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DIARY: September 23, 2002 11:50 AM Monday; Rod Welch

Morris supports IT, feels judicial review methods make links effective.

2...Links Judicial Review Improve Footnote and Biblography Methods
3...Footnotes Biblography Practices Improved with Judicial Review Links
4...Judicial Review for Context Management Like Footnotes and Biblography
5...Context Management Judicial Review and Capturing Organizational Memory
6...SDS Enables People to Stay on Course by Clicking Back Button
7...Back Button Not Available in Stream-of-conscious Communication
8...Sell What People Need Stronger Marketing Than Giving What They Want
9...Marketing Helps People Discover They Want What they Need
10...People Discover Needs Satisfied Fast Easy by Disruptive Technology
11...Disruptive Technology Helps People Discover they Want What They Need
12...Study Builds Bridge From Information to Culture of Knowledge
........KM Using Information Technology is Very Hard Work
........Concensus People Want Information But Need Knowledge
........Helping People Want What they Need

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0201 - Intel Corporation
020101 - Mr. Morris E. Jones; 408 545 9521

Snowden, Dave Study is Bridge to a New Way of Working Intel  gently
Information Overload New Reality Requires Work Role Intelligence Chan
Denial Willfully Blind Dave Would Love to Believe SDS Has Separated N
Culture Resists Intelligence New Way Working Organizational Memory Co
New Way Working Intelligently Don't' Get It Ignorance Shocking Counter
Giving Up Accuracy Links Alignment Communication Biggest Risk Enterpr
Park, Jack Objects to Persistence Using Links to Educate People about
Objects Gets Mad About Persistence Helping People Experience Links Ne
Park, Jack Good Salesmanship Customer Always Right
Leadership Helps People Educate Overcome Ignorance Fear Denial Inspir
People Get Mad Anyway When Listening Fails So Getting Mad to Enable A
Links Power to Pursue Context Cut and Paste Without Context People Re
Give Customer What they Want Powerful Marketing Strategy for Sustaina
Links Few in Documents People No Change Use Traditional Methods Infor
Back Button SDS Links Empowers People to Stay on Course Remember Orig
Object Click Links Fear Responsibility Notice Burden of Knowledge
Links Fear Responsibility Notice Burden of Knowledge
Links Used Like Footnotes and Bibliography

AD20 -
AD20 -    ..
AD21 - Summary/Objective
AD22 -
AD2201 - Follow up ref SDS 98 0000. ref SDS 97 0000.
AD2202 -
AD2203 - Morris offers advice to sell SDS by giving people what they want for
AD2204 - information management. ref SDS 0 QS9G  Since SDS cannot compete with
AD2205 - Microsoft, IBM and others to give people what they want for sustaining
AD2206 - information technology, ref SDS 0 RZ9M, marketing SDS focuses on
AD2207 - helping people discover they want added value of disruptive technology
AD2208 - for Knowledge Management that enables people to get what they want for
AD2209 - better productivity, earnings and stock prices. ref SDS 0 MN8G  For
AD2210 - example, Morris makes an excellent proposal today to open SDS links
AD2211 - judicially based on context, using historical practices for footnotes
AD2212 - and biblography within the tradition of information technology.  SDS
AD2213 - links enable people to remember the original subject when discussion
AD2214 - wanders off course by pressing the back button. ref SDS 0 Y44G  Ideas
AD2215 - Morris offers today for opening links align with guidance developed on
AD2216 - 990419 and discussed with Morris on 990426 for using Judicial Review
AD2217 - methods. ref SDS 0 VR4N  We need some of the energy and talent applied
AD2218 - to sustaining information technology, invested in building a bridge
AD2219 - for transformation to Knowledge Management. ref SDS 0 MU6N  Morris has
AD2220 - talked a lot over the years about weaknesses of IT the foster negative
AD2221 - attitudes about using good management, ref SDS 0 OY5I, which SDS
AD2222 - solves. In the period ahead, studying Com Metrics publications and
AD2223 - experience with SDS can help lead the way to a new way of working.
AD2224 - ref SDS 0 3L5H
AD2225 -
AD2226 -      [On 020924 Jack Park supports Morris' call to avoid SDS links in
AD2227 -      email. ref SDS A0 IX6G
AD2229 -       ..
AD2230 -      [On 020924 Morris expands critique of SDS and Com Metrics.
AD2231 -      ref SDS A0 MZ4J
AD2232 -
AD2233 -
AD2234 -
AD2235 -
AD2236 -
AD2238 -  ..
AD23 -
AD24 -
AD25 - Progress
AD26 -
AD2601 - Links Judicial Review Improve Footnote and Biblography Methods
AD2602 - Footnotes Biblography Practices Improved with Judicial Review Links
AD2603 - Judicial Review for Context Management Like Footnotes and Biblography
AD2604 - Context Management Judicial Review and Capturing Organizational Memory
AD2605 -
AD2606 - Received ref DRT 1 0001 from Morris commenting on a copy of a letter
AD2607 - he received from Jack Park, ref DRP 5 0001, dated 020920, and which
AD2608 - was reviewed in the record on that date. ref SDS 98 6E4F  Morris
AD2609 - responds to Communication Metrics call for study to learn Knowledge
AD2610 - Mangement that enables a new way of working intelligently. ref SDS 98
AD2611 - 6E4F
AD2613 -  ..
AD2614 - Morris says....
AD2615 -
AD2616 -      Stop telling people what they want, and start giving them what
AD2617 -      they want.  A nice concise email with the data presented in one
AD2618 -      paragraph is great.  The user can follow links much like
AD2619 -      footnotes if he has a desire for more detail.  Otherwise, you
AD2620 -      have enough trouble getting people to read a document, let alone
AD2621 -      "researching" the topic by following multiple links to multiple
AD2622 -      levels.
AD2623 -
AD2624 -         [On 020924 Morris discussed this further with Jack Park.
AD2625 -         ref SDS A0 6E6F
AD2627 -          ..
AD2628 -         [On 021009 Morris discussed this with Gary Johnson.
AD2629 -         ref SDS A1 0001
AD2631 -          ..
AD2632 -         [On 030108 Morris objects to links on analysis of action item
AD2633 -         management. ref SDS A4 YR5N
AD2635 -          ..
AD2636 -         [On 030314 Jack Park says footnotes and biblography adopted
AD2637 -         for Knowledge Management. ref SDS A6 5646
AD2638 -
AD2640 -  ..
AD2641 - SDS Enables People to Stay on Course by Clicking Back Button
AD2642 - Back Button Not Available in Stream-of-conscious Communication
AD2643 -
AD2644 - Morris's proposal today for opening SDS links judicially reflects his
AD2645 - letter on 940327 explaining SDS support for human memory is a strong
AD2646 - self-evident benefit. ref SDS 8 J496  Following multiple links to
AD2647 - mutiple levels, noted by Morris, accomplishes Doug Engelbart's goal
AD2648 - for "multiple views" to augment human intelligence that traverses many
AD2649 - links to many levels in the course of doing daily tasks. ref SDS 35
AD2650 - 57HE  The mind automatically makes many connections that wander off
AD2651 - course when reading talking and listening, shown by analysis of Jack
AD2652 - Park's letter a few days ago on 020920. ref SDS 98 6H3G  Without SDS
AD2653 - to align memory, people quickly drift away from the original subject.
AD2654 - Stuties reported on 960205 show people waste 70% of the day in
AD2655 - unproductive meetings, because people drift off course. ref SDS 16
AD2656 - 5F4S  SDS makes staying on course fast and easy by clicking the back
AD2657 - button, explained on 890523. ref SDS 1 P13O  Stream-of-conscious
AD2658 - communication in email, talking and listening during meetings and
AD2659 - calls doesn't have a "back button."  People lose concentration, make
AD2660 - the wrong connections, get frustrated and angry, reported by Morris on
AD2661 - 970123. ref SDS 22 1111  Earlier on 890809 Morris explained
AD2662 - frustrations when listening fails because people lose track of the
AD2663 - right connections. ref SDS 3 CJ9J  On 950303 Morris developed a
AD2664 - graphic illustrating how SDS helps people stay on course. ref SDS 14
AD2665 - M34O
AD2667 -  ..
AD2668 - Morris' ideas on using established practices for following footnotes
AD2669 - and biblography references as guidance for opening links, ref SDS 0
AD2670 - BQ7N, supports his letter on 011211, ref SDS 74 VM9M, and aligns with
AD2671 - procedures of Judicial Review developed on 990419 to avoid feeling
AD2672 - overwhelmed by the challenge of coping with context, ref SDS 27 0M3L,
AD2673 - because conntections to context "boggle the mind" in the absence of
AD2674 - Judicial Review practices, as described by Eric Armstrong on 000125.
AD2675 - ref SDS 36 3867  This solves the problem Morris raised on 990426 about
AD2676 - not having enough time to trace all of the links. ref SDS 28 HY3L
AD2678 -  ..
AD2679 - At that time on 011211 Morris observed SDS makes linking faster and
AD2680 - easier than other methods, but does not discuss opportunity to improve
AD2681 - management productivity and earnings. ref SDS 74 SE65
AD2683 -  ..
AD2684 - Morris's guidance today for coping with context management, also,
AD2685 - solves the problem people describe of not having enough time to write
AD2686 - everything down.  As explained on 990419 only about 10% of links are
AD2687 - needed on any given occassion, so don't open every link; only open
AD2688 - links that are important to the context of the moment.  So, too, POIMS
AD2689 - says don't write everything down. ref OF 4 20EH  Write down what's
AD2690 - important to the context of objectives, requirements and commitments,
AD2691 - as discussed with Ross on 890809. ref SDS 2 9T32
AD2692 -
AD2694 -  ..
AD2695 - Sell What People Need Stronger Marketing Than Giving What They Want
AD2696 - Marketing Helps People Discover They Want What they Need
AD2697 - People Discover Needs Satisfied Fast Easy by Disruptive Technology
AD2698 - Disruptive Technology Helps People Discover they Want What They Need
AD2699 -
AD2700 - Communication Metrics does not "tell people what they want," within
AD2701 - the framework of Morris' letter today. ref SDS 0 BQ7N  POIMS, NWO and
AD2702 - other publications explain that Communication Metrics helps people
AD2703 - discover that working intelligently to convert information into
AD2704 - knowledge, described as "Knowledge Management" in POIMS, ref OF 2
AD2705 - K84L, makes getting what people need for better productivity, earnings
AD2706 - and stock prices faster and easier than using information technology
AD2707 - alone.
AD2709 -  ..
AD2710 - Communication Metrics solves the need for intelligence support, rather
AD2711 - than satisfy emphermal "wants" for information, because the need for
AD2712 - intelligence is eternal, while wants are fickle, noted by Intel
AD2713 - Vice-President and General Manager Hans Geyer addressing the GSM World
AD2714 - Congress on 010223. ref SDS 63 WG8O  Marketing strives to help people
AD2715 - want what they need, because early movers who can satisfy underlying
AD2716 - needs enjoy strong sales, shown by Intel's experience with computer
AD2717 - chips, now on the downside of that curve which began about 1980 with
AD2718 - the dawn of the personal computer.  Andy Grove describes advantages of
AD2719 - leadership by being an early mover to shape new markets, reviewed on
AD2720 - 980307. ref SDS 23 N14G
AD2722 -  ..
AD2723 - Morris offers sound strategy for selling information management using
AD2724 - marketing practices for sustaining technology. (see Clay Christensen's
AD2725 - book on Disruptive Technology, discussed on 990527, ref SDS 30 7372)
AD2726 - Giving people a fast and easy one paragraph email without links to
AD2727 - verify accuracy and expand span of attention to understand context,
AD2728 - like Morris' letter today, ref SDS 0 BQ7N, follows Christensen's
AD2729 - prescription for selling sustaining technology by giving people what
AD2730 - they want.  Dave Snowden on 020920, ref SDS 97 LW3K, Morris on many
AD2731 - occassions, particularly on 010720, ref SDS 65 XM5F, and others all
AD2732 - point out that IBM, Microsoft, AOL, and many others are excellent at
AD2733 - giving people what they want by selling established products for
AD2734 - email, cell phones, fax, Powerpoint, Palm Pilots, Lotus Notes and
AD2735 - wordprocessing that make information management fast and easy.  Our
AD2736 - discussion with Dave and others is not aimed at selling people what
AD2737 - they want for information management, because SDS cannot compete in
AD2738 - those established markets.
AD2740 -  ..
AD2741 - Communication Metrics presents evidence that sustaining technologies
AD2742 - for established information management markets are a fast and easy way
AD2743 - to make continual mistakes, noted by Jack Park on 010908. ref SDS 66
AD2744 - UV4H  Henry Kissinger cited continual bumbling due to information
AD2745 - overload on 940609. ref SDS 10 4238  On 001207 too many people having
AD2746 - too many problems causes productivity, earnings and stock prices to
AD2747 - fall. ref SDS 57 V54M  Experience on 010911 shows that, while people
AD2748 - have not yet formed an express want for "intelligence" support, people
AD2749 - need intelligence to get what they want by way of effective national
AD2750 - security, which consitutes a powerful latent demand, once perception
AD2751 - of "want" lines up with need. ref SDS 67 YNGH  Similarly, on 020204
AD2752 - people want better management. ref SDS 76 0001  POIMS explains a
AD2753 - cultural lag in markets for information technology that has a strong
AD2754 - appeal. ref OF 1 8536  Email is specifically reviewed, ref OF 2 CZ6K,
AD2755 - showing that powerful forces of information overload are at work
AD2756 - changing attitudes that are forming new wants for what people need.
AD2757 - In the beginning the number of people who want a disruptive technology
AD2758 - to work intelligently very small, so it is a big struggle.
AD2760 -  ..
AD2761 - On 990527 we reviewed Clay Christensen's book suggesting disruptive
AD2762 - technologies require different marketing strategies that enable
AD2763 - customers and developers to discover new needs. ref SDS 30 KS4O
AD2765 -  ..
AD2766 - An example, is Morris' concern about the challenge of getting people
AD2767 - to read, which echos comments by Andy Grove reported on 990527.
AD2768 - ref SDS 30 5110  A few days earlier on 990525 Morris commented on
AD2769 - difficulty getting people to write. ref SDS 29 0966  Weaknesses of IT
AD2770 - empowering people to read and write are reflected in concern about
AD2771 - need for better listening, related by Morris on 890809. ref SDS 3 CJ9J
AD2772 - These weaknesses cause information overload that makes meetings
AD2773 - extremely unproductive, noted by Morris on 950228. ref SDS 13 1994
AD2775 -  ..
AD2776 - Another example is Morris' concern on 960406 about difficulty finding
AD2777 - information on the computer and in the files at the office when
AD2778 - needed. ref SDS 19 4249
AD2779 -
AD2780 -
AD2781 -
AD2782 -
AD2783 -
AD2784 -
AD2785 -
AD28 -

Study Alphabet Technology to Understand Welch Understandings in POIMS
Study Builds Bridge for Transformation from Information to Culture of
Grove, Andy Champions Role of Study that Helps Transformation from In
Stand Up and Be Counted on Value of Information Technology

AH06 -
AH0701 -  ..
AH0702 - Study Builds Bridge From Information to Culture of Knowledge
AH0703 -
AH0704 - Submitted ref DIT 1 0001 to Morris with copy to Jack and others,
AH0705 - saying....
AH0706 -
AH0707 -    1.  Thanks for standing up and being counted today on the value of
AH0708 -        information technology. ref SDS 0 RZ9M  More people with the
AH0709 -        courage to speak out, along with more study and experience will
AH0710 -        build a bridge to a new way of working that adds "intelligence"
AH0711 -        to information for creating knowledge, per your question on
AH0712 -        960227. ref SDS 17 KQ95
AH0713 -
AH0714 -
AH0715 -
AH08 -

Hard Work KM Using IT So Nobody is Doing KM, Everybody Has Given Up,

AI03 -
AI0401 -         ..
AI0402 -        KM Using Information Technology is Very Hard Work
AI0403 -        Concensus People Want Information But Need Knowledge
AI0404 -
AI0405 -    2.  Glad to see agreement in your comments showing consensus
AI0406 -        forming among a wide range of top people who want information.
AI0407 -        Jack Park made the same point on 010908.  Today, your input
AI0408 -        helps nail down the issue, adding clarity to the target of
AI0409 -        transformation toward knowledge management. ref DIT 1 NI6I  For
AI0410 -        awhile, over the past several years, the target was murky, with
AI0411 -        people calling for KM from every quarter, but not actually
AI0412 -        making any effort, reflecting the fact that performing KM using
AI0413 -        IT methods is hard work, reported on 000307, ref SDS 40 5182,
AI0414 -        and again last year on 010221. ref SDS 61 YG8K  Now that people
AI0415 -        have made this discovery through painful experience, as you
AI0416 -        point out, perhaps progress can be made.  On 001126 the project
AI0417 -        manager of Doug's group meeting at SRI pressaged you planning
AI0418 -        today by calling people to learn KM by using IT tools and
AI0419 -        methods that everybody likes, with greater diligence, rather
AI0420 -        than learn SDS. ref SDS 54 QW8I  Everybody tried, but there was
AI0421 -        enough diligence for transformation from IT to KM using IT
AI0422 -        tools and methods.  This experience reflected earlier concensus
AI0423 -        on 000615 to give up on developing KM because there wasn't
AI0424 -        enough knowledge. ref SDS 50 6271
AI0425 -
AI0427 -         ..
AI0428 -        Helping People Want What they Need
AI0429 -
AI0430 -    3.  We need to work in the period ahead on helping people want what
AI0431 -        they need in order to get what they want:  higher productivity,
AI0432 -        earnings and stock prices. ref SDS 0 MN8G This requires
AI0433 -        providing opportunity to experience a new way of working.
AI0434 -        ref DIT 1 GQ7K  Of course everyone doesn't learn at the same
AI0435 -        rate.  Some of us take a little longer to finally get it, as
AI0436 -        you pointed out on 920215. ref SDS 6 5820  As well, Andy Grove
AI0437 -        at Intel notes frustration when top executives just don't get
AI0438 -        it, reviewed on 980307. ref SDS 24 GW7H
AI0440 -         ..
AI0441 -        I agree with you that people want to get higher productivity,
AI0442 -        earnings and stock prices by relying on traditional information
AI0443 -        technology, but growing evidence shows that new realities
AI0444 -        require support for knowledge to supplement traditional
AI0445 -        methods, with the result that, providing only the information
AI0446 -        people want, proposed in your letter today, does not yield the
AI0447 -        results people hope to gain. ref DIT 1 IS9K  It's a dilemma,
AI0448 -        that is solved, in the first instance, by engaging the issue,
AI0449 -        as you do in your letter today, and then by studying, as Andy
AI0450 -        Grove urges in his book "Only the Paranoid Survive," reviewed
AI0451 -        on 980307. ref SDS 24 5794
AI0453 -         ..
AI0454 -        If Andy is right, then the question becomes how to study
AI0455 -        quickly and effectively, given that everybody is so busy in
AI0456 -        meetings, calls and email, as you noted in our call on 890809.
AI0457 -        ref SDS 3 8812  Links help in two ways. (1) Links, properly
AI0458 -        applied, bring far reaching resources to bear in a coordinated
AI0459 -        way that disclose correlations, implications and nuance that
AI0460 -        enlighten beyond the reach of conventional methods; and (2)
AI0461 -        links enable traceability to original sources so that work
AI0462 -        performed aligns with new insights yielded through study.
AI0463 -        Getting the work lined up is helpful at Intel, as Craig pointed
AI0464 -        out on 000822, ref SDS 52 RX59, at Enron reported by Powers on
AI0465 -        020204, ref SDS 75 0001, and at the CIA, reported by Reuters,
AI0466 -        Time, CNN, and others on 010911. ref SDS 67 I64N  It takes a
AI0467 -        little time and persistence for this to sink in, so the
AI0468 -        interregnum period can seem exasperating.
AI0470 -         ..
AI0471 -        I have never been attracted to the title Andy chose for his
AI0472 -        book. Somehow the notion that only the "paranoid" survive does
AI0473 -        not seem very fun.  Of course Andy is a lot older and wiser, so
AI0474 -        maybe his experience helping people improve is telling.  He
AI0475 -        says it is not easy and is not fun, but is necessary to move
AI0476 -        ahead, reported on 980307. ref SDS 24 3101
AI0478 -         ..
AI0479 -        Thanks for continuing to contribute on this issue.
AI0480 -
AI0481 -
AI0482 -
AI0483 -
AI0484 -
AI0485 -
AI0486 -
AI0487 -
AI0488 -
AI0489 -
AI0490 -
AI0491 -
AI0492 -
AI0493 -
AI0494 -
AI0495 -
AI0496 -
AI0497 -
AI0498 -
AI0499 -
AI0500 -
AI0501 -
AI0502 -
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