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DIARY: March 24, 89 10:16 AM .......; Rod Welch

Called Clyde re assignment, punch list, applying SDS.

2...Tudor Will Follow up on Punch List Action Items
3...Flexibility Needed to Avoid Accountability
4...SDS Not Useful For Internal Management - Overkill
5...Clyde said SDS is excellent for command and control of the work by
6...Good Management Unnecessary Overkill
7...Good Management Uses Ounce of Prevention to Save Pound of Cure
8...Penny Wise Pound Foolish Save Cost of Intelligence Pay Cost of Rework
9...Too Expensive to Work Intelligently, Cheaper to Settle Claims
10...Proactive Management with Intelligence to Avoid Mistakes Too Expensive
11...Turning Out the Lights to Avoid Accountability

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0201 - Tudor Engineering Company                                                                                                                                          O-00000387 0101
020101 - Mr. Clyde Earnest; Vice President

Welch Assignment

0403 -
0403 -    ..
0404 - Summary/Objective
0405 -
040501 - Follow up
040502 -
040503 - I asked Clyde about the discussion with Wayne on 890322, that
040504 - management support with SDS is no longer needed. ref SDS 9 8493
040506 -  ..
040507 - Clyde said this came up several weeks ago, and DNRC decided not to
040508 - continue the Welch function at the site because this level of support
040509 - and expense is no longer needed, now that Sletten's claims have been
040510 - resolved.
040512 -  ..
040513 - Clyde feels the focus now should be on expediting to get things done
040514 - rather than worry about the small details, per our meeting on 881007.
040515 - ref SDS 5 3976 (see evaluation of SDS as "overkill" below. ref SDS 0
040516 - 6894)
040517 -
040518 -      A few weeks ago on 890208 the new project manager, Hal, reported
040519 -      that contractors wanted less detail on meeting records in order
040520 -      to expedite and maintain good relations. ref SDS 6 01P4
040522 -  ..
040523 - Clyde said there may be follow up stuff from time to time which I can
040524 - do from SF under specific assignment.
040525 -
040526 -      [On 890327 submitted memo to DNRC counsel, Sarah Bond, on need
040527 -      for Project support, with copy to Clyde, ref SDS 12 9503.]
040528 -
040529 -      [On 890328 Tudor plans to increase staff on site to support the
040530 -      project, and respond to contract correspondence. ref SDS 13 8558]
040532 -       ..
040533 -      [On 890328 Tudor behind on correspondence, again. ref SDS 13 6948]
040535 -       ..
040536 -      [See DNRC $1.5M claim against Voith arising from defective
040537 -      management by Tudor, ref SDS 28 6948, ref SDS 35 5844.
040539 -       ..
040540 -      [See DNRC accepted $250K settlement on $1M claim against Tudor
040541 -      for defective project management, ref SDS 41 6930.]
040543 -       ..
040544 -      [On 961226 Communication Metrics was stopped as no longer needed
040545 -      by Corps of Engineers. ref SDS 47 7315]
040547 -       ..
040548 -      [On 981027 USACE paid $30M to settle problems. ref SDS 47 9152]
040550 -       ..
040551 -      [On 991117 family streamlining communication to expedite.
040552 -      ref SDS 54 0877]
040553 -
040554 -
040555 -
0406 -

Sletten Contract
Punch List, Civil

0804 -
080501 -  ..
080502 - Tudor Will Follow up on Punch List Action Items
080503 -
080504 - I explained the punch list matter reviewed with Norm Barnard on
080505 - 890322. ref SDS 10 7301
080506 -
080507 - Clyde will look into it.
080508 -
080509 -
080510 -
0806 -

Overkill, SDS Detail is Not Necessary for
Talking Seems Fast and Easy Knowledge,
Communication Main Factor Management Productivity Success 90% of Time
Accountability Organizational Memory Fear Counterintuitive Conflicts
Consistent Good Management Difficult Maintain Need Technology SDS Str
Intellectual Capital Creating by Capturing the Record
Capturing Organizational Memory Who What When Where Why How Knowledge
Good Management Defined Intelligence Memory Organization Analysis Ali
Com Metrics Costs More than is Saved by Adding Intelligence for Proac
Ounce Prevention Worth Pound of Cure Good Management More Expensive t
Bad Management Cheaper than Good Management in the Moment Failure Cos
Flexibility Avoid Accountability Being Pinned Down Wriggle Room
Turn Out the Lights, Rejecting SDS Record
Organizational Memory Find Information Command Control the Work SDS E
People Only Use Good Management to Cover Up and Recover from Bad Mana
Customers Won't Pay for Good Management to Prevent Problems Bad Manag
Tudor Engineers Clyde Earnest SDS Excellent for Organizational Memor
Accuracy Knowledge Intelligence Organizational Memory Avoid Mistakes

A820 -
A82101 -  ..
A82102 - Flexibility Needed to Avoid Accountability
A82103 - SDS Not Useful For Internal Management - Overkill
A82104 -
A82105 - As a result of instruction to end the assignement, ref SDS 0 6399, I
A82106 - asked Clyde if Tudor would be interested in pilot testing SDS to
A82107 - support other projects?
A82108 -
A82109 -      [On 951024 reviewed design support requirements. ref SDS 33 4436]
A82111 -       ..
A82112 -      [On 990524 proposed SDS for engineering management at Intel.
A82113 -      ref SDS 50 0876
A82114 -
A82116 -  ..
A82117 - Clyde said SDS is excellent for command and control of the work by
A82118 - managing critical details with accurate information, based on feedback
A82119 - and links showing alignment with objectives, requirements and
A82120 - commitements under contract notice provisions.  Authorities call for
A82121 - organizational memory and continual learning from capturing daily work
A82122 - history on who, what, when, where, and why things happened.
A82124 -  ..
A82125 - Clyde feels SDS organizes everything into chronologies that help
A82126 - people remember the context of what happened; this helps get things
A82127 - done correctly to avoid problems.  Accurate project history also helps
A82128 - resolve disputes because a lot of times people are too busy to
A82129 - understand the complexity of information at the time events unfold
A82130 - during the heat of battle.  Clyde feels SDS makes command of the
A82131 - record fast and easy for reducing the burden of information overload.
A82132 - On 880908 discussed command and control of the record using clear,
A82133 - concise, complete communiation with the project engineer, Jeff
A82134 - Ghilardi. ref SDS 1 GH47  The letter to Clyde on 880925 explained the
A82135 - process. ref SDS 4 8493
A82137 -  ..
A82138 - On 881007 Clyde commented on the power of SDS to control the record
A82139 - through alignment with contract provisions. ref SDS 5 6294
A82141 -  ..
A82142 - Today, Clyde cited Welch work on 890315, ref SDS 7 5849, and analysis
A82143 - on 890322, ref SDS 11 8588, as examples of SDS saving time and money.
A82144 -
A82146 -  ..
A82147 - Good Management Unnecessary Overkill
A82148 -
A82149 - Clyde noted that using SDS to capture contemporaneous work history
A82150 - from meetings, calls, and documents, and add connections showing
A82151 - alignment with requirements and commitments is "gold plated,"
A82152 - unnecessary "overkill," because people can get by without investing
A82153 - time for accurate understanding.  Clyde feels people should certainly
A82154 - fix obvious mistakes that make a big difference, but don't waste time
A82155 - checking the contract for inconsequential details, or pouring through
A82156 - work records looking for the "hair on the egg."
A82158 -      ..
A82159 -     [On 921127 Morris complained that small, inconsequential details
A82160 -     turn into major problems. ref SDS 26 0674
A82162 -  ..
A82163 - Clyde advised that feedback for accurate communications is not popular
A82164 - among his colleagues.  He said that complying with contract notice
A82165 - provisions and industry standards calling for feedback loops takes too
A82166 - much time.  This aligns with Jeff's report on 880921. ref SDS 2 O740
A82167 - Clyde noted that following up to fix inconsequential mistakes and
A82168 - avoid misunderstandings slows things up and reduces wriggle room
A82169 - (discussed again below, ref SDS 0 OF46 and ref SDS 0 4484).  Tudor has
A82170 - found over the years that clients only pay for good management when
A82171 - people fear they cannot avoid responsibility for bad management.  When
A82172 - people expect that mistakes will become known later (i.e., cannot be
A82173 - covered up), they pay for good management to avoid accountability.
A82174 - But nobody wants to pay the cost of good management to prevent
A82175 - mistakes, because managers spend most of the time in meetings, making
A82176 - calls and having discussions to expedite getting things done, so there
A82177 - isn't enough time to check the record.
A82178 -
A82179 -     [On 890809 executives worry that people do not listen causes
A82180 -     mistakes, loss and conflict that reduces productivity, earnings,
A82181 -     and stock prices. ref SDS 15 CJ9J
A82183 -      ..
A82184 -     [On 890809 good management to be prepared for preventing mistakes
A82185 -     and discovering opportunity looks like unnecessary overkill for
A82186 -     internal management where everybody collaborates on the same team.
A82187 -     ref SDS 15 0880
A82189 -      ..
A82190 -     [On 911123 Morris described "feel good" management that is not
A82191 -     worried about accuracy. ref SDS 22 1331
A82193 -      ..
A82194 -     [On 921205 Covey notes that habits of good management practice are
A82195 -     hard to form; takes commitment and faith working intelligently.
A82196 -     ref SDS 27 6013
A82198 -      ..
A82199 -     [On 940527 cognitive overhead takes time for the mind to organize
A82200 -     information, essential for proactive management, often associated
A82201 -     with IBIS. ref SDS 29 F95N
A82203 -      ..
A82204 -     [On 950426 executive training teaches how to work by conversation,
A82205 -     ref SDS 32 7730; people do not have enough time for timely,
A82206 -     accurate understandings, so they use the 20 80 management method.
A82207 -     ref SDS 32 4022
A82209 -      ..
A82210 -     [On 000307 Knowledge Management is another expression for
A82211 -     cognitive overhead that takes a lot of hard work investing time to
A82212 -     capture the record and organize information for understanding
A82213 -     correlations, implications, and nuance -- connecting the dots, and
A82214 -     for finding critical details when needed. ref SDS 56 5182
A82216 -      ..
A82217 -     [On 010420 Jeff Conklin on organizational memory, ref SDS 57 MU7O,
A82218 -     explains cognitive overhead reflects the problem of time required
A82219 -     to create links and to decide when to open a links. ref SDS 57
A82220 -     SU6K
A82222 -      ..
A82223 -     [On 020504 study shows communication requirements for good
A82224 -     management specified in FAR, ISO, Health Care, Covey, Drucker,
A82225 -     law, contract notice provisions, and 2,000 years of literacy for
A82226 -     contemporaneous documentation of alignment and feedback to work
A82227 -     intelligently, quickly, and accurately are ignored in government,
A82228 -     business, health care, every sector. ref SDS 59 NS6F
A82230 -      ..
A82231 -     [On 041130 medical management health care fears accountability
A82232 -     prefers working by conversation and avoid written confirmation of
A82233 -     work plan, and resist review by Tumor Board. ref SDS 62 YR8F
A82235 -  ..
A82236 - Clyde gave an example of specifying schedule control (CPM) that
A82237 - requires the contractor to invest time for planning to think through a
A82238 - sequence of tasks for building the job.  Planning gives the engineer
A82239 - and the owner a road map for evaluating progress and coordinating to
A82240 - save time and money by avoiding conflicts allocating people, equipment
A82241 - and work space.  Clyde feels SDS would have to be specified like doing
A82242 - a CPM schedule, because contractors and engineers feel there is a
A82243 - competitive disadvantage to invest a few weeks and pay $20K - $40K for
A82244 - planning in order to figure out how to reduce the time and cost of the
A82245 - work by months and millions of dollars.  Since front-end investment
A82246 - for planning is paid out immediately and the savings don't occur until
A82247 - the work is completed months or even years in the future, people
A82248 - prefer to save money by reducing expense for planning and just hope
A82249 - for the best when the job is all over.
A82251 -  ..
A82252 - Clyde cited another example from discussion on 880921 when he failed
A82253 - to approve an initiative to improve planning by issuing a change order
A82254 - for the contractor to submit an updated CPM schedule. ref SDS 3 4896
A82255 -
A82256 -     [On 960105 Max Blodgett recommends specifying SDS for Com Metrics
A82257 -     so that contractorc compete to use good management. ref SDS 37
A82258 -     1008
A82260 -      ..
A82261 -     [On 960311 Johanna Neuman's book Lights Camera War explains
A82262 -     constant struggle to build a partnership between leadership and
A82263 -     technology. ref SDS 38 G635
A82265 -      ..
A82266 -     [On 961204 Max Blodgett requested plans for using SDS to implement
A82267 -     agency guidelines on applyng FAR requirements. ref SDS 39 6T4K
A82269 -      ..
A82270 -     [On 020504 Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) require
A82271 -     surviellance. ref SDS 59 8Q6F
A82273 -      ..
A82274 -     [On 020618 SDS records on the Internet show benefits of good
A82275 -     management; creates desire to work intelligently, but seems out
A82276 -     of reach using familiar technology and methods everygody likes.
A82277 -     SDS explicit links change attitudes from getting by with bad
A82278 -     management that seems fast and easy, to using good management
A82279 -     because SDS makes working intelligently to save time and money
A82280 -     fast and easy. ref SDS 60 MU6H
A82282 -  ..
A82283 - Clyde indicated that daily management needs flexibility to expedite,
A82284 - as we discussed previously on 881007. ref SDS 5 6294 (see also below.
A82285 - ref SDS 0 OF46 and ref SDS 0 4484
A82286 -
A82287 -     [On 890809 communication biggest cause of problems, needs support
A82288 -     for effective management. ref SDS 15 CJ9J
A82290 -      ..
A82291 -     [On 900423 DNRC issued letter saying the SDS program and Welch
A82292 -     methods saved the State hundreds of thousands of dollars, see
A82293 -     record at ref SDS 17 0000]
A82295 -      ..
A82296 -     [On 890809 SDS good for external management, ref SDS 15 0880 ...
A82297 -     ref SDS 15 6047, and also in the same record at ref SDS 15 5930
A82299 -      ..
A82300 -     [On 911123 executives like to use "Feel Good" management that
A82301 -     relies on conversation. ref SDS 22 0477  People feel there isn't
A82302 -     time for good management and it costs too much.
A82304 -      ..
A82305 -     [On 950202 executive support critical to overcome resistance to
A82306 -     good management practice. ref SDS 30 6492]
A82308 -      ..
A82309 -     [On 950204 seminar supported SDS concept of thinking through
A82310 -     writing; executives feels it is overkill. ref SDS 31 5932]
A82312 -      ..
A82313 -     [On 970830 Max Wideman says managers want wriggle room for
A82314 -     deniability that avoids accountability. ref SDS 42 8366
A82316 -      ..
A82317 -     [On 980307 Andy Grove's book "Only the Paranoid Survive" says
A82318 -     writing copious notes helps management. ref SDS 45 3668]
A82320 -      ..
A82321 -     [On 990903 scientific paper indicates SDS solves problems in human
A82322 -     cognition to improve management productivity. ref SDS 48 6120]
A82324 -      ..
A82325 -     [On 990625 Fortune article says executives fail because they do
A82326 -     not execute tasks supported by SDS. ref SDS 51 4914]
A82328 -      ..
A82329 -     [990316 case study Broadwater Dam indicates using SDS for good
A82330 -     management has a lot of potential for saving time and money.
A82331 -     ref SDS 49 4410
A82333 -  ..
A82334 - Clyde feels that Tudor would need a specialist to support SDS for
A82335 - better management, and each engineer would need a computer that would
A82336 - require extra cost.
A82337 -
A82339 -  ..
A82340 - Good Management Uses Ounce of Prevention to Save Pound of Cure
A82341 - Penny Wise Pound Foolish Save Cost of Intelligence Pay Cost of Rework
A82342 - Too Expensive to Work Intelligently, Cheaper to Settle Claims
A82343 - Proactive Management with Intelligence to Avoid Mistakes Too Expensive
A82344 -
A82345 - Clyde feels the time and cost to prepare an accurate record using SDS
A82346 - for an audit trail through organizational memory by adding connections
A82347 - of cause and effect for intelligence that enables proactive management
A82348 - is unnecessary overkill, per above, ref SDS 0 X74I, because good
A82349 - management costs more than the benefit of discovering opportunities
A82350 - and avoiding mistakes, as we discussed on 881007. ref SDS 5 0951 and
A82351 - ref SDS 5 M36H
A82352 -
A82353 -     [On 020618 SDS records on the Internet show benefits of good
A82354 -     management; creates desire to work intelligently, but seems out
A82355 -     of reach using familiar technology and methods everygody likes.
A82356 -     SDS explicit links change attitudes from getting by with bad    g
A82357 -     management that seems fast and easy, to using good management
A82358 -     because SDS makes working intelligently to save time and money
A82359 -     fast and easy. ref SDS 60 MU6H
A82361 -  ..
A82362 - I asked how Clyde determined that proactive management costs more than
A82363 - the cost of rework to fix mistakes?  What cost study shows that good
A82364 - management is too expensive; isn't this being penny wise and pound
A82365 - foolish, turning the practice of risk management on its head?
A82367 -  ..
A82368 - Clyde noted executives feel they are more creative solving problems
A82369 - when there is wriggle room for maneuver, and so prefer to rely on
A82370 - personal memory and talking to people when a decision comes up, rather
A82371 - than rely on intelligence from an accurate record of organizational
A82372 - memory to support decisions.  Clyde cited our discussion last year on
A82373 - 881007 reviewing risks of legal exposure from discovery that are
A82374 - inherent in keeping records that make deniability more difficult.
A82375 - ref SDS 5 3976
A82377 -        ..
A82378 -       [On 911121 industry trends are to destroy intellectual capital
A82379 -       rather than invest to improve earnings, because the truth is
A82380 -       feared more than ignorance. ref SDS 21 5920
A82382 -        ..
A82383 -       [On 951026 industry requirements for better management using
A82384 -       accountability through traceability to original sources are not
A82385 -       actually implemented by anybody. ref SDS 34 3245
A82387 -        ..
A82388 -       [On 040505 Paris peace conference in 1919 heads of state began
A82389 -       holding meetings hoping to avoid keeping records, but found the
A82390 -       top people in the world could not remember enough to perform
A82391 -       daily work; eventually leadership yielded to an even stronger
A82392 -       fear of accountable for failing to get anything done, and so a
A82393 -       record of organizational memory was prepared and this change in
A82394 -       management practice yielded results that expedited progress.
A82395 -       ref SDS 61 MQ49
A82397 -  ..
A82398 - Clyde advised that he has not seen any studies, but has talked to
A82399 - colleagues at Tudor in San Francisco, and has asked management experts
A82400 - at professional seminars on executive training.  Everybody feels
A82401 - intuitively it is faster, easier and cheaper to resolve problems by
A82402 - talking things out after mistakes occur, rather than take the time to
A82403 - align daily work with objectives, requirements and commitments; and,
A82404 - if that doesn't work, then the lawyers and insurance can settle any
A82405 - left over claims.  He said that is the way risk management works in
A82406 - the real world.
A82408 -        ..
A82409 -       [On 911123 management experts teach that "feel good" management
A82410 -       relies on style and image. ref SDS 22 1331
A82412 -        ..
A82413 -       [On 921021 case study of Columbia Space Shuttle explosion shows
A82414 -       bad management costs lives and money. ref SDS 25 4499
A82416 -      ..
A82417 -     This argues that an ounce of prevention costs more than a pound of
A82418 -     cure; however, what it really expresses is that paying for an
A82419 -     ounce of prevention today, seems bigger because people hope that
A82420 -     bad management will defy the odds of experience by not causing a
A82421 -     problem, and if problems do occur eventually, they will be able to
A82422 -     talk their way out of accountability and avoid the cost of the
A82423 -     cure, because others will pay for bad management, like insurance
A82424 -     companies, stockholders, taxpayers.
A82426 -        ..
A82427 -       [On 920402 executives feel that style and image are more
A82428 -       important than working intelligently. ref SDS 24 0344
A82430 -        ..
A82431 -       [On 960103 executives base decisions on style because there is
A82432 -       not enough time to understand content. ref SDS 36 8409
A82434 -        ..
A82435 -       [On 970910 executives do not have enough time to think.
A82436 -       ref SDS 43 3479
A82438 -  ..
A82439 - We did not discuss DNRC settlement of $1.1M claim by Sletten due to
A82440 - poor management by Tudor. ref SDS 8 8594.
A82441 -
A82442 -      [On 890327 sent memo to Clyde and DNRC on SDS support for project
A82443 -      management needed on Broadwater. ref SDS 12 8577
A82444 -
A82445 -      [On 890328 Tudor plans to have increased staff on site to perform
A82446 -      SDS information management and handle contract correspondence.
A82447 -      ref SDS 13 8558
A82449 -       ..
A82450 -      [On 890328 Tudor falling behind on correspondence; advised DNRC
A82451 -      that SDS support not needed, overkill. ref SDS 13 6948
A82453 -       ..
A82454 -      [On 911116 discovered Tudor failed to provide engineering review
A82455 -      of Voith design for hydro-electric equipment, which explains why
A82456 -      Broadwater Dam failed. ref SDS 20 4912
A82458 -       ..
A82459 -      [On 930607 DNRC $1.5M claim against Voith arising from defective
A82460 -      management by Tudor, ref SDS 28 6948,
A82462 -       ..
A82463 -      [On 951114 DNRC files claim against Tudor for defective
A82464 -      management. ref SDS 35 5844
A82466 -       ..
A82467 -      [On 970711 DNRC accepted $250K settlement on $1M claim
A82468 -      against Tudor for defective management. ref SDS 41 6930
A82470 -       ..
A82471 -      [On 011211 proactive management is not supported by executives.
A82472 -      ref SDS 58 PPWU
A82473 -
A82475 -  ..
A82476 - Turning Out the Lights to Avoid Accountability
A82477 -
A82478 - I asked again how Clyde determined it is more expensive to prepare an
A82479 - accurate record to support decisions, than to rely on personal memory,
A82480 - style and image that cause disputes, mistakes, confrontation, rework,
A82481 - claims and lawsuits?
A82483 -  ..
A82484 - Clyde emphasized again, ref SDS 0 2940, it is too expensive and risky
A82485 - to have accurate records showing compliance with notice provisions
A82486 - because most decisions are expedited by discussion to work things out
A82487 - using give and take with contractors and owners.  Clyde commented that
A82488 - SDS support for contract notice provisions increases accountability,
A82489 - which inhibits expediting solutions by working things out with
A82490 - everybody in conversation.
A82491 -
A82492 -      [On 890328 Broadwater management falling into darkness again.
A82493 -      ref SDS 13 8558]
A82495 -       ..
A82496 -      [On 890810 Tuder advises Broadwater Dam project management was
A82497 -      understaffed. ref SDS 16 3915]
A82499 -       ..
A82500 -      [On 911011 DNRC engineer feels organizational memory is too
A82501 -      risky. ref SDS 18 9382
A82503 -       ..
A82504 -      [On 911123 defined "feel good" management. ref SDS 22 1331]
A82506 -       ..
A82507 -      [On 920210 DNRC turned out lights on SDS because microscope was
A82508 -      too greate burden. ref SDS 23 0051
A82510 -       ..
A82511 -      [On 950426 executive training teaches reliance on conversation
A82512 -      for communication. ref SDS 32 4392]
A82514 -       ..
A82515 -      [On 961206 USACE turning out the lights because Port of Oakland
A82516 -      objects to accountability. ref SDS 40 5002
A82518 -       ..
A82519 -      [On 970711 Tudor paid $250K to settle $1M claim against it for
A82520 -      poor management on Broadwater, which cost DNRC several $M on
A82521 -      other matters. ref SDS 41 6930]
A82523 -       ..
A82524 -      [On 970229 conversation causes mistakes that cost a lot of money
A82525 -      due to telephone game effect. ref SDS 44 1526]
A82527 -       ..
A82528 -      [On 980405 accountability feared by executives. ref SDS 46 5065]
A82530 -       ..
A82531 -      [On 961226 Communication Metrics was stopped as no longer needed
A82532 -      by Corps of Engineers. ref SDS 47 7315]
A82534 -       ..
A82535 -      [On 981027 USACE paid $30M to settle problems. ref SDS 47 9152]
A82537 -       ..
A82538 -      [On 990924 meaning drift in conversation causes high cost of
A82539 -      medical mistakes. ref SDS 52 3955]
A82541 -       ..
A82542 -      [On 991117 family streamlining communication to expedite.
A82543 -      ref SDS 54 0877]
A82545 -  ..
A82546 - Clyde said Tudor's clients will not pay for the SDS method of managing
A82547 - details quickly and accurately to save time and money unless there are
A82548 - major claims, as occurred on Broadwater, because good management is
A82549 - "overkill" in most situations. ref SDS 0 6894
A82551 -  ..
A82552 - We did not discuss the conflict in arguing that SDS solves problems,
A82553 - but is feared because it inhibits practices that cause problems.
A82554 -
A82555 -      [On 991108 Prometheus is a figure from Greek mythology who was
A82556 -      banished because he gave humanity the light of fire. ref SDS 53
A82557 -      5810]
A82559 -  ..
A82560 - He said it takes him a long time to write a letter and so to do more
A82561 - writing, like I do, would be an exhorbitant expense.
A82563 -  ..
A82564 - I pointed out that experience shows SDS greatly expedites writing the
A82565 - record because all of the information is at hand, and each record
A82566 - builds on the next.  SDS tools make writing much faster.
A82568 -  ..
A82569 - Clyde said he does not believe this.
A82570 -
A82571 -     [On 020618 SDS records on the Internet show benefits of good
A82572 -     management; creates desire to work intelligently, but seems out
A82573 -     of reach using familiar technology and methods everygody likes.
A82574 -     SDS explicit links change attitudes from getting by with bad
A82575 -     management that seems fast and easy, to using good management
A82576 -     because SDS makes working intelligently to save time and money
A82577 -     fast and easy. ref SDS 60 MU6H
A82579 -  ..
A82580 - I asked Clyde to consider trying an experiment, i.e., a pilot test,
A82581 - where one engineer in the Tudor organization is supported by SDS, so
A82582 - Tudor can test the theory that good management and proactive analysis
A82583 - for decision support is not cost effective.  If that individual
A82584 - becomes more productive by making more money for Tudor and its
A82585 - customers, then other engineers could be phased in over time. It is
A82586 - likely that over time the organization will continue to invest in
A82587 - personal computers anyway, since that is the overall industry trend.
A82589 -  ..
A82590 - With SDS on line, Tudor could apply this hardware to directly improve
A82591 - its management process.
A82593 -  ..
A82594 - A collateral benefit would be a simple but significantly improved
A82595 - document control system, which Clyde feels is "gold plated."
A82597 -  ..
A82598 - Clyde said he will think about this and discuss it with colleagues at
A82599 - Tudor.
A82600 -
A82601 -     [On 890810 discussion with Clyde. ref SDS 16 7794.]
A82602 -
A82603 -     [On 970711 Tudor paid $250K to settle $1M claim against it for
A82604 -     poor management on Broadwater, which cost DNRC several $M on other
A82605 -     matters. ref SDS 41 6930]
A82607 -      ..
A82608 -     [990316 case study Broadwater Dam indicates adding intelligence to
A82609 -     management has a lot of potential for saving time and money.
A82610 -     ref SDS 49 4410
A82612 -      ..
A82613 -     [On 991222 Doug Engelbart proposes ABC improvement that requires C
A82614 -     activity for pilot testing new methods. ref SDS 55 1550
A82615 -
A82616 -
A82617 -
A82618 -
A82619 -
A82620 -
A82621 -
A82622 -
A82623 -
A82624 -
A82625 -
A82626 -
A82627 -
A82628 -
A827 -
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