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DIARY: July 25, 2001 12:17 PM Wednesday; Rod Welch

Wayne Wetzel evaluation using SDS at DNRC past 10 years.

2...Good Management Saves Time and Money, SDS Unique Solution
3...New Way of Working Adds Intelligence to Management Improves Literacy
.....Time is saved by integrating critical mass of common tasks for....
.....Money is saved by technology that works faster to save time and
.....Savings are calculated by.....
.....Productivity, Earnings Improved by Communication, Intelligence
.....Communication Improved by Listening to Understand and Follow Up
.....Listening Captures Organizational Memory and Plans Follow Up
.....Knowledge Space Improves Memory with Organization, Context
.....Understanding and Context Facilitate Deliberation and Analysis
.....Intelligence Connecting Cause and Effect Expands Understanding
.........................Spreadsheet for Knowledge
.........................Organic Structure
.....Com Manager COO Supports Organic Subject Structure
.....Research Organic Subject Structure Needs Time Skill Experience
.....Integrating Time Information Improves Alphabet Technology
.....Literacy Reading Writing Improved by Integrating Time Information
.....Memory Improved by Writing Adding Intelligence in Knowledge Space
........................Thinking through writing
.....Action Items Discovered by Creating Organizational Memory
.....Intelligence Discovers Action Items Not Originally Contemplated
.....Planning and Execution Stop Worrying Invest Intellectual Capital
.....Don't Write Everything Down, Create Intelligence to Save Time
..................communication the biggest risk in enterprise
.....Triangulation Creates, Maintains Shared Meaning
.....Shared Meaning Created Maintained by Triangulation
.....SDS Compliments IT, Adds Intelligence to Management
.....IT and Groupware Strengthened by SDS, Improves Management
.....Management Improved Immediately People Feel Difference in Months
.....Learning SDS Takes Time because Integration Complex Like Driving
.....Fun Using SDS Intelligence for Gift of Time Power of Knowledge
.....SDS Online Help Teaches Better Management More than 20 Minutes
.....Com Manager Immediate Benefits of Intelligence While People Learn
.....Training expedites deploying Communication Metrics
.............Dilemma of millennium.....
..................Communication is the biggest risk in enterprise!
.....Com Metrics Requires Skill, Tools and Authority, Leadership
.....People Want to Take Action, Go Home After a Meeting
.....Information is Consumed Rather than Invested to Grow Knowledge
.....Creativity Aided by Intelligence from Deliberative Analysis
.....Disillusioned Good Management Possible Makes Demand Latent
.....Latent Demand for Good Management Nobody Believes Possible
.....New Realities Grow Demand for Adding Intelligence to Management
.....Contract Notice Provisions Help Maintain Accountability
.....Responsibility of Knowledge Produced by SDS is Resisted
.....Com Metrics Terminated to Save Cost of Extra Paperwork
.....Time Horizon Expanded by SDS Enables Seeing Future More Clearly
.....Past is Prologue Significant Power of SDS "Intelligence"
.....SDS Understanding Future Risks Makes People Uncomfortable
.....Conflict Metric of Understanding Focuses on Important Issues
.....Disagreement Metric of Understanding Focuses on Important Issues
.....Yes Key Goal Management Misplaced Priority Metric of Contradition
.....KM Dilemma Intelligence Essential But People Hate Accountability
.....Proactive Management Not Fun Working on Small Problems Overkill
.....Social Pressure Ignore Record Hope Small Problems Don't Get Big
.....Fear of Accountability Avers Good Management
.....Engineer Failed Engineering Management, Want Deniability
.....Bad Management Want to Succeed Not Make Good Management Easier
.....Com Manager Needed for Transition to Learn SDS
.....Knowledge Better Strategy than Ignorance Needs Transition Support
.....Education, Strong Leadership Transition to Culture of Knowledge
.....SDS Aids Human Thinking by Connecting Cause and Effect
.....Observing SDS Encourages Use Shows Knowledge Solves Problems
.....Com Manager Support Role for SDS Helps Communication Metrics
.....Leadership Key Ingredient for Communication Metrics
.....SDS Support from Secretary, Admin, Chief Operating Officer
.....Spreadsheet for Knowledge Everyone Needs Basic Skills for SDS
.....Com Manager Needed Like Accounting, Communication Department
.....Shared Meaning Requires Common History from Effective Analysis
.....Com Manager Writes Analysis and History to Build Shared Meaning
.....Analysis History Requires Skill Experience to Write Good Story
.....Stressful Communication Analysis Raise Issues Not Temperatures
.....Feedback Requires Diplomacy Ask Probative Questions Stressful
.....Com Manager Diplomat Psychologically Demanding Getting Feedback
.....Psychologically Demanding Constantly Discover Notify of Mistakes

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0201 - Dep Natrl Recrs & Consrvtn
020101 - Mr. Wayne Wetzel; Deputy Director

Breakthrough SDS Design Yields Breakthrough Productivity
Capture Record Improves Knowledge Management Organizational Memory
Creativity Aided by Analysis and Alignment Uniquely Supported by SDS
Killer App Intelligence Organizational Memory Personal History Experi
Paradigm Shift New Way Thinking Working Communication Executives Need
Context Management SDS Organization Saves Money Avoid Mistakes Bumbli
New Way of Working Using Good Management Consistently Integrate Criti
Documents Change to Organizational Memory Paradigm Shift

7010 -
7010 -    ..
7011 - Summary/Objective
7012 -
701201 - Follow up ref SDS A5  0000, ref SDS A1 0000.
701202 -
701203 - SDS saves time and money, ref SDS 0 CR3J, and is fun to experience the
701204 - power of knowledge; but a big dilemma is how to help people discover
701205 - that "intelligence" is more effective than document management for
701206 - command and control of the work.
701208 -  ..
701209 - SDS enables good management practice, ref SDS 0 WJ7L, and has new
701210 - specialized tools to align and organize the work. ref SDS 0 P63J
701211 - Communication is aided by improving the common metric of "listening"
701212 - to understand and follow up. ref SDS 0 IW4N   Knowledge Space manages
701213 - information in context so it is easy to find the history of particular
701214 - subjects. ref SDS 0 GL7J  "Communication Manager" is a new work role
701215 - for using SDS to develop organic subject structure, ref SDS 0 03H4,
701216 - SDS aids basic literacy to improve writing by integrating information
701217 - with time to produce knowledge. ref SDS 0 CZ8H  This makes it faster
701218 - to capture important details and link action items into organizational
701219 - memory that builds and maintains shared meaning for better
701220 - collaboration to get things done correctly and on time. ref SDS 0 01EP
701221 - SDS brings the gift of time and the power of knowledge so that less
701222 - diligence improves productivity. ref SDS 0 XS8I  People feel they
701223 - don't have time to learn SDS because it is an integrated craft, like
701224 - driving a car.  This presents a dilemma: easy to learn programs do not
701225 - improve earnings; better earnings require integrated solutions.
701226 - ref SDS 0 XS8I  Formal education, training, and support by a
701227 - Communication Manager expedite deploying SDS. ref SDS 0 FI9K  Much of
701228 - the market is disillusioned, believing technology cannot aid
701229 - intelligence to increase creativity and reduces mistakes. ref SDS 0
701230 - HY6O  Contracts overcome fear of accountability so that the work can
701231 - be aligned with objectives, requirements and commitments.  Most work
701232 - is not done under contract, so the desire for deniability prevents
701233 - people from discovering that intelligence saves time and money.  This
701234 - is another Knowledge Management dilemma. ref SDS 0 02FR
701235 -
701236 -
701237 -
701238 -
701240 -  ..
7013 -
7014 -
7015 - Progress
7016 -
701601 - Good Management Saves Time and Money, SDS Unique Solution
701602 - New Way of Working Adds Intelligence to Management Improves Literacy
701603 -
701604 - Received ref DRT 1 0001 from Wayne evaluating SDS before he steps down
701605 - as Deputy Director of DNRC at the end of the month, as we discussed on
701606 - 010717. ref SDS A5  0001  The letter today updates Wayne's report on
701607 - 910419 presenting results using SDS for the Broadwater Dam project,
701608 - ref DIP 1 0001, and provides a wider scope for the case study and
701609 - lessons learned reported on 990316. ref SDS 63 0001
701611 -  ..
701612 - Wayne says in his letter today....
701613 -
701614 -     SDS is a new way of working that enables consistent use of good
701615 -     management, ref DRT 1 X56O, which we have all heard, read and
701616 -     dreamed about using to save time and money, ref DRT 1 03P3, by
701617 -     strengthening communication, ref SDS 0 IW4N, and the ability to
701618 -     follow up, ref SDS 0 01EP, so that things get done correctly, on
701619 -     time and within budget. ref DRT 1 0001
701621 -          ..
701622 -         On 970603 Dave Vannier at Intel saw that SDS enables good
701623 -         management practices everybody is trying to use, but can't
701624 -         because there is not enough time.  SDS enables a new way of
701625 -         working by bringing within reach what people feel they should
701626 -         be dong. ref SDS 48 4528
701627 -
701628 -             [On 040422 "good to go" SDS back in buisess for Wayne
701629 -             after 2 year break, complementing Gary restoring SDS use
701630 -             at Aerospace company after a 3 month break. ref SDS B1 SY5F
701632 -          ..
701633 -         Aligns with Doug Engelbart's call for a "new way of thinking
701634 -         and working," reported 991222. ref SDS 81 3696  POIMS explains
701635 -         a new way of thinking through writing. ref OF 1 3742
701637 -          ..
701638 -         On 890809 SDS design supported new way of working that aligns
701639 -         planning with history. ref SDS 10 8211
701641 -      ..
701642 -     SDS Typical Day Scenario explains use cases that illustrate how a
701643 -     new way of working saves time and money. ref OF 2 0001  On 001219
701644 -     specific steps using SDS show new way of working. ref SDS 90 QT6F
701645 -     On 010425 using SDS is a "utopia" compared to conventional
701646 -     practices and tools. ref SDS A2 EP7F
701648 -      ..
701649 -     SDS integrates the management cycle....
701650 -
701651 -          1.  plan............................ ref OF 1 1104
701652 -          2.  perform......................... ref OF 1 8556
701653 -          3.  report.......................... ref OF 1 2300
701655 -      ..
701656 - strengthening literacy, with an "intelligence" process that
701657 -     produces knowledge rather than information. ref SDS 0 CZ8H  This
701658 -     new way of working enables consistent use of good practices cited
701659 -     by......
701660 -
701661 -          1.  Drucker......................931130, ref SDS 27 7911
701662 -                 "   ......................991025, ref SDS 79 0785
701663 -          2.  Deming........................POIMS. ref OF 1 0336
701664 -          3.  Covey........................921205. ref SDS 25 2229
701666 -      ..
701667 -     SDS integration organizes information in Knowledge Space so people
701668 -     can work quickly and smoothly to use good management consistently,
701669 -     like the synthesis that occurs in human thought. ref SDS 0 GL7J
701670 -
701671 -         Aligns with USACE report on Com Metrics. ref DRP 5 6172
701673 -  ..
701674 - Wayne's letter continues...
701675 -
701676 -     Consistent use of good practices increases the chance of success.
701677 -     ref OF 1 8559  Intelligence enables creativity that discovers
701678 -     opportunity; it is the engine of civilization that saves time and
701679 -     money. ref OF 1 6649  This is not available from any other method
701680 -     or technology. ref DRT 1 WP4I and ref DRT 1 A45I, indicating
701681 -     Knowledge Management is a secret of SDS, reported on 000425.
701682 -     ref SDS 83 0480
701684 -      ..
701685 -     SDS enables capturing a greater share of important information and
701686 -     adding connections of cause and effect, summary and alignment with
701687 -     relevant authority, which is not apparent at the time events
701688 -     occur, ref OF 1 M17I, and which, in turn, disclose needed action
701689 -     that was not evident at the original event. SDS design using time
701690 -     as a primary organizing structure helps the innate human drive to
701691 -     know the sequence of events for understanding cause and effect.
701692 -     see Knowledge Space. ref SDS 0 GL7J  This aligns with Bill
701693 -     DeHart's report on 000709 that SDS has a natural organization that
701694 -     improves memory relative to other tools. ref SDS 85 1029
701696 -      ..
701697 -     Feedback using the Internet or conventional methods refines
701698 -     accuracy to avoid mistakes.  This additional "intelligence"
701699 -     creates organizational memory that saves time and money.
701701 -      ..
701702 -     Time is saved by integrating critical mass of common tasks for....
701703 -
701704 -          1.  communication................... ref OF 1 1106
701705 -          2.  time............................ ref OF 1 1112
701706 -          3.  information..................... ref OF 1 ER3G
701707 -          4.  people.......................... ref OF 1 5820
701708 -          5.  documents....................... ref OF 1 1107
701709 -          6.  subjects........................ ref OF 1 1110
701711 -      ..
701712 - that each task supports the other in a structure of
701713 -     Knowledge Space. ref SDS 0 GL8G  Without integrating a broad range
701714 -     of tasks, no improvement can occur. ref OF 1 2688
701716 -      ..
701717 -     Money is saved by technology that works faster to save time and
701718 -     paper, and avoids mistakes by remembering accurately for....
701719 -
701720 -          1.  planning, analysis, understanding........ ref OF 1 3742
701721 -          2.  setting objectives and action items...... ref OF 1 8535
701722 -          3.  aligning work with requirements.......... ref OF 1 034J
701723 -          4.  organize in relation to objectives....... ref OF 1 1110
701724 -          5.  relying on experience.................... ref OF 1 1112
701726 -  ..
701727 - Wayne's letter continues...
701728 -
701729 -     ...., which executives otherwise accomplish mostly in their head,
701730 -     on the fly, moment to moment based on remembering only the gist of
701731 -     things. ref DRT 1 G95I  Better memory improves human reasoning,
701732 -     reported on 900319, ref SDS 12 1323, which enables enterprise to
701733 -     succeed.
701735 -      ..
701736 -     Savings are calculated by.....
701737 -
701738 -           1.  USACE report on 971007................ ref DRP 6 0001
701739 -
701740 -           2.  NWO................................... ref OF 3 0110
701741 -
701742 -
701743 -
701744 -
7018 -

Communication Listening Understanding Follow Up Improved to Get Thing
SDS Improves Information Technology Weaknesses in Email Adding Intell
Productivity Com Manager Provides Intelligence So Managers Have Time

B605 -
B60601 -      ..
B60602 -     Productivity, Earnings Improved by Communication, Intelligence
B60603 -     Communication Improved by Listening to Understand and Follow Up
B60604 -     Listening Captures Organizational Memory and Plans Follow Up
B60605 -
B60606 -     SDS improves communication in email, calls and meetings cited in
B60607 -     POIMS. ref OF 1 084J  Since communication is a predicate to
B60608 -     managing the work, better communication improves productivity and
B60609 -     earnings.  Better "listening" to understand and follow up makes
B60610 -     communication effective, reported on 890809, ref SDS 10 CJ9J, by
B60611 -     integrating time and information to enhance alphabet technology,
B60612 -     commonly called "literacy." ref OF 1 ER3G
B60614 -  ..
B60615 - Wayne's letter continues...
B60616 -
B60617 -     Listening for understanding and follow up to get things done is
B60618 -     improved by the SDS process of writing things down to capture
B60619 -     organizational memory.  Scheduling follow up in SDS is a useful
B60620 -     "metric" of listening that increases understanding, whether or not
B60621 -     we ever look at the record again. ref DRT 1 014Q
B60623 -      ..
B60624 -     Challenge of listening is overlooked because people believe the
B60625 -     biology of hearing brings understanding.  However, the human mind
B60626 -     innately recodes what is heard to paraphrase in order to aid
B60627 -     memory by understanding new information in the context of personal
B60628 -     experience.  Without SDS to maintain alignment, recoding to aid
B60629 -     memory and understanding causes meaning drift that makes truth a
B60630 -     moving target, as explained on 990303, ref SDS 62 2838, and
B60631 -     earlier on 960518. ref SDS 39 4488 and ref SDS 39 3734
B60633 -      ..
B60634 -     An example occurred on 920120. ref SDS 20 8L6F
B60636 -  ..
B60637 - Wayne's letter continues...
B60638 -
B60639 -     SDS is a microscope that looks deeper into communication than is
B60640 -     possible with other means.  Since planning occurs through
B60641 -     meetings, calls and documents, e.g., email, the SDS process of
B60642 -     showing alignment with controlling authority, like contracts,
B60643 -     regulations and commitments, provides an effective metric of
B60644 -     communication that predicts problems, which can be avoided by
B60645 -     changing course to prevent mistakes. ref DRT 1 02FR  This saves
B60646 -     time and money, ref SDS 0 CR3J
B60648 -      ..
B60649 -     Drucker points out that people have given up trying to improve
B60650 -     communication because the task is too complex. ref SDS 27 3851
B60651 -     Integrated management by definition is complex, reflecting the
B60652 -     complexity of human cognition that enables communication,
B60653 -     explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 0367  If only bits and pieces of
B60654 -     management are aided by technology, e.g., email, wordprocessing,
B60655 -     scheduling, action items, etc., little improvement in productivity
B60656 -     occurs.  The SDS design that integrates a critical mass of tasks,
B60657 -     ref OF 1 11G5, provides a breakthrough that strengthens underlying
B60658 -     intelligence for converting information into knowledge.
B60660 -      ..
B60661 -     Resistance to improving productivity and earnings occurs because
B60662 -     of fear of accountability, as well. see below, ref SDS 0 02FR
B60663 -
B60664 -
B60665 -
B60666 -
B60667 -
B607 -

Knowledge Space Expanding Integrated Self-reinforcement SDS Features
Organic Subject Structure Enables Knowledge Space Using Spreadsheet f
Knowledge Space Saves Time Money Accurate Competence Augment Intellig
Spreadsheet for Knowledge Combines Structure with Creativity Narrativ
Organic Structures Greater Understanding Control Microcosm of Details
Organize Information Time Chronology Experience Causation Understandi
Com Manager Role New Work Role
Knowledge Manager Work Role Training Com Metrics
Com Manager Deliberates Organizational Memory Different Tasks from Tr
Natural Organization Flexible Structure for Creating Managing Context
Wetzel, Wayne Need Dedicated Com Manager Because Requires Special Ski

E113 -
E11401 -      ..
E11402 -     Knowledge Space Improves Memory with Organization, Context
E11403 -     Understanding and Context Facilitate Deliberation and Analysis
E11404 -     Intelligence Connecting Cause and Effect Expands Understanding
E11405 -
E11406 -
E11407 - Wayne's letter continues...
E11408 -
E11409 -     SDS integrated design of plan, perform, report, ref OF 1 6649, has
E11410 -     a flexible structure and natural organization that supports
E11411 -     "intelligence," also, called thinking, deliberation, and analysis,
E11412 -     ref DRT 1 00BT, by connecting chronologies of cause and effect
E11413 -     based on context, that converts information into knowledge,
E11414 -     ref DRT 1 GV3M, cited in a conference call on 000709 with Bill
E11415 -     DeHart at PG&E and Morris Jones at Intel. ref SDS 85 1029
E11417 -      ..
E11418 -     Wayne's report supports assessment by US Army Corps of Engineers
E11419 -     that found SDS strengthens human thought. ref DRP 5 6172
E11421 -      ..
E11422 -     Using time to organize information aids human reasoning that
E11423 -     relies on sequence to understand cause and effect, as in the
E11424 -     common question.....
E11425 -
E11426 -
E11427 -                         Then what happened?
E11428 -
E11429 -
E11430 - reported on 900319. ref SDS 12 1323
E11432 -  ..
E11433 - Wayne's letter continues...
E11434 -
E11435 -     Productivity is increased with a structure that provides a
E11436 -     consistent way to organize and apply critical details in a logical
E11437 -     context, like a ....
E11438 -
E11439 -                         Spreadsheet for Knowledge
E11440 -
E11442 -      ..
E11443 -     ...., or a spreadsheet for management using an....
E11444 -
E11445 -                         Organic Structure
E11446 -
E11447 - organize subjects based on ideas from common practices for
E11448 -     a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a chart of accounts for
E11449 -     financial control, and a CPM flow chart for managing a big
E11450 -     project. ref DRT 1 03H4  Flexible structure provides efficient
E11451 -     organization that saves time and money under the rule a "place for
E11452 -     everything and everything in its place," that makes finding
E11453 -     information fast and easy.  Morris noted a few months ago on
E11454 -     040125 that having everything in the right place at the right time
E11455 -     is a self-evident benefit that makes SDS a utopia compared to
E11456 -     using other methods. ref SDS A2 EP7F  On 970711 Wayne reported
E11457 -     that using SDS made him famous as the un-official Communication
E11458 -     Manager for DNRC, because everyone knows he remembers accurately,
E11459 -     and can find critical documents quickly that nobody can find in
E11460 -     the official records of the agency, ref SDS 49 3003, as alluded in
E11461 -     his letter. ref DRT 1 L56J
E11462 -
E11463 -         [On 040203 Gary famous because SDS records make finding
E11464 -         information fast and easy when needed. ref SDS A1 433N
E11465 -
E11467 -      ..
E11468 -     Com Manager COO Supports Organic Subject Structure
E11469 -     Research Organic Subject Structure Needs Time Skill Experience
E11470 -
E11471 -
E11472 - Wayne's letter continues...
E11473 -
E11474 -     Most organizing methods are figured out once, and then implemented
E11475 -     with periodic revisions.  SDS is more demanding because everyday
E11476 -     new subjects arise that have to be incorporated into the existing
E11477 -     organic structure, explained in NWO. ref OF 3 RUPW
E11479 -      ..
E11480 -     Communication Manager or COO role can invest time, experience and
E11481 -     skill for managing the complexity of daily work.  It would be a
E11482 -     good issue for research to develop standardized knowledge
E11483 -     structures.  Perhaps one day technology will figure it all out for
E11484 -     us, but that would deny people the understanding derived from
E11485 -     creating the structure.  Maybe a compromise is possible that
E11486 -     continues to leverage our mental biology. ref DRT 1 L56J
E11487 -
E11488 -
E11489 -
E11490 -
E11491 -
E11492 -
E11493 -
E115 -

Thinking Through Writing Literacy Integrated Self-reinforcement SDS F
Thinking Through Writing Planning Analysis
Memory Conflicts on Prior Meetings

F405 -
F40601 -      ..
F40602 -     Integrating Time Information Improves Alphabet Technology
F40603 -     Literacy Reading Writing Improved by Integrating Time Information
F40604 -     Memory Improved by Writing Adding Intelligence in Knowledge Space
F40605 -
F40606 -     Alphabet technology for creating an external, objective rendering
F40607 -     to capture and craft internal thoughts was an explosive technology
F40608 -     that lifted civilization, reported on 991108, ref SDS 80 5628, by
F40609 -     augmenting human intelligence to make people superhuman, reported
F40610 -     on 010622. ref SDS A3 N668  Literacy is an engine of civilization,
F40611 -     that is improved by the SDS design integrating information with
F40612 -     time produce knowledge. ref OF 1 3742
F40614 -  ..
F40615 - Wayne's letter continues...
F40616 -
F40617 -     Crafting language to write the history of daily events in the SDS
F40618 -     environment continually expands organizational memory both to
F40619 -     unlock and construct memory.  Each day new information applies,
F40620 -     extends and enriches what was learned previously, creating an
F40621 -     expanding Knowledge Space, defined in POIMS, ref OF 1 034J, that
F40622 -     organizes cause and effect to leverage understanding and access
F40623 -     when needed. ref DRT 1 JK8L
F40624 -
F40625 -         Reflects new way of thinking and working enabled by SDS
F40626 -         reported on 001219. ref SDS 90 QT6F
F40628 -      ..
F40629 -     Editing improves analysis by examining related context, history
F40630 -     and documents to create connections that reveal and preserve
F40631 -     alignment of cause and effect.  Creating headings that summarize,
F40632 -     and assigning contacts, subjects and financial accounts, yield
F40633 -     "intelligence, explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 0367, that improves
F40634 -     memory of events through integrated self-reinforcement of key
F40635 -     associations.  Better memory prepares us to be effective in the
F40636 -     next phone call, attending another meeting, writing a letter, etc.
F40637 -     whether or not we ever look at the record again. ref DRT 1 014Q
F40639 -      ..
F40640 -     Writing is improved by strong synergy between creating SDS records
F40641 -     and using the record for continual learning based on the natural
F40642 -     organization of Knowledge Space, per above. ref SDS 0 GL7J The
F40643 -     more we write and connect the record to analyze, discover and
F40644 -     understand correlations, implications and nuance, the more history
F40645 -     is available to help us remember.  This daily process using....
F40646 -     SDS, for....
F40648 -  ..
F40649 - Wayne's letter continues...
F40650 -
F40651 -                        Thinking through writing
F40652 -
F40653 -
F40654 -     ...explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 3742, improves conventional work
F40655 -     practice of remembering only the gist of things.  Faster, better
F40656 -     understanding from quickly drawing on the SDS record over weeks,
F40657 -     months and years to recognize correlations, implications and
F40658 -     nuance expands span of attention by an order of magnitude.
F40659 -     ref DRT 1 0V4L  Better memory in SDS aids knowing what to write
F40660 -     and triagulates accuracy, as explained below. ref SDS 0 PO6N
F40661 -
F40662 -         [On 010924 Morris said nobody uses anything to capture the
F40663 -         record of organizational memory in the manner that SDS is
F40664 -         used, so nobody else has discovered the value of this
F40665 -         resource. ref SDS A7  XT5F
F40667 -      ..
F40668 -     Reading is improved by the natural organization of SDS structure
F40669 -     that summarizes meaning in relation to objectives and context.
F40670 -     Analysis of Andy Grove's work practices in the record on 980307
F40671 -     supports SDS methodology. ref SDS 54 3101 A simple way to explain
F40672 -     it is that information in documents is fixed, while knowledge in
F40673 -     SDS is constantly growing to manage evolving context. This makes
F40674 -     relevant context instantly available for planning the work day to
F40675 -     day, and for understanding details needed to perform the work
F40676 -     quickly and correctly. ref DRT 1 A45I
F40677 -
F40678 -
F40679 -
F407 -

Write Everything Down Not Required SDS Enables Better Balance between
Writing Notes Twice Not Intelligence that Organizes Analyzes Connects
Action Items Context Time Chronology Organizes Complexity Context Fas
Stories Make Analysis and Listening Effective for Understanding Follo
Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise Caused by Meaning Drift Solved
Communication Shared Meaning Create Common Alignment Maintain
Clear Concise Complete Notes Linked to Common History
Story Brain Stores Linkages of Data to Produce Knowledge, Wisdom, Vis

GE10 -
GE1101 -      ..
GE1102 -     Action Items Discovered by Creating Organizational Memory
GE1103 -     Intelligence Discovers Action Items Not Originally Contemplated
GE1104 -     Planning and Execution Stop Worrying Invest Intellectual Capital
GE1105 -     Don't Write Everything Down, Create Intelligence to Save Time
GE1106 -
GE1107 -     Organization of SDS "Knowledge Space" makes it fast and easy to
GE1108 -     identify action items in the process of capturing organizational
GE1109 -     memory.  This integrated process connects planning and scheduling
GE1110 -     action items to original context that guides communication toward
GE1111 -     getting things done to improve progress and productivity.  This is
GE1112 -     a big help in managing daily work, managing projects and for
GE1113 -     contract management because it shows alignment between objectives,
GE1114 -     requirements and commitments, and actual work performed.
GE1116 -  ..
GE1117 - Wayne's letter continues...
GE1118 -
GE1119 -     SDS does not require writing everything down, nor writing notes
GE1120 -     twice.  Capturing important information and adding intelligence,
GE1121 -     ref SDS 0 P63J, saves time and money by avoiding mistakes endemic
GE1122 -     to verbal communication, reviewed on 991108. ref SDS 80 4505  This
GE1123 -     restores the balance between planning and execution, thinking and
GE1124 -     doing, explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 2049, that makes management
GE1125 -     effective. ref DRT 1 01EP
GE1127 -      ..
GE1128 -     Rather than worry about who said what to whom, what was meant,
GE1129 -     what was missed, and who is responsible, invest time productively
GE1130 -     by thinking, analyzing, and planning in SDS.  This adds a lot of
GE1131 -     fire power to management, ref DRT 1 X56O, explained in the record
GE1132 -     on 950204. ref SDS 30 4995
GE1134 -      ..
GE1135 -     SDS adds value to traditional meeting notes by constructing a
GE1136 -     coherent story of organizational memory positioned in Knowledge
GE1137 -     Space. ref SDS 0 GL7J  The history of who, what, when, where, why
GE1138 -     and how things occurred in relation to requirements and
GE1139 -     commitments aids group collaboration with a story that builds and
GE1140 -     maintains shared meaning on common objectives, because the human
GE1141 -     mind "thinks" through "stories," as in....
GE1142 -
GE1143 -
GE1144 -               "What's the story?"
GE1145 -
GE1146 -               "Once upon a time...," and
GE1147 -
GE1148 -               "Oh, then what happened?"
GE1150 -      ..
GE1151 -     ....reported in the record on 000307, ref SDS 82 0783, and earlier
GE1152 -     on 900303. ref SDS 11 3016
GE1154 -      ..
GE1155 -     Information overload conceals meaning, understanding and knowledge
GE1156 -     of chronology in a...
GE1157 -
GE1158 -
GE1159 -                           sea of details
GE1161 -      ..
GE1162 -     ....that commingles and changes cause and effect in the human mind
GE1163 -     creating false knowledge due to...
GE1164 -
GE1165 -
GE1166 -                            meaning drift
GE1168 -      ..
GE1169 -     ....that increases the risk of error which is hidden by the pace
GE1170 -     of daily communication, see example on 911009, ref SDS 14 3333,
GE1171 -     explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 8774, commonly expressed as the....
GE1172 -
GE1173 -
GE1174 -                          devil in the details
GE1175 -
GE1177 -           ..
GE1178 -     .... see NWO. ref OF 3 9449
GE1180 -      ..
GE1181 -     Another example of the same kind of problem is the record of
GE1182 -     mixups in communication on the Navy Sewer Line matter reported on
GE1183 -     961010. ref SDS 43 3885  USACE mentions this in its report on Com
GE1184 -     Metrics. ref DRP 5 4522
GE1186 -  ..
GE1187 - Wayne's letter continues...
GE1188 -
GE1189 -     As a result, people draw different meanings after hearing and
GE1190 -     reading the same information from a meeting or document. Meaning
GE1191 -     drift causes people who readily agree to take cooperative action,
GE1192 -     to instead and unwittingly take conflicting and harmful action
GE1193 -     only days later. ref DRT 1 XU5H  This makes...
GE1195 -                   ..
GE1196 -                  communication the biggest risk in enterprise
GE1197 -
GE1198 -
GE1199 -     ....see NWO. ref OF 3 9449 and ref OF 3 3158  POIMS makes the same
GE1200 -     point. ref OF 1 5106  The complexity of human cognition has caused
GE1201 -     people to give up trying to improve communication, noted by
GE1202 -     Drucker in the record on 931130. ref SDS 27 3851
GE1204 -      ..
GE1205 -     Lawyers suggest solving meaning drift with letters that are short
GE1206 -     and simple to avoid misunderstanding, summarized as clear, concise
GE1207 -     documents, ref DRT 1 FM5O, see example on 960612. ref SDS 40 HZ5F
GE1208 -     But clear, concise documents do not work well for people in
GE1209 -     constant meetings and getting email all day long, as reported on
GE1210 -     960510. ref SDS 38 2943  How many lawyers send a clear, concise
GE1211 -     letter to colleagues when they complete a meeting?  On 950605
GE1212 -     there is evidence lawyers don't follow this advice, and so fall
GE1213 -     victim to meaning drift, like everyone else. ref SDS 34 0U3F
GE1215 -      ..
GE1216 -     Another example is the record on 911009 where complex discussions
GE1217 -     cause slight distortions in meaning, and re-telling increases
GE1218 -     distortion, until the opposite meaning is formed as the official
GE1219 -     view of reality. ref SDS 14 3333  Same problem occurred on 920210.
GE1220 -     ref SDS 20 8L6F  On 950327 the list of similar problems suggests
GE1221 -     that clear and concise communication is inadequate. ref SDS 31
GE1222 -     0200  The report on 001207 that too many people are having too
GE1223 -     many problems using clear and concise communication indicates a
GE1224 -     better solution is needed for meaning drift. ref SDS 89 V54M
GE1226 -      ..
GE1227 -     SDS provides a new, powerful solution under analysis of clear,
GE1228 -     concise and complete communication that builds and maintains
GE1229 -     shared meaning using Knowledge Space, per above, ref SDS 0 XU5H,
GE1230 -     and explained on 960620, ref SDS 41 1643
GE1231 -
GE1232 -
GE1233 -
GE1234 -
GE1235 -
GE1236 -
GE13 -

Triangulation Builds Shared Meaning with Common Story Action Items Li
Shared Meaning Create Common Alignment Maintain
Feedback Provides Metric Listening Understanding Follow Up
Shared Meaning, Build and Maintain with Communication Metrics

GS06 -
GS0701 -      ..
GS0702 -     Triangulation Creates, Maintains Shared Meaning
GS0703 -     Shared Meaning Created Maintained by Triangulation
GS0704 -
GS0705 -     People need support in drawing from communication direction for
GS0706 -     taking action that is complementary rather than conflicting.  SDS
GS0707 -     enables quickly and easily organizing a record that triangulates
GS0708 -     action with historical context and with controlling authority in
GS0709 -     contracts, regulations, law and correspondence.  Feedback from
GS0710 -     notice issued through SDS continually refines accuracy. see NWO.
GS0711 -     ref OF 3 186R
GS0713 -  ..
GS0714 - Wayne's letter continues...
GS0715 -
GS0716 -     The combination of refining accuracy through feedback to develop a
GS0717 -     common story for organizational memory, follow up on action items
GS0718 -     that provide context for comprehension, and efficient distribution
GS0719 -     via Internet, all together help maintain shared meaning that
GS0720 -     reduces the risk of mistakes. ref DRT 1 SN6J
GS0721 -
GS0722 -         On 000515 Peirce argues in semiotics that "knowledge" requires
GS0723 -         continual efforts to refine accuracy of understanding.
GS0724 -         ref SDS 84 7380
GS0726 -      ..
GS0727 -     KM is explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 1850
GS0728 -
GS0729 -
GS0730 -
GS0731 -
GS08 -

SDS Compliments Other Programs Like Groupware Adds Intelligence to In
IT Improved by Intelligence Added to Information for Producing Knowle
Groupware Check Out In Version Control Change History MS Word

H505 -
H50601 -      ..
H50602 -     SDS Compliments IT, Adds Intelligence to Management
H50603 -     IT and Groupware Strengthened by SDS, Improves Management
H50604 -     Management Improved Immediately People Feel Difference in Months
H50605 -
H50606 -     Difference between knowledge and information, ref OF 1 0367, shows
H50607 -     SDS complements other software and management practices.  We need
H50608 -     both information and knowledge.  Information technology (IT) for
H50609 -     email, wordprocessing and spreadsheets is excellent for creating
H50610 -     information in documents, like a book, article, memo, report, a
H50611 -     letter, or Powerpoint presentation.
H50613 -  ..
H50614 - Wayne's letter continues...
H50615 -
H50616 -     Advances in Groupware the past few years aid collaboration with
H50617 -     document version control and change history.  SDS has a different
H50618 -     purpose from Groupware for collaboration:  Groupware tracks change
H50619 -     history, SDS improves management. ref DRT 1 01AX
H50620 -
H50621 -        On 010623 Morris discussed advantages of Groupware. ref SDS A4
H50622 -        VO4H
H50624 -      ..
H50625 -     SDS is a different kind of software program that produces work
H50626 -     product much different from IT, per above. ref SDS 0 CR3J and
H50627 -     ref SDS 0 GL7J  This new work product variously called
H50628 -     "intelligence," "knowledge," or "organizational memory," improves
H50629 -     management, including collaboration, ref DRT 1 G95I, in ways that
H50630 -     people feel and appreciate within a few months. ref DRT 1 E19H
H50631 -
H50632 -
H50633 -
H50634 -
H507 -

Learning SDS Takes More than 20 Minutes Like Learning Alphabet Drivin
Save Time and Money by Improving Management
Fun Intelligence Effective SDS Context Supports Natural Thinking Mode
Gift of Time Power of Knowledge SDS Intelligence Fun
20 Min Car Alphabet Take More than Time Like to Learn SDS Intelligenc
Automobile Leverages Muscles, SDS Leverages Thinking
Com Manager Helps People Learn SDS on the Job Transitioning Build Fai
New Realities Require New Capabilities Solve Information Overload Mea

HM10 -
HM1101 -      ..
HM1102 -     Learning SDS Takes Time because Integration Complex Like Driving
HM1103 -     Fun Using SDS Intelligence for Gift of Time Power of Knowledge
HM1104 -
HM1105 -
HM1106 - Wayne's letter continues...
HM1107 -
HM1108 -     Using SDS is fun, so it takes less discipline and diligence to
HM1109 -     save time and money using good management.  Like driving a car,
HM1110 -     that makes traveling faster and easier than using native skills
HM1111 -     for walking and running, people feel the gift of time and the
HM1112 -     power of knowledge using SDS for adding intelligence to
HM1113 -     management, ref DRT 1 XS8I, as explained on 001219, ref SDS 90
HM1114 -     BV8R  The flexible structure of the SDS integrated design makes
HM1115 -     moving through a spreadsheet for knowledge much faster and easier
HM1116 -     than relying on memory to search through papers, filing cabinets
HM1117 -     and computers, ref SDS 0 GL7J, as further related on 960406.
HM1118 -     ref SDS 37 4249
HM1120 -      ..
HM1121 -     Since management is a complex blend of people and technical
HM1122 -     skills, a critical mass of tasks must be integrated in order to
HM1123 -     improve productivity that saves time and money. ref SDS 0 CR3J
HM1124 -     Improving bits and pieces using IT is not effective, as Drucker
HM1125 -     notes, ref SDS 0 HY6H  Therefore, better productivity requires
HM1126 -     mastering complexity. ref DRT 1 EB6J  Most people learn management
HM1127 -     tasks gradually over a lifetime, as reported during a meeting at
HM1128 -     Caltrans on 970929, ref SDS 51 S86F, and earlier at Intel on
HM1129 -     970603, ref SDS 48 4528  This process yields no sense of either
HM1130 -     complexity nor investing time to learn anything.  As a result,
HM1131 -     learning SDS that improves everything is initially a complex task,
HM1132 -     reported on 890809. ref SDS 9 5U6K
HM1134 -      ..
HM1135 -     SDS is like learning the alphabet that helps all forms of work, or
HM1136 -     driving a car that requires ergonomically coordinated tasks.
HM1137 -     Everyone can do it, but if we already know how to get by in our
HM1138 -     daily work, improvement takes initial commitment and diligence to
HM1139 -     use tools for performing integrated tasks, which executives
HM1140 -     accomplish mostly in their head, on the fly, moment to moment
HM1141 -     based on remembering the gist of things. ref DRT 1 G95I  POIMS
HM1142 -     explains that learning SDS is comparable to learning how to drive
HM1143 -     a car, with a big exception.  Motivation to invest time is driven
HM1144 -     by experience over many years observing that driving works better
HM1145 -     than walking and running.  Driving is a cultural imperative.  Peer
HM1146 -     pressure and desire for recognition having accomplished a rite of
HM1147 -     passage from childhood to adulthood further encourages learning to
HM1148 -     drive.  When people learn to drive, they do not have a lot of
HM1149 -     meetings, calls and email that reduce the time for learning to
HM1150 -     drive. ref OF 1 T46O
HM1151 -
HM1153 -      ..
HM1154 -     SDS Online Help Teaches Better Management More than 20 Minutes
HM1155 -     Com Manager Immediate Benefits of Intelligence While People Learn
HM1156 -
HM1157 -     Wayne learned SDS mostly on his own using the online Help system.
HM1158 -     Improvements over the years have reduced the learning curve, for
HM1159 -     example on 990530, ref SDS 66 6689 and ref SDS 66 NY4M, but SDS
HM1160 -     takes more than 20 minutes to learn, because it improves the craft
HM1161 -     of management that integrates a broad range of management tasks,
HM1162 -     rather than isolated bits and pieces. ref SDS 0 CR3J
HM1164 -      ..
HM1165 -     Learning to use the SDS program is aided by a Com Manager to
HM1166 -     provide immediate benefits using "intelligence" for improving
HM1167 -     daily management that saves time and money, while allowing
HM1168 -     individuals to gradually transition in acquiring new skills.
HM1169 -     ref SDS 0 D15I
HM1170 -
HM1171 -
HM1172 -
HM1173 -
HM1174 -
HM12 -

Education Training Overcomes Fear Accountability Cultural Resistance
Accountability Fear Cultural Resistance Organizational Memory Intelli
Dilemma KM Communication Biggest Risk in Enterprise
Com Manager Helps People Learn SDS on the Job Transitioning Build Fai
Meetings Com Manager Need Not Attend Every Meeting One Com Manager Su
Communication Biggest Risk of Enterprise Paradigm Shift of Millennium
Communication Biggest Risk Due to Spread of Misunderstanding

I409 -
I41001 -      ..
I41002 -     Training expedites deploying Communication Metrics
I41003 -
I41004 -     Education and on the job training classes can help implement SDS
I41005 -     in several ways.....
I41006 -
I41007 -
I41008 -          1. Acclimate culture to new realities that require change,
I41009 -             and SDS capabilities that offer opportunity to improve
I41010 -             productivity and earnings, per planning for course at
I41011 -             Wharton School of Business on 950523. ref SDS 33 1674
I41013 -              ..
I41014 -             Investing intellectual capital by integrating time and
I41015 -             information grows knowledge enabled by intelligence, that
I41016 -             solves information overload caused by IT. ref SDS 0 065K
I41018 -              ..
I41019 -             Communication Metrics expands management science to
I41020 -             strengthen traditional PR tasks of spin, cover up, and
I41021 -             getting people to say "yes," by improving listening to
I41022 -             understand and follow up. ref SDS 0 JU6M
I41024 -  ..
I41025 - Wayne's letter continues...
I41026 -
I41027 -             Dilemma of millennium.....
I41028 -
I41029 -
I41030 -                  Communication is the biggest risk in enterprise!
I41031 -
I41032 -
I41033 -              ...per above, ref SDS 0 065K, based on the following
I41034 -              reasoning...
I41035 -
I41036 -                 Knowledge from organizational memory and feedback is
I41037 -                 essential to improve earnings; however, chronic fear
I41038 -                 of accountability causes rejection of organizational
I41039 -                 memory to preserve deniability, which then increases
I41040 -                 risk of error for which people suffer far greater
I41041 -                 accountability than was feared in the first place.
I41042 -                 ref DRT 1 02EW
I41044 -                  ..
I41045 -                 Management is a complex craft and practice that takes
I41046 -                 more than 20 minutes for learning to improve earnings,
I41047 -                 but people do not have enough time, and so insist on
I41048 -                 using tools that can be learned in 20 minutes.  Since
I41049 -                 this does not improve management, people have even
I41050 -                 less time, creating an innovation loop, like a dog
I41051 -                 chasing its tail, with the result that millions of
I41052 -                 people are spending 20 minutes a day trying tools that
I41053 -                 waste time, and so adds up to a recession.
I41055 -                  ..
I41056 -                 Knowledge brings deferred rewards beyond 20 minute
I41057 -                 horizon people expect for information to pay off.
I41059 -                  ..
I41060 -                 Learning bad investment because technology changes so
I41061 -                 fast nothing can be deployed within a time frame that
I41062 -                 improves the productivity.  Deployment takes time to
I41063 -                 discover how to apply technology productively.
I41065 -                  ..
I41066 -                 People want bad management to succeed, not tools that
I41067 -                 make good management easier.
I41069 -                  ..
I41070 -                 People can manage about 7 subjects, but and daily work
I41071 -                 in meetings, calls and email have hundreds of subjects
I41072 -                 that overwhelm span of attention.
I41074 -              ..
I41075 -             Organizational memory and feedback add intelligence to
I41076 -             avoid mistakes so that fear of accountability is replaced
I41077 -             by getting credit, reported on 980405. ref SDS 55 5065 and
I41078 -             ref SDS 55 3307
I41080 -              ..
I41081 -          2. SDS integration and new functions save time and money with
I41082 -             a spreadsheet for management that compliments existing
I41083 -             tools and methods. ref SDS 0 JU6M
I41085 -              ..
I41086 -             Integrated tasks are complex, and so take more than 20
I41087 -             minutes to learn, like learning to drive a car.
I41088 -             ref SDS 0 XS8I
I41090 -              ..
I41091 -             Motivation for learning to drive is getting around town
I41092 -             with less physical effort and greater independence.  SDS
I41093 -             makes it easier to get around correctly in the human mind
I41094 -             for creating cars and other tools that leverage physical
I41095 -             capacities.  However, these benefits are subtle because
I41096 -             they do not directly reduce physical effort. We cannot see
I41097 -             with our eyes and feel with our muscles benefits of
I41098 -             augmenting intelligence that are evident using a car. As
I41099 -             Grove points out, the human mind overlooks ambiguity, so
I41100 -             not using SDS does not cause physical pain, reviewed on
I41101 -             980307, ref SDS 54 7571; whereas other muscles do not
I41102 -             forgive pain, when taxed to travel without a car.  Meaning
I41103 -             drift is covered up by the mind's ability to forgive and
I41104 -             rationalize, and by deferring and transferring
I41105 -             responsibility for mistakes due to information overload,
I41106 -             discussed above. ref SDS 0 JZ4L  Usually, people are not
I41107 -             aware of problems occurring in the moment, as explained in
I41108 -             the record on 990924 analysing the high cost of medical
I41109 -             mistakes. ref SDS 77 5576
I41111 -  ..
I41112 - Wayne's letter continues...
I41113 -
I41114 -             As a result, the benefits of augmenting intelligence are
I41115 -             not recognized as easily as augmenting other human
I41116 -             strengths, and so, like alphabet technology, cultural
I41117 -             support through formal education and training is needed to
I41118 -             help people discover and acquire the power of adding
I41119 -             intelligence to information. ref DRT 1 XS8I
I41121 -              ..
I41122 -          3. Deployment - Com Manager brings immediate benefits of SDS
I41123 -             to improve productivity, save time and money. ref SDS 0
I41124 -             D15I
I41126 -              ..
I41127 -             Scope of services reported by USACE. ref DRP 5 4929
I41129 -              ..
I41130 -             Com Manager reduces level of diligence needed to avoid the
I41131 -             frustration of doing things awkwardly for a short while,
I41132 -             which can be accomplished immediately by relying on only
I41133 -             the gist of things using personal memory. ref SDS 0 FI6O
I41135 -              ..
I41136 -             While personal memory is often incorrect, this is not
I41137 -             evident at the time people take action, see POIMS,
I41138 -             ref OF 1 8316, therefore, the incentive to use SDS can
I41139 -             only be recognized through discipline and diligence, which
I41140 -             top executives champion.  However, these requirements are
I41141 -             not powerful marketing advantages.  Grove says diligence
I41142 -             is not easy and is not fun, see 980307. ref SDS 53 4316
I41143 -             Since the excuse of saving time is an easy way to avoid
I41144 -             accountability for mistakes, getting started with SDS
I41145 -             requires a Com Manager to make it easy, fun and rewarding
I41146 -             to transition from IT to a culture of knowledge.
I41147 -
I41148 -
I41149 -
I41150 -
I412 -

Diligence Discipline Improve Management Overcome Fear Accountability
Diary Improves Understanding of Cause and Effect, SDS Enhances Contex
Memory Who What When Where Why How; 901011
Intelligence CEO Can Capture Organizational Memory Improve Earnings S
Diary Journal Contemporaneous Documentation Capturing Record What Did

IF07 -
IF0801 -      ..
IF0802 -     Com Metrics Requires Skill, Tools and Authority, Leadership
IF0803 -
IF0804 -
IF0805 - Wayne's letter continues...
IF0806 -
IF0807 -     Stephen Covey says successful people keep a diary to sharpen
IF0808 -     understanding, ref SDS 25 2229, and Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, says
IF0809 -     in his book "Only the Paranoid Survive" that taking copious notes
IF0810 -     and asking questions to get feedback strengthens understanding to
IF0811 -     avoid mistakes. ref SDS 54 3101 and ref SDS 54 7571  Peter Drucker
IF0812 -     says "analysis" is primary responsibility of management, reported
IF0813 -     on 931130. ref SDS 27 7911  But how many of us keep a diary, or
IF0814 -     take copious notes that are legible?  How many of us can find
IF0815 -     relevant notes a week later, a month later, 10 years later?  How
IF0816 -     many of us have the time, the authority and skill to invest time
IF0817 -     for adding "intelligence" to information, and ask a lot of
IF0818 -     questions during and after a meeting? ref DRT 1 5R3L
IF0820 -          ..
IF0821 -         NWO explains social pressures that resist asking questions for
IF0822 -         feedback to refine accuracy of understanding. ref OF 3 2670
IF0824 -          ..
IF0825 -         As a result, only the CEO is able to generate "intelligence"
IF0826 -         in an organization, per review of Grove's book on 980307.
IF0827 -         ref SDS 53 QE4H and ref SDS 54 2189
IF0828 -
IF0829 -
IF0830 -
IF0831 -
IF09 -

Information Immediate Use People Want to Go Home to Next Meeting Rath
Dilemma Thinking v. Doing Assuaged by POIMS SDS
Investing Time for Deferred Reward Hard Sell, Learning

IU05 -
IU0601 -      ..
IU0602 -     People Want to Take Action, Go Home After a Meeting
IU0603 -     Information is Consumed Rather than Invested to Grow Knowledge
IU0604 -
IU0605 -     There is a conflict between thinking to understand and taking
IU0606 -     action to get things done. ref OF 1 2049  Asking questions and
IU0607 -     writing copious understandings in a diary to avoid mistakes is
IU0608 -     often overwhelmed by.....
IU0609 -
IU0610 -        a.  Desire to use information for immediate action, see NWO.
IU0611 -            ref OF 3 0863 and ref OF 3 4D3O
IU0613 -             ..
IU0614 -            The point is summarized again in NWO. ref OF 3 Q74L
IU0616 -             ..
IU0617 -            [On 010908 report laziness encourages bad management by
IU0618 -            reducing diligence for deliberative analysis. ref SDS A6
IU0619 -            YF5O
IU0621 -             ..
IU0622 -        b.  Social pressure resists feedback, which is needed for
IU0623 -            accurate "intelligence," reported on 990527, ref SDS 65
IU0624 -            1233, also cited in NWO. ref OF 3 2760
IU0626 -  ..
IU0627 - Wayne's letter continues...
IU0628 -
IU0629 -     As a result, when a meeting is over, people want to go home, go to
IU0630 -     the next meeting or make a phone call and talk things over with
IU0631 -     other people, because that is fast and easy, and people do not
IU0632 -     know that a lot of critical intelligence is disclosed by investing
IU0633 -     rather than merely consuming information. ref DRT 1 464L
IU0635 -          ..
IU0636 -         Good management practice says seek first to understand, then
IU0637 -         take action.  For example Steven Covey says write a diary, and
IU0638 -         POIMS explains that adding "intelligence" to the record in the
IU0639 -         diary saves time and money, ref SDS 25 2229, but often there
IU0640 -         is not enough time nor authority to succeed, per above.
IU0641 -         ref SDS 0 RB6J
IU0642 -
IU0643 -
IU0644 -
IU07 -

Understanding Spontaneous Impulsive Cursory Because Information Consu
Creativity Discover Opportunity Enabled by SDS Intelligence
Good Management SDS Fast Easy People Want Bad Management Cultural Ris
Intelligence Creativity Structure of Spreadsheet with Wordprocessing
Disallusioned by Technology Failed Promise of Automated Management
Latent Demand Not Driven by Need People Give UP Disallusioned Disappo
Intelligence Free Does Not Cost Anything Funding SDS Blocked by Parad

JQ09 -
JQ1001 -      ..
JQ1002 -     Creativity Aided by Intelligence from Deliberative Analysis
JQ1003 -
JQ1004 -
JQ1005 - Wayne's letter continues...
JQ1006 -
JQ1007 -     SDS makes it fast and easy to use good management practice for
JQ1008 -     analysing communications, but limited time and culture say go to
JQ1009 -     the next meeting and rely on what pops into the mind at the
JQ1010 -     moment.  This makes daily work spontaneous, impulsive and cursory,
JQ1011 -     rather than deliberative, creative, analytic and intelligent.
JQ1012 -     People excuse spontaneous work that causes continual mistakes, as
JQ1013 -     the necessary cost of being "empowered" and "creative."  Wayne's
JQ1014 -     experience shows that "intelligence" enabled by SDS supports
JQ1015 -     creativity, while reducing mistakes. ref DRT 1 LY6I
JQ1016 -
JQ1018 -      ..
JQ1019 -     Disillusioned Good Management Possible Makes Demand Latent
JQ1020 -     Latent Demand for Good Management Nobody Believes Possible
JQ1021 -     New Realities Grow Demand for Adding Intelligence to Management
JQ1022 -
JQ1023 -     Until now, impulsive, cursory work has been good enough to get by,
JQ1024 -     and so people tend to resist SDS because relying on information
JQ1025 -     from meetings, calls, email and other documents takes less time
JQ1026 -     than adding intelligence to create knowledge of cause and effect.
JQ1027 -     People feel paying for IT is like paying for books, paper and
JQ1028 -     support tools, but there is no tradition to pay for "intelligence"
JQ1029 -     in business, as reported in POIMS. ref OF 1 5820 and ref OF 1 KE1T
JQ1030 -     This likely reflects the fact that books and correspondence cost
JQ1031 -     money, but the "intelligence" that converts these instruments into
JQ1032 -     useful knowledge doesn't seem to take any time, and so so it seems
JQ1033 -     to be free. ref OF 1 V57N and ref OF 1 LE6L  As a result, people
JQ1034 -     feel the only way to improve intelligence is to hire smarter
JQ1035 -     people, reported on 950426. ref SDS 32 2394
JQ1037 -          ..
JQ1038 -         This aligns with the report on 940317 that people accept what
JQ1039 -         is good enough to get by. ref SDS 28 4873
JQ1041 -          ..
JQ1042 -         On 950927 the Internet raised false hope that IT would enable
JQ1043 -         people to ignore good management practice, and so delayed
JQ1044 -         interest in SDS for adding intelligence to inforamtion.
JQ1045 -         ref SDS 35 464N
JQ1047 -  ..
JQ1048 - Wayne's letter continues...
JQ1049 -
JQ1050 -     In the past few years traditional methods of relying on
JQ1051 -     conversation and email causes too many problems due to growing
JQ1052 -     information overload, reported on 001207, ref SDS 89 V54M, which
JQ1053 -     grows demand for SDS to enable good management practices.  Demand,
JQ1054 -     however, is latent, because nobody believes good management is
JQ1055 -     possible, ref DRT 1 7K7H, reflecting Drucker's lament that
JQ1056 -     communication is too complex to improve. ref SDS 0 HY6H
JQ1057 -
JQ1058 -
JQ1059 -
JQ1060 -
JQ11 -

Understanding Spontaneous Impulsive Cursory Because Information Consu
Creativity Discover Opportunity Enabled by SDS Intelligence
Good Management SDS Fast Easy People Want Bad Management Cultural Ris
Notice Legal Requirement Align Understanding Discovered over Centurie
Bad Management Successful, Not Tools to Make Good Management Easier,
Contract Notice Provisions Require Feedback that Refines Accuracy Ove

K908 -
K90901 -      ..
K90902 -     Contract Notice Provisions Help Maintain Accountability
K90903 -     Responsibility of Knowledge Produced by SDS is Resisted
K90904 -
K90905 -
K90906 - Wayne's letter continues...
K90907 -
K90908 -     Experience on Broadwater Dam, summarized in the record for 990316,
K90909 -     ref SDS 63 0001, shows that using good management for saving time
K90910 -     and money, per above, ref SDS 0 S76J, creates social tension from
K90911 -     conflict with feel good management, defined on 911123, ref SDS 17
K90912 -     1331, because people fear accountability, as reported on 980405.
K90913 -     ref SDS 55 5065  On 990527 strong social pressures resist good
K90914 -     management. ref SDS 65 1233  The contractor on the Broadwater Dam
K90915 -     project objected to SDS; however, contract notice provisions
K90916 -     required response. see analysis on 880925, ref SDS 5 7742,, which
K90917 -     yielded feedback that enabled adjusting course to improve the
K90918 -     work, ref DRT 1 02FR, as related in DNRC's letter on 900419,
K90919 -     received 900423. ref SDS 13 5931
K90921 -      ..
K90922 -     The engineer made a similar point on 890324. ref SDS 8 LZ5F
K90923 -
K90924 -          [On 020426 contractor reports SDS was effective. ref SDS A8
K90925 -          XQ7I
K90926 -
K90927 -
K90928 -
K90929 -
K90930 -
K90931 -
K910 -

SDS Terminated to Save Cost of Paperwork Current Problems Solved on B
Paperwork SDS Writing Organizational Memory Impedes Expediting Work
Penny Wise Pound Foolish Avoids Front-end Investment, FBI Example
Front-end Investment Difficult Managers to Make, Wideman
Why DNRC Abandon SDS After Reporting Savings ROI 10:1
Abandon SDS Why Do Customers Give Up After Reporting Savings ROI 10:1

KG08 -
KG0901 -      ..
KG0902 -     Com Metrics Terminated to Save Cost of Extra Paperwork
KG0903 -
KG0904 -
KG0905 - Wayne's letter continues...
KG0906 -
KG0907 -     Since SDS was technically deployed by the engineer, there were no
KG0908 -     contract provisions requiring feedback to improve engineering, as
KG0909 -     there was with contracting, per above. ref SDS 0 02FR
KG0911 -      ..
KG0912 -     As a result, DNRC accepted the engineer's recommendation to end
KG0913 -     Communication Metrics, on the grounds that the main problems had
KG0914 -     been solved, reported on 890322. ref SDS 7 8493  It turned out
KG0915 -     later that far greater problems were yet to come, as a result of
KG0916 -     improper, or at least questionable, actions taken by the Engineer
KG0917 -     in 1987 to award contracts for the work, which caused delays,
KG0918 -     defects, extra cost and years of litigation.  These future issues
KG0919 -     were presented, also, on 890322. ref SDS 7 7391  But, at the time
KG0920 -     the agency's perspective was on saving time and money by cutting
KG0921 -     cost and reducing paperwork, under advice of the engineer that all
KG0922 -     the problems had been solved. ref DRT 1 OX9K
KG0923 -
KG0924 -
KG0925 -
KG0926 -
KG0927 -
KG10 -

SDS Terminated to Save Cost of Paperwork Current Problems Solved on B
Microscope Look Deep into Communication Listening Understanding Follo
Contract Notice Provisions Enable Diligence Improve Management Overco
Future Understand SDS Intelligence Discovers Action Not Contemplated
Past Prologue, Shows Future by Causation, Chronology, Semiotics
Proactive Needs to Dig Out Key Information
Paradigm Shifts Resisted by Customers
Latent Demand Not Driven by Need People Give UP Disillusioned Disappo
Warm Fuzzy Feeling, Executives use Intuition, Experience

KW11 -
KW1201 -      ..
KW1202 -     Time Horizon Expanded by SDS Enables Seeing Future More Clearly
KW1203 -     Past is Prologue Significant Power of SDS "Intelligence"
KW1204 -     SDS Understanding Future Risks Makes People Uncomfortable
KW1205 -
KW1206 -     SDS creates a disparity in understanding future risks, because
KW1207 -     command of relevant work history enables the person using SDS to
KW1208 -     look deeper into communication to see far ahead, ref SDS 0 S76J,
KW1209 -     which is not possible by people who do not work with SDS program
KW1210 -     every day, and only get arms length, i.e., periodic, advice.  Lack
KW1211 -     of experience working closely with the record causes "gut feel"
KW1212 -     and "warm fuzzy feelings" to miscalculate and ignore risks.
KW1214 -      ..
KW1215 -     Proactive management is thus a difficult objective, per example
KW1216 -     below. ref SDS 0 02EW  It sounds good in text books, and articles,
KW1217 -     and is invigorating at seminars, but is very difficult to practice
KW1218 -     due to the difference between information that is applied in the
KW1219 -     moment, and "knowledge" that brings deferred rewards, as explained
KW1220 -     in POIMS. ref OF 1 2049
KW1222 -      ..
KW1223 -     Welch was hired to defend against claims arising from past events,
KW1224 -     reported on 880815. ref SDS 1 7301  There was specific value at
KW1225 -     risk for which investing the cost of Communication Metrics could
KW1226 -     be directly measured, e.g., $2M claims.  Com Metrics for 6 months
KW1227 -     costs $100K, which produces a counterclaim to recover $3M, so
KW1228 -     potential gain of $4.9M = 50:1 ROI.  Executives understand these
KW1229 -     numbers, and feel good explaining to the board that problems are
KW1230 -     being handled in a professional manner.  Moreover, even if the $2M
KW1231 -     is lost, the CEO feels good telling the board that $100K is a
KW1232 -     necessary cost of doing business to address problems.
KW1234 -      ..
KW1235 -     The CEO does not feel good telling the board that front-end
KW1236 -     expense to avoid mistakes is a necessary investment that will save
KW1237 -     $5M, because it sounds like admitting incompetence, reported on
KW1238 -     990924 reviewing the high cost of medical mistakes. ref SDS 77
KW1239 -     0593  The board asks why, if there is no immediate problem, can't
KW1240 -     the CEO avoid mistakes with the salary being paid? see POIMS,
KW1241 -     ref OF 1 4G5I
KW1243 -      ..
KW1244 -     CEOs hire intelligent people with good communication skills, cited
KW1245 -     on 950426, ref SDS 32 4392, and ref SDS 32 2394, and work harder
KW1246 -     with greater diligence, as proposed on 001126. ref SDS 88 QW8I
KW1248 -      ..
KW1249 -     CEOs do not have time to understand new realities cited by Grove,
KW1250 -     reviewed on 980307, ref SDS 54 1209, which make communication the
KW1251 -     biggest risk in enterprise. ref SDS 0 065K  The board does not
KW1252 -     have enough time to listen, even if the CEO could explain it.  As
KW1253 -     a result, ignorance creates social pressure against knowledge
KW1254 -     management that brings deferred rewards endemic to proactive
KW1255 -     problem handling, as related on 990527. ref SDS 65 1233
KW1257 -      ..
KW1258 -     Communication Metrics looks forward by understanding meaning drift
KW1259 -     in the present relative to history, under the rule past is
KW1260 -     prologue, as set out in POIMS. ref OF 1 1112  But, people who do
KW1261 -     not actually use SDS day-to-day, cannot have the same level of
KW1262 -     insight about the degree of risk posed by current deviations from
KW1263 -     requirements, because the time horizon is much broader working
KW1264 -     directly with SDS that has command of history and controlling
KW1265 -     authority.  This disparity makes people uncomfortable, noted by
KW1266 -     Wayne on 920128. ref SDS 21 3862
KW1268 -  ..
KW1269 - Wayne's letter continues...
KW1270 -
KW1271 -     Contract notice provisions mandate response, whether people feel
KW1272 -     comfortable or not.  Feedback enables discovery of problems when
KW1273 -     they are small enough to address, before actual mistakes occur.
KW1274 -     ref DRT 1 02AR
KW1275 -
KW1276 -         Seems to reflect analysis on 991222 that Doug Engelbart's
KW1277 -         concept of ABC improvement proposals are resisted by culture
KW1278 -         and narrow time horizons. ref SDS 81 N65J
KW1280 -      ..
KW1281 -     Feel good management deals with immediate concerns and waits to
KW1282 -     address small problems until they grow into crisis, but now faces
KW1283 -     a different environment, a new reality that requires a stronger
KW1284 -     solution, because it is easier for crisis to become calamity.
KW1285 -     ref OF 1 25H6
KW1286 -
KW1287 -
KW1288 -
KW1289 -
KW1290 -
KW1291 -
KW1292 -
KW13 -

Disagreement Metric Understanding Identifies Problems Require Early A
Yes Winning People Over Leadership Trust Communication Needs Metrics
Yes Selling Entertainment Convincing Speech

L805 -
L80601 -      ..
L80602 -     Conflict Metric of Understanding Focuses on Important Issues
L80603 -     Disagreement Metric of Understanding Focuses on Important Issues
L80604 -     Yes Key Goal Management Misplaced Priority Metric of Contradition
L80605 -
L80606 -
L80607 - Wayne's letter continues...
L80608 -
L80609 -     Wayne relates one of the more enlightening ideas from Com Metrics
L80610 -     came up in our meeting on 880907, discussing the advantage of
L80611 -     disagreement, contradition, and conflict as a "metric" of
L80612 -     communication, that focuses attention on issues, and provides a
L80613 -     record that can be used to guide conduct by showing lack of
L80614 -     alignment with controlling authority. ref SDS 3 8944  Executive
L80615 -     training consultants teach managers to get people to say "yes," to
L80616 -     agree. Managers, like most people, are loathe to air disagreement,
L80617 -     ref DRT 1 QL5O, because the desire for safety creates an emotional
L80618 -     drive to avoid conflict.  As a result, lack of disagreement, i.e.,
L80619 -     silence, is welcomed, even coveted, as silent agreement that
L80620 -     preserves deniability. per meeting on 880908. ref SDS 4 5100
L80621 -     Therefore, contraditions in communication that does line up
L80622 -     provides strong clues about the root cause of problems.
L80623 -
L80624 -         [On 040905 Gary submits authority on advantage of
L80625 -         analysing contradictions. ref SDS B2 FZ4L
L80627 -      ..
L80628 -     On 961017 "analysis" and "intelligence" produced by the engineer
L80629 -     was reviewed in a setting that required feedback under contract
L80630 -     notice provisions, as providing a powerful metric of understanding
L80631 -     and problems, which enable proactive measures to avoid delays and
L80632 -     extra cost. ref SDS 44 1381
L80634 -      ..
L80635 -     On 960721 conflicting meeting notes provide a powerful "metric" of
L80636 -     communications that yields useful "intelligence." ref SDS 42 5491
L80637 -
L80638 -
L80639 -
L80640 -
L80641 -
L80642 -
L80643 -
L807 -

Small Problems Fix Before Grow into Big Problems People Uncomfortable
Hate Accountability Cultural Resistance Organizational Memory Intelli
Psychologically Demanding Com Manager Consistently Discovering Notify
Accountability 800# Gorilla that Makes Bad Management Preferrable to
Bad Management Successful, Rather than Technology to Make Good Manage
Deniability Supported by Conversation, Threatened by Writing, SDS
Small Problems Ignored
Resist Responsibility for Knowledge Avoided Prefer Ignorance
Bad Management Technology Brings Success, Impossible

LZ11 -
LZ1201 -      ..
LZ1202 -     KM Dilemma Intelligence Essential But People Hate Accountability
LZ1203 -     Proactive Management Not Fun Working on Small Problems Overkill
LZ1204 -     Social Pressure Ignore Record Hope Small Problems Don't Get Big
LZ1205 -
LZ1206 -     SDS discovers big problems when they are small; however, people
LZ1207 -     don't like to work on small, seemingly inconsequential details.
LZ1208 -     see above, ref SDS 0 OY7O, until they escalate into major problems
LZ1209 -     that cannot be solved, except at great loss, conflict, crisis and
LZ1210 -     calamity, as reported on 921127. ref SDS 24 0674  Using SDS to fix
LZ1211 -     small problems seems like "overkill" reported 890324, ref SDS 8
LZ1212 -     LZ5F, later on 890809, ref SDS 9 3S4F, and on 950204, ref SDS 30
LZ1213 -     5932, because it conflicts with conventional feel good management
LZ1214 -     practice, explained on 911123. ref SDS 17 1331
LZ1216 -      ..
LZ1217 -     Notice of small problems is psychologically demanding. ref OF 3
LZ1218 -     0468  An example is debugging computers reported at PG&E on
LZ1219 -     940820. ref SDS 29 7404
LZ1221 -      ..
LZ1222 -     It is not popular nor "fun" to stop the train for repairs just
LZ1223 -     because SDS shows an invoice for bolts on the wheels does not
LZ1224 -     align with specifications.  Everybody sees the train is running
LZ1225 -     fine.  In the beginning, wheels wobble so slightly that the eyes
LZ1226 -     cannot detect a problem.  Nobody feels nor hears slight vibration
LZ1227 -     that gradually loosens the bolts over many trips and thousands of
LZ1228 -     miles.  Problems that conflict with information people see makes
LZ1229 -     people mad about knowledge of a future train wreck under
LZ1230 -     Aristotle's rule that little deviations from the truth multiply
LZ1231 -     over time. ref OF 3 4564.  There is talk about being a team
LZ1232 -     player; social dynamics pressure leadership to ignore the record,
LZ1233 -     as discussed with the Director of DNRC on 920128. ref SDS 22 1199
LZ1234 -     There are a lot of unhappy faces when SDS reports little
LZ1235 -     deviations, because corrections reduce time saved by cutting
LZ1236 -     corners on good management in order to expedite using good
LZ1237 -     communication skills that talk people into saying "yes," when
LZ1238 -     asked to ignore the record.  Everyone feels better when SDS is
LZ1239 -     stopped, also, reported on 920128. ref SDS 21 3354
LZ1241 -  ..
LZ1242 - Wayne's letter continues...
LZ1243 -
LZ1244 -     Wayne notes that "relief" by stopping SDS "intelligence" makes
LZ1245 -     Knowledge Management a dilemma of the ages embodied by the legend
LZ1246 -     of Prometheus ref DRT 1 02EW, reported on 991108. ref SDS 80 5368
LZ1247 -
LZ1248 -         Similar to small error that caused $125M crash on Mars,
LZ1249 -         reported 991001. ref SDS 78 3192
LZ1250 -
LZ1251 -
LZ1253 -      ..
LZ1254 -     Fear of Accountability Avers Good Management
LZ1255 -     Engineer Failed Engineering Management, Want Deniability
LZ1256 -     Bad Management Want to Succeed Not Make Good Management Easier
LZ1257 -
LZ1258 -     A lot of defects on Broadwater Dam occurred because the engineer
LZ1259 -     did not bother to approve the contractor's drawings. ref SDS 16
LZ1260 -     0001  That may explain the recommendation on 890322 to save money
LZ1261 -     and avoid paperwork by terminating SDS. ref SDS 7 8493  SDS gives
LZ1262 -     early warning that engineering paperwork does not align with
LZ1263 -     requirements.  It would have cost some money to pay for SDS and it
LZ1264 -     would have taken a little time to fix engineering.  Yet, that
LZ1265 -     remedy would have been a trifle compared to the delay, expense and
LZ1266 -     emotional capital that was ultimately expended to correct problems
LZ1267 -     caused by terminating intelligence.
LZ1269 -  ..
LZ1270 - Wayne's letter continues...
LZ1271 -
LZ1272 -     On 890324 the engineer found it is hard to claim deniability using
LZ1273 -     SDS, ref SDS 8 LZ5F, which conflicts with desire to avoid good
LZ1274 -     management that requires accountability, reviewed on 970829.
LZ1275 -     ref SDS 50 6666  A dilemma arises because avoiding SDS to enable
LZ1276 -     deniability greatly increases the chance that the "wheels will
LZ1277 -     come off" later, per above, ref SDS 0 02EW, which then gives rise
LZ1278 -     to the need for deniability; while using SDS to avoid mistakes
LZ1279 -     brings accountability in the event people fail to take corrective
LZ1280 -     action. ref SDS 8 2940 and ref SDS 8 4484  Since communication is
LZ1281 -     a predicate to action, adding SDS to maintain alignment provides a
LZ1282 -     powerful business metric that enables accountability, for example
LZ1283 -     reviewed on 970829. ref SDS 50 6666  The quality movement promotes
LZ1284 -     accountability as the core of good management. ref DRT 1 02HX TQM,
LZ1285 -     ISO and other management standards require accountability; yet,
LZ1286 -     experience shows that SDS is resisted, because it enables good
LZ1287 -     management, as set out in a letter to the OHS/DKR team on 000920.
LZ1288 -     ref SDS 87 T33H
LZ1290 -      ..
LZ1291 -     Communication Metrics is a more effective way to work, but culture
LZ1292 -     resists good management, partly from ignorance, and partly to
LZ1293 -     avoid accountability, see POIMS. ref OF 1 1114 and record on
LZ1294 -     990527. ref SDS 65 1233
LZ1295 -
LZ1296 -         Record on high cost of medical mistakes on 990912, makes same
LZ1297 -         point about culture of denial. ref SDS 76 3416
LZ1299 -  ..
LZ1300 - Wayne's letter continues...
LZ1301 -
LZ1302 -     Accounting is not a welcome partner when reporting budgets are
LZ1303 -     exceeded; but, culture has learned over many centuries to use good
LZ1304 -     communication skills to avoid accountability by convincing talk.
LZ1305 -     This may account for the "kill the messenger" perspective that
LZ1306 -     resists good management in order to preserve deniability,
LZ1307 -     ref DRT 1 03A1  It, also, offers clues that explain why executives
LZ1308 -     fear going to court where it is harder to avoid accountability
LZ1309 -     with convincing talk.
LZ1310 -
LZ1311 -
LZ1312 -
LZ1313 -
LZ1314 -
LZ1315 -
LZ1316 -
LZ14 -

Com Manager Aids Learning SDS Improves Earnings During Transition
Knowledge Better Strategy than Darkness of Ignorance on Broadwater Da
Information Immediate Use People Want to Go Home to Next Meeting Rath
Leadership Enables Diligence Improve Management Overcome Fear Account
Meetings Com Manager Need Not Attend Every Meeting One Com Manager Su

N507 -
N50801 -      ..
N50802 -     Com Manager Needed for Transition to Learn SDS
N50803 -     Knowledge Better Strategy than Ignorance Needs Transition Support
N50804 -     Education, Strong Leadership Transition to Culture of Knowledge
N50805 -
N50806 -     SDS is a new way of working for adding intelligence to management,
N50807 -     ref OF 1 16GB, that justifies a new work role, explained in...
N50808 -
N50809 -       1.  POIMS, proactive intelligence role.......... ref OF 1 5820
N50810 -           POIMS  KM requires professional role........ ref OF 1 HO4H
N50811 -       2.  NWO, pilot for SDS delivers intelligence.... ref OF 3 6369
N50812 -       3.  PG&E, SDS requires dedicated support........ ref DRP 1 0003
N50813 -       4.  USACE, SDS enables intelligence role........ ref DRP 5 8449
N50814 -           USACE, organic structure needs role......... ref DRP 5 9943
N50815 -           USACE, scope of services.................... ref DRP 5 4929
N50817 -      ..
N50818 -     Communication Manager typically attends major meetings and
N50819 -     prepares intelligence that is reviewed by attendees for comments
N50820 -     and corrections, then distributed.  This enables people to be
N50821 -     prepared for other meetings and communications.  Communication
N50822 -     Manager does not attend every meeting, nor participate in every
N50823 -     call.  Useful Intelligence is developed from collaboration through
N50824 -     discussion, briefings and email traffic.
N50826 -      ..
N50827 -     Communication Manager's name rarely appears in the record.  The
N50828 -     record is attributed to others carrying out assigned duties, so
N50829 -     they get credit for improving the work.  An example is the record
N50830 -     of executive support on 911205. ref SDS 18 8402  Organizational
N50831 -     memory is sensitive to feelings, avoids making anyone appear
N50832 -     foolish and does not charge anyone with error.  An example on
N50833 -     920110 illustrates poor practice for a Com Manager. ref SDS 19
N50834 -     0884
N50836 -  ..
N50837 - Wayne's letter continues...
N50838 -
N50839 -     Cultural norms for consuming information in meetings, calls and
N50840 -     email that cause mistakes, resist SDS proactive management until
N50841 -     people gain experience to discover they get credit for better
N50842 -     work, and so need not fear accountability, ref DRT 1 03P3, when
N50843 -     SDS sounds the alert to adjust course so that work aligns with
N50844 -     objectives, requirements and commitments.  Using SDS requires
N50845 -     strong leadership and support by Com Manager to transition through
N50846 -     the period of discovering that the light of knowledge to work
N50847 -     correctly is a better strategy for success, than relying on the
N50848 -     darkness of ignorance for avoiding accountability. Under new
N50849 -     realities of expanding complexity due to globalization and
N50850 -     accelerating information, any strategy that avoids proactive
N50851 -     alignment, will increasingly grind down productivity, earnings and
N50852 -     stock prices in a morass of continual mistakes. ref DRT 1 1I4L
N50853 -
N50855 -      ..
N50856 -     SDS Aids Human Thinking by Connecting Cause and Effect
N50857 -     Observing SDS Encourages Use Shows Knowledge Solves Problems
N50858 -     Com Manager Support Role for SDS Helps Communication Metrics
N50859 -
N50860 -
N50861 - Wayne's letter continues...
N50862 -
N50863 -     Wayne took up SDS after seeing on two different occasions that SDS
N50864 -     solved difficult problems on Broadwater Dam.  For example on
N50865 -     880907 we reviewed use of SDS during construction of the project.
N50866 -     ref SDS 3 6006  Several years later on 911205, Wayne commented on
N50867 -     executive support using SDS during a related assignment at the
N50868 -     DNRC offices in Helena. ref SDS 18 8402  He feels this experience
N50869 -     shows that the process and results from using SDS is so removed
N50870 -     from the daily lives of people, that it is very difficult to grasp
N50871 -     the power of SDS for improving daily management from reading or
N50872 -     even seeing a demonstration.  Recent implementation on the
N50873 -     Internet, makes more clear that SDS is a different kind of
N50874 -     application that in large part emulates the connections of cause
N50875 -     and effect that comprise human thinking. ref DRT 1 03DW
N50876 -
N50877 -         [On 041013 followed up. ref SDS B3 YK6J
N50879 -          ..
N50880 -         Since human thinking cannot be observed, it takes time using
N50881 -         SDS to grasp the full power of this method.
N50883 -          ..
N50884 -         The connections in SDS that can be observed on the Internet,
N50885 -         reflect human thinking, but initially, this can seem like just
N50886 -         a lot of paperwork, until people actually begin working with
N50887 -         the connections and observed they are chronologies of cause
N50888 -         and effect, i.e., useful intelligence that tell a continuing
N50889 -         story of life experience on critical subjects.
N50891 -  ..
N50892 - Wayne's letter continues...
N50893 -
N50894 -     Communication Aide or Manager, some kind of analyst role to use
N50895 -     SDS, is a good idea.  Wayne has used SDS without support, and
N50896 -     concludes that a stronger solution would be to have help in the
N50897 -     form of an executive aide, ref DRT 1 03FW, as Wayne explained on
N50898 -     911205, also, noted above. ref SDS 18 8402
N50899 -
N50900 -
N50901 -
N50902 -
N50903 -
N50904 -
N50905 -
N510 -

Com Manager Aids Learning SDS Improves Earnings During Transition
Com Manager Helps People Learn SDS on the Job Transitioning Build Fai
Accounting Analogy

NC05 -
NC0601 -      ..
NC0602 -     Leadership Key Ingredient for Communication Metrics
NC0603 -     SDS Support from Secretary, Admin, Chief Operating Officer
NC0604 -     Spreadsheet for Knowledge Everyone Needs Basic Skills for SDS
NC0605 -     Com Manager Needed Like Accounting, Communication Department
NC0606 -
NC0607 -     Com Manager implements SDS to align communication with objectives,
NC0608 -     requirements and commitments, similar to an accountant using a
NC0609 -     spreadsheet program to align daily finances with budgets.  This
NC0610 -     makes SDS a "spreadsheet for knowledge," per above, ref SDS 0
NC0611 -     FQ3G, so everyone needs basic skills, similar to everyone learning
NC0612 -     the alphabet, mathematics and rudiments of keeping a checking
NC0613 -     account.
NC0615 -      ..
NC0616 -     Professional skills and training are needed to prepare useful
NC0617 -     "intelligence," without undue risk to confidentiality, explained
NC0618 -     in POIMS, ref OF 1 V8P1, and in the record on 000908. ref SDS 86
NC0619 -     MW8R
NC0621 -      ..
NC0622 -     Changes in traditional management practices enabled by SDS to save
NC0623 -     time and money, are explained on 001219. ref SDS 90 FO5M USACE
NC0624 -     identified a scope of services, ref DRP 5 6375, and deliverables.
NC0625 -     ref DRP 5 7402 in a report on 970328.
NC0627 -      ..
NC0628 -     Com Manager transitions these skills, so people can learn at their
NC0629 -     own pace.  This ensures saving time and money with minimal
NC0630 -     disruption to daily routine.
NC0632 -      ..
NC0633 -     One person using SDS on Broadwater Dam improved collaboration
NC0634 -     among everyone that saved time and money by reducing mistakes,
NC0635 -     ensuring shared meaning to enable complimentary, rather than
NC0636 -     conflicting action, and by discovering actions needed to maintain
NC0637 -     alignment with objectives, requirements and commitments.
NC0639 -      ..
NC0640 -     Support along a continuum from secretary, admin assistant,
NC0641 -     engineer, project manager, up to a Communication Manager, as a
NC0642 -     Chief Operating Officer, reported on 990625, ref SDS 67 8183, make
NC0643 -     SDS an endemic part of daily work.
NC0645 -      ..
NC0646 -     Communication Metrics provides management science for implementing
NC0647 -     SDS, as explained on 001219. ref SDS 90 QT6F
NC0649 -  ..
NC0650 - Wayne's letter continues...
NC0651 -
NC0652 -     Leadership to improve management and productivity is the key
NC0653 -     ingredient, as seen from an article in Fortune reviewed on 990625
NC0654 -     reporting CEOs fail because they fail to execute good management,
NC0655 -     ref SDS 67 4914, per analysis in NWO, ref OF 3 5653, as DNRC
NC0656 -     discovered. ref DRT 1 926N, see for example the record on....
NC0657 -
NC0658 -        881007  Good management risky.................. ref SDS 6 E33I
NC0659 -        890322  Engineer recommends SDS not needed..... ref SDS 7 8493
NC0660 -        890324  SDS terminated to save money........... ref SDS 8 6399
NC0661 -        890324  SDS excellent to improve management.... ref SDS 8 LZ5F
NC0662 -        890324  SDS risky reduces deniability.......... ref SDS 8 2940
NC0663 -        911011  Intelligence feels uncomfortable....... ref SDS 15 9382
NC0664 -        911114  Feel good management expedites, reduces
NC0665 -                paperwork.............................. ref SDS 17 1331
NC0666 -         ..
NC0667 -        911123  People like "feel good" management..... ref SDS 17 1331
NC0668 -        920110  Leadership steers course between SDS
NC0669 -                looking ahead and "feel good" management
NC0670 -                that ignores risks because things seem
NC0671 -                okay at the moment..................... ref SDS 19 4839
NC0672 -                ..
NC0673 -                SDS must present useful record and avoids hurt
NC0674 -                feelings................... ref SDS 19 0884
NC0675 -         ..
NC0676 -        920128  SDS lookout in crows nest sees ahead... ref SDS 22 1199
NC0677 -        920128  Com Manager does not direct work....... ref SDS 21 3354
NC0678 -
NC0679 -                SDS alignment enables people to direct
NC0680 -                themselves, but does not feel good at
NC0681 -                the moment............................. ref SDS 21 3862
NC0682 -         ..
NC0683 -        920210  Feel good management causes too many
NC0684 -                problems, people cannot get head above
NC0685 -                water.................................. ref SDS 23 8400
NC0686 -
NC0687 -                People hate organizational memory that
NC0688 -                reports problems, and changing course
NC0689 -                to avoid more problems................. ref SDS 23 1194
NC0690 -         ..
NC0691 -        940820  Communication predicts future, transfers
NC0692 -                problems; leadership need metrics to
NC0693 -                maintain alignment..................... ref SDS 29 5588
NC0695 -         ..
NC0696 -        990316  Broadwater case study:  good management
NC0697 -                less risky than bad management......... ref SDS 63 4752
NC0699 -         ..
NC0700 -        001207  Too many people having too many problems
NC0701 -                causes productivity, earnings and stock
NC0702 -                prices to decline...................... ref SDS 89 V54M
NC0703 -
NC0704 -
NC0705 -
NC0706 -
NC0707 -
NC08 -

Com Manager Writes Effective Story Invests Time for Intelligence Unde
Go to Next Meeting Call Someone Rather than Invest Intellectual Capit
Skills Tools Leadership Overcome Fear Accountability Cultural Resista
Com Manager Deliberates Organizational Memory Different Tasks from Tr

NG06 -
NG0701 -      ..
NG0702 -     Shared Meaning Requires Common History from Effective Analysis
NG0703 -     Com Manager Writes Analysis and History to Build Shared Meaning
NG0704 -     Analysis History Requires Skill Experience to Write Good Story
NG0705 -
NG0706 -
NG0707 - Wayne's letter continues...
NG0708 -
NG0709 -     Writing an effective story that builds shared meaning from doing
NG0710 -     daily work to meet objectives, requirements and commitments needs
NG0711 -     support of someone with dedicated time, skills and experience.
NG0712 -     Many people do not want to do this task; they want to complete a
NG0713 -     call and go home, or call somebody else, rather than write up the
NG0714 -     record to craft meaning that discloses action items.  Many, if not
NG0715 -     most, of us do not want to discover and work out conflicts that
NG0716 -     were overlooked in discussion or sending an email. Analysis in SDS
NG0717 -     requires writing skill, ref DRT 1 03J7, and awareness about the
NG0718 -     fragility of human memory, explained on 950204, ref SDS 30 0550,
NG0719 -     that makes communication inherently cursory, incomplete and
NG0720 -     erroneous, ref OF 1 VX7N, per above. ref SDS 0 JZ4L
NG0722 -      ..
NG0723 -     Time is saved by investing intellectual capital, ref OF 1 2300
NG0724 -     rather than consuming information in constant meetings, calls and
NG0725 -     email, explained in NWO. ref OF 3 4D3O  Since attending events and
NG0726 -     doing other tasks that spawn information overload are often
NG0727 -     imposed by the boss or a customer, support for writing up the
NG0728 -     record is the most cost effective solution for busy managers to
NG0729 -     ensure adequate scrutiny is given to communications, ref DRT 1
NG0730 -     PQ8L, so that critical details and action items do not fall
NG0731 -     through the cracks, as we discussed on 911205. ref SDS 18 8402
NG0732 -
NG0733 -
NG0734 -
NG0735 -
NG08 -

Psychologically Demanding Com Manager Consistently Discovering Notify
Com Manager Writes Story Skill Invests Time for Intelligence Understa
Small Problems Not Fun Psychologically Unattractive, Seems Not Cost E

NO05 -
NO0601 -      ..
NO0602 -     Stressful Communication Analysis Raise Issues Not Temperatures
NO0603 -     Feedback Requires Diplomacy Ask Probative Questions Stressful
NO0604 -     Com Manager Diplomat Psychologically Demanding Getting Feedback
NO0605 -     Psychologically Demanding Constantly Discover Notify of Mistakes
NO0606 -
NO0607 -     Communication analyst needs dialog, probative skills and emotional
NO0608 -     stability, like a diplomat to overcome resistance to feedback
NO0609 -     during meetings and calls, ref OF 3 2670, which is essential to
NO0610 -     refine accuracy of understanding. see POIMS, ref OF 1 16EF and
NO0611 -     Peirce reviewed on 00515. ref SDS 84 7380
NO0613 -      ..
NO0614 -     Organizing the record for an effective knowledge space, explained
NO0615 -     above, ref SDS 0 GL7J, is psychologically demanding to invest time
NO0616 -     for understanding and follow up in order save time and money,
NO0617 -     rather than react impulsively in the moment, because it feels good
NO0618 -     to simply react, rather than defer action for planning.
NO0619 -     Deprivation of "feel good" management practice, reported on
NO0620 -     911123, ref SDS 17 1331, is stressful, and so very challenging
NO0621 -     over time.
NO0623 -      ..
NO0624 -     Preparing an effective "story" for sharing information that
NO0625 -     enables effective collabortion, yet without causing undue conflict
NO0626 -     or hurt feelings requires training, experience, and emotional
NO0627 -     strength to accomodate significant stress.  For example, the
NO0628 -     record on 920120 should have raised issues without raising
NO0629 -     temperatures. ref SDS 19 0884  Similar example is reported on
NO0630 -     961228. ref SDS 45 8823
NO0632 -  ..
NO0633 - Wayne's letter concludes...
NO0634 -
NO0635 -     Frame questions in a constructive, professional manner that is not
NO0636 -     threatening, so that people are forthcoming.  Requires persistence
NO0637 -     to recast questions when answers are avoided, and it takes skill
NO0638 -     to craft a record that shows unanswered issues remain, yet does
NO0639 -     not accuse people of bad faith. ref DRT 1 03M6
NO0641 -      ..
NO0642 -     SDS leverages traditional skills of diplomacy, because it is a
NO0643 -     fast and easy way to keep track of everything.  Psychological
NO0644 -     stability is a must because asking questions to get feedback is
NO0645 -     stressful, and writing up the record that discloses continual
NO0646 -     small mistakes that require giving notice to busy people, who
NO0647 -     don't want to be bothered, is also very stressful. ref DRT 1 E34M
NO0648 -
NO0649 -         [On 020820 KM expert notes that linking to strengthen accuracy
NO0650 -         in email is stressful. ref SDS A9 UQ9L
NO0651 -
NO0652 -
NO0653 -
NO0654 -
NO0655 -
NO0656 -
NO0657 -
NO0658 -
NO0659 -
NO0660 -
NO0661 -
NO07 -
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