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DIARY: August 20, 2002 00:50 AM Tuesday; Rod Welch

Resistance to new way of working intelligently with email, Part 2.

2...Accuracy Unimportant for Conversation, Email Does Not Need Alignment
3...Links for Accuracy Unimportant because Email is Like Conversation
4...Email and Conversation Do Not Need Accuracy Using Links for Alignment
5...Informal Communication in Email Conversation Does Not Require Accuracy
6...Listening Requires Accurate Communication But People Hate Accuracy
7...Accuracy Psychologically Demanding, Technology Relieves Stress
8...Giving Up on Accuracy Slippery Slope to Bad Management Poor Listening
9...Slippery Slope Giving Up on Accuracy Leads to Feel Good Management
10...Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is proactive management
11...Price people pay when people fail to pay the cost of good management
12...Life-style Relaxed Communication Moves Conversation Forward
13...Organizational Memory Hinders Moving Conversation Forward
14...Psychologically Debilitating Accuracy Harms Health of Communication
15...Relax Using Email Enjoy Entertaining Communciation Like Conversation
16...Little Intelligence Goes Long Way, Accuracy Not Needed for Everything
17...Accuracy Critical for Some Things Intelligence Leverages Communication
18...Resistance to Strengthening Accuracy Reflects Ignorance about Knowledge
19...People Tricked into Believing Mind Works Quickly and Accurately
20...Meaning Drift Frustrating Intelligence Works Quickly but Inaccurately
21...Overkill Paying for Analysis Frustrating Since Intelligence Seems Free
22...Binary Forces Immediacy and Accuracy Resolved by Culture
23...Law and Accounting Require Notice and Alignment that Delay the Work
24...New World Order Needs Breakthrough to Strenghen Accuracy and Immediacy
25...Technology Breakthrough Narrows Gap Between Immediacy and Accuracy
26...New World Order Overwhelms Biology People Ignore Law and Standards
27...Law Regulations Professional Standards Ignored Accuracy Too Frustrating
28...New Way of Working Intelligently Enabled by Breakthrough in Technology
29...Breakthrough in Technology Lifts Ability to Think Remember Communicate
30...New Work Role Enables New Way of Working Intelligently with SDS
31...Rules for When to Invest Time for Accuracy Based on Value at Risk
32...Judgement Stressful Breakthrough Technology Reduces Frustration
33...Little Intelligence Goes Long Way Exercising Judgement on Accuracy
34...Archives Make Linking Unnecessary But People Cannot Find Anything
35...Context Understood at the Time, So Linking Unnecessary
36...Email Like Conversation Links Not Needed because Context Evident
37...Links Unnecessary in Email Because Everybody Understands Context
38...Solving World Problems Requires Investing More than 20 Minutes
39...20 Minutes Not Enough Time to Learn to Solve World Problems
40...DKR Cannot Solve World Problems Using Email Need Stronger Solution
41...World Problems Cannot be Solved with DKR Addressability in Email
42...Email Bigger Risk of Error than Conversation
43...Investing Intellectual Capital Covers all Activity, Including Email
44...Knowledge Management Broader than Email Covers All Communication
45...Progress Slow on KM Because of Meaning of Knowledge is Difficult
46...Build Better Mousetraps Do Not Always Bring More Customers
47...Mouse Trap Improvements May Not Yield a Lot of Customers
48...Giving Up Improve Management Because Communication Too Complex
49...Disruptive Technology Takes Time to Transform Commercial Markets

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1...Murray's observation that context is evident at the time an email or
2...How can people be sure enough that a DKR cannot solve world problems
3...Need an example of Murray's idea to use links in the background of the
4...Would help to get a list of proprietary technologies for KM which


Accuracy Aligment Good Management Not Required for Every Communicati

3903 -
3903 -    ..
3904 - Summary/Objective
3905 -
390501 - Follow up ref SDS A4 0000, ref SDS A2 0000.
390502 -
390503 -
390504 -
390505 -
390506 -
390507 -
390508 -
390509 -
390510 -
390511 -    (Continue review Murray's letter from the record. ref SDS A4 I75F)
390512 -
390513 -
390514 -
390516 -  ..
3906 -
3907 -
3908 - Progress
3909 -
390901 - Accuracy Unimportant for Conversation, Email Does Not Need Alignment
390902 - Links for Accuracy Unimportant because Email is Like Conversation
390903 - Email and Conversation Do Not Need Accuracy Using Links for Alignment
390904 - Informal Communication in Email Conversation Does Not Require Accuracy
390905 -
390906 - Murray gives up on technology to aid communication...
390907 -
390908 -     ...any attempt to ground a discussion in Facts (or References-to-
390909 -     Statements) doesn't move the conversation forward.  Perhaps it's
390910 -     not meant to, but I would agree with the notion that it might be
390911 -     "psychologically debilitating" to the health of a conversation.
390912 -     Personally, when in face-to-face discussions I find people who
390913 -     constantly ground everything a bit annoying. I wonder why they are
390914 -     doing it (are they defensive? why can't they just relax?),
390915 -     ref DRP 3 WV5G
390916 -
390918 -  ..
390919 - Listening Requires Accurate Communication But People Hate Accuracy
390920 - Accuracy Psychologically Demanding, Technology Relieves Stress
390921 - Giving Up on Accuracy Slippery Slope to Bad Management Poor Listening
390922 - Slippery Slope Giving Up on Accuracy Leads to Feel Good Management
390923 -
390924 - Giving up on accuracy proposed by Murray today aligns with his call to
390925 - avoid linkng that support accuracy, ref SDS A4 UV6G, yet, also,
390926 - overlooks the common rule...
390928 -                        ..
390929 -                       garbage in garbage out
390931 -  ..
390932 - Giving up on linking shows critical role to maintain alignment of the
390933 - work called out, for example, by Doug Engelbart for linking in email
390934 - is now completely ignored. ref SDS A4 KY4I
390936 -  ..
390937 - Morris reported KM dilemma on 000706 that creating links to verify and
390938 - authenticate accuracy of conversation takes too much time using
390939 - Microsoft tools that make linking fast and easy, because it takes too
390940 - much time to find something to link and configure everything ready for
390941 - linking. ref SDS A1 T360  Below, Murray says it takes a lot longer
390942 - than 10 seconds to create links in his work. ref SDS A4 O1QQ
390944 -  ..
390945 - Review on 991108 supports Murray's point today.  A long tradition of
390946 - communication pre-dating literacy in 400 BC emphasizes leadership to
390947 - entertain and persuade toward normative views with continuity of flow,
390948 - comity and cordiality rather than accuracy of factual expression.
390949 - ref SDS 49 0593
390951 -  ..
390952 - POIMS describes weakness of email that avoids any attempt to support
390953 - Knowledge Management with associations that authenticate accuracy of
390954 - conversation. ref OF 1 KZ7M
390956 -  ..
390957 - Civilization advanced more rapidly with literacy that improved
390958 - accuracy by orders of magnitude, especially with invention of the
390959 - printing press in 1455, and later making education universal around
390960 - the 1850s; but, also retaining attributes of communication for
390961 - leadership, cited on 950327 defining a new practice of Communication
390962 - Metrics. ref SDS 15 7777
390964 -  ..
390965 - Accurate communciation still today is not important in the movies,
390966 - when a comedian makes a joke, and for some personal settings.
390967 - Salesmanship teaches important skills for talking people into saying
390968 - yes.  Often accuracy is not the primary objective in sales, and can
390969 - even seem annoying and frustrating to dialog that is "creative" with
390970 - the record, as Murray notes today. ref SDS 0 V66I
390972 -  ..
390973 - For "management communication," however, accuracy is important to save
390974 - lives and improve productivity, earnings and stock prices.  These
390975 - goals seem "annoying" because the human mind is wired to favor
390976 - immediacy over accuracy, and so requires proactive efforts to maintain
390977 - alignment, as explained on 900303, reviewing Jeremy Campbell's book on
390978 - cognitive science. ref SDS 5 7Z6G  Grove at Intel notes that good
390979 - management is not easy and is not fun, but it is necessary, reviewed
390980 - on 980307. ref SDS 33 3668
390982 -       ..
390983 -      [On 020927 movie Maltese Falcon illustrates cultural drift away
390984 -      from work role and investing time to capture accurate record that
390985 -      was common place prior to the 1970s. ref SDS A8 W682
390987 -       ..
390988 -      [On 030304 NASA failed to align communication because email was
390989 -      viewed as "informal communication" and the nation paid a high
390990 -      price in loss of the Columbia and her crew. ref SDS B0 KV6K
390992 -       ..
390993 -      [On 080404 UCSF medical professionals feel conversation is fast
390994 -      and easy, so there is not enough time to submit feedback that
390995 -      verifies accuracy of understandings, ref SDS B2 YO6G; writing to
390996 -      authenticate conversation seems like unnecessary overkill.
390997 -      ref SDS B2 O166
390999 -       ..
391000 -      [On 080708 accurate communications seems annoying to health care
391001 -      professionals, ref SDS B3 O65F; complex case management and
391002 -      referral coordination make accurate communication annoying.
391003 -      ref SDS B3 OK8M
391005 -  ..
391006 - Murray's explanation today of people giving up on accuracy aligns with
391007 - the record on 011003 showing that everybody is giving up on using
391008 - technology to improve communication. ref SDS 85 O76L  This supports
391009 - Drucker's view that communication is too complex to improve, reported
391010 - on 931130. ref SDS 12 3851  On 020618 Gary Johnson explains that
391011 - getting design specifications right is less important than getting the
391012 - specifications done, and wonders how the specs be "done," if they are
391013 - not right? ref SDS 98 PQRW
391015 -  ..
391016 - Giving up on accuracy arises because accuracy requires checking the
391017 - record, and creating connections, what Vannevar Bush called "trails of
391018 - associations" in his 1945 article reviewed on 960304. ref SDS 24 L47F
391019 - However, accomplishing this requirement adding links to email, also,
391020 - called out by Doug Engelbart on 000405, ref SDS 57 2484, and dismissed
391021 - earlier in Murray's letter today, per above, ref SDS A4 UV6G, has
391022 - proven to be beyond reach.  Sour grapes is a common expression people
391023 - use to relieve stress, frustration, despair, from being discouraged
391024 - and disillusioned when requirements are beyond reach.
391025 -
391026 -      [On 020822 Ray Ozzie reports people are suffering a lot of pain
391027 -      because email causes reduces productivity and earnings due to
391028 -      information overload. ref SDS A6 Q99G
391030 -       ..
391031 -      [On 020823 John Maloney reports new way of working intelligently
391032 -      adding links that provide context and strengthen accuracy of
391033 -      organizational memory for saving time and money seems invasive
391034 -      and annoying; prefers normal email practices despite reporting on
391035 -      onerous constraints of email, ref SDS A7 R87J, that cause
391036 -      mistakes, loss, conflict, crisis and calamity, reported on
391037 -      020822. ref SDS A6 HW8H
391039 -       ..
391040 -      [On 021031 Sergey Brin reports people giving up using metada to
391041 -      improve communication by organizing the record. ref SDS A9 VX4J
391043 -       ..
391044 -      [On 070831 report purple numbers abandoned because using
391045 -      explicit links to improve accuracy of daily work takes too
391046 -      much time finding sources to link. ref SDS B1 FM3F
391048 -  ..
391049 - A common objective for communication is listening.  Better listening
391050 - was cited on 890809 to help executives get things done. ref SDS 4 CJ9J
391051 - People get mad when understanding and follow up fail because failing
391052 - to listen causes mistakes that cause delay and extra cost. ref SDS 4
391053 - 126J  Later on 920128 an executive noted a funny dilemma of people
391054 - wanting others to listen, but don't want accurate communications.
391055 - ref SDS 7 3862  Murray focuses today on the KM dilemma of improving
391056 - listening without effort to ensure accuracy in communication.
391058 -  ..
391059 - Murray's feeling that adding intelligence to information is stressful
391060 - for accurate understanding that avoids mistakes to save time and money
391061 - aligns with NWO that explains constant error occuring in the human
391062 - mind is normally hidden because mental maps are forgiving, noted by
391063 - Grove at Intel, see again 980307. ref SDS 33 7571  As a result,
391064 - exposing gaps in understanding by linking momentary memory of relevant
391065 - experience, conveyed in email and conversation, with the record of
391066 - organizational memory, causes a lot of stress, which not everyone can
391067 - handle. ref OF 4 0468  The human mind is wired to overlook small
391068 - mistakes that prevent future problems in order to take immediate
391069 - action dealing with immediate circumstances.
391070 -
391072 -  ..
391073 - Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is proactive management
391074 - that adds alignment to discover and fix mistakes in communication in
391075 - order to avoid more costly mistakes performing the work. However,
391076 - prevention is psychologically demanding because it takes time that
391077 - delays action and incurs expense that is not justified by immediate
391078 - conditions.  Desire to avoid this stress makes good management using
391079 - proactive problem handling to avoid mistakes in the future seem like
391080 - overkill, reported on 890809. ref SDS 3 3S4F  As a result, there is an
391081 - overwhelming biological tendency to use bad management that avoids
391082 - investing time to ensure accuracy that prevents future problems, in
391083 - order to avoid the stress of delay dealing with immediate conditions,
391084 - as explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 8536
391085 -
391087 -  ..
391088 - Price people pay when people fail to pay the cost of good management
391089 - is explained in POIMS, ref OF 4 S55G, based on research in the record
391090 - on 900303. ref SDS 5 4456
391092 -  ..
391093 - On 981223 Tom Keesling's letter to HQUSACE explained that anger, hurt
391094 - feelings and frustrations cited by Murray today are the least price
391095 - people pay for failing to pay the cost of good management and rely
391096 - instead on diligence and common sense to fill in the gap of human
391097 - memory, because information overload overwhelms span of attention
391098 - during constant meetings.  Without timely, accurate organizational
391099 - memory communication fails, causing costs and delay to escalate.
391100 - ref SDS 36 HS8J  Earlier this year, on 020217 review showed that
391101 - people point fingers in blame and accusation because they cannot find
391102 - accurate and relevant contextual facts and authority in time to make
391103 - critical decisions. ref SDS 92 9360  This indicates good management
391104 - begins with accuracy.  Even though accuracy is psychologically
391105 - demanding, as Murray points out, the alternative is far worse.
391107 -  ..
391108 - Grove points out that diligence to use good management for working
391109 - accurately that prevents future mistakes is not fun and is not easy,
391110 - but is essential for saving time and money. ref SDS 33 3101 On 010725
391111 - Wayne Wetzel who has used SDS for many years relates the burden of
391112 - stress from dealing with constant exposure to error. ref SDS 78 7M5L
391114 -  ..
391115 - How can overkill that "wastes" time by delaying action in the moment
391116 - to fix small, inconsequential mistakes in communication reported on....
391117 -
391118 -      Engineer on Broadwater Dam.............. 890324, ref SDS 2 LZ5F
391119 -      Intelligence, analysis unnecessary...... 890809, ref SDS 4 5930
391120 -      Seminar on good management ignored
391121 -      seems like overkill..................... 950204, ref SDS 14 5932
391122 -
391123 - can "overkill," actually save time?  How can spending more time
391124 - to avoid mistakes save time by improving accuracy?
391126 -  ..
391127 - Aristotle explained in 400 BC that little deviations grow over time.
391128 - ref OF 4 JV3G  When small mistakes get too big to ignore, there is a
391129 - tendency to slip into a cover-up, because responsibility to authorize
391130 - correction seems too onerous at the time, compared to the hope that
391131 - good communication skills will be able to avoid accountability.  More
391132 - recently, on 921127 a top technology executive reported that small,
391133 - inconsequential details grow into major problems. ref SDS 9 0674  On
391134 - 990924 small communication mistakes are transferred to others and
391135 - compounded over time into conflict, crisis and calamity that far
391136 - exceeds the time to fix the original mistake. ref SDS 47 5576 On
391137 - 001207 too many people having too many problems due to continual
391138 - bumbling, causes productivity, earnings and stock prices to fall.
391139 - ref SDS 72 V54M  Therefore, reducing the time and cost of accuracy
391140 - reduces stress and diligence needed for consistent use of good
391141 - management.
391143 -  ..
391144 - An example is Murray's letter today, arguing OHS/DKR is not about
391145 - adding links to email.  Adding alignment to Murray's letter shows
391146 - cultural drift away from the objective to augment intelligence, as
391147 - shown in another record today. ref SDS A4 6P7O
391149 -  ..
391150 - Giving up by relaxing requirements for accuracy, because alignment is
391151 - not easy, is not fun and is in fact stressful, is a slippery slope
391152 - toward sloth that drives "feel good" management, explained in NWO.
391153 - ref OF 4 7490  Bad management is attractive because people don't worry
391154 - about investing time for accuracy, explained on 010908. ref SDS 80
391155 - YF5O  They hope communication skills can talk people into being
391156 - relaxed about accountability for accuracy, as Murray proposes today.
391157 - Jack Park points out on 010908 that laziness makes email a very
391158 - attractive application" that kills productivity, earnings and stock
391159 - prices. ref SDS 80 YF5O
391161 -  ..
391162 - Giving up on improving communication reflects experience at Intel
391163 - where objectives to develop technology for improving management were
391164 - abandoned when efforts revealed that communication is a lot more
391165 - complex than traditional information technology (IT), reported on
391166 - 950927, ref SDS 20 7732, as previously explained by Drucker, reviewed
391167 - on 931130. ref SDS 12 3851
391169 -  ..
391170 - Ed Swanstrom, CEO and Founder of a knowledge management training
391171 - organization, gave up on KM in his letter on 020812. ref SDS A3 TV9K
391173 -  ..
391174 - Murray's lack of concern about accuracy in communication, like email
391175 - and conversation, reflects traditional training, where emphasis is on
391176 - convincing people to say "yes," reported on 991123. ref SDS 51 FJ6L On
391177 - 960103 convincing style and image were more important than accuracy
391178 - because executives don't have time to undertsand content. ref SDS 23
391179 - 8409  Earlier, on 890809 getting people to say "yes" is a critical
391180 - communication skill, ref SDS 4 CJ9J, but intelligence was also useful
391181 - for listening to understand accurately in order to take effective
391182 - follow up action. ref SDS 4 126J
391183 -
391184 -
391185 -
391186 -
3912 -

Altheim, Murray Accuracy Aligment Good Management Not Requi  d for Ev
Accuracy Aligment Good Management Not Required for Every Communicatio
Intelligence Accuracy Alignment Not Required for Every Communication
2 Parts KM Social Skills Dialog Listening KM 2 Parts People Skills Le
Collaboration Common Basis 2 KM Groups Tools and People Skills
Socialization Sympathized Knowledge Growing Among KM Practitioners
2 KM Groups AI Use Software Build Web Pages for Collaboration Ontolog
Collaborate to Write Edit One Document On Internet Groupware Uses Ver
Slippery Slope Ingore Small Problems Resist Proactive Problem Handlin
Communication All Need Not be in SDS Record because Little Intelligen
Accuracy Deliberative Analysis at War with Immediacy Causes Denial Ne
Black Box Shocking Incredible Savings People Don't Know Conflicts Sol
Quackery Savings Incredible Mind Buffers Complexity Ignorant Cognitiv
Accuracy Does Not Move Conversation Forward

6516 -
651701 -  ..
651702 - Life-style Relaxed Communication Moves Conversation Forward
651703 - Organizational Memory Hinders Moving Conversation Forward
651704 - Psychologically Debilitating Accuracy Harms Health of Communication
651705 - Relax Using Email Enjoy Entertaining Communciation Like Conversation
651706 -
651707 - Murray's proposal to rely on relaxed communication to move
651708 - conversation forward, ref SDS 0 V66I, rather than invest time for
651709 - accuracy aligns with the traditional role of talking and dialog to
651710 - entertain with style and image that convinces people to say "yes."
651711 - Communication using stream-of-conscious methods in speaking and email
651712 - avoids pauses for reflection and analysis that might lead someone to
651713 - say "no," because what is said doesn't hold water, i.e., conflicts the
651714 - record, reviewed on 991108. ref SDS 49 4505  Being careful and
651715 - accurate is not entertaining, while exaggeration and pleasing sounds
651716 - tend to win people over, as seen by the power of the Pied Piper,
651717 - reviewed on 921205. ref SDS 10 5940
651719 -  ..
651720 - Murray's analysis can be broadened to recognize that people tend to
651721 - place a high priority on listening, but hate to be pinned down.  This
651722 - occurs in daily life as a desire for other people to listen to us by
651723 - accurately understanding what we want and following up to get it done,
651724 - regardless of what we actually say, while at the same time wanting to
651725 - preserve wriggle room to avoid accountability in the event people do
651726 - understand and carry out what we say correctly, and this results in
651727 - causing damage, as illustrated by the record on 881007. ref SDS 1 3660
651728 - The burden of accuracy to avoid harm is a duty of citizenship, as
651729 - embodied in legal custom.  Since communication is a predicate to
651730 - action, many situations require care rather than relaxed attention to
651731 - accuracy.
651733 -  ..
651734 - Losing a sale and incurring accountability drive the perspective that
651735 - strengthening accuracy by adding alignment to organizational memory
651736 - frustrates rather than advances communication in email and
651737 - conversation that is linked back to the record, as Murray sets out
651738 - today. ref SDS 0 V66I
651740 -  ..
651741 - Of course, Murray is correct in some respects.  Every discussion using
651742 - ordinary speech or email does not require accuracy and attention to
651743 - detail.  This obvious fact fosters a relaxed life-style that eschews
651744 - "pinning everybody down," with the hope that we can "...all just get
651745 - along," regardless of whether or not communication is accurate.  This
651746 - desire to avoid accountability is carried out through socialization
651747 - where people "go along to get along" in a relaxed atmosphere of
651748 - teamwork with reduced reliance on literacy for accuracy, as related on
651749 - 890809, ref SDS 4 6U51, because conversation provides wriggle room to
651750 - manuever, and places greater emphasis on style and image for talking
651751 - people into saying "yes." The cultural pressure to restrain literacy
651752 - in the workplace because accuracy restrains conversation, was reviewed
651753 - on 991108. ref SDS 49 7520
651755 -  ..
651756 - Life-style issue was discussed on 950428. ref SDS 16 0860
651758 -  ..
651759 - More recently, life-style is an important issue for two (2) groups
651760 - that have sprung up to promote Knowledge Management.  One group says
651761 - KM is about developing fantastic social relationships.  People are
651762 - relaxed about accuracy because the goal is to pursuade people say
651763 - "yes," as explained on 010114. ref SDS 73 EK3I  The second group is
651764 - creating powerful technology so that more than one person can edit a
651765 - document on the Internet, reported on 010623. ref SDS 77 VO4H  Here,
651766 - too, people are relaxed about accuracy because people don't like to be
651767 - pinned down.  People want credit for contributing, but not
651768 - accountability for accuracy of what is contributed, and so accuracy,
651769 - organizational memory, intelligence, knowledge, all of the things that
651770 - move civilization forward, are seen as inimical to moving conversation
651771 - forward.
651773 -  ..
651774 - The answer to his Knowledge Management dilemma is to develop
651775 - technology that makes accuracy faster and easier to accomplish, rather
651776 - than an unattainable burden, and to exercise judgement about when to
651777 - apply the technology, so that life retains a healthy balance between
651778 - work and entertainment.
651779 -
651780 -
651781 -
651782 -
651783 -
651784 -
651785 -
651786 -
6518 -

Little Intelligence Improves All Communications without Including All
Little Intelligence Builds Shared Meaning Complimentary Forces Collab
Write Everything Down Overkill Not Enough Time Don't Know to Only Nec
Every Communication Does Not Require Accuracy People Can Relax Don't
Accuracy Not Important for Everything but Critical for Some Things.
Everything Need Not be Captured in Organizational Memory at Once for
Little Intelligence Goes a Long Way Don't Write Everything Down Write
Accuracy Critical for Some Things Not Necessary Write Everything Down
Little Intelligence Goes Long Way in Big Organization
Good Management Overkill Mind Buffers Small Mistakes in Order to Take
Accuracy Important Some Things Not Necessary to Write Everything Down

7713 -
771401 -  ..
771402 - Little Intelligence Goes Long Way, Accuracy Not Needed for Everything
771403 - Accuracy Critical for Some Things Intelligence Leverages Communication
771404 -
771405 - Communication Metrics recognizes that good management is not needed
771406 - for everything.  Murray is correct that every discussion need not be
771407 - grounded in accurate facts, per above, ref SDS 0 V66I, but rather
771408 - people can relax and enjoy communication as entertainment that grows
771409 - personal relationships. Conceeding that many communications do not
771410 - require deliberative analysis to refine accuracy, still leaves open
771411 - how to add intelligence to information when accuracy is important?
771412 - Knowledge Management being pursued by OHS/DKR strives to make
771413 - intelligence faster, easier and cheaper for occassions when accuracy
771414 - is critical.
771416 -  ..
771417 - Accuracy is important, for example, to build a house, bridge, car, a
771418 - space shuttle, a factory, and for performing a medical procedure.
771419 - Communication aimed at taking action, must build and maintain shared
771420 - meaning for the period between setting an objective, requirement and
771421 - commitment, and when the work is actually carried out. In those cases,
771422 - when people transfer understanding to others, accuracy becomes
771423 - critical.  For example, if Murray or Eric tell the architect they want
771424 - the dining room for their house to be 30' x 20' with a 10' ceiling,
771425 - they would be unhappy if relaxed communication omitted alignment, when
771426 - passing requirements from the original meeting through the myiad
771427 - people and organizations, that ultimately results months, sometimes
771428 - even years, later when someone actually carries out the work.
771430 -  ..
771431 - When people visit the doctor for repairs following an automobile or
771432 - airplane accident, or to check out a nagging cold, they want accurate
771433 - communication to avoid compounding, rather than fixing, problems; yet,
771434 - reports on 990912 show that relaxed attention to accuracy in
771435 - communication makes going to the hospital 300% more likely to result
771436 - in death and mayhem than traveling the highways and airways combined.
771437 - ref SDS 46 0001 and ref SDS 46 0960
771438 -
771439 -
771440 -
771441 -
7715 -

Accuracy Resisted because Cognition Complex Intelligence Seems Fast a
Culture Knowledge Resisted Mysterious Black Box Requires Transition
Knowledge Intelligence Free Do Not Cost Anything Funding SDS Blocked
Accuracy Stressful Mind Buffers Small Mistakes in Order to Take Immed
Information Different from Knowledge that Guides Action
Information Different from Knowledge Immediate Rewards, Knowledge Def
Intelligence Subconscious Processing Back Burner Converts Information
Intelligence Parallel Process Converts Information Received Sequentia

8710 -
871101 -  ..
871102 - Resistance to Strengthening Accuracy Reflects Ignorance about Knowledge
871103 - People Tricked into Believing Mind Works Quickly and Accurately
871104 - Meaning Drift Frustrating Intelligence Works Quickly but Inaccurately
871105 - Overkill Paying for Analysis Frustrating Since Intelligence Seems Free
871106 -
871107 - Resistance to accuracy in communication arises because advancing from
871108 - information to a culture of knowledge is hard to understand, observed
871109 - by Eric Armstrong on 000503. ref SDS 61 5033  Human cognition is a
871110 - complex process, largely a mystery, noted in NWO. ref OF 4 42HC  POIMS
871111 - presents a theory of knowledge that posits information is received
871112 - sequentially in the conscious span of attention, but most of the
871113 - "intelligence" that converts information into knowledge is a parallel
871114 - process in the subconscious mind, where connections seem to occur
871115 - simultaneously and immediatly without any evident effort nor time, as
871116 - related in the record on 950204, ref SDS 14 HE6J, and further set out
871117 - in POIMS. ref OF 1 V57N  The instantaneous character of drawing on
871118 - relevant experience to understand informaiton in the moment gives a
871119 - false impression that "intelligence" is free, see again POIMS,
871120 - ref OF 1 G26J.  As a result, investing time and expense for a slow,
871121 - methodocial sequential process of deliberative analysis to verify
871122 - accuracy seems like overkill in relation to human mental metrics that
871123 - are clearly facile and powerful. see POIMS. ref OF 1 G26J  What is
871124 - overlooked in this common sense calculus is the price people pay for
871125 - relying only on first impressions moment to moment, noted by Jeromy
871126 - Campbell in his book reviewed on 900303. ref SDS 5 4456  Hidden errors
871127 - that creep into the mind through meaning drift from inaccurate
871128 - subconscious processing that relies on remembering only the gist of
871129 - information. see POIMS, ref OF 1 049O, citing research on 960518.
871130 - ref SDS 25 3734  Frustration attempting to resolve the knowledge
871131 - management dilemma of choosing between accuracy and immediacy causes
871132 - people to give up on improving communication, noted by Drucker,
871133 - reviewed on 931130. ref SDS 12 3851
871134 -
871135 -
871136 -
871137 -
871138 -
8712 -

Binary Forces Accuracy Immediacy Cause Knowledge Management  ilemma S
Binary Forces Love Listening Hate being Pinned Down Accountability Fe
Law Accounting Cultural Methods for Notice and Alignment that Require
Accuracy Refined Feedback Shared Meaning Triangulation in SDS Common
Immediacy More Important than Accuracy People Rely on Remembering the
Binary Forces Permeate Human Endeavors, Cause Stress, Conflict, Requi
Accuracy Immediacy at War Frustrating Deliberation Delays Action to E
Good Management Consistently Routinely Difficult to Maintain Stressfu
FAR Regulations Ignored Calling for Good Management Practices Specifi
Law Requires Pause for Notice to Get Feedback Accounting Invests Time
Notice Feedback Verify Accuracy Avoid Harm Law Restrains Biological D
Feedback Ping Pong Good Management Practice Procedures Meetings Produ
Look Before You Leap Emobdies Risk Management Effort to Overcome Limi
Notice Feedback Verify Accuracy Avoid Harm Law Restrains Biological D

AO16 -
AO1701 -  ..
AO1702 - Binary Forces Immediacy and Accuracy Resolved by Culture
AO1703 - Law and Accounting Require Notice and Alignment that Delay the Work
AO1704 - New World Order Needs Breakthrough to Strenghen Accuracy and Immediacy
AO1705 - Technology Breakthrough Narrows Gap Between Immediacy and Accuracy
AO1706 -
AO1707 - Murray correctly perceives accuracy is at war with human cognition
AO1708 - designed for immedicacy, rather than deliberation.  For example,
AO1709 - Professor Stephen Pinker at MIT says that inaccuracy is a "feature,
AO1710 - not a bug" of cognition, reported on 990329. ref SDS 38 3196 also
AO1711 - cited in NWO, ref OF 4 14FG and ref OF 4 0742  Professor Havlock notes
AO1712 - that oral communication, which Murray and Eric correctly equate with
AO1713 - email, demands immediacy for entertainment and pursuasion, rather than
AO1714 - deliberation for reflection to ensure accuracy, reported on 991108.
AO1715 - ref SDS 49 4505  Resolution of the tension between accuracy and
AO1716 - immediacy enables civilization to flourish and grow.  Culture through
AO1717 - law, tradition, and peer pressure (e.g., industry standards) guides
AO1718 - conduct away from natural biological drives, e.g., thou shalt not
AO1719 - steal, in order to strengthen community that greately increases
AO1720 - chances for survival and happiness, reviewed on 921205, ref SDS 10 8493
AO1721 - Similarly, laws, regulations, professional standards, education,
AO1722 - training, and leadership evolved for empowering people to rise above
AO1723 - frustrations from working against human biology to act immediately on
AO1724 - impulse by relying on remembering the gist of information, and,
AO1725 - instead, invest, time for deliberation that augments intelligence when
AO1726 - accuracy is needed. see again POIMS. ref OF 1 DH7L
AO1728 -  ..
AO1729 - A large body of law calls for people to give notice before taking
AO1730 - action that could cause harm.  So, too, regulations and professional
AO1731 - standards call for capturing organizational memory and linking back to
AO1732 - orginal sources, reported on 950721. ref SDS 19 1740  These practices
AO1733 - of notice and alignment build into human conduct pauses that restrain
AO1734 - powerful biological drives for immediate action, so that time is
AO1735 - invested for deliberation to discover correlations, implications and
AO1736 - nuance that reveal both opportunity and danger that is otherwise
AO1737 - overlooked.  Many centuries have established that pausing to work
AO1738 - intelligently saves more time, money and lives than when people work
AO1739 - impulsively, under the rules...
AO1740 -
AO1741 -          1.  Look before you leap.
AO1743 -               ..
AO1744 -          2.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
AO1746 -  ..
AO1747 - New World Order Overwhelms Biology People Ignore Law and Standards
AO1748 - Law Regulations Professional Standards Ignored Accuracy Too Frustrating
AO1749 -
AO1750 - Binary cultural tasks to give notice and align the work are manifested
AO1751 - in the professions of law and accounting; each are equally diaparaged
AO1752 - for causing delay, holding things up, for preventing people from
AO1753 - getting things done.  Examples are in the record on...
AO1755 -       ..
AO1756 -      Feedback frustrating causes delay...... 881007, ref SDS 1 KZ5J
AO1757 -      People get mad about feedback.......... 961017, ref SDS 26 5832
AO1758 -      Executives resist feedback............. 970125, ref SDS 29 6693
AO1760 -  ..
AO1761 - Drucker argues that accounting to align finances with budgets is the
AO1762 - best information technology, reported on 980101, ref SDS 31 0627, yet
AO1763 - precisely for this reason, people fear accountability, reported on
AO1764 - 980405. ref SDS 34 5065  NWO explains deliberation and analysis are so
AO1765 - disliked and disparaged that lawyers must be paid huge sums to help
AO1766 - managers discover alignment, ref OF 4 2536, because the only person in
AO1767 - an organization with authority to work intelligently is the CEO,
AO1768 - illustrated by Andy Grove's book, reviewed on 980307. ref SDS 33 8488,
AO1769 - and Fortune magazine found that CEOs fail execute good management,
AO1770 - which lands everybody in court where at last discovery can occur.
AO1771 - ref SDS 42 0460
AO1773 -  ..
AO1774 - Law and accounting professions endure as the price of civilization,
AO1775 - because people pay a much larger price when intelligence fails, noted
AO1776 - by Jeremy Campbell in his book reviewed on 900303. ref SDS 5 4456
AO1778 -  ..
AO1779 - Working intelligently is so important to success that regulations
AO1780 - expressly mandate good management practices for adding alignment to
AO1781 - daily work, shown by review of Federal Procurement Regulations (FAR)
AO1782 - on 020504. ref SDS 94 XV7L  These regulations have been worked out
AO1783 - for several hundred years in the United Sates, and represent several
AO1784 - thousand years of experience devising methods to overcome limited
AO1785 - span of attention that drives immediacy at the expense of accuracy.
AO1787 -  ..
AO1788 - Today, technology has created a new world order that compresses time
AO1789 - and distance, with the result that traditional cultural modalities are
AO1790 - no longer adequate.  People feel so pressured that standards and
AO1791 - regulations for good management are ignored by everyone, reported on
AO1792 - 020504. ref SDS 94 NS6F  Huge sums are paid to talented consultants
AO1793 - for helping customers "game" the system to avoid the requirements of
AO1794 - accounting, as reported on 020204, ref SDS 90 P49F, and further avoid
AO1795 - requirements for alignment using traceability to original sources, as
AO1796 - reported on 951026. ref SDS 21 3384
AO1797 -
AO1798 -
AO1799 -
AO1800 -
AO19 -

Judgement Required for When to Add Intelligence to Information to Str
Work Role Intelligence Change Structure of Organizations Required Mee
Secret SDS Only Knowledge Management Capabilty Requires Breakthrough
SDS Enables Greater Accuracy Requires Skilled Experienced People to U
Work Role Com Manager Co-evolve Education Training Culture of Knowled
Work Role Com Manager COO at Executive Level in Organization Educatio
Metadata Added to Information Subjects Takes Time Skill Need Dedicate

AU09 -
AU1001 -  ..
AU1002 - New Way of Working Intelligently Enabled by Breakthrough in Technology
AU1003 - Breakthrough in Technology Lifts Ability to Think Remember Communicate
AU1004 -
AU1005 - A breakthrough in technology that makes working intelligently fast and
AU1006 - easy solves this problem by enabling people to capture a greater share
AU1007 - of daily working information and add alignment for accuracy in the
AU1008 - same amount of time.  Narrowing the gap between immediacy and accuracy
AU1009 - reduces frustrations by reducing the burden of choosing priorities
AU1010 - about when to invest time for ensuring accuracy, and having to correct
AU1011 - mistakes from haven chosen incorrectly.  USACE reported that reducing
AU1012 - the rework cycle saves time and money at the approximate rate of 10:1,
AU1013 - indicating a major breakthrough in productivity. ref DRP 2 0001  The
AU1014 - story of civilization is marked by technology breakthroughs, discussed
AU1015 - earlier today. ref SDS A4 1K9G
AU1016 -
AU1018 -  ..
AU1019 - New Work Role Enables New Way of Working Intelligently with SDS
AU1020 - Rules for When to Invest Time for Accuracy Based on Value at Risk
AU1021 - Judgement Stressful Breakthrough Technology Reduces Frustration
AU1022 - Little Intelligence Goes Long Way Exercising Judgement on Accuracy
AU1023 -
AU1024 - Better technology for working intelligently requires experienced,
AU1025 - skilled people to exercise judgement about when attention to accuracy
AU1026 - is needed under the rule that a little intelligence goes a long way,
AU1027 - explained on 011006. ref SDS 86 EL5F
AU1029 -  ..
AU1030 - Since most communication does not require accuracy, people are drawn
AU1031 - to excuse failure to advance technology for improving accuracy, by
AU1032 - saying, as Murray does today, per above, ref SDS 0 V66I, that accuracy
AU1033 - is an unnecessary change in life-style, so everybody should relax,
AU1034 - because accuracy for everything is overkill, per above. ref SDS 0 GK8I
AU1035 - This attitude of "sour grapes" makes half-truths sound completely true
AU1036 - and very appealing, until the next trip to the doctor, to the store,
AU1037 - to fix the car, or to ensure a safe voyage for the Space Shuttle, as
AU1038 - reported on 921021. ref SDS 8 4499  When there is value at risk,
AU1039 - people prefer accuracy rather than immediacy and half-truths.
AU1041 -  ..
AU1042 - What then are some rules of thumb about when to bear down and work on
AU1043 - accuracy in communication, and when to relax and enjoy the moment?
AU1045 -  ..
AU1046 - Relaxation in communications is fine where there is no value at risk,
AU1047 - as when people at the World Bank discuss a DKR, music, or baseball
AU1048 - scores, or when a DKR engineer discusses world problems, the fine
AU1049 - points of music, designing a bridge, or a new treatment for cancer.
AU1050 - However, when people at the World Bank discuss world problems, or
AU1051 - when, as here, the DKR engineer is discussing development of a DKR,
AU1052 - accuracy helps move forward.  Similarly, when a biochemist working on
AU1053 - a new treatment for cancer discusses world problems, music, bridge
AU1054 - design, what to serve for breakfast, or a DKR, then a relaxed mode is
AU1055 - appropriate, because those discussions will not move development
AU1056 - forward on cancer treatment.  However, when a doctor discusses new
AU1057 - treatments with the biochemist, with a patient or another doctor,
AU1058 - about the best course of treatment for the patient, then relaxation of
AU1059 - standards for accurate understanding is not useful, as related in NWO.
AU1060 - ref OF 4 35JG  A loose rule might be that where communication impacts
AU1061 - action, then accuracy is important.  Since communication is a
AU1062 - predicate to action in a modern society, (see NWO, ref OF 4 6915),
AU1063 - there is a lot of room for saving time and money by adding alignment
AU1064 - to communication, especially given the propensity for relaxing
AU1065 - attention to accuracy observed by Murray today.
AU1067 -  ..
AU1068 - People contributing to the OHS/DKR group have nothing to gain nor
AU1069 - lose, in performing tasks because they are not responsible nor liable
AU1070 - for producing anything.  In that case, accuracy of understanding is
AU1071 - unimportant.  This lack of accountability builds a false perspective
AU1072 - that strengthening ability to remember accurately is not a major
AU1073 - requirement of the OHS/DKR exercise becasue there are no consequences
AU1074 - for failure. Accountability is the engine of progress, as reviewed on
AU1075 - 970829. ref SDS 30 6666
AU1077 -  ..
AU1078 - Applying this rule to the OHS/DKR effort, there should be some effort
AU1079 - to ensure accurate understandings about the scope and elements of
AU1080 - building an OHS/DKR.  If it is too difficult to align communications
AU1081 - with the OHS Launch plan and to SDS records, then people should get
AU1082 - tools that make it easier, as Eric discussed on 020530. ref SDS 95
AU1083 - Y89F  This is not being done because people feel no sense of loss for
AU1084 - failure, and are not aware of the potential gain from success.
AU1085 - Acquiring this knowledge takes experience, which presents an
AU1086 - innovation loop, a Knowledge Management dilemma that prevents
AU1087 - progress, as Murray notes today. ref SDS A4 UV6G
AU1088 -
AU1089 -
AU1090 -
AU1091 -
AU1092 -
AU1093 -
AU11 -

Record Organizational Memory Archives Make Linking Unnecess  y But Pe
Context Understood at the Time, So Linking Unnecessary to Verify Accu
Curiculum KM Com Metrics Formal Academic Training
Excuse Failure to Add Intelligence for Aligment Where Accuracy Import
Archives Make Linking Unnecessary But People Cannot Find Anything
Find Anything Too Hard Need Search Engine

BC08 -
BC0901 -  ..
BC0902 - Archives Make Linking Unnecessary But People Cannot Find Anything
BC0903 - Context Understood at the Time, So Linking Unnecessary
BC0904 - Email Like Conversation Links Not Needed because Context Evident
BC0905 - Links Unnecessary in Email Because Everybody Understands Context
BC0906 -
BC0908 -  ..
BC0909 - Murray continues...
BC0910 -
BC0911 -     Discussions here are archived... it seems somewhat unnecessary to
BC0912 -     *frequently* reference individual parts of them.  When one is
BC0913 -     making a book reference, one uses 'ibid' after the first ref, with
BC0914 -     page numbers included. But when in a discussion, I think we're all
BC0915 -     bound to habits of face-to-face discussion to a great degree. What
BC0916 -     those purple numbers provide is *context*, and our *heads* are
BC0917 -     remarkably good at maintaining context.  We don't need the purple
BC0918 -     numbers if we're *within* the conversation, ie., I don't need to
BC0919 -     know you've just said something to me because I simply remember
BC0920 -     it. We don't need to write down and point back and forth within
BC0921 -     the discussion because we're "having it." ref DRP 3 6W6F
BC0923 -  ..
BC0924 - Eric agrees...
BC0925 -
BC0926 -     I think that is substantially correct. In the context of carrying
BC0927 -     on a discussion, it doesn't make all that much sense to reference
BC0928 -     everything spoken about using purple numbers. ref DRP 4 186K
BC0930 -  ..
BC0931 - This seems to revise the letter on 020530 where Eric indicated people
BC0932 - would use technology that makes it fast and easy to create a connected
BC0933 - record to strengthen remembing relevant context from organizational
BC0934 - memory that saves time and money. ref SDS 95 Y89F
BC0936 -  ..
BC0937 - Desire for email to have less weight than correspondence in order to
BC0938 - provide deniability like conversation that provides wriggle room for
BC0939 - avoiding accountability for inaccurate communication was related on
BC0940 - 990510. ref SDS 40 8064
BC0942 -  ..
BC0943 - Murray overlooks the first purpose of links is to empower the writer
BC0944 - by expanding span of attention that strengthens creativity and
BC0945 - knowledge of risks and problems that need attention, as a result of
BC0946 - seeing a broader range of correlations, implications and nuance, than
BC0947 - occurs in the absence of linking back to original sources, as
BC0948 - explained in NWO. ref OF 4 4425  In other words, the process of adding
BC0949 - intelligence to information in email and other instrucemnts is to
BC0950 - position the writer in Knowledge Space for understanding cause and
BC0951 - effect that lifts the capacity to think, remember and communicate, as
BC0952 - related in POIMS. ref OF 1 3742  Benefiting others is a collateral
BC0953 - objective under the law of conservation for knowledge, also, stated in
BC0954 - POIMS. ref OF 1 4662
BC0956 -  ..
BC0957 - On 950523 conventional communication training teaches information
BC0958 - technology advocated by Murray today; Communcation Metrics offers a
BC0959 - new way of working "intelligently" that complements traditional
BC0960 - methods. ref SDS 17 5548
BC0962 -  ..
BC0963 - Murray's observation that context is evident at the time an email or
BC0964 - conversation occurs is generally correct, but overlooks the common
BC0965 - mental process of recoding information through paraphrasing to aid
BC0966 - understanding, explained on 990303, ref SDS 37 2838, which compounds
BC0967 - meaning drift, as people pass along recoded information to others who
BC0968 - are unaware of original context, absent proactive intelligence to
BC0969 - maintain alignment, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 049O
BC0971 -  ..
BC0972 - Communication Metrics uses SDS like a microscope to discover context
BC0973 - that is not evident at the time, but is critical to productivity,
BC0974 - earnings and stock prices.  For example this record contains 100
BC0975 - subjects, 114 links and 45 headings which identify multiple views of
BC0976 - context to verify understanding through a system of triangulation,
BC0977 - explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 16EF  Most communication does not require
BC0978 - this level of scrutiny, what Doug Engelbart calls "alternate views,"
BC0979 - but developing Knowledge Mangaement to advance civilization justifies
BC0980 - a closer look.
BC0982 -  ..
BC0983 - The challenge can be seem from the report by Professor George Miller
BC0984 - that people have a limited span of attention that can can recognize
BC0985 - about seven (7) contextual subjects. ref SDS 37 6120  Inability to
BC0986 - remember accurately is hidden from the conscious span of attention by
BC0987 - a very powerful ability to remember the gist of information and fill
BC0988 - in the gaps using common sense that draws on seemingly relevant
BC0989 - experience during stream-of-conscous activity like discussion, email,
BC0990 - calls, and meetings.  Ability to draw on experience for filling in the
BC0991 - gaps gives a false appearance of accurate understanding, because the
BC0992 - listener's conscious span of attention is diverted by the spectical of
BC0993 - skillful entertainment, which people acquire for talking other people
BC0994 - into saying "yes."  Andy Grove notes the human mind is awfully
BC0995 - forgiving of ambiguity, and recommends copious notes avoid mistakes,
BC0996 - reviewed on 980307. ref SDS 33 7571 People relax during normal
BC0997 - stream-of-conscious forms of communication using the "gift of gab"
BC0998 - that is entertaining, as reported on 991108. ref SDS 49 4505 However,
BC0999 - Jeremy Campbell notes people pay a price for relying on common sense
BC1000 - to fill in the gaps of understanding, because this causes mistakes,
BC1001 - reviewed on 900303. ref SDS 5 4456
BC1003 -  ..
BC1004 - Obviously, judgements have to made about when accuracy is important
BC1005 - enough to expend additional time and effort, as Grove recommends.
BC1006 - Technology that makes accuracy faster, easier and cheaper expands the
BC1007 - range of occassions that can be captured, and this necessarily reduces
BC1008 - the chances of error in exercising judgement about when to communicate
BC1009 - accurately, per above, ref SDS 0 O33H, and further increases the
BC1010 - ability to provide an accurate record when necessary.  Over time, this
BC1011 - should improve productivity by reducing mistakes, as Grove notes.
BC1013 -  ..
BC1014 - Murray's proposal to omit links to the archives because people can
BC1015 - examine them at will, overlooks Eric Armstrong's report on 000824 that
BC1016 - some people hate archives. ref SDS 66 7O9I  Later on 010916 Eric
BC1017 - reported that there is a lot of useful information in archives, but
BC1018 - nobody can find anything using methods everybody likes, ref SDS 83
BC1019 - KA6H, which causes frustration and worry about what has been
BC1020 - overlooked that may affect performance.  On 011003  Eric reported that
BC1021 - present practice of omitting links on expectation that people can
BC1022 - check the archives when necessary paralyzes productivity, because it
BC1023 - is not effective. ref SDS 85 EC5N
BC1025 -  ..
BC1026 - On 000723 experience shows that people understand context differently
BC1027 - from common events like a conversation, email, telephone call, and
BC1028 - this leads to mistakes that cause great tragedy in the loss of life
BC1029 - and treasure, ref SDS 65 H44G, when people relax about the accuracy of
BC1030 - important information, and rely on availability of archives, rather
BC1031 - than verify accuracy, as Murray urges today.
BC1033 -  ..
BC1034 - NWO explains communication fails when people fail to add alignment.
BC1035 - ref OF 4 4077, as Murray and Eric propose today. ref SDS A4 PO4L
BC1036 - Ordinary paraphrasing that is an aid to understanding context, over
BC1037 - time compounds meaning drift when alignment is not maitained.  This
BC1038 - makes communication the biggest risk in enterprise, also discussed in
BC1039 - POIMS. ref OF 1 IE6L
BC1041 -  ..
BC1042 - The 3-layer architecture proposed by Jack Park and discussed with Gary
BC1043 - Johnson on 020730, ref SDS A2 01GW, enables people to retain a relaxed
BC1044 - life-style by not worrying about investing time to add all of the
BC1045 - links in email needed to provide context and improve accuracy, and
BC1046 - instead only provide a few links that help build a connected record
BC1047 - for the 2nd layer of the DKR by relying on the SDS records in the 3rd
BC1048 - layer.
BC1050 -       ..
BC1051 -      [ another record letter to Eric and Murray discuss this
BC1052 -      idea. ref SDS A5 NE3I
BC1053 -
BC1054 -
BC1055 -
BC1056 -
BC1057 -
BC1058 -
BC1059 -
BC1060 -
BC1061 -
BC11 -

Links Used for Background for People to Research Archives N   for Dai
Email Links Not Needed for Accuracy Informal Communication Similar to
Intelligence Understanding Connections Difficult to Accomplish with E
Mistakes Caused by Email Reduces Productivity Creates Demand for SDS
Disadvantages Email Explained by Jack Park
Attractive Fools Gold Laziness Ignorance Enables Widespread Popularit
Kills Productivity Ignorance Enables Widespread Popularity of Email t
Free Email Fast Easy Way to Reduce Productivity Earnings Stock Prices
Altheim, Murray Email Less Effective than Conversation for Communicat
Email Less Effective than Conversation for Communication
Email Conversation Stream-of-conscious Communication Applies Biologic
Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise Listening Understanding Follow
Improving Improvement, Continual Learning, Bootstrap C Strategy
Communication Biggest Risk of Enterprise Paradigm Shift of Millennium
Giving Up Communication Cannot be Improved Too Complex Record Shows P
Commitment Solve World Problems Requires Investing More than 20 Minut
20 Minutes to Pilot Test Benefits Don't Occur for Days, Weeks, Years

CD19 -
CD2001 -  ..
CD2002 - Solving World Problems Requires Investing More than 20 Minutes
CD2003 - 20 Minutes Not Enough Time to Learn to Solve World Problems
CD2004 - DKR Cannot Solve World Problems Using Email Need Stronger Solution
CD2005 - World Problems Cannot be Solved with DKR Addressability in Email
CD2006 -
CD2007 - Murray quotes the Welch letter asking about the purpose of the DKR if
CD2008 - people object to receiving a linked record from the DKR, and also
CD2009 - object to investing 10 seconds for creating links in email that
CD2010 - comprise a DKR of connected information.  Murray then comments...
CD2011 -
CD2012 -     ...I simply think what we're finding here is that in email (which
CD2013 -     is of course very much like face-to-face discussions, only without
CD2014 -     the benefit of inflection, body language et al) we as people bring
CD2015 -     to that virtual room the same kinds of habits and deficiencies
CD2016 -     that we all have as people, perhaps even amplified. I don't think
CD2017 -     a purple number (or any technology, really) has the ability to
CD2018 -     solve the world's problems.  A DKR on its own won't do that, even
CD2019 -     if we could all be retrained (which I seriously doubt).
CD2020 -     ref DRP 3 LN8L
CD2022 -  ..
CD2023 - How can people be sure enough that a DKR cannot solve world problems
CD2024 - to avoid altogether any effort to pilot test a DKR, given planning on
CD2025 - 000120 for the OHS/DKR to solve world problems? ref SDS 53 1215
CD2027 -  ..
CD2028 - Giving up by saying that "technology" cannot solve world problems
CD2029 - seems overbroad and premature given that technology has solved some
CD2030 - medical problems that previously plagued the world.  Technology has
CD2031 - solved transportation world problems by empowering greater mobility.
CD2032 - Technology has solved a lot of the hunger problems in the world.
CD2033 - True, some people still go hungry, but not like in the old days, when
CD2034 - 99% of the people spent most of their time grubbing for food.
CD2036 -  ..
CD2037 - Murray's finding that information technology, which people like using,
CD2038 - because they have learned to use it, takes too much diligence to use
CD2039 - for knowledge management, can be resolved by learning to use
CD2040 - technology that enables Knowledge Management.  On 001130 Jack Park
CD2041 - noted that SDS has the design for KM and an interface that makes the
CD2042 - design useful for people. ref SDS 71 H17O  Rather than give up, try
CD2043 - using effective technology, reported on 010907. ref SDS 79 KX3L
CD2044 - Murray's actual lament is that advancing from information, for which
CD2045 - he has developed skills, to a culture of knowledge, requries investing
CD2046 - more than 20 minutes to acquire new skills.  World problems cannot be
CD2047 - solved by refusal to invest more than 20 minutes learning to work
CD2048 - intelligently for saving time and money.  On 020726 the idea was
CD2049 - presented at a professional conference at the Sante Fe Institute that
CD2050 - people should study what works in order to learn how to advance.
CD2051 - ref SDS A0 E63H  More progress occurs on KM by studying SDS that has a
CD2052 - proven track record to work, than studying IT which has proven to
CD2053 - fail, as reported by research at IBM on 020608. ref SDS 97 ZN6I
CD2055 -  ..
CD2056 - Arguing that a DKR cannot solve world problems, where "DKR" is taken
CD2057 - to mean advancing from information to a culture of knowledge,
CD2058 - overlooks that no single method is a complete solution, but advances
CD2059 - in the ability to think remember and communicate help people solve all
CD2060 - kinds of problems that plague the world.
CD2061 -
CD2063 -  ..
CD2064 - Email Bigger Risk of Error than Conversation
CD2065 -
CD2066 - Murray's point that email compounds weakness of traditional stream-of-
CD2067 - conscious communication in meetings, calls and discussions, supports
CD2068 - analysis in POIMS, ref OF 1 CZ6K, that makes communication the biggest
CD2069 - risk in enterprise, and makes email a "killer" application that kills
CD2070 - productivity, earnings and stock prices due to compounding effects of
CD2071 - meaning drift, when there is no proactive intelligence effort to align
CD2072 - daily communication with objectives, requirements and commitments,
CD2073 - ref OF 1 IE6L, as Murray and Eric propose today.
CD2075 -  ..
CD2076 - The theory, evident in letters from Murray and Eric today, that email
CD2077 - is informal communication like conversation, reflects common
CD2078 - perceptions evident in the record of the Microsoft litigation reviewed
CD2079 - on 991110. However, in Microsoft case the court relied on the email
CD2080 - record and found that participants relied on the email record to make
CD2081 - judgements that affect others. ref SDS 50 J38H  This finding suggests
CD2082 - accuracy is important in order for reliance to be effective.  The
CD2083 - OHS/DKR objective to link email showing an audit trail that verifies
CD2084 - accuracy, reviewed on 991222, ref SDS 52 1Z61, appears to offer
CD2085 - significant added value under the holdings in the Microsoft case,
CD2086 - reviewed on 991110. ref SDS 50 J38H
CD2087 -
CD2088 -
CD2089 -
CD2090 -
CD2091 -
CD2092 -
CD21 -

SDS Would be Used by Eric because SDS Shows Amazing Capability
Links Used for Background for People to Research Archives Not for Dai

CX04 -
CX0501 -  ..
CX0502 - Investing Intellectual Capital Covers all Activity, Including Email
CX0503 - Knowledge Management Broader than Email Covers All Communication
CX0504 -
CX0505 - Follow up ref SDS A2 YR6F.
CX0506 -
CX0507 - Murray says in his letter today...
CX0508 -
CX0509 -     ...the point of [linking using for example] purple numbers seems
CX0510 -     to me to be (and I've thought enough about them to have developed
CX0511 -     a purple number-generating tool), is that they're there for the
CX0512 -     DKR, not for the people participating in the discussion.  As such,
CX0513 -     the more that they're behind the scenes, the more the tools enable
CX0514 -     them to be put into the background the better.  Email headers
CX0515 -     already include a great deal of context- maintaining information,
CX0516 -     and online archives provide even more.  With the ability to search
CX0517 -     across those archives, we have the foundation of that DKR already.
CX0518 -     ref DRP 3 GO7J
CX0520 -      ..
CX0521 -     The problem is not *within* the online discussions, it's all of
CX0522 -     that stuff external to the email.  It's the face-to-face
CX0523 -     conversations, the ideas in our heads, the content of the email
CX0524 -     attachments, the paper memos passed around at meetings, all that
CX0525 -     detritus of normal practice that doesn't somehow make its way into
CX0526 -     the archive. And I don't see much to fix that, though some of the
CX0527 -     Hyperscope stuff we're now seeing arrive is very promising.
CX0528 -     ref DRP 3 AQ8K
CX0530 -  ..
CX0531 - Eric concurs, saying...
CX0532 -
CX0533 - the context of publishing, collecting material from the
CX0534 -     archives and using it to build a paper, purple numbers make a lot
CX0535 -     of sense. ref DRP 4 F67F
CX0536 -
CX0537 -     To my mind, it is only in the "boiling down" process where the
CX0538 -     mass of conversation turns into a final work product that purple
CX0539 -     numbers achieve their value. (This is a feeling that may either be
CX0540 -     confirmed or contradicted by Augment users ), ref DRP 4 9F9H
CX0542 -  ..
CX0543 - Murray explains the scope of Knowledge Management extends beyond the
CX0544 - narrow world of email, as set out in POIMS support Drucker's call to
CX0545 - routinze good management that augments human intelligence, reported on
CX0546 - 991025. ref SDS 48 0785  The first step is capturing organizational
CX0547 - memory by investing intellectual capital. ref OF 1 1101  On 000503
CX0548 - Eric proposed limiting work of the OHS/DKR effort to create a
CX0549 - Knowledge Management capabiity to improve email. ref SDS 61 5187 Yet,
CX0550 - if email will not include support for linking, what material
CX0551 - improvement is proposed?
CX0553 -      ..
CX0554 -     [ another record letter responds to Murray's concern about
CX0555 -     purple numbers not being used by proposing 3-layer architecture
CX0556 -     that uses linking to convert layer 1 into layer 2. ref SDS A5 PE6L
CX0558 -  ..
CX0559 - Murray's work developing a linking method, called Purple Numbers, has
CX0560 - not led to using linking, per his explanation above, ref SDS 0 YR6F,
CX0561 - similar to Eugene Kim, who, also, developed a system of Purple Numbers
CX0562 - for linking, reported on 010131, ref SDS 74 MM9M, but does not use
CX0563 - them for improving daily working information in email. ref SDS 74 5J4F
CX0564 - People with powerful linking tools discover the tools are not useful,
CX0565 - because working intelligently to build a connected record of Knowledge
CX0566 - Space requires a critical mass of integrated functions that work
CX0567 - together, as explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 KH8J  Linking technology
CX0568 - alone is not enough to enable routine linking.  On 000709 Bill DeHart
CX0569 - explained that experience at PG&E showed SDS provides organization
CX0570 - that that is essential for transformation from informtion to a culture
CX0571 - of knowledge. ref SDS 63 0052
CX0573 -  ..
CX0574 - On 020531 Mike Poremba reported that observing use of SDS indicates
CX0575 - unique functionality optimized for organization and linking.
CX0576 - ref SDS 96 5M3G
CX0578 -  ..
CX0579 - Need an example of Murray's idea to use links in the background of the
CX0580 - DKR.  On 010916 Eric Armstrong reported people cannot find anything in
CX0581 - the archives. ref SDS 83 KA6H  Later on 011003 Eric reported that
CX0582 - inability to manage information paralyzes productivity. ref SDS 85
CX0583 - EC5N
CX0585 -  ..
CX0586 - If links are not put into email that are later archived to become a
CX0587 - "DKR" of sorts, how does Murray propose that links will get into the
CX0588 - DKR?
CX0590 -  ..
CX0591 - Information that is external to email is a big asset, rather than a
CX0592 - "problem" as Murray contends in his letter today. ref DRP 3 AQ8K
CX0594 -  ..
CX0595 - If we can write an email, why not jot down what transpires during a
CX0596 - meeting, or in a call, during a seminar, or from reading, as shown by
CX0597 - following examples....
CX0598 -
CX0599 -      OHS/DKR meetings....................... 001017, ref SDS 67 1575
CX0600 -      Call on Oakland Harbor project......... 970107, ref SDS 27 0001
CX0601 -      Discussion at USACE.................... 970110, ref SDS 28 2487
CX0602 -      Visiting the doctor.................... 990912, ref SDS 45 0001
CX0603 -      Visiting the car repair shop........... 990507, ref SDS 39 0001
CX0604 -      Reading a book......................... 980307, ref SDS 32 0001
CX0605 -      Attend seminar......................... 940612, ref SDS 13 0001
CX0606 -      Planning a seminar..................... 951114, ref SDS 22 0001
CX0607 -      Research liturature.................... 991108, ref SDS 49 0001
CX0608 -      Buying a computer...................... 010202, ref SDS 75 0001
CX0609 -      Design new computer system............. 980503, ref SDS 35 0001
CX0610 -
CX0611 - ...that illustrate the broad application of a new way of working
CX0612 - intelligently, reported in the letter to John Maloney on 020708.
CX0613 - ref SDS 99 MZ6O
CX0615 -  ..
CX0616 - Email is only the tip of the ice berg for adding intelligence to
CX0617 - information that saves time and money to solve world problems.
CX0619 -  ..
CX0620 - OHS/DKR should strongly consider tackling this "tip" as a small step
CX0621 - toward "steady improvement" called out by Murray today.  Explicit
CX0622 - links make this step extremely easy to accomplish.
CX0623 -
CX0624 -
CX0625 -
CX0626 -
CX0627 -
CX0628 -
CX0629 -
CX07 -

Giving Up on Communication Improvement Cultural Resistance Communicat
50 Years Adopt New Way Working Buckmeister Fuller SDS Conflicts Commo
Disruptive Technology Requires Learning Teaching Advertising Enable C

DO05 -
DO0601 -  ..
DO0602 - Progress Slow on KM Because of Meaning of Knowledge is Difficult
DO0603 - Build Better Mousetraps Do Not Always Bring More Customers
DO0604 - Mouse Trap Improvements May Not Yield a Lot of Customers
DO0605 - Giving Up Improve Management Because Communication Too Complex
DO0606 -
DO0607 - Follow up ref SDS 92 VG4O.
DO0608 -
DO0609 - Murray continues....
DO0610 -
DO0611 -     ...the world doesn't always beat a path to your door because you
DO0612 -     have a better mousetrap; sometimes the world doesn't want a better
DO0613 -     mousetrap at all; sometimes people are happy independently
DO0614 -     wallowing in their problems rather than cooperatively working
DO0615 -     toward a solution; sometimes the differences people have over
DO0616 -     which solution keeps any from being attempted; and sometimes there
DO0617 -     are forces actively working against any solutions (such as those
DO0618 -     corporations creating proprietary technologies). Which is really
DO0619 -     our problem here? ref DRP 3 J64K
DO0621 -  ..
DO0622 - Would help to get a list of proprietary technologies for KM which
DO0623 - Murray feels can advance progress if made available to the OHS/DKR
DO0624 - group.  The feeling that slow progress is due to lack of access to
DO0625 - proprietary technologies by corporations reflects Paul Fernhout's
DO0626 - comment on 020530 that progress is delayed by failure to adopt a
DO0627 - license on ownership of work product that satifies interests of
DO0628 - contributors. ref SDS 95 O14N  On 020608  John Maloney cited research
DO0629 - at IBM by Dave Snowden that shows KM technologies have failed because
DO0630 - few know how to design and deploy KM. ref SDS 97 ZN6I  On 010924 the
DO0631 - difficulties discovering the design of KM were reviewed. ref SDS 84
DO0632 - QN7M
DO0634 -  ..
DO0635 - Thus, lack of progress by OHS/DKR is not caused by lack of proprietary
DO0636 - technologies bottled up by corporations, but rather is caused by lack
DO0637 - of knowledge about the meaning of knowledge that enables advancing
DO0638 - beyond information technology, as Eric Armstrong noted on 000503.
DO0639 - ref SDS 61 5033  Inexperience causes ignorance, fear and denial that
DO0640 - prevent people from clicking links to discover alignment that verifies
DO0641 - accuracy, and discloses correlations, implications and nuance; and
DO0642 - lack of experience further prevents people from investing a few
DO0643 - seconds to add links provide a connected record.  Proprietary
DO0644 - technologies are not bottled up anywhere that prevent clicking links
DO0645 - and adding links.
DO0646 -
DO0648 -  ..
DO0649 - Disruptive Technology Takes Time to Transform Commercial Markets
DO0650 -
DO0651 - The beginning part of Murray's comment reflects the period required to
DO0652 - deploy improvement, noted by Gary Johnson on 011210, and crediting
DO0653 - Buckminster Fuller with the observation that improvement takes 50
DO0654 - years in an established culture. ref SDS 89 R66K  Gary later used the
DO0655 - same mouse trap analogy in a letter on 020217. ref SDS 92 N49H
DO0657 -  ..
DO0658 - Murray seems to support Tom Landauer's point in his book "The Trouble
DO0659 - with Computers," reviewed on 950710 explaining that market success
DO0660 - depends on many enablng factors coming into alignmnet, in addition to
DO0661 - usefulness, with the result that better usefulness does not translate
DO0662 - into immediate commercial success. ref SDS 18 2004
DO0664 -  ..
DO0665 - Murray adds weight to Peter Drucker's observation that people have
DO0666 - given up on improving communication, because the task is too complex,
DO0667 - reviewed on 931130. ref SDS 12 3851  Murray appears, therefore, to
DO0668 - overlook Clay Christensen's point reveiwed on 990527 that markets for
DO0669 - disruptive technology start small; sometimes there is barely any path
DO0670 - at all being beaten by customers for quite a long time, because it
DO0671 - takes time for people to learn about new new capability and how to
DO0672 - deploy it productively. ref SDS 41 9711  Growing new markets is not a
DO0673 - process of watching what people are buying, but watching how people
DO0674 - are working in order to substantially improve and add value to lives
DO0675 - and work processes. ref SDS 41 6633
DO0676 -
DO0677 -
DO0678 -
DO0679 -
DO0680 -
DO0681 -
DO0682 -
DO0683 -
DO0684 -
DO0685 -
DO0686 -
DO07 -