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DIARY: December 11, 2001 12:41 PM Tuesday; Rod Welch

Morris sent letter on market conditions for SDS, KM, intelligence.

2...Rod Not Listening, Twisting Things Needs Links for Support
3...Twisting, Misrepresentation, Error Allegations Needs Links for Support
4...Links Help Correct Misrepresentation, Error that Twists What was Said
......Religion Entails Belief in Supreme Being, Not Philosophy
......Religion Grows Civilization Based on Faith in Deferred Rewards
......Science of Life Requires Faith in Religion for Deferred Rewards
......Killer Application SDS Improves Memory, Faith Enabling Force
......People Want Good Memory to Make Life Easier Strong Sales Point
......Marketing Overcomes Ignorance Denial Intelligence Saves Money
......Outcome Based Marketing Drives Development to Improve Outcomes
......Com Manager Adds Intelligence to Increase Productivity
......New Realities Require Changes with Work Roles to Improve Earnings
......Earnings Sustained by Investing Sunshine Profits to Experiment
......Connectionist Theory Scientific Model of Mental Architecture
......SDS Strengthens Literacy by Adding Intelligence to Information
......Cognitive Science, Philosophy.... Not Good at Prediction
......SDS Enables Getting to Links Faster than Others
......Outcome Analysis Requires Consideration Resistance Benefits
......Alphabet Technology a Mystery, SDS Links Don't Relate to Income
.........."Penny wise and pound foolish" cautions against analysis that
......Prevention Difficult to Sell Com Manager Cultural Barriers
......Ounce of Prevention to Save Pound of Cure Hard to Sell
......Enabling Forces Change Market Dynamics to Exploit Latent Demand
......Overkill Proactive Intelligence Hard Sell Until People are Killed
......Culture of Knowledge Essential Meet Challenge New Realities
......New Realities New World Order Requires Culture of Knowledge
......SDS Enables People Meet Challenge of Change Under New Realities
......Alphabet is a Product that Enables Life Style of Literacy
......SDS Product Enables Culture Knowledge that Strengthens Literacy
......Record Organizational Memory Continuous Knowledge Stream
......Clear Concise Complete Communication Improves Earnings
......Feedback Refines Accuracy of Understanding Enabling Follow Up

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1...Will ROI 10:1 Encourage People to Use Intelligence?
2...What experience supports Morris' representation that pilot
3...What experience supports the representation that measuring
4...Psudo-sciences listed where? Morris' work product fails to
5...Why doesn't a practical businessman like Morris rush to
6...What specific twists does Morris feel require correction, and

0201 - Intel Corporation
020101 - Mr. Morris E. Jones; Business Unit Manager
020103 - Cable Network Operation

Listening Morris Feels Rod is Not Listening
Listening to Morris' Concerns about SDS Defects Inadequate
Twist Morris Feels Rod Misrepresents Morris Views Religion Submits No
Good Conduct Sustained Faith Deferred Rewards Not Evident from Common
Listening Verbal Communication Error Prone
Communication Biggest Risk of Enterprise Paradigm Shift of Millennium
Rod Not Listening Twisting Things Needs Links for Support Morris Con

1809 -
1809 -    ..
1810 - Summary/Objective
1811 -
181101 - Follow up ref SDS B3 0000, ref SDS B1 0000.
181102 -
181103 - Morris correctly says records of daily work contain inaccuracies,
181104 - which are corrected by feedback on specifics. ref SDS 0 R68J  Over
181105 - stating "SDS is God" shows withdrawal that slows progress updating the
181106 - architecture for SDS. ref SDS 0 627I Outcome analysis is penny wise
181107 - and pound foolish for disruptive technologies, ref SDS 0 3P4J, because
181108 - early resistance to new methods must be balanced against benefits of
181109 - "intelligence." ref SDS 0 UT5F  No one objects to roles that improve
181110 - earnings, so marketing must deploy SDS to build faith in intelligence
181111 - for improving earnings. ref SDS 0 DZ4G  While cutting edge science
181112 - does not offer strong predictive models, ref SDS 0 015K, connectionist
181113 - theory in cognitive science offers a useful hueristic model to improve
181114 - literacy by integrating time and information, which improves alphabet
181115 - technology. ref SDS 0 EG9G  It is shocking and frustrating to hear the
181116 - alphabet invoked for improving technology, because, culture has
181117 - subsumed awareness of this foundational cognitive aid that has lifted
181118 - civilization to an age of information. ref SDS 0 QN7N  Now, enabling
181119 - forces may be coming into alignment, ref SDS 0 RV4I, for meeting new
181120 - realities that overwhelm information technology (IT), by advancing to
181121 - a culture of knowledge. ref SDS 0 W55N  This presents opportunities
181122 - for new products and services. ref SDS 0 RR1X Work product variously
181123 - called the "record," "intelligence," "knowledge management," "context
181124 - management," "organizational memory," "history," and "experience" has
181125 - proven effective for improving productivity, earnings and stock
181126 - prices. ref SDS 0 STSY  At this time, SDS is the fastest, cheapest,
181127 - easiest way to do this work. ref SDS 0 Y14K
181128 -
181129 -    [On 011220 submitted comments on Morris' questions. ref SDS B7 0001
181130 -
181131 -
181132 -
181133 -
181134 -
181136 -  ..
1812 -
1813 -
1814 - Progress
1815 -
181501 - Rod Not Listening, Twisting Things Needs Links for Support
181502 - Twisting, Misrepresentation, Error Allegations Needs Links for Support
181503 - Links Help Correct Misrepresentation, Error that Twists What was Said
181504 -
181505 - Received ref DRT 1 0001 from Morris responding to and providing
181506 - feedback as requested by.....
181507 -
181508 -       Welch letter........ref DIP 8 0001 on 011207, ref SDS B3 VR7I
181510 -  ..
181511 - ...responding to....
181512 -
181513 -       Morris letter.......ref DRP 1 0001 on 011207, ref SDS B3 0001
181514 -
181515 - ...responding to....
181516 -
181517 -       Welch letter........ref DIP 7 0001 on 011204, ref SDS B2 0001
181519 -  ..
181520 - Generally, Morris made a fairly extensive effort that looks like
181521 - several hours work.  He explains in a call, however, that his letter
181522 - took 10 minutes to write.
181524 -  ..
181525 - Morris says today....
181526 -
181527 -      As usual, you twisted what I said. ref DRT 1 0001
181528 -
181529 -          This aligns with Morris complaint in his letter on 011210
181530 -          that Rod did not listen, ref SDS B3 0001, and further aligns
181531 -          with same complaint on 950223. ref SDS 33 7499
181533 -           ..
181534 -          Complaint of failed listening that "twisted" what was said
181535 -          can be supported with links back to the record showing what
181536 -          was "twisted" that renders incorrect representation in the
181537 -          record, as explained further below. ref SDS 0 F46M
181539 -     ..
181540 -    [On 011220 submitted comments on Morris' questions. ref SDS B7 0001
181542 -     ..
181543 -    [On 020107 Morris indicates the paraphrasing is another way of
181544 -    explaining "twists." ref SDS B8 SN4K
181546 -           ..
181547 -          For example did Rod twist something in a letter that Morris
181548 -          wrote?  If so, which of Rod's letter's twists or misapplies
181549 -          what letter Morris submitted?  What did Rod say that
181550 -          demonstrates a twist?  Links to the record help clarify these
181551 -          foundational issues and expedite correction.
181553 -     ..
181554 -    [On 020107 Morris explains people resist sending feedback to avoid
181555 -    mistakes, because it takes extra time. ref SDS B8 HS6G
181556 -
181557 -          Is Morris complaining about representation of a discussion,
181558 -          for example, the call on 011129? ref SDS B1 0001  If so, say
181559 -          that, and explain how Rod's record does not align with either
181560 -          the context of the discussion, or with written statement's
181561 -          Morris has made, which establish an inference of error.
181562 -          Without some minimal explanation, the charge of error is
181563 -          merely distracting, as discussed further below. ref SDS 0
181564 -          F46M
181565 -
181566 -
181567 -
181568 -
181569 -
181570 -
1816 -

Religion Merges with Science and Technology, Leon Fuerth's   cture
Anytime Anywhere Intelligence Does Not Add Value to Internet that Exp
Cognitive Science Ignorant Meaning Drift Information Overload Not Sol
Good Conduct Sustained Faith Deferred Rewards Not Evident from Common
Fuerth, Leon VP Gore's National Security Advisor Lectured at George W
God First Cause Makes Electric Current Run, Water Run Downhill, Rod
Science of Life, Wisdom, Long Term Cycles Require Faith to Sustain
Values Embody Religion e.g., Thou Shalt Not Steal, Care for the Poor
Alignment Reveals Patterns from Life Experience Spawns Creativity
Religion First Management Science Alignment Creativity Recognizing P
Religion Links Conduct Align Original Objectives Avoids Impulsive Err

4313 -
431401 -       ..
431402 -      Religion Entails Belief in Supreme Being, Not Philosophy
431403 -
431405 -  ..
431406 - Morris continues...
431407 -
431408 -      I feel that my religion is based on a belief of a supreme being.
431409 -      ref DRT 1 0001
431410 -
431411 -          Morris could establish a "twist" by citing something in Rod's
431412 -          record that conflicts with Morris' representation about
431413 -          religion.
431415 -           ..
431416 -          Nothing jumps out in the record on 011129 that comments on
431417 -          this matter.  Perhaps Morris can point out what was twisted
431418 -          when time permits.  Having spent time discovering something
431419 -          in the record that warranted 10 minutes to accuse, 10 more
431420 -          minutes to clarify by linking up what was discovered may be a
431421 -          useful investment, if only to test out the utility of current
431422 -          methods, cited by Morris on 010720. ref SDS 91 XM5F
431423 -
431424 -
431426 -       ..
431427 -      Religion Grows Civilization Based on Faith in Deferred Rewards
431428 -      Science of Life Requires Faith in Religion for Deferred Rewards
431429 -
431430 -
431431 - Morris contends....
431432 -
431433 -      [Rod, you] feel [your religion] is based on philosophy, and is a
431434 -      creation of man to enable him to deal with his fears.  Therefore,
431435 -      you can define it any way you want. ref DRT 1 TS5M
431436 -
431437 -          So far, no evidence of having twisted something Morris has
431438 -          said.
431440 -           ..
431441 -          The record on 011129, when religion was discussed, relates to
431442 -          views expressed by Leon Fuerth in relation to science and
431443 -          technology, and further to national security. ref SDS B1 357L
431445 -           ..
431446 -          Rod has the view that religion arose and still serves to
431447 -          explain the unexplainable, which otherwise causes fear that
431448 -          prevents action.  God is the Supreme force or being that put
431449 -          everything in motion and makes, for example, electrical
431450 -          current flow, which Morris noted on 011129 is not explained.
431451 -          ref SDS B1 GO4H  This generally aligns with Morris' comments
431452 -          on Rod's view, but is incomplete, perhaps understandably,
431453 -          because Morris does not have SDS to look it up.
431455 -           ..
431456 -          Rod further believes religion enables people to exist in
431457 -          harmony based on rules of conduct, e.g., 10 Commandments, for
431458 -          morality and being "good" or like "god."  Faith that being
431459 -          "good" will be rewarded in heaven by joining with God enables
431460 -          people to sustain good conduct through difficult times and to
431461 -          overcome common sense that drives temptations of the moment
431462 -          to take action that cause harm, because consequences (i.e.,
431463 -          outcome based decision making Morris has focused on recently)
431464 -          for some conduct have long term cycles that are not evident
431465 -          (known) within the span of attention of the human mind, as
431466 -          explained in the NWO. ref OF 2 4235
431468 -           ..
431469 -          Investing time for deferred rewards by adhering to good
431470 -          conduct, i.e., being morale, for example, not stealing what
431471 -          is needed in the moment, encourages people to join in tribes,
431472 -          states, nations and cultures that advance through cooperation
431473 -          aided by communication that leverages individual efforts,
431474 -          i.e., faith in deferred rewards, moves mountains, explained
431475 -          on 921205. ref SDS 19 8493
431477 -           ..
431478 -          Religious practices of confession and bearing witness serve
431479 -          as a reminder (i.e., metric) to align conduct with rules of
431480 -          good conduct.  Attending church is a communication metric
431481 -          that provides regular reminders of good conduct and of
431482 -          rewards for aligning conduct with rules for being good so
431483 -          that temptations of the moment do not cause individuals,
431484 -          groups and culture to drift off course, as a result of the
431485 -          fact that knowledge is fragile, as Morris and I discussed on
431486 -          950204. ref SDS 32 0550
431488 -  ..
431489 - Morris continues....
431490 -
431491 -      SDS is not my religion.  It may be yours. That is a fundamental
431492 -      difference between us.  It is not open to much giving on my part.
431493 -      In the end, I don't see it makes much difference.  What is the
431494 -      point?  You believe in SDS as a replacement for God, and I don't.
431495 -      We can kick this around for years, but I doubt either one of us
431496 -      will change our positions on the subject.  Such is the beauty of
431497 -      religion. ref DRT 1 TP6P
431498 -
431499 -          Morris asks "What is the point?"
431501 -           ..
431502 -          Morris' discussion of "religion" seems related to the telecon
431503 -          on 011129. ref SDS B1 357L
431505 -           ..
431506 -          So far, Morris has not cited anything in the record on
431507 -          011129, nor anywhere else, that misrepresents or twists what
431508 -          he said on 011129, per his complaint above. ref SDS 0 R68J
431510 -           ..
431511 -          Morris' construction of Rod's belief is not supported.  No
431512 -          link nor other referent is provided to anything that shows
431513 -          Rod "...believes in SDS as a replacement for God."
431514 -          ref SDS 0 627I
431516 -           ..
431517 -          Accordingly, Morris' letter today could be construed as a
431518 -          "twist" that misrepresents what Rod has said, and reflects a
431519 -          larger concern of strong feelings that block collaboration on
431520 -          an architecture for SDS, to aid human cognition partly
431521 -          because this invades religious territory, as discussed on
431522 -          011129. ref SDS B1 UG3H
431523 -
431524 -               [...below, Morris explains lack of faith working with
431525 -               cutting edge science advancing unproven theories for
431526 -               predicting outcomes. ref SDS 0 XJ8N
431528 -           ..
431529 -          Rod views religion as a powerful force for "good," as shown
431530 -          above, and has always supported Morris' practice, and that of
431531 -          others, because it aligns with that view. ref SDS 0 065F
431533 -           ..
431534 -          Rod believes SDS is a software program, as explained in
431535 -          POIMS, ref OF 1 0001, which Morris helped create, as seen for
431536 -          example by records on....
431538 -              ..
431539 -             Compiler created.................890218, ref SDS 4 0864
431540 -             SDS design and new commands......891209, ref SDS 7 0001
431541 -             Medit color and esc..............891212, ref SDS 8 0001
431542 -             SDS design idea Medit Fixes......891228, ref SDS 9 0001
431543 -             Medit memory.....................900704, ref SDS 12 0001
431544 -
431545 -          ....and, Rod is beginning to further believe that Morris is
431546 -          disappointed that his work led Rod away from a belief in God
431547 -          that Morris holds, ref SDS 0 6L5K, as noted in the record on
431548 -          011129. ref SDS B1 UG3H  Morris does not dispute this in his
431549 -          letter today.
431551 -           ..
431552 -          Rod believes SDS aids religion by making it faster and easier
431553 -          to align conduct with original sources in the Bible and what
431554 -          was said at church, or in a seminar, at a meeting, etc.  The
431555 -          ability to write things and link them up in SDS extends the
431556 -          power of alphabet technology and publishing that make Bibles
431557 -          so people can remember the word of God, and can have a church
431558 -          for assembling to share the word, microphones to hear the
431559 -          word, lights to see the word, etc.  Rod believes SDS is a
431560 -          technology that helps people follow the word of God
431561 -          religiously, by empowering people to use the method used in
431562 -          the Bible and in legal practice of linking back to original
431563 -          sources.  If we can use a car to drive to church, why not use
431564 -          SDS to link back to what transpires in church, at the office
431565 -          and out on the job everyday?
431566 -
431567 -              [On 020924 Morris raises religion again. ref SDS C4 8W6M
431568 -
431569 -
431570 -
431571 -
431572 -
4316 -

Outcome Based Market Analysis Relies on Research to Show No Demand fo
Money People Who Use Microsoft Programs have More Money than Rod Comm
Outcome Based Market Research Used for Sustaining Technologies Fails
Disruptive Technology Requires Learning Teaching Advertising Enable C
Outcome Based Analysis Relies on Market Research to Show No Demand f
Outcome Analysis Balance Resistance New Methods Aganst Benefits to A
Outcome Based Analysis Relies on Market Research to Show No Demand f

8809 -
881001 -       ..
881002 -      Killer Application SDS Improves Memory, Faith Enabling Force
881003 -      People Want Good Memory to Make Life Easier Strong Sales Point
881004 -      Marketing Overcomes Ignorance Denial Intelligence Saves Money
881005 -      Outcome Based Marketing Drives Development to Improve Outcomes
881006 -
881007 -
881008 - Morris says....
881009 -
881010 -      Comments on the marketplace are outcome based.  You have been
881011 -      showing the product to people for 10 years.  You often confuse
881012 -      interest and window shopping with results.  People would like to
881013 -      have a record [of organizational memory like SDS] to make life
881014 -      easier.  It is much like wishing to be thin and having the will
881015 -      and discipline to diet for 3 years.  The issue is will they
881016 -      create the record?  You have to get past this issue before there
881017 -      is any hope of selling this or any similar product. ref DRT 1
881018 -      GK6N
881020 -           ..
881021 -          Still no evidence of having twisted anything, per above.
881022 -          ref SDS 0 R68J
881024 -           ..
881025 -          Did lack of light bulbs sales and strong sales of candles
881026 -          support a conclusion that light bulbs were not a better form
881027 -          of general purpoose lighting?  Or, did it suggest that people
881028 -          needed enabling forces, including infrastructure and a cheap
881029 -          source of energy delivered for their use?  Did slow sales of
881030 -          tractors mean that horses worked better; or, did it mean that
881031 -          people need time to transform to a new way of working with
881032 -          technical support for complex machinery, as reported for
881033 -          grandfather on 921217? ref SDS 20 8930
881035 -           ..
881036 -          Will ROI 10:1 Encourage People to Use Intelligence?
881038 -           ..
881039 -          Interest in buying things people care about occurs along a
881040 -          continuum from window shopping, where people observe and move
881041 -          to the next window, to actual purchase of goods and services.
881042 -          Writing a short letter asking about SDS, might be construed
881043 -          as "window shopping," although in truth, few people who
881044 -          window shop make the effort to write a letter.  While
881045 -          reasonable people can differ at the margins, few would use
881046 -          "window shopping" to explain long letters reporting having
881047 -          spent hours and days reviewing SDS records on the Internet,
881048 -          calling SDS "amazing" and "inspirational," asking how to get
881049 -          it, and commending efforts to bring SDS to market so that
881050 -          others can benefit, as reported on 010907. ref SDS 93 KX3L
881051 -          Explaining lack of sales by twisting "window shopping" into a
881052 -          pretzel avoids implications from the explanation that lies
881053 -          elsewhere, per below. ref SDS 0 6P9N and ref SDS 0 6S5M
881055 -           ..
881056 -          Window shopping does not show deferred rewards, but with a
881057 -          large enough group of people looking at SDS on the Internet,
881058 -          reported on 010907, ref SDS 93 KX3L, some will take a chance
881059 -          on adding intelligence to management, and this will grow the
881060 -          market of people who believe intelligence saves time and
881061 -          money.  It's a numbers game of exposure and balancing demand
881062 -          for improvement (which is always present at some level) with
881063 -          perceived costs and benefits.  Improving SDS opens questions
881064 -          of what to improve, which entails system architecture, which
881065 -          Morris has been asked to support, in order to aid marketing,
881066 -          yet seems to predicate making any contribution until after
881067 -          market research shows 500K customers, as reported on 010720.
881068 -          ref SDS 91 V54I
881070 -           ..
881071 -          We discussed Christensen's book "The Innovators Dilemma," on
881072 -          990527.  At that time, Morris said this book is respected at
881073 -          Intel. ref SDS 65 0855  Christensen maintains "outcome based"
881074 -          analysis that relies on data to quantify market size and
881075 -          financial returns is not effective for "disruptive
881076 -          technology" that introduces new ways of working. ref SDS 65
881077 -          1221  Christensen recommends marketing new capabilities like
881078 -          SDS, noted by Morris on 911123, ref SDS 14 4930, by study and
881079 -          learning how to deploy disruptive technology, ref SDS 65
881080 -          NX4F, which seems to align with Morris' concern on 990527
881081 -          about cultural forces that prevent executives from improving
881082 -          management to save time and money. ref SDS 65 1233
881084 -           ..
881085 -          On 990721 Morris suggested marketing SDS to improve memory.
881086 -          ref SDS 68 0001  On 010924 we reviewed the benefit of SDS for
881087 -          aiding "intelligence" that makes human memory more useful.
881088 -          ref SDS 99 L46F  For example, Morris spent 10 minutes writing
881089 -          a letter, which, with SDS, he could organize for retrieving
881090 -          relevant context when needed for future tasks, similar to the
881091 -          way Hansel and Gretel used proactive management for getting
881092 -          back to original understandings. (see NWO, ref OF 2 4723)
881093 -          Adding connections showing alignment of cause and effect, and
881094 -          summary that points to relevant details, adds more value, as
881095 -          seen by this record.
881097 -           ..
881098 -          On 010924 Morris related that lack of experience makes people
881099 -          ignorant about the value of organizational memory enabled by
881100 -          SDS. ref SDS 99 XT5F  This sounds like it fits disruptive
881101 -          technology, and Morris' concern about strong cultural forces
881102 -          that resist adding intelligence to save time and money.
881103 -          ref SDS 65 1233
881105 -           ..
881106 -          The fact that people want a record of organizational memory
881107 -          to make life easier, as Morris points out above, ref SDS 0
881108 -          3P4J, and the fact that SDS makes it faster to accomplish
881109 -          what people want, as Morris points out below, ref SDS 0 VM9M,
881110 -          is a foundation on which to build a business by engendering
881111 -          faith that benefits of adding intelligence greatly exceed
881112 -          costs, as reported by USACE on 971007. ref DRP 7 0001  People
881113 -          buy products that satisfy thirst for "knowledge," when they
881114 -          believe that benefits exceed cost.  That is the marketing
881115 -          mission: to learn how to help people discover the value of
881116 -          adding intelligence to management.
881118 -           ..
881119 -          If people want better memory, and SDS can deliver it faster,
881120 -          better and cheaper than other methods, as Morris notes below,
881121 -          ref SDS 0 VM9M, this sounds like a disruptive technology that
881122 -          is a killer application, once the dam bursts on latent demand
881123 -          evidenced by the record on 011003. ref SDS A1 076L
881125 -           ..
881126 -          On 010426 Morris explained SDS is a utopia compared to using
881127 -          methods with Microsoft programs, because everything is in the
881128 -          right place at the right time. ref SDS 89 EP7F
881130 -           ..
881131 -          Morris later clarified on 010720 that he believe SDS does not
881132 -          make it faster and easier for everything to be in the right
881133 -          place and the right time, because he cannot do this with
881134 -          Microsoft tools and methods he is using. ref SDS 91 YX8M
881136 -           ..
881137 -          Morris mixes apples and oranges in equating better memory
881138 -          enabled by SDS, with "diligence required for 3 years to lose
881139 -          weight."  It takes that much diligence to improve memory with
881140 -          tools and methods Morris and others are using, but SDS makes
881141 -          adding intelligence to information fast, easy and fun, as
881142 -          reported on 001004. ref SDS 83 6N9G  On 961101 USACE reported
881143 -          SDS takes about a month or so to improve memory, not three
881144 -          years. ref SDS 49 8888  On 941004 PG&E made the same finding.
881145 -          SDS 14 8899
881147 -           ..
881148 -          On 000709 Bill DeHart reported in a telephone call with
881149 -          Morris that SDS provides better organization than the kind of
881150 -          methods Morris is using with Microsoft products. ref SDS 78
881151 -          0052
881153 -           ..
881154 -          Morris' work product in his letter today has one subject and
881155 -          no links, because he does not have enough time using the
881156 -          tools he likes.  The record on 011129 has 31 links and 31
881157 -          subjects.  The record today has 120 subjects and 189 links.
881158 -          This increased "intelligence" indicates SDS makes it faster
881159 -          and easier to organize the record with SDS.
881160 -
881161 -
881162 -
881163 -
881164 -
881165 -
881166 -
8812 -

Cost Benefits Calculation SDS Improves Communication and Earnings
Reengineer Management Com Manager Adds Intelligence to Information Im
Debugs Daily Management Com Manager Takes Time Invest Intellectual Ca
Com Manager Needed for Selling SDS Restrained by Need for Com Manager
Pilot Test SDS to Discover Customer Base Early Adopters
Pilot Test SDS to Learn KM Develop Architecture for Windows Version S
Sun Shining Feel Good Management Overwhelms Need for Intelligence Mor
Who Pays Experiment New Methods
Cost of Com Manager New Work Role
Jones, Morris Adding Staff for Com Manager Goes Against Desire to Cut
Fear Accountability Organizational Memory Resist Get Mad Angry Com Ma
Prevent Problems No Money Proactive Management Because Paying Everyth

A314 -
A31501 -       ..
A31502 -      Com Manager Adds Intelligence to Increase Productivity
A31503 -      New Realities Require Changes with Work Roles to Improve Earnings
A31504 -      Earnings Sustained by Investing Sunshine Profits to Experiment
A31505 -
A31506 -
A31507 - Morris continues.....
A31508 -
A31509 -      Your idea of adding people to an organization goes against the
A31510 -      corporate "goals" of increasing productivity and reducing
A31511 -      headcount.  You counter with "try a grand experiment" which the
A31512 -      believer will have to fund for years to find results (Which may
A31513 -      be the lack of something). Not many corporations will try such an
A31514 -      experiment.  If they do, measuring the results will be
A31515 -      problematic. ref DRT 1 PPTW
A31516 -
A31517 -             [On 030513 NASA and JPL failed to allocate resources to
A31518 -             safety for preventing accidents, contributing to loss of
A31519 -             Columbia Space Shuttle and the crew. ref SDS C5 KC5H
A31521 -           ..
A31522 -          Still no evidence of having twisted anything, claimed above.
A31523 -          ref SDS 0 R68J
A31525 -           ..
A31526 -          What experience supports Morris' representation that pilot
A31527 -          testing has to be funded for years to get results?  Where is
A31528 -          such a proposition established in the record that savings
A31529 -          take years to be recognized?
A31531 -           ..
A31532 -          Organizations add people every day to improve earnings.  That
A31533 -          is the only issue, as Morris noted in discussing the decision
A31534 -          to abandon project managers on 950705. ref SDS 37 2165
A31536 -           ..
A31537 -          On 971008 USACE reported SDS adds intelligence to management
A31538 -          that saves money at the rate of 10:1. ref DRP 7 0001 However,
A31539 -          it is no secret that working intelligently saves time and
A31540 -          money, as explained in POIMS.
A31541 -          Civilization is the cost benefit study showing that
A31542 -          literacy enables using good management practices that improve
A31543 -          memory. ref SDS 71 0320
A31545 -           ..
A31546 -          Avoiding Com Manager to add intelligence support applies to
A31547 -          CEOs, COOs, CIOs, VPs of this that and the other, analysts,
A31548 -          accountants, engineers, carpenters, management consultants,
A31549 -          and so on.  It seems more like an issue of selling people on
A31550 -          doing something they feel they don't want to do, long enough
A31551 -          to discover they want to do it all the time.  Andy Grove
A31552 -          calls helping people discover the power and joy of better
A31553 -          methods is like "walking through the valley of death."
A31555 -           ..
A31556 -          Grove calls on executives not to be wimps, to experiment for
A31557 -          discovering how to improve productivity, as reviewed on
A31558 -          980307. ref SDS 58 3416  Drucker says investing sunshine
A31559 -          profits to experiment is essential to stay in business over
A31560 -          the long term. ref SDS 22 1504 and ref SDS 22 8955  Drucker,
A31561 -          also, points out that new realities require continual changes
A31562 -          in organization structure that create new work roles.
A31563 -          ref SDS 23 1855
A31565 -           ..
A31566 -          Tom Keesling reported on 961101 that experience after one
A31567 -          month at USACE showed that SDS is more powerful than they
A31568 -          expected. ref SDS 49 8888
A31570 -           ..
A31571 -          Bill DeHart reported similar findings on 941004 from
A31572 -          experience using SDS at PG&E. ref SDS 28 8899
A31574 -           ..
A31575 -          What experience supports the representation that measuring
A31576 -          results of a Communication Manager using SDS for adding
A31577 -          intelligence to daily management is more problematic than
A31578 -          calculating savings for adding an engineer, CEO, analyst, VP,
A31579 -          project manager, assistant project manager, strategic
A31580 -          analyst, intelligence officer, cost or schedule engineer,
A31581 -          etc.? ref SDS 0 DZ4G
A31583 -           ..
A31584 -          On 970607 Morris related a method of calculation that seemed
A31585 -          to convince him and other executives that the decision on
A31586 -          950705 to eliminate project managers was a mistake.  He
A31587 -          calculated project managers save time and money like CEOs,
A31588 -          COOs, VPs, secretaries, analysts, aids, engineers and
A31589 -          accountants. ref SDS 54 4403
A31591 -           ..
A31592 -          At that time, Morris suggested doing a similar calculation
A31593 -          for the Communication Manager role. ref SDS 54 Y64G
A31595 -           ..
A31596 -          On 971008 USACE submitted a calculation of cost savings
A31597 -          requested by HQ. ref DRP 7 0001
A31598 -
A31599 -
A31600 -
A31601 -
A31602 -
A31603 -
A317 -

Cognitive Science Ignorant Knowledge Different from Information Listen
Connectionist Theory Cognitive Science SDS Design Alignment Solve Mea
Align with Links to History Context Authority Reveal Correlations Imp
Connectionist Theory Cognitive Science SDS Design Alignment Solve Mea
Ignorance Cognitive Science Knowledge Meaning Drift Alignment People
Black Box Shocking Incredible Savings People Don't Know Conflicts Sol
SDS Design Intelligence Connectionist Theory Cognitive Science Alignm

AM09 -
AM1001 -       ..
AM1002 -      Connectionist Theory Scientific Model of Mental Architecture
AM1003 -      SDS Strengthens Literacy by Adding Intelligence to Information
AM1004 -      Cognitive Science, Philosophy.... Not Good at Prediction
AM1005 -
AM1006 -
AM1007 - Morris notes that....
AM1008 -
AM1009 -      The Psudo-sciences listed are studied by many people.  They are
AM1010 -      constantly changing causation and underlying models.  Studying
AM1011 -      something as complex as the human mind and behavior leaves us
AM1012 -      with at best some generalizations that are not very good at
AM1013 -      prediction.  We have very limited understanding of how the mind
AM1014 -      works.  Most "mind" science has been focused on studying "sick"
AM1015 -      minds.  Marketing people have spent years studying how to
AM1016 -      influence people.  There is no "one" way that works for everyone.
AM1017 -      This is simple evidence that there is no "scientific" model here.
AM1018 -      You and I are very complex.  The arguments of Plato are
AM1019 -      compelling, but they don't result in people accepting and LIVING
AM1020 -      them.  Why is SDS any better or different? ref DRT 1 HF8K
AM1021 -
AM1022 -            [On 011214 invited Morris to meeting on 011219 with Terry
AM1023 -            Winograd at Stanford to discuss cognitive science and
AM1024 -            technology. ref SDS B6 RJ7L
AM1026 -           ..
AM1027 -          Frustration and lack of familiarity with cognitive science is
AM1028 -          common.  On 971029, Max Wideman had difficulty with grounding
AM1029 -          Com Metrics in Cognitive Science. ref SDS 56 4491 On 980223
AM1030 -          Max reports understanding NWO explaining how Cognitive
AM1031 -          Science supports Communication Metrics. ref SDS 57 1620  On
AM1032 -          990303 Max comments seminal paper on Cognitive Science.
AM1033 -          Later, on 990319 Max explains he is not "into" cognitive
AM1034 -          science. ref SDS 63 1750
AM1036 -           ..
AM1037 -          Psudo-sciences listed where?  Morris' work product fails to
AM1038 -          provide alignment with anything, leaving open to speculation
AM1039 -          about what is intended, greatly increasing the time and cost
AM1040 -          for review and error in understanding what Morris intends.
AM1041 -          This makes communication the biggest risk in enterprise
AM1042 -          without SDS, explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 R69H, and as noted
AM1043 -          by Drucker reviewed on 931130. ref SDS 23 6150
AM1045 -           ..
AM1046 -          Plato lived a long life for his time, and so made many
AM1047 -          arguments.  Which arguments of Plato are under consideration
AM1048 -          by Morris today? ref DRT 1 X09J
AM1050 -           ..
AM1051 -          Plato is attributed with arguing for reliance on literacy to
AM1052 -          improve memory of complex information, reported on 991108?
AM1053 -          ref SDS 70 7426  Today, every child learns the ABCs, which
AM1054 -          enables an alphabetic mind that lifts civilization.
AM1055 -          ref SDS 70 5628
AM1057 -           ..
AM1058 -          SDS enables quick examination of the record to make a good
AM1059 -          guess about Morris' referent that is not expressly stated.
AM1060 -          Inferring reference to the telecon on 011129, Morris provides
AM1061 -          clarification today of his opinion on cognitive science,
AM1062 -          philosophy, psychology and political science. ref SDS B1 IN7I
AM1064 -           ..
AM1065 -          He says these fields are constantly changing causation and
AM1066 -          underlying models that are not good at prediction, which
AM1067 -          aligns with the record on 011129. ref SDS B1 PS9I
AM1069 -           ..
AM1070 -          This is not evidence of Welch having twisted anything, nor is
AM1071 -          there evidence that these fields of study "....constantly
AM1072 -          change causation and underlying models" in any greater degree
AM1073 -          than other sciences like physics, chemistry, computers, etc.
AM1074 -          Cutting edge work in all fields is dynamic.  Since cognitive
AM1075 -          science is much newer, a greater percentage of the model is
AM1076 -          more fluid than the older disciplines.
AM1078 -           ..
AM1079 -          On 900303 Jeremy Campbell's book on AI presents a model of
AM1080 -          connectionist theory. ref SDS 10 6006  On 960518 Landauer's
AM1081 -          work explains meaning drift that reflects Aristotle's ancient
AM1082 -          rule that time compounds mistakes, ref SDS 43 3734  George
AM1083 -          Miller's work in the 1950s explained span of attention,
AM1084 -          ref SDS 62 LX6F, and that the human mind recodes information
AM1085 -          to aid memory. ref SDS 62 2838  Experience shows SDS makes it
AM1086 -          fast and easy to create connections and organization that
AM1087 -          avoid continual bumbling, noticed by Aristotle, Campbell,
AM1088 -          Landauer, Miller, et al, by improving span of attention,
AM1089 -          memory, and pattern recognition for chronology, which imparts
AM1090 -          causation.  Understanding causation enables knowledge and
AM1091 -          wisdom over long time spans and across wider contexts.
AM1093 -           ..
AM1094 -          Morris noted on 911123 that SDS is a new way of working.
AM1095 -          ref SDS 14 4930  SDS enables Morris' to remember why he feels
AM1096 -          SDS is different, as related on 911123, ref SDS 14 0477, per
AM1097 -          his explanation on 990721 that SDS aids memory, ref SDS 68
AM1098 -          0001, and his explanation on 010924 that other methods do not
AM1099 -          aid organizational memory. ref SDS 99 NK4J
AM1101 -           ..
AM1102 -          SDS is better for capturing a greater share of daily work,
AM1103 -          and organizing it with links back to original sources that
AM1104 -          aid understanding, called out in ISO management criteria
AM1105 -          reviewed on 950721. ref SDS 38 1740  On 010924 Morris noted
AM1106 -          nobody else has discovered the value of organizational
AM1107 -          memory. ref SDS 99 XT5F
AM1109 -           ..
AM1110 -          SDS enables people to maintain alignment, as Morris noted in
AM1111 -          our meeting at Burger King on 950303. ref SDS 35 3497
AM1113 -           ..
AM1114 -          As he noted on 911123, this is much different from the way
AM1115 -          other people work. ref SDS 14 0477
AM1116 -
AM1117 -
AM1118 -
AM1119 -
AM12 -

Link Cause Effect History Understanding Enable Opinion
Alphabet Technology Not Understood Requires Study Showing Welch Under
Outcome Based Market Research Used for Sustaining Technologies Fails
Outcome Analysis Balance Resistance New Methods Against Benefits to As
Market Analysis Not Effective Disruptive Technologies Markets Don't E
Luddites Fear Technology Prefer KM Social People Skills More Importan
Rod Has Not Made Money Outcome Analysis Shows SDS Not Effective for I
Market Outcome Based Analysis Relies on Research to Show No Demand fo
Penny Wise Pound Foolish Avoids Front-end Investment, FBI Example
Outcome Based Analysis Relies on Market Research to Show No Demand f

BW12 -
BW1301 -       ..
BW1302 -      SDS Enables Getting to Links Faster than Others
BW1303 -      Outcome Analysis Requires Consideration Resistance Benefits
BW1304 -      Alphabet Technology a Mystery, SDS Links Don't Relate to Income
BW1305 -
BW1306 -      Follow up ref SDS 72 1609.
BW1307 -
BW1308 - Morris continues....
BW1309 -
BW1310 -      I still don't understand what alphabet technology is.  Nor do I
BW1311 -      feel you understand it.  I think it is a cute buzz word you have
BW1312 -      latched on.  People have been writing for a long time.  There are
BW1313 -      millions of links through history.  They started with footnotes
BW1314 -      and margin notes.  You can get to your links faster than others,
BW1315 -      but in the end, what difference has it made in your life?  Is
BW1316 -      there any outcome based results that we can point to? ref DRT 1
BW1317 -      VM9M
BW1319 -           ..
BW1320 -          Frustrations understanding alphabet technology were voiced
BW1321 -          recently by Jack Park on 011208. ref SDS B4 4Q5L  After
BW1322 -          considering benefits of thinking about familiar terms in new
BW1323 -          ways, ref SDS B4 BI6O, that enable a new way of working, Jack
BW1324 -          agreed to study POIMS to increase understanding, ref SDS B4
BW1325 -          456G, suggested earlier on 000120. ref SDS 73 5976  See
BW1326 -          further discussion on alphabet technology below. ref SDS 0
BW1327 -          KX66
BW1329 -                ..
BW1330 -               [On 071113 Jack Park submits paper explaining power of
BW1331 -               alphabet technology to advance civilization. ref SDS C6
BW1332 -               PH4K
BW1334 -           ..
BW1335 -          Why doesn't a practical businessman like Morris rush to
BW1336 -          reduce the time required to create and apply organizational
BW1337 -          memory, as he seems to indicate SDS makes linking faster and
BW1338 -          easier than other methods, ref SDS 0 VM9M, under the common
BW1339 -          rule "time is money," since he points out above that people
BW1340 -          would like to have a good record, if it didn't take so much
BW1341 -          work, ref SDS 0 3P4J, and, further, since he points out on
BW1342 -          010924 that there is no other way to get it? ref SDS 99 XT5F
BW1344 -           ..
BW1345 -          Recognizing the correlation between links and footnotes that
BW1346 -          use traditional methods for bibliography compliments citation
BW1347 -          methods in legal practice that extend the methodology of
BW1348 -          alphabet technology for making connections to aid human
BW1349 -          memory.
BW1350 -
BW1351 -               [On 020923 Morris cites footnotes again to illustrate
BW1352 -               common place use of linking. ref SDS C3 VR4N
BW1354 -           ..
BW1355 -          Morris' finding today that SDS manages links faster than
BW1356 -          other methods aligns with Eric Armstrong's report on 010916
BW1357 -          that SDS adds value to organizational memory, ref SDS 96
BW1358 -          1U3O, by enabling amazing memory to finding things, reported
BW1359 -          on 010916. ref SDS 97 0001  On 010924 Morris noted that SDS
BW1360 -          improves management better than other methods. ref SDS 99
BW1361 -          NK4J, and on 010425 he found SDS use cases are a utopia
BW1362 -          because everything is in the right place at the right time,
BW1363 -          which explains why SDS is faster than other methods, as he
BW1364 -          reports today.  On 950925 SDS added firepower for improving
BW1365 -          literacy at the office, ref SDS 32 4995, seemed like
BW1366 -          overkill. ref SDS 32 5932
BW1367 -
BW1368 -             [On 020110 Morris noticed that SDS improves memory of
BW1369 -             chronology which imparts causation that augments
BW1370 -             intelligence. ref SDS B9 I84G
BW1372 -           ..
BW1373 -          USACE reported on 971007 that "outcome" using SDS increases
BW1374 -          benefits of savings 10 times more than cost, i.e., ROI is
BW1375 -          10:1. ref DRP 7 7400  Took another year to get corroboration
BW1376 -          on 981027. ref SDS 61 7315  Deferred rewards of knowledge and
BW1377 -          resistance to new methods take time to build faith for people
BW1378 -          to overcome ignorance, fear and denial, reported on 921205,
BW1379 -          ref SDS 19 5573, by gathering evidence showing intelligence
BW1380 -          saves time and money, per reports by USACE, DNRC and PG&E.
BW1382 -           ..
BW1383 -          Near-term success with money coming in blinds people to new
BW1384 -          realities that require improvement.  Like driving with the
BW1385 -          sun in our eyes, sunshine profits conceal danger ahead from
BW1386 -          longer term forces, explained on 000722, ref SDS 80 789K,
BW1387 -          which Grove's calls strategic inflection points, reviewed on
BW1388 -          980307, ref SDS 58 6148, that overwhelms present management
BW1389 -          practice. ref SDS 58 2680
BW1391 -           ..
BW1392 -          Rod has not personally been rewarded so far because people
BW1393 -          have been blind to evidence of need for improvement, as
BW1394 -          Morris relates today, ref SDS 0 RP3N, due to strategic
BW1395 -          dissonance, reported by Grove on 980307, ref SDS 59 1660,
BW1396 -          which takes time to overcome by enabling forces coming into
BW1397 -          alignment, as discussed with Doug Engelbart on 011120.
BW1398 -          ref SDS A9 H67I
BW1400 -           ..
BW1401 -          Understanding requires "study" called out by Andy Grove in
BW1402 -          his book "Only the Paranoid Survive" explaining his formula
BW1403 -          for success at Intel, reviewed on 980307. ref SDS 59 3620
BW1405 -           ..
BW1406 -          Welch understandings of alphabet technology, which Morris can
BW1407 -          study, are....
BW1408 -
BW1409 -             alphabetic mind dominates world... 991108, ref SDS 70 5628
BW1410 -             leverages mental biology............. NWO, ref OF 2 7492
BW1411 -             construct meaning from symbols....... NWO, ref OF 2 26UL
BW1412 -             literacy aids orality.............. POIMS, ref OF 1 ER3G
BW1413 -             deliberative analysis aids memory.. POIMS, ref OF 1 5418
BW1414 -             documents aid information.......... POIMS, ref OF 1 K84L
BW1415 -             integrate time and information..... POIMS, ref OF 1 HO4H
BW1416 -             intelligence creates knowledge..... POIMS, ref OF 1 6649
BW1417 -             opportunity enhance alphabet......... NWO, ref OF 2 5541
BW1419 -           ..
BW1420 -          This study, however, leads to consideration of human mental
BW1421 -          architecture, explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 0367, which many
BW1422 -          people are afraid to consider, as Morris noted on 011129,
BW1423 -          ref SDS B1 ZZ4M, due to religious grounds, ref SDS B1 UG3H,
BW1424 -          which he clarifies above by equating SDS to God. ref SDS 0
BW1425 -          627I
BW1427 -           ..
BW1428 -          Outcome analysis of SDS should be tempered by history showing
BW1429 -          big advances take time to be accepted, explained in NWO,
BW1430 -          ref OF 2 4224, and discussed with Morris previously on
BW1431 -          990527, per above, ref SDS 0 IJ3L, and more recently on
BW1432 -          011129, ref SDS B1 5O3H, noting a caution by professor Joseph
BW1433 -          Ransdell on 000716 that, since SDS is a major advance that
BW1434 -          may solve a long standing problem, acceptance will be slow.
BW1435 -          ref SDS 79 7838
BW1437 -           ..
BW1438 -          Gary Johnson cites Buckminster Fuller in a letter yesterday
BW1439 -          contending new ways of working takes 50 years to gain
BW1440 -          currency in market place. ref SDS B5 R66K
BW1442 -           ..
BW1443 -          Improvement is resisted by modern Luddites, as reported by
BW1444 -          Andy Grove on 980307, ref SDS 59 1660, and by Lynn Conway on
BW1445 -          960612, ref SDS 44 1368, just as improvements have been
BW1446 -          resisted historically, reported on 001219. ref SDS 86 MJ2P
BW1447 -
BW1449 -           ..
BW1450 -          "Penny wise and pound foolish" cautions against analysis that
BW1451 -          fails to assess outcomes over a period of time that balances
BW1452 -          level of resistance to preserve status quo with productivity
BW1453 -          benefits that drive eventual acceptance.  Persistence,
BW1454 -          courage and time are needed to realize the vision for a new
BW1455 -          way of working enabled by SDS, as Morris reported on 911123.
BW1456 -          ref SDS 14 0477
BW1457 -
BW1458 -
BW1459 -
BW1460 -
BW1461 -
BW1462 -
BW15 -

Front-end Investment Difficult Managers to Make, Wideman
Proactive Problem Handling Intelligence Discover Opportunities Not Wr
Proactive Problem Handling Needed to Discover Inconsequential Details
Faith Needed to Try SDS New Way of Working People Need Life Experienc
Intelligence Proactive Problem Handling Sun Shining Money Coming In F
Ant Grasshopper Sunshine Profits Invest Experiment Better Methods Co
Improve Not Enough Time to Learn about Saving Time Money Using SDS
Money Coming In Good Times Improvement Not Needed Bad Times No Time t
Ounce Prevention Not Worth Pound of Cure Because Executives Avoid Pay
Prevent Problems No Money Proactive Management Because Paying Everyth

CP12 -
CP1301 -       ..
CP1302 -      Prevention Difficult to Sell Com Manager Cultural Barriers
CP1303 -      Ounce of Prevention to Save Pound of Cure Hard to Sell
CP1304 -      Enabling Forces Change Market Dynamics to Exploit Latent Demand
CP1305 -      Overkill Proactive Intelligence Hard Sell Until People are Killed
CP1306 -
CP1307 -
CP1308 - Morris says....
CP1309 -
CP1310 -      Preventing problems is much harder to sell than cleaning up after
CP1311 -      problems.  Insurance is "purchased" after people have problems.
CP1312 -      Even those who have experienced SDS have not kept it in the
CP1313 -      organization for deployment (as opposed to personal use).  I have
CP1314 -      suggested you start with people who are currently working in
CP1315 -      styles close to your "communications manager".  These would be
CP1316 -      program managers and contracts managers.  These areas of
CP1317 -      employment have skills and practices that make the SDS model
CP1318 -      easier to adopt.  Move from there to other disciplines.
CP1319 -
CP1320 -          [On 020131 Don Rumsfeld explained objective to transform DOD
CP1321 -          to enable proactive management. ref SDS C0 QF4H
CP1322 -      ..
CP1323 -      I don't think you will ever achieve tops down "conversion"
CP1324 -      of an organization.  The people at the top don't work the way you
CP1325 -      do.  They don't spend hours typing on a computer, and aren't
CP1326 -      going to hire people to tell them they are wrong (a challenge in
CP1327 -      organizations), but rather executives hire people to fix things
CP1328 -      that are wrong. (We often spend time cleaning up after our boss
CP1329 -      in the real world). ref DRT 1 PPWU
CP1330 -          ..
CP1331 -          "Ever" is a long time.
CP1333 -           ..
CP1334 -          Morris' perspective today that good management using
CP1335 -          intelligence is harder to sell than bad management using IT
CP1336 -          aligns with the record on 890324 where executives believe an
CP1337 -          ounce of prevention costs more than a pound of cure; hoping
CP1338 -          to get by on conversation to avoid accountability.
CP1339 -          ref SDS 5 2940   Yet, a few years later on 921127 he worried
CP1340 -          that small, inconsequential details later became major
CP1341 -          problems that reduced earnings and stock prices.  He seemed
CP1342 -          to want a solution, because fixing problems is expensive and
CP1343 -          frustrating, with all that continual downsizing and hand
CP1344 -          wringing when quarterly earnings reports are due out.
CP1345 -          ref SDS 18 0674
CP1346 -          ..
CP1347 -          POIMS explains the allure of fools gold that makes bad
CP1348 -          management overwhelmingly attractive, because it seems to
CP1349 -          cost nothing in-the-moment, and so prevents paying the cost
CP1350 -          of good management necessary for avoiding the price people
CP1351 -          eventually pay for bad management. ref OF 1 MQ6J
CP1352 -          ..
CP1353 -          In the real world, sunshine profits with money coming
CP1354 -          in blind people to real problems in the moment, per above.
CP1355 -          ref SDS 0 E053  However, as "cleaning up" after problems due
CP1356 -          to failed intelligence, called "rework," occurs with greater
CP1357 -          frequency, people are layed off, pensions are threatened,
CP1358 -          causing loud wails from the CEO, COB and stock holders for
CP1359 -          proactive management to avoid problems, so that productivity,
CP1360 -          earnings and stock prices stop falling, reported on 001207,
CP1361 -          ref SDS 85 V54M, and more recently on 010911 when national
CP1362 -          security failed. ref SDS 95 UP5K
CP1364 -             ..
CP1365 -            [On 020131 Rumsfeld explained improvement is resisted by
CP1366 -            cultural inertia. ref SDS C0 KW9N
CP1368 -             ..
CP1369 -            [On 020315 people despair of improving management.
CP1370 -            ref SDS C1 1X6L
CP1372 -             ..
CP1373 -            [On 020329 Peter Jones feels good management must be
CP1374 -            mandated by law. ref SDS C2 NP8I
CP1375 -          ..
CP1376 -          In time, the real world eventually solves Morris' worry
CP1377 -          on 990527 that strong social forces prevent improving the
CP1378 -          work, ref SDS 65 1233, based on failed efforts to discuss SDS
CP1379 -          with the boss. ref SDS 65 074D
CP1381 -           ..
CP1382 -          On 890324 SDS was cancelled as "gold-plated" and "overkill."
CP1383 -          ref SDS 5 LZ5F  Recent analysis of case study on Broadwater
CP1384 -          showed this short-term perspective concealed failed
CP1385 -          performance by Engineer that caused overwhelming damage.
CP1386 -          ref SDS 92 02HX
CP1388 -           ..
CP1389 -          Short-term perspectives limited Wayne Wetzel's ability to use
CP1390 -          SDS more broadly at DNRC, because people will cut down the
CP1391 -          mast rather than hear of looming danger from the lookout in
CP1392 -          the Crow's Nest, as discussed with Wayne's boss on 920128.
CP1393 -          ref SDS 17 1199  When the sun is shining with money coming in
CP1394 -          top people feel why rock the boat.
CP1395 -          ..
CP1396 -          Similarly, Morris' experience at Chips, reported on
CP1397 -          911221, where feel good management failed, ref SDS 16 6632,
CP1398 -          explains giving up on improving communication, and loss of
CP1399 -          confidence in helping executives, conveyed in Morris' letter
CP1400 -          today, as related by Drucker on 931130. ref SDS 23 3851
CP1402 -           ..
CP1403 -          When the sun is shining with money coming in, people ignorant
CP1404 -          of what lies ahead, refuse to listen, like the fabled lazy
CP1405 -          grasshopper who ignored calls for front-end investment from
CP1406 -          the industrious ant to be prepared, reviewed recently on
CP1407 -          010908. ref SDS 94 5U6L  Bad management is overwhelmingly
CP1408 -          attractive, because it requires doing nothing, cited again on
CP1409 -          011006. ref SDS A3 RM5H
CP1411 -           ..
CP1412 -          Changes in work practice and marketing products to exploit
CP1413 -          better management require enabling forces that make danger
CP1414 -          clear enough for people to recognize the need to improve,
CP1415 -          hopefully in time to avoid an Armageddon scenario of total
CP1416 -          failure and collapse.  In any case, when people are getting
CP1417 -          killed and billions of dollars in property damage are
CP1418 -          incurred due to lack of intelligence, then getting timely
CP1419 -          intelligence is less likely to be seen as "overkill," and
CP1420 -          more likely to be embraced as an essential cost of doing
CP1421 -          business for saving time and money and lives.
CP1422 -          ..
CP1423 -          Enabling forces in the broader culture cited on 011120
CP1424 -          are creating awareness of a new reality conducive to
CP1425 -          proactive problem handling, ref SDS A9 H67I, for adding
CP1426 -          "intelligence" to management, which Morris explained on
CP1427 -          921127 is essential to avoid continual bumbling, where
CP1428 -          inconsequential problems escalate into continual crisis
CP1429 -          ref SDS 18 0674, that cause productivity, earnings and stock
CP1430 -          prices to fall, as reported on 001207. ref SDS 85 V54M
CP1431 -
CP1432 -              [On 020131 Don Rumsfeld explained objective to transform
CP1433 -              DOD to enable proactive management. ref SDS C0 QF4H
CP1435 -               ..
CP1436 -              [On 020131 Rumsfeld cited new realities that require new
CP1437 -              way of working. ref SDS C0 QE4H
CP1438 -
CP1439 -
CP1440 -
CP1441 -
CP1442 -
CP1443 -
CP1444 -
CP15 -

Executives Want Summary of Knowledge which Computers Cannot  o
New Reality Management Imploding
Life Style Change Needs Leadership Transitioning Right Tools, SDS
Life Style Change, Don't Want to Spend All Day at Computer
Life Style SDS Project Program Management Market Focus

D207 -
D20801 -       ..
D20802 -      Culture of Knowledge Essential Meet Challenge New Realities
D20803 -      New Realities New World Order Requires Culture of Knowledge
D20804 -      SDS Enables People Meet Challenge of Change Under New Realities
D20805 -
D20806 - Morris says...
D20807 -
D20808 -      I suggest you move away from changing the world with your
D20809 -      approach, and sell an aid to those who are close to the SDS
D20810 -      lifestyle. I feel this is the best chance to get the program in
D20811 -      the hands of people who can really use it to a benefit.
D20812 -      ref DRT 1 QQZQ
D20813 -
D20814 -          SDS life style, as seen by this record, empowers stronger use
D20815 -          of literacy, that improves the engine of civilization so that
D20816 -          people can be effective in a faster paced world, as explained
D20817 -          on 950428. ref SDS 36 0860  Rod's background is management,
D20818 -          as reported on 000723, ref SDS 81 0001, so POIMS is grounded
D20819 -          in that process.
D20820 -          ..
D20821 -          Grove points out in his book, "Only the Paranoid
D20822 -          Survive," reviewed on 980307, that the world is constantly
D20823 -          changing, which brings powerful new realities, ref SDS 59
D20824 -          1209, that require continual learning, because skills and
D20825 -          experience that enabled success previously become gradually
D20826 -          less useful and effective. ref SDS 59 2051
D20828 -           ..
D20829 -          SDS helps people meet the challenge of this new world order,
D20830 -          occurring independent of Welch, to avoid being overwhelmed by
D20831 -          powerful cultural forces, which Grove calls strategic
D20832 -          inflection points. ref SDS 58 6148
D20834 -           ..
D20835 -          Biggest change occurring in management is faster information
D20836 -          that increases mistakes caused by ambiguity of mental maps.
D20837 -          Grove notes these kind of mistakes are easily overlooked by
D20838 -          executives. ref SDS 59 7571  The common explanation of this
D20839 -          problem is that people don't "listen."  Morris worried on
D20840 -          890809 that failing to listen causes loss, conflict, crisis
D20841 -          and calamity. ref SDS 6 126J
D20842 -          ..
D20843 -          Grove maintains that ambiguity of mental maps, also,
D20844 -          called meaning drift in POIMS, ref OF 1 8774, must be avoided
D20845 -          by diligence to take copious notes that aid understanding of
D20846 -          organizational memory. ref SDS 59 3668  He says better
D20847 -          understanding of daily work improves management, ref SDS 59
D20848 -          3101, which aligns with other experts like Covey, who says
D20849 -          keep a diary for continual analysis, reviewed on 921205,
D20850 -          ref SDS 19 2229, and Drucker who urges more analysis,
D20851 -          reported on 931130. ref SDS 23 7911
D20853 -           ..
D20854 -          SDS enables better literacy with less diligence, so that more
D20855 -          people can improve earnings using methods recommended by
D20856 -          Grove, Covey, Drucker, et al, reported on 000926. ref SDS 82
D20857 -          004M, and those who wish to exercise greater diligence can
D20858 -          have a bigger impact on productivity, earnings and stock
D20859 -          prices.  So, far from trying to change the world, SDS enables
D20860 -          people to apply good management consistently, as noted by
D20861 -          Dave Vannier during a meeting at Intel on 970603, ref SDS 53
D20862 -          4528, so that folks can keep up in a changing world that
D20863 -          makes using good management impossible without the aid of SDS
D20864 -          and the Com Manager role.
D20865 -          ..
D20866 -          Grove's suggestion appears to be directed at the
D20867 -          management process, particularly executives like Grove.  He
D20868 -          does not seem to be talking about bakers, people who mow the
D20869 -          lawn, or manage projects and programs, although doubtless
D20870 -          everyone can benefit from better listening that improves
D20871 -          understanding and follow up, as Morris noted on 890809.
D20872 -          ref SDS 6 CJ9J
D20873 -          ..
D20874 -          Literacy is the life style enabled by the dominate
D20875 -          skill of civilization using alphabet technology, generally
D20876 -          called the "alphabetic mind," reported on 991108, ref SDS 70
D20877 -          5628, which makes people....
D20878 -
D20879 -                              superhuman
D20880 -
D20881 - reported on 010622. ref SDS 90 N668
D20883 -           ..
D20884 -          SDS expands the power of alphabet technology for helping
D20885 -          people produce and preserve information, to enable a culture
D20886 -          of knowledge, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 K84L  This advance
D20887 -          improves the ability to think, remember and communicate.
D20888 -          ref OF 1 3742
D20889 -          ..
D20890 -          Limiting expansion of literacy from information to
D20891 -          knowledge for meeting new realities of a new world order to
D20892 -          particular professions sounds like denial that everybody can
D20893 -          use SDS to improve productivity, earnings and stock prices,
D20894 -          which conflicts with understanding on 911123, ref SDS 14
D20895 -          0477, and more recently on 010924. ref SDS 99 NK4J
D20897 -           ..
D20898 -          This overlooks that adding intelligence to.....
D20899 -
D20900 -                          government
D20901 -                          military
D20902 -                          business
D20903 -                          law
D20904 -                          health
D20905 -                          education
D20906 -                          science
D20907 -
D20908 - essential to keep up on the information highway that is
D20909 -          currently swamping all of these sectors, as reported on
D20910 -          001207. ref SDS 85 V54M  Fortune reported on 990625 that
D20911 -          executives need the most help because they have the most
D20912 -          responsibility. ref SDS 66 7344
D20913 -
D20914 -
D20915 -
D20916 -
D20917 -
D210 -

Business Model Product or Service
Business Model Composite Product and Service
Church of SDS Wrong Analogy Metaphor SDS Strengthens Literacy that E

D505 -
D50601 -       ..
D50602 -      Alphabet is a Product that Enables Life Style of Literacy
D50603 -      SDS Product Enables Culture Knowledge that Strengthens Literacy
D50604 -
D50605 -
D50606 - Morris continues...
D50607 -
D50608 -      You are still struggling with SDS as a product, or as a
D50609 -      management/ lifestyle.  In the end, I assume people will work
D50610 -      with SDS all day, exchange records with potential life partners
D50611 -      to ensure compatible records, start an SDS family with each
D50612 -      offspring having it's own entry in the subject index, and attend
D50613 -      the "Church of SDS on Sundays" to commune with other records of
D50614 -      like belief, and gain greater insight into the meaning and
D50615 -      purpose of life as found in the grand and eternal links.
D50616 -      (Somewhat of a joke here), ref DRT 1 RR1X
D50617 -          ..
D50618 -          Market analysis at Morris' house on 000706 showed that
D50619 -          SDS enables a composite business model that supports both a
D50620 -          product and a service. ref SDS 77 1947
D50622 -           ..
D50623 -          Integrated design that supports plan, perform, report
D50624 -          intelligence cycle enables using SDS throughout the day, as
D50625 -          Morris indicates, per POIMS. ref OF 1 6649  SDS technology
D50626 -          leverages management 24 7 like a truck leverages a driver's
D50627 -          ability to carry bigger and more things farther and faster
D50628 -          all day.
D50630 -           ..
D50631 -          SDS enables personal and organizational integrated management
D50632 -          support (POIMS), so there can be entries for all personal
D50633 -          matters and all business matters, as Morris explains in his
D50634 -          letter today.
D50635 -          ..
D50636 -          There is no "Church of SDS."
D50638 -           ..
D50639 -          SDS strengthens the use of literacy, which makes attending
D50640 -          church and other aspects of religion that use intelligence,
D50641 -          e.g., memory, alignment, analysis, more effective.
D50642 -
D50643 -
D50644 -
D50645 -
D50646 -
D50647 -
D50648 -
D50649 -
D507 -

Record Has Multiple Elements Record Used by Boss or Other Authority i
Accuracy Refined Feedback Shared Meaning Triangulation in SDS Common
Records Management History Experience Intelligence Chronology

DE05 -
DE0601 -       ..
DE0602 -      Record Organizational Memory Continuous Knowledge Stream
DE0603 -
DE0604 -
DE0605 - Morris continues....
DE0606 -
DE0607 -      There is no "record".  There are millions of them.  Each person
DE0608 -      has his own.  Some written, some not.  Each is of different
DE0609 -      quality and interpretation.  In the end, the only one that
DE0610 -      matters is the one the Boss, establishment and power entities
DE0611 -      (courts, etc.) select as the correct one, and act on.  All else
DE0612 -      is arrogance and ego satisfaction. ref DRT 1 STSY
DE0613 -
DE0614 -          SDS helps people, like a boss or a judge in court, generate
DE0615 -          effective organizational memory so that ego satisfaction and
DE0616 -          arrogance are less likely to cause continual bumbling, cited
DE0617 -          by Henry Kissinger as a chronic problem of daily management
DE0618 -          in the age of information overload, reported on 940609.
DE0619 -          ref SDS 25 4238  Morris' experience on 910520 showed that
DE0620 -          using SDS avoids problems by correcting erroneous memory.
DE0621 -          ref SDS 13 655O  On 911123 Morris noted SDS is a new way of
DE0622 -          working that improves command and control of the record.
DE0623 -          ref SDS 14 0477  On 921127 Morris worried that small details
DE0624 -          later explode into major problems because people cannot
DE0625 -          remember the context of relevant history. ref SDS 18 0674  On
DE0626 -          940327 Morris cited SDS support for better memory is a
DE0627 -          self-evident benefit. ref SDS 24 J496 Later on 950228 Morris
DE0628 -          seemed to feel strongly that SDS is needed to make meetings
DE0629 -          productive by providing a common body of organizational
DE0630 -          memory. ref SDS 34 1994  On 010924 Morris reported that SDS
DE0631 -          improves management better than other methods. ref SDS 99
DE0632 -          NK4J
DE0634 -           ..
DE0635 -          On 911130 Justice Stanley Mosk of the California Supreme
DE0636 -          Court examined SDS, ref SDS 15 5006, and commented favorably.
DE0637 -          ref SDS 15 DR7O
DE0639 -           ..
DE0640 -          On 970107 the president and CEO of Dutra Engineers disclosed
DE0641 -          that his attitude to resist the SDS record as biased and
DE0642 -          inaccurate was changed by experience using the record to save
DE0643 -          time and money on the Oakland Harbor project. ref SDS 51 4953
DE0645 -           ..
DE0646 -          More recently, on 010103 Judge Douglas commented favorably on
DE0647 -          using SDS for strengthening understanding of the record.
DE0648 -          ref SDS 87 P46F
DE0650 -           ..
DE0651 -          This shows SDS is seen by some as improving deliberative
DE0652 -          analysis.  Drucker points out that analysis is a primary
DE0653 -          responsibility of management, reported on 931130. ref SDS 23
DE0654 -          7911   On 960301 Morris indicated respect for Drucker's
DE0655 -          views. ref SDS 42 5967
DE0657 -           ..
DE0658 -          "Record" is used in different ways.  Often record refers to
DE0659 -          information preserved in media like a book, letter, report,
DE0660 -          film, or tape.  Many organizations, people and jurisdictions
DE0661 -          have records in desks, diaries, filing cabinets, computers,
DE0662 -          warehouse, in folders on the back seat of the car, or at home
DE0663 -          underneath the mattress, in the socks drawer, on the coffee
DE0664 -          table, etc., but the totality is, also, called the "record,"
DE0665 -          as in the question:
DE0667 -                    ..
DE0668 -                   What is the record on defective widgets?
DE0669 -
DE0670 -          ...referring to all that is available, which can just as
DE0671 -          easily be stated as "What is the history, background,
DE0672 -          experience..., on defective widgets""  Sometimes "record" can
DE0673 -          be used without reference to any permanent information, as in
DE0674 -          asking....
DE0675 -
DE0677 -                    ..
DE0678 -                   What is our record on delivering widgets?
DE0679 -
DE0680 -
DE0681 -          ...which can be answered by saying....
DE0682 -
DE0684 -                    ..
DE0685 -                   There is no record of complaints by our customers.
DE0686 -
DE0687 -
DE0688 -          ...and is established by the absence of any evidence to the
DE0689 -          contrary.
DE0691 -           ..
DE0692 -          Thus, "record" is used in various contexts for background,
DE0693 -          understandings, history, experience, organizational memory,
DE0694 -          facts, story, and evidence.
DE0696 -           ..
DE0697 -          SDS uses a continuous intelligence process, see POIMS,
DE0698 -          ref OF 1 0367, that triangulate the record to refine accuracy
DE0699 -          of understandings, as explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 16EF
DE0700 -          Feedback is a critical part of this process, also, explained
DE0701 -          in POIMS. ref OF 1 2200
DE0703 -           ..
DE0704 -          Morris' letter today provides feedback that increases
DE0705 -          understanding and enables future triangulation for alignment
DE0706 -          using Communication Metrics. ref OF 1 1106
DE0708 -           ..
DE0709 -          Another form of arrogance is to advance a general charge that
DE0710 -          representations are erroneous and twist prior writings, yet
DE0711 -          fail to support this with any specifics.
DE0712 -
DE0713 -
DE0714 -
DE0715 -
DE0716 -
DE0717 -
DE08 -

Tape Recording Meetings, Not as Useful as SDS "Meaning", Takes Time t
Accuracy Ignorance Lazy Com Metrics Angry Don't Want to Give Feedback
Record Belongs to Person and Organization that Signs and Distributes
Clear Concise Complete Communication Judicious Review Needs Training
Communication Biggest Risk of Enterprise Paradigm Shift of Millennium
Accuracy Verify Understandings Resolve Conflicts Takes Time Uncomfort

DU08 -
DU0901 -       ..
DU0902 -      Clear Concise Complete Communication Improves Earnings
DU0903 -      Feedback Refines Accuracy of Understanding Enabling Follow Up
DU0904 -
DU0905 -
DU0906 - Morris concludes....
DU0907 -
DU0908 -      Divorce and any number of legal proceedings show the different
DU0909 -      opinions and interpretations of events that occur every day. Even
DU0910 -      when the physical facts are not at issue.  The human race is more
DU0911 -      interested in justification than in fact many times. Witness your
DU0912 -      protracted law proceedings and final outcome.  You have served a
DU0913 -      service creating positions of advocacy for your clients.  In the
DU0914 -      end, I am not sure everyone agrees with the record you create.
DU0915 -      Your advocacy biases the record in my opinion.  It contains much
DU0916 -      opinion and summary that I don't agree with.  Your record is
DU0917 -      yours.  It is not mine, or anyone else's. It is of use only to
DU0918 -      you, and those who wish to depend on you. ref DRT 1 Y14I
DU0920 -           ..
DU0921 -          What specific twists does Morris feel require correction, and
DU0922 -          what corrections are requested?  Corrections are important,
DU0923 -          but cannot be made based on vague allegations.
DU0924 -
DU0925 -              [On 020924 Morris complains SDS record is twisted and
DU0926 -              biased. ref SDS C4 4Y5N
DU0928 -           ..
DU0929 -          SDS is often the only record, because others have not yet
DU0930 -          discovered the value of investing time for capturing
DU0931 -          organizational memory and adding intelligence, as Morris
DU0932 -          noted on 010924. ref SDS 99 XT5F
DU0934 -           ..
DU0935 -          On 881007 SDS was viewed as not biased enough to enable the
DU0936 -          Engineer to expedite. ref SDS 2 Q24M
DU0938 -           ..
DU0939 -          Advocacy is endemic to communication and occurs along a
DU0940 -          continuum from strident to benign.  If advocacy is too overt,
DU0941 -          cooperation is diminished by undermining shared meaning,
DU0942 -          which is essential for productive management.  SDS has been
DU0943 -          found to improve management by building shared meaning so
DU0944 -          that people take complementary action that avoids conflicts,
DU0945 -          as noted further below, and explained in NWO. ref OF 2 4077
DU0947 -           ..
DU0948 -          Perfection is not guaranteed in life for anything, and
DU0949 -          especially not for people trying to understand fast moving
DU0950 -          daily affairs, nor even by judges rendering decisions on an
DU0951 -          unclear, incomplete record years after-the-fact.  The best
DU0952 -          that can be done on earth is to work at providing an accurate
DU0953 -          record aligned with requirements and commitments, while
DU0954 -          knowing that complete accuracy is impossible for the reasons
DU0955 -          in POIMS. ref OF 1 525M  SDS enables a better process than
DU0956 -          other methods for working on accurate understanding.
DU0958 -           ..
DU0959 -          Feedback with corrections to specific representations is
DU0960 -          essential for effective intelligence to refine accuracy of
DU0961 -          the record, per above. ref SDS 0 MR5L  If there is no
DU0962 -          feedback, then the record stands, as explained to LTC
DU0963 -          Thompson on 970624. ref SDS 55 1415
DU0965 -           ..
DU0966 -          Many people claim errors in the record because at first it is
DU0967 -          shocking to see daily communication aligned with the history
DU0968 -          of organizational memory, and with objectives, requirements
DU0969 -          and commitments, which others have forgotten, as reported on
DU0970 -          940901. ref SDS 27 1301  In some cases, people are afraid
DU0971 -          failure to perform may cause accountability, as explained on
DU0972 -          961017, ref SDS 48 0880, leading to unsupported allegations
DU0973 -          of unspecified errors in the record, for example, on 881102,
DU0974 -          ref SDS 3 0629, and later on another project reported 961015.
DU0975 -          ref SDS 46 1217  When people gain experience using SDS to
DU0976 -          save time and money, fear is overcome.  People change their
DU0977 -          mind and support SDS for adding intelligence to management,
DU0978 -          as reported by....
DU0980 -               ..
DU0981 -              Tom Keesling...................961101, ref SDS 49 8888
DU0982 -              Bob Johnson....................970107, ref SDS 51 4953
DU0984 -           ..
DU0985 -          SDS records have been found to be accurate when compared to
DU0986 -          tape recordings....
DU0987 -
DU0988 -              DNRC - record accurate.........881003, ref SDS 1 7007
DU0989 -              CDWR - SDS used by agencies....941005, ref SDS 29 1569
DU0990 -              PG&E - SDS used by all dep.....941130, ref SDS 30 0003
DU0991 -              USACE - record professional....970328, ref DRP 6 0377
DU0992 -              Kaiser - record accurate.......000208, ref SDS 74 0001
DU0993 -              OHS/DKR - like tape recording..000601, ref SDS 75 0001
DU0995 -           ..
DU0996 -          CDWR was an opposing party in the contract with PG&E, yet
DU0997 -          reported SDS was found to be accurate by hundreds of people
DU0998 -          in different State agencies.  Multiple departments at PG&E
DU0999 -          advised that the SDS record was useful, which, given the
DU1000 -          wide disparity of interests in a large organization, seems
DU1001 -          unlikely, if SDS was "biased" and only of use to one person.
DU1003 -           ..
DU1004 -          Feedback, as Morris provides today, refines accuracy of
DU1005 -          knowledge in the record.  For example, Morris' letter begins
DU1006 -          with an assertion that Rod's SDS record twisted what Morris
DU1007 -          said, yet did not cite anything that seemed to be twisted,
DU1008 -          nor offer any specific corrections.  Therefore, the record
DU1009 -          stands until corrected.
DU1011 -           ..
DU1012 -          For example, on 961126 the Port of Oakland alleged that the
DU1013 -          SDS record was incorrect, but failed to specify particulars.
DU1014 -          ref SDS 50 8845  On 970417 the Port formally disputed the
DU1015 -          accuracy of the SDS record. ref SDS 52 8033  After two years
DU1016 -          of litigation, on 981027 SDS was found to be accurate, and
DU1017 -          this saved $200K in direct expense, plus much more for staff,
DU1018 -          counsel and the courts to conduct a lengthy trial.
DU1019 -          ref SDS 61 7315  Justice Mosk anticipated this benefit on
DU1020 -          911130. ref SDS 15 ST7G  USACE's chief trial counsel expected
DU1021 -          this benefit on 961015, in recommending that SDS be used for
DU1022 -          the duration of the Oakland Harbor project. ref SDS 47 9000
DU1024 -           ..
DU1025 -          SDS records are prepared for the customer.  For DNRC, the
DU1026 -          record was issued in the name of the project engineer.  For
DU1027 -          PG&E, the record was issued in the name of the project
DU1028 -          manager.  For USACE, the records were issued in the name of
DU1029 -          the Contracting Officer, the Chief of CONOPS, the Resident
DU1030 -          Engineer, the Construction Manager, the Project Manager and
DU1031 -          in the name of the Project Engineer.  The record therefore
DU1032 -          belongs to the people and the organizations who sign and
DU1033 -          issue the record for distribution as official business.
DU1035 -           ..
DU1036 -          This record shows that SDS enables clear, concise, complete
DU1037 -          communication that improves listening so that people can
DU1038 -          understand and follow up to get things done on time and
DU1039 -          within budget, which Morris indicated on 890809 makes
DU1040 -          management productive. ref SDS 6 CJ9J
DU1041 -
DU1042 -
DU1043 -
DU1044 -
DU1045 -
DU1046 -
DU1047 -
DU1048 -
DU1049 -
DU1050 -
DU1051 -
DU11 -
Distribution. . . . See "CONTACTS"