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Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 16:45:56 -0700

From:   Eric Armstrong


Subject:   3-layer Architecture Purpose of DKR?

Murray Altheim wrote on 15 Aug 2002 15:16:22...
...I simply think what we're finding here is that in email (which is of course very much like face-to-face discussions...I don't think a purple number (or any technology, really) has the ability to solve the world's problems....
I think that is substantially correct. In the context of carrying on a discussion, it doesn't make all that much sense to reference everything spoken about using purple numbers.
However, in the context of publishing, collecting material from the archives and using it to build a paper, purple numbers make a lot of sense.

I recall a break through I made in one of my philosophy classes, when I realized that the way to an A-grade was to organize a list of quotes that led to the conclusion I wanted, and then write a smattering of text between them to provide context and link them together.
With a purpilized archive, one can imagine methods that would let you grab paragraphs, and perhaps massage them a bit, with ellipses (...) in place of bits of text you want to leave out.

Including the referenced material in your paper would automatically include the purple numbers, linking back to the original source.

That kind of process is certainly the kind of painstaking attention to detail that is part of the paper-authoring process, but it is equally *not* something that is part of the normal process of discourse.
To my mind, it is only in the "boiling down" process where the mass of conversation turns into a final work product that purple numbers achieve their value. (This is a feeling that may either be confirmed or contradicted by Augment users )

The difficulty, it appears to me, is the one discussed earlier today in Peter's message, and expanded in my reply to it.
(meta-comment) Here, in my email messaging system, I do not have any access to whatever purple numbers may have been stored in the archive. So even though a purple number undoubtly exists with which to point to that discussion, I do not have a way to incorporate it. (/meta-comment) ..
The difficulty described in that message was the need for large visible area, face-to-face meeting, and a medium for recording results. To that I would add the unavailability of the purple numbers in the email creation process that I am currently using.


Eric Armstrong