS at
EA1473 -     SRI. ref SDS E6 PV6G
EA1474 -
EA1475 -
EA1476 -
EA1477 -
EA15 -

Creativity aided by Both Hands on Keyboard Greater Use Mental Capacit
Creativity Aided by Analysis and Alignment
Incite Inspiration Bring Innovation
Creativity Empowered by SDS Avoid Entropy
Incite Inspiration Bring Innovation
Creativity Innovation Enlightenment Knowledge Wisdom
Knowledge Space Organizes Information Using Time Chronology Complexit
Intelligence Listening Understanding Follow Up Make Getting People to
Continual Learning Core Competency for Future, Tofflers
Learning Continual Core Competency of Successful Executives
Learning Intelligence KM Com Metrics Enable Culture of Knowledge Over

F713 -
F71401 -  ..
F71402 - Creativity, Innovation, Enlightenment Supported by SDS
F71403 -
F71404 - This section illustrates using SDS method of thinking through writing
F71405 - to aid creativity by continual learning that adds intelligence to
F71406 - information.
F71408 -  ..
F71409 - Initially, talking to Morris, it seemed that SDS might not apply to
F71410 - internal management, or, at least, would be less helpful than for
F71411 - external management.  Only after struggling to write out the idea and
F71412 - the rational, did the deeper, more subtle, notion about the lack of
F71413 - inherent control of internal management arise, that indicates there is
F71414 - greater benefit to strengthen listening. ref SDS 0 8492
F71416 -  ..
F71417 - Struggling with language to develop analysis writing a comprehensible
F71418 - and complete story, reveals gaps and conflicts in understanding, and
F71419 - correlations, implications and nuance that are otherwise overlooked.
F71420 -
F71421 -        [On 010117 made this point again to Morris. ref SDS F5 YY6G
F71423 -  ..
F71424 - The process of alignment links current work with related context from
F71425 - prior events.   Adding organization to the record with organic subject
F71426 - structure reveals a lot of related concepts and issues.  Preparing
F71427 - summary headings forces synthesis of disparate ideas into a coherent
F71428 - explanation.
F71429 -
F71430 -     [On 011222 advantages of alignment. ref SDS F8 FG6F
F71432 -  ..
F71433 - Therefore, using SDS that combines analysis and alignment yields new
F71434 - patterns of cause and effect, which are otherwise hidden by the pace
F71435 - of information streaming sequentially by daily life.  Discovering
F71436 - useful patterns of cause and effect that are otherwise hidden, is a
F71437 - good explanation of creativity and enlightenment.
F71438 -
F71439 -     [See discussion with Wayne Wetzel a few years later, ref SDS 25
F71440 -     4755; support from Stephen Covey, ref SDS 33 2231; see anger about
F71441 -     this prospect at ref SDS 65 8849.]
F71443 -      ..
F71444 -     [On 970526 Morris attended a seminar at Cal Tech on managing
F71445 -     communication to improve creativity. ref SDS 94 3718]
F71447 -      ..
F71448 -     [On 000709 Bill DeHart noted SDS provides a natural organization
F71449 -     that aids understanding and problem solving. ref SDS D3 0004
F71451 -      ..
F71452 -     [On 001108 Eric Armstrong on DKR project explains creativity comes
F71453 -     from making analogies. ref SDS D6 0001
F71454 -
F71456 -  ..
F71457 - Big Organizations Restrain Creativity
F71458 -
F71459 - Culture restrains creativity because enterprise must allocate
F71460 - resources to revenue producing activity based on established history.
F71461 - Large organizations often can allocate a portion of reserves for pure
F71462 - research, but this is channeled into areas that seem historically
F71463 - promising, and so new ideas have more difficulty getting support.
F71465 -      ..
F71466 -     [On 910418 article in Byte magazine explains resistance to
F71467 -     innovation in big organizations. ref SDS 16 MW8N
F71469 -      ..
F71470 -     [On 990527 Innovator's Dilemma explains why big organizations
F71471 -     stifle creativity and eventually fail, because they commit their
F71472 -     resources to traditional solutions that serve customer's immediate
F71473 -     demands for solutions, that overlook better solutions to real
F71474 -     needs. ref SDS B6 5258 and ref SDS B6 4077
F71476 -      ..
F71477 -     [On 990527 Morris cited strong cultural forces prevent improving
F71478 -     management. ref SDS B6 1233  He tried explaining SDS to the people
F71479 -     at Intel. ref SDS B6 074D
F71481 -      ..
F71482 -     [On 001107 Doug Engelbart awarded National Medal of Technology,
F71483 -     after struggling for many years to get his innovations adopted
F71484 -     commercially. ref SDS D5 0001
F71486 -      ..
F71487 -     [On 010719 software engineer experienced with big projects for
F71488 -     Boeing, NASA, e.g., Space Station, reports innovation difficult in
F71489 -     large organizations. ref SDS E8 YR9J
F71491 -      ..
F71492 -     [On 011006 same problem confirmed. ref SDS F4 EL5F
F71494 -      ..
F71495 -     [On 020131 Don Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, explains cultural
F71496 -     forces that resist innovation in big organizations. ref SDS G0
F71497 -     0001
F71498 -
F71499 -
F71500 -
F71501 -
F71502 -
F71503 -
F71504 -
F71505 -
F71506 -
F71507 -
F716 -

Computers not used for management
SDS is used a lot, Like a Truck Driver
Balance Between Talking Thinking/Analysing
Exclusive Commit Use SDS Not Enough Time Write Everything Down Cultur
Not Enough Time Write Everything Down Culture Pressures Conform Conve
Computers Not Management Talking Listening Communication Factor Manag
Learn Use Synergy Makes Complex Integrated Tools Blessing Easy to Use
Improve Management Save Time Money Requires Commitment Change Life-sy
Frustrated KM Too Difficult Giving Up Technology Cannot Improve Manag
Life-style Change SDS Integrated Design Commitment to Use Good Manage
Fear Competence Organizational Memory Too Difficult Deny Overkill Sou
Good Enough Get By Feel Good Management Empowerment Cursory Impulsive
Bad Management Attractive Analysis Writing Fear Don't Know What to Wr
Management Talking Listening Give Orders Getting People to Say Yes Pu
Management Computers Not Used Culture Pressures Conform Conventional

GO17 -
GO1801 -  ..
GO1802 - Fear Losing Investment Learning Popular Information Technologies
GO1803 - 20 Minutes Not Enough Time to Improve Management Save Time and Money
GO1804 - Integration Improves Productivity More Complex Takes Time to Learn
GO1805 - SDS Enables Commitment to Improve Management, But Not Enough Time
GO1806 -
GO1807 - Morris said the integrated design of SDS supports many of the manual
GO1808 - practices people learn, per above. ref SDS 0 8812  He is afraid that
GO1809 - learning SDS to capture a greater share of personal and organizational
GO1810 - memory, and adding "intelligence" for analysis, alignment, summary and
GO1811 - feedback, called out by management standards and experts, requires a
GO1812 - commitment to improve management with better understanding and follow
GO1813 - up, commonly called "listening."   He indicated earlier that better
GO1814 - listening is essential to saving time and money, per above.
GO1815 - ref SDS 0 CJ9J
GO1817 -  ..
GO1818 - Morris explained that the purpose of SDS to help people "connect the
GO1819 - dots" in order to analyze, discover, understand, and refine knowledge
GO1820 - of cause and effect in daily work is not easily grasped by people on
GO1821 - the job.  Everybody does cognitive tasks in their head:  thinking,
GO1822 - pondering, remembering associations of cause and effect, worrying
GO1823 - about making mistakes, talking and listening in meetings, telephone
GO1824 - calls, and by email.  Executives believe they know what to do without
GO1825 - investing time for writing up their analysis.  They want tools that
GO1826 - make their ideas when they write a letter or report look good.  The
GO1827 - notion that tools for working intelligently help people construct good
GO1828 - ideas is completely foreign and alien to how people work.  He feels
GO1829 - SDS is a different world compared to how everbody works.
GO1831 -      ..
GO1832 -     [On 911123 Morris explains SDS is a new way of working which he
GO1833 -     calls the Welch Management Method, ref SDS 23 4930; Morris
GO1834 -     explained executives are taught to use "feel good" management
GO1835 -     practice. ref SDS 23 1331
GO1837 -      ..
GO1838 -     [On 911130 Justice Mosk, California Supreme Court, describes SDS
GO1839 -     as a whole new way of working. ref SDS 24 6LSY
GO1841 -      ..
GO1842 -     [On 921127 Morris frustrated by complexity of management where
GO1843 -     small inconsequential details later explode into major problems.
GO1844 -     ref SDS 32 0674
GO1846 -      ..
GO1847 -     [On 990713 Intel colleagues describe SDS support for working
GO1848 -     intelligently foreign, alien, funny. ref SDS B9 2150
GO1850 -      ..
GO1851 -     [On 001219 SDS enables a powerful new way of working. ref SDS D9
GO1852 -     QT6F
GO1854 -      ..
GO1855 -     [On 060412 Gary Johnson submits article presenting 2-worlds
GO1856 -     problem of technology for making ideas look good fast and easy,
GO1857 -     requires balance with tools for constructing good ideas fast and
GO1858 -     easy. ref SDS H8 3H5G
GO1860 -      ..
GO1861 -     [On 061102 case study 2-worlds problem reviewed,
GO1862 -     ref SDS I0 8X5H, citing example of solution. ref SDS H9
GO1863 -     VR6F
GO1865 -  ..
GO1866 - Morris feels management is mostly talking to people, ref SDS 0 8812,
GO1867 - rather than using the computer to write everything down, which aligns
GO1868 - with Ross' concern, ref SDS 7 3S6H, and with fear that SDS is
GO1869 - "overkill," a gold-platted system, that requires writing notes twice,
GO1870 - per above, ref SDS 0 5930, and prevents deniability and so brings
GO1871 - accountability, reported on 890324, ref SDS 2 6894, and cited by
GO1872 - Morris this evening. ref SDS 0 P94F
GO1874 -      ..
GO1875 -     [On 910520 Morris started using SDS and learned critical
GO1876 -     intelligence can be created without writing everything down; just
GO1877 -     writing information on objectives, requirements and commitments,
GO1878 -     enables people to "debug" management to save time and money.
GO1879 -     ref SDS 17 I66F
GO1881 -  ..
GO1882 - Morris said he uses computers for engineering, but not for management,
GO1883 - and noted that nobody uses computers for management, because only
GO1884 - people can communicate, which is too complex for computers to support.
GO1885 - He feels SDS does not fit the life-style of business culture where
GO1886 - everybody is working together in meetings, calls and documents. Morris
GO1887 - mentioned again that his management work is 80% or more communication,
GO1888 - per above, ref SDS 0 8812, and using SDS to aid communication would be
GO1889 - a big change because nobody feels it is necessary to work this way.
GO1891 -      ..
GO1892 -     [On 921127 Morris frustrated by complexity of management where
GO1893 -     small inconsequential details later explode into major problems.
GO1894 -     ref SDS 32 0674
GO1896 -      ..
GO1897 -     [On 921127 Morris feels SDS is unnecessary overkill, because
GO1898 -     Microsoft will invent technology that supports SDS capabilities
GO1899 -     that does not require people to learn anything new. ref SDS 32
GO1900 -     IU9O
GO1902 -      ..
GO1903 -     [On 911123 Morris called using SDS the Welch Management Method
GO1904 -     because nobody else works this way. ref SDS 23 4930
GO1906 -      ..
GO1907 -     [On 920402 Ross disclosed that image and style of managers at IBM
GO1908 -     makes it difficult to use a computer for improving management to
GO1909 -     save time and money. ref SDS 29 0344
GO1911 -      ..
GO1912 -     [On 921205 Stephen Covey reports that improving habits to use good
GO1913 -     management practices is hard to accomplish. ref SDS 33 4803
GO1915 -      ..
GO1916 -     [On 960103 Dave Vannier explained executives at Intel base their
GO1917 -     decisions on style because there is not enough time to understand
GO1918 -     content of presentations at meetings. ref SDS 78 8409
GO1920 -  ..
GO1921 - Morris' experience using computers for engineering to design and sell
GO1922 - computers and software for other people to use, but not using
GO1923 - computers for management, aligns with POIMS explanation of coventional
GO1924 - mangement practice. ref OF 1 3773 and ref OF 1 4079
GO1925 -
GO1926 -     [On 990527 Morris cited strong cultural forces prevent improving
GO1927 -     management. ref SDS B6 1233
GO1929 -  ..
GO1930 - SDS, however, is designed to improve management by using computer
GO1931 - power to accomplish tasks in less time and with less diligence and
GO1932 - discipline so that traditional dialog and documents that require most
GO1933 - of a managers time are more effective, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1
GO1934 - 2049  Since managers spends 80% of the time on these tasks, per our
GO1935 - initial discussion this evening, noted above, ref SDS 0 8812, better
GO1936 - organizational memory for dialog and documents has a big impact on
GO1937 - productivity.  People don't use computers for management now because
GO1938 - the programs Morris and colleagues in the computer industry are
GO1939 - designing and selling technology for information, which is inadequate
GO1940 - for improving management.  SDS is the only program that supports the
GO1941 - management process. see POIMS, ref OF 1 6649
GO1943 -      ..
GO1944 -     [On 911123 Morris described SDS features, ref SDS 23 0477, that
GO1945 -     improves conventional "feel good" management. ref SDS 23 1331]
GO1947 -      ..
GO1948 -     [On 940706 Jake at Sandia Labs expressed the same point.
GO1949 -     ref SDS 50 0001]
GO1951 -      ..
GO1952 -     [On 980307 Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, takes copious notes to avoid
GO1953 -     ambiguity of mental maps, i.e., avoid mistakes. ref SDS A7 3668]
GO1955 -      ..
GO1956 -     [On 980405 managers avoid writing to avoid accountability.
GO1957 -     ref SDS A8 5065]
GO1959 -      ..
GO1960 -     [On 990625 article in Fortune says successful CEOs grab a pen and
GO1961 -     start writing the record of meetings. ref SDS B7 1024]
GO1963 -      ..
GO1964 -     [CEOs "psyche," also called "laziness," causes failure to perform
GO1965 -     analysis to save money, imprve earnings. ref SDS B7 4914]
GO1967 -  ..
GO1968 - We reviewed the opportunity of putting the power of technology in the
GO1969 - hands of executives so they can do a better job exercising the power
GO1970 - of authority.  POIMS is a technology for saving lives, time, and money
GO1971 - by integrating a critical mass of complementary tasks, so that each
GO1972 - reinforces the other. ref OF 1 1054  The core of these tasks is
GO1973 - communication through literacy, which is the foundation of
GO1974 - civilization.
GO1976 -      ..
GO1977 -     [On 990505 executive at SFIA advised "attitude" must change in
GO1978 -     order to improve communication. ref SDS B5 4732]
GO1980 -      ..
GO1981 -     [On 990817 Morris feels executives need commitment to discipline
GO1982 -     before introducing new tools that improve management with less
GO1983 -     discipline. ref SDS C1 6829]
GO1985 -      ..
GO1986 -     [991108 alphabetic mind comes from literacy. ref SDS C7 5628
GO1988 -  ..
GO1989 - POIMS adds "intelligence" to management by integrating time and
GO1990 - information through connected chronologies that create knowledge of
GO1991 - cause and effect. ref OF 1 0582  Knowledge is the engine of enterprise
GO1992 - and civilization.
GO1994 -  ..
GO1995 - Morris feels the integrated design of SDS that saves time and money
GO1996 - means that programs provided by Microsoft and others, in which people
GO1997 - invest a lot of time learning to use, would not be needed.  He fears
GO1998 - losing the benefit of time already invested, because using SDS would
GO1999 - reduce the need for other programs people like.  It seems like a big
GO2000 - change in life-style to use SDS for so many integrated tasks, when
GO2001 - everybody else is relying on Microsoft programs.
GO2003 -      ..
GO2004 -     [On 921127 Morris feels SDS is unnecessary overkill, because
GO2005 -     Microsoft will invent technology that supports SDS capabilities
GO2006 -     that does not require people to learn anything new. ref SDS 32
GO2007 -     IU9O
GO2009 -      ..
GO2010 -     [On 020110 Morris worried again about losing time and effort
GO2011 -     invested learning to use Microsoft programs, if he used SDS for a
GO2012 -     new way of working intelligently to save lives, time and money.
GO2013 -     ref SDS F9 F67I
GO2015 -      ..
GO2016 -     [On 040615 Gary likes to work with Microsoft Word, which
GO2017 -     is required on the job for "collaboration." ref SDS H2 R64V
GO2019 -  ..
GO2020 - Using SDS would conflict with the culture of daily work at the office,
GO2021 - where eveyone believes from television, seminars, school, and just
GO2022 - what everybody else is doing, that Microsoft programs improve
GO2023 - productivity.  As a result, people want to be 100% sure that SDS will
GO2024 - save a lot of time and money before trying SDS to evaluate how much
GO2025 - time and money SDS saves, as mentioned above. ref SDS 0 6W42
GO2027 -      ..
GO2028 -     [On 911123 Morris called using SDS the Welch Management Method
GO2029 -     because nobody else works this way. ref SDS 23 4930
GO2031 -      ..
GO2032 -     [On 950223 Morris indicated SDS is a new way of working that is a
GO2033 -     change of life-style based on commitment to improve management for
GO2034 -     savig time and money, which requires faith from a life experience
GO2035 -     like Rod. ref SDS 57 3003
GO2037 -      ..
GO2038 -     [On 950927 Intel tried developing technology to integrate key
GO2039 -     management tasks, similar to SDS, so they could improve
GO2040 -     traditional practice, ref SDS 73 8943, but were not successful,
GO2041 -     and so gave up. ref SDS 73 7732
GO2043 -      ..
GO2044 -     [On 980307 Andy Grove notes people resist improvement by denying
GO2045 -     learning new skills is needed and denying the character of work
GO2046 -     is changing. ref SDS A6 B26M
GO2048 -      ..
GO2049 -     [On 990816 Boy Scout napsack analogy explains how technology that
GO2050 -     makes good management fast and easy improves attitudes about
GO2051 -     saving time and money. ref SDS C0 2880
GO2053 -      ..
GO2054 -     [On 990817 Morris noted SDS aids discipline, which is critical to
GO2055 -     management. ref SDS C1 6829]
GO2057 -      ..
GO2058 -     [On 001126 Grant Bowman discussed changing tools and methods to
GO2059 -     improve the work. ref SDS D7 W18L
GO2061 -      ..
GO2062 -     [On 001219 SDS using SDS new way of working. ref SDS D9 QT6F
GO2064 -  ..
GO2065 - Morris further noted the integrated design that makes SDS powerful,
GO2066 - also, makes it more complex.  This is harder to understand than other
GO2067 - programs because SDS helps people perform many tasks in a coordinated
GO2068 - way so that each supports the other, called "harmony," see POIMS.
GO2069 - ref OF 1 8559  Morris is afraid that complex technology to improve the
GO2070 - work takes experience to understand and more than 20 minutes to learn,
GO2071 - like the alphabet and driving a car.  He feels that leaders in big
GO2072 - business, in government, and experts in management are unwilling to
GO2073 - allocate more than 20 minutes for learning to improve productivity,
GO2074 - earnings and stock prices by saving time and money, discussed with
GO2075 - Ross earlier this evening. ref SDS 7 2U4F  Above, Morris relates that
GO2076 - top people want to be 100% sure before trying to improve the work.
GO2077 - ref SDS 0 6W42
GO2078 -
GO2079 -     [On 901003 Ross made similar point again that integrated design of
GO2080 -     SDS takes time to re-tool skills. ref SDS 12 QX37
GO2082 -      ..
GO2083 -     [On 910529 understanding SDS requires experience because the
GO2084 -     design is counterintuitive; work practices are done differently in
GO2085 -     order to save time and money.  Since people cannot start with
GO2086 -     experience, they cannot be 100% sure SDS will save time and money,
GO2087 -     so they never try. ref SDS 19 9989
GO2089 -      ..
GO2090 -     [On 911121 Morris experienced challenge of learning integrated
GO2091 -     tools and found there is not enough time to learn counterintuitive
GO2092 -     procedures for linking in SDS, even though these tools make good
GO2093 -     management fast and easy for saving time and money. ref SDS 22
GO2094 -     5699
GO2096 -      ..
GO2097 -     [On 920215 Morris explained difficulty learning SDS again.
GO2098 -     ref SDS 28 TR4O
GO2100 -      ..
GO2101 -     [On 931130 Drucker explains better management requires learning to
GO2102 -     do new tasks that integrate work processes, rather than doing
GO2103 -     existing methods better. ref SDS 35 9666
GO2105 -      ..
GO2106 -     [On 961101 experience at USACE showed that experience work with
GO2107 -     SDS work product for Communication Metrics helps people understand
GO2108 -     the benefits of integrated management for saving time and money.
GO2109 -     ref SDS 90 8888
GO2111 -      ..
GO2112 -     [On 001126 Grant Bowman discussed changing tools and methods to
GO2113 -     improve the work. ref SDS D7 W18L
GO2115 -      ..
GO2116 -     [On 010908 laziness resists learning and using technology that
GO2117 -     enables good management to save time and money. ref SDS F1 YF5O
GO2119 -      ..
GO2120 -     [On 010924 Morris says SDS has evolved over many years to
GO2121 -     integrate commands that make learning and using SDS easier, so
GO2122 -     that control of daily takes less diligence. ref SDS F2 GV6H
GO2124 -      ..
GO2125 -     [On 020618 Gary reports SDS changes attitudes on improving
GO2126 -     the work to save time and money by making good management fast and
GO2127 -     easy. ref SDS G4 BK5L and ref SDS G4 MU6H
GO2129 -      ..
GO2130 -     [On 021013 improved SDS to make good management faster and easier
GO2131 -     that helps change attitudes about saving time and money.
GO2132 -     ref SDS G7 2P6H
GO2134 -  ..
GO2135 - Like Ross, Morris feels business software should be intuitive so busy
GO2136 - executives can learn it in 20 minutes or so. ref SDS 7 QY6L  He does
GO2137 - not want to invest more time for learning to create "intelligence"
GO2138 - that improves listening, per above, ref SDS 0 9Y5I, even though
GO2139 - listening is crucial to productivity, as he explained. ref SDS 0 CJ9J
GO2140 -
GO2141 -     [On 980307 Andy Grove says people like to work on familiar things
GO2142 -     in familiary ways.  Common sense prevents executives from
GO2143 -     improving the work to save time and money because the inertia of
GO2144 -     success blinds people to new realities. ref SDS A7 1657
GO2146 -  ..
GO2147 - This presents a dilemma of how to improve management and earnings
GO2148 - without investing any extra time, discussed with Ross earlier on the
GO2149 - cost of bad management, and the price of success. ref SDS 7 X45M
GO2150 -
GO2151 -
GO2153 -  ..
GO2154 - Synergy Learning and Frequent Use Powerful Formula for Improvement
GO2155 - Complexity Integrated Functions Easy Blessing Used Frequently
GO2156 -
GO2157 - SDS integrated functions for "thinking" enable continual use because
GO2158 - thinking is needed throughout the day.  Driving a truck, using the
GO2159 - alphabet, talking to people, all of these tasks are very complex, even
GO2160 - breathing, when closely examined, is a highly complex task.  We can
GO2161 - perform complex tasks with skill and ease because we do them often.
GO2162 - Frequent use of integrated, complementary functions for thinking
GO2163 - maintains skill that makes the complexity of SDS a blessing for
GO2164 - improving productivity. This synergy between acquiring skill to use
GO2165 - tools, and using tools to implement good management practice
GO2166 - regularly, is the only way to improve results, other than blind luck,
GO2167 - which evens out over time.
GO2169 -  ..
GO2170 - Accordingly, only technology with a "critical mass" of features can
GO2171 - improve the practice of management, and earnings. ref OF 1 2049, and
GO2172 - ref OF 1 2688
GO2173 -
GO2174 -     [On 920215 Morris feels a broad range of capability makes it too
GO2175 -     hard to learn SDS, which prevents discovering benefits in time to
GO2176 -     acquire sufficient skill to benefit from automated integration.
GO2177 -     ref SDS 28 5774 and ref SDS 28 5820
GO2179 -      ..
GO2180 -     [On 940508 Empathic Design calls for technology that improves work
GO2181 -     processes, rather than mimic inefficient practices people adopt to
GO2182 -     accomodate limitations of prior technology. ref SDS 42 6930]
GO2184 -      ..
GO2185 -     [On 940510 Human Centered Design uses empathic methods.
GO2186 -     ref SDS 43 3850]
GO2188 -      ..
GO2189 -     [On 950710 User Centered Design. ref SDS 67 6403]
GO2191 -      ..
GO2192 -     [On 940603 information overload requires intelligence and need to
GO2193 -     solve information overload. ref SDS 46 9503
GO2195 -      ..
GO2196 -     [On 950327 formulated Communiation Manager role to relieve busy
GO2197 -     execs from having to learn SDS. ref SDS 60 6118]
GO2199 -      ..
GO2200 -     [On 950705 asked Morris to speak at Asilomar Conference on "Taking
GO2201 -     the Quantum Leap" using technology for management. ref SDS 66
GO2202 -     3394]
GO2204 -  ..
GO2205 - The SDS design enables people to invest time in performing work that
GO2206 - generates "intelligence" which is critical to earnings and enterprise
GO2207 - management.
GO2208 -
GO2209 -     [On 971105 developed Communication Metrics so executives do not
GO2210 -     have to write everything down, but can still get the benefits of
GO2211 -     timely intelligence delivered via Internet. ref SDS A2 1459]
GO2213 -      ..
GO2214 -     [On 990712 Morris objected to clicking on links. ref SDS B8 5837]
GO2216 -      ..
GO2217 -     [On 990905 Morris began using MS Office to create links to improve
GO2218 -     his business communication. ref SDS C2 0966]
GO2220 -      ..
GO2221 -     [On 001219 SDS using SDS new way of working. ref SDS D9 QT6F
GO2223 -  ..
GO2224 - We reviewed the dilemma and opportunity presented by market conditions
GO2225 - where executives have not had any direct means to use computers for
GO2226 - management tasks to plan, perform and report, or analyse, the work,
GO2227 - explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 1104  Clearly, such prior experience is
GO2228 - not dispositive, and in fact causes false belief that is difficult to
GO2229 - overcome for "successful" people, e.g., a manager, executive, CEO or
GO2230 - owner of a business.
GO2232 -      ..
GO2233 -     [On 960624 Landauer explained need for people to gain experience
GO2234 -     in order to build faith using new tools they do not understand.
GO2235 -     ref SDS 83 1037]
GO2236 -
GO2238 -  ..
GO2239 - How much time do we spend doing the work, and how much time do we
GO2240 - think about the what, how, when and who of it.  The core challenge of
GO2241 - management is balancing thinking and doing (also, analysis and
GO2242 - performance) cannot be avoided, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 5884
GO2244 -  ..
GO2245 - SDS makes it possible to accomplish a great deal more thinking through
GO2246 - writing, which leaves more time for doing things.  We can, also,
GO2247 - assign someone to use SDS for thinking and planning, so, like a pilot
GO2248 - that flys the plane, or an accountant that uses spreadsheets to align
GO2249 - finances, others can focus on doing their daily tasks, without the
GO2250 - burden of capturing the record and generating "intelligence."
GO2251 -
GO2252 -     [On 001219 SDS using SDS new way of working. ref SDS D9 QT6F
GO2254 -  ..
GO2255 - Morris asked how this worked on the Broadwater Dam project?
GO2257 -  ..
GO2258 - I attended a wide variety of meetings, and was able to enter them into
GO2259 - the record at Broadwater Dam.  As with anyone, I found that more
GO2260 - meetings, reduced the time for analysis.  This experience confirmed
GO2261 - POIMS theory that less time for preparing, planning and thinking,
GO2262 - reduced the value of meeting, and increased the likelihood that
GO2263 - important things fall through the cracks.
GO2265 -  ..
GO2266 - SDS is the only direct means to improve the quality of management work
GO2267 - by shifting the balance between planning and implementation.
GO2268 -
GO2269 -     [On 950202 resistance to improving management is fairly common.
GO2270 -     ref SDS 55 9550.]
GO2271 -
GO2272 -     [On 980307 Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, cited "inertia of success"
GO2273 -     causes executives to resist improving work processes that have
GO2274 -     brought prior success, ref SDS A6 3740, and prevents admission of
GO2275 -     new conditions that require change. ref SDS A6 2044]
GO2277 -      ..
GO2278 -     [On 010725 Wayne Wetzel reported on using SDS at Broadwater Dam.
GO2279 -     ref SDS E9 WJ7L and ref SDS E9 02FR
GO2280 -
GO2281 -
GO2282 -
GO2283 -
GO2284 -
GO2285 -
GO2286 -
GO2287 -
GO2288 -
GO23 -
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