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DIARY: January 2, 2004 12:13 PM Friday; Rod Welch

Gary reports using SDS 8 steps of Communication Metrics, part 1.

2...Strategic Vision Reveals Path to Steady Progress
3...Annual Review Shows Progress Advancing on Learning and Using SDS
....a...2 Worlds -- Bridging the Gap from Information to Knowledge
....b...Hidden in Plain Sight -- Com Metrics Counterintuitive
........Innovation Loop Hides the Power of Knowledge in Plain Sight
....c...Relentless Pressure -- Steady Progress Transforms Culture
4...SDS Aids Collaboration Teaches Com Metrics to Work Intelligently
5...Collaboration Enabled by SDS Changes Attitudes about Good Management
6...Attitudes Change about Good Management SDS Support for Collaboration
7...Lesson Learned Demand Grows for Using SDS for Communication Metrics
8...Communication Analyst New Professional Work Role Proof of Concept
9...Moore's Law Productivity Rises by Working Smarter Not Harder
10...SDS Improvements Evolve from Experience Performing Com Metrics
11...Collaboration Using SDS Increases Synergy for Improving Productivity
12...Communication Metrics Skills Grow from Learning and Using SDS
13...Lessons Learned Short Cuts on Good Management Slow Progress
14...SDS Used for Com Metrics Saves Time Money -- Lesson Learned
15...Short Cuts on Good Management Cause Work to Get Fouled Up Fall Behind
16...Com Metrics for Intelligence Organize Analyse Align Summarize Feedback
17...Rome Wasn't Built in 1 Day; SDS Records Created Over Days, Weeks..
18...Goals 2004 Learn Skills for Performing Communication Metrics
19...Communication Metrics Implemented by Learning 8 Steps Using SDS
20...Intelligence Work Counterintuitive Because Good Management Redundant
21...8 Steps Using SDS Communication Metrics Goal for 2004
22...Noah Built the Ark Before the Rain
23...Hansel Gretle Audit Trail Attractive But Front-end Investment Resisted
24...Ahead of Schedule Learning SDS for Communication Metrics
25...Experience Using SDS Grows Knowledge about Knowledge Management
26...Lessons Learned Flag Proposed Similar to Action Item System
27...Subject Index Manages Lessons Learned for Continual Improvement
......................Been there, done that!
......................Once burned, twice shy!

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1...The goal for this year is to continue the learning curve for using


8 Steps Using SDS for Com Metrics POIMS Link Communication Shows Comm
SDS Learn 8 Steps for Com Metrics Enables Good Management at
SDS Enables Intelligence Unique Design Experience Enables Discoveryin
Progress Using SDS According to the Design Enables Discover
Project Year Review Progress Gary Performing Contract to L
Strategic Vision Gary SDS Supports Com Metrics 2 Worlds Bridg
Aerospace company combat Project Annual Review Progress Using SDS for C   Metrics

2509 -
2509 -    ..
2510 - Summary/Objective
2511 -
251101 - Follow up ref SDS B9 0001
251102 -
251103 - This past year, Gary made good progress learning SDS.  Experience
251104 - using SDS grows understanding to retool literacy into knowledge skills
251105 - for performing Communication Metrics, ref SDS 0 529F, and, also,
251106 - enables collaboration on improving the SDS program. ref SDS 0 HH7M,
251107 - including confidentiality. ref SDS 0 ND4H  Feedback from project staff
251108 - shows collaboration on the job is helping bridge the gap from
251109 - information technology to a culture of knowledge. ref SDS 0 UO6T  Gary
251110 - has a good strategic vision for opportunities, challenges and
251111 - rewards of transformation. ref SDS 0 G59F  Today, he presented ideas
251112 - for managing lessons learned. ref SDS 0 PA68  Looking ahead, this year
251113 - the goal is to learn more of the eight (8) steps using SDS,
251114 - ref SDS 0 KV4O, and implement three (3) strategies for helping people
251115 - discover the power of knowledge through continual learning by adding
251116 - analysis to the record; making the record available on the company
251117 - intranet; and, when circumstances are appropriate, following up to
251118 - teach, educate and enlighten about new realities that require a new
251119 - way of working in the 21st century. ref SDS 0 8Q3N  Collaborating with
251120 - colleagues on the project to develop CFISR is fertile soil to grow
251121 - ideas for applying the management science of Communication Metrics.
251122 - While getting started is frustrating, because everyone must first
251123 - crawl before walking, experience linking analysis to foundational
251124 - documents improves personal memory so that citing "chapter and verse"
251125 - will soon become fast and easy for adding "intelligence" that converts
251126 - information into knowledge. ref SDS 0 1L3N
251128 -         ..
251129 -        [On 040116 SDS was discontinued on the project. ref SDS F4 0001
251131 -         ..
251132 -        [On 040211 request evaluation using SDS at Aerospace company
251133 -        during 2003. ref SDS G0 SJ5L
251135 -         ..
251136 -        [On 040227 Gary reports in letter to SRI that experience using
251137 -        SDS at Aerospace company during 2003 is reported in the record
251138 -        today. ref SDS G6 NM6H
251140 -         ..
251141 -        [On 040227 report slow progress producing organizational memory
251142 -        using extra staff and conventional information technologies.
251143 -        ref SDS G6 RH77
251145 -         ..
251146 -        [On 040304 Aerospace company initiates procurement to use SDS.
251147 -        ref SDS G9 DR8K
251149 -         ..
251150 -        [On 040318 signed contract for Aerospace company to use SDS on
251151 -        the project. ref SDS H1 0001
251153 -         ..
251154 -        [On 050307 Gary will update 2004 annual review, and submit
251155 -        planning for progress in 2005. ref SDS I5 414H
251156 -
251157 -
251158 -
251159 -
251161 -  ..
2512 -
2513 -
2514 - Progress
2515 -
251501 - Strategic Vision Reveals Path to Steady Progress
251502 - Annual Review Shows Progress Advancing on Learning and Using SDS
251503 -
251504 - Gary has made good progress performing the agreement on 030309,
251505 - ref SDS A3 6T4K, to implement terms and conditions for Gary to learn
251506 - Communication Metrics by using SDS, listed on 030126. ref SDS A2 TB4F
251507 - SDS support for collaboration has aided tool development and revealed
251508 - strategic market dynamics, reported on 030416. ref SDS A6 424O  This
251509 - model presents a lesson learned that using SDS for collaboration could
251510 - help other groups, projects and organizations.
251512 -  ..
251513 - Examples of Gary's strategic vision include...
251514 -
251515 -    a.  2 Worlds -- Bridging the Gap from Information to Knowledge
251516 -
251517 -        SDS enables a new way of working to meet new realities, noticed
251518 -        by Drucker, reviewed on 931130, ref SDS 15 1855, and later by
251519 -        Engelbart, reviewed on 991222. ref SDS 57 C742  Gary feels that
251520 -        using SDS for constructing knowledge to meet the challenge of a
251521 -        new world order, see NWO, ref OF 10 1675, is fundamentally
251522 -        different from what is practical to accomplish in the "world"
251523 -        of information technology for common practices like planning,
251524 -        reporting, managing documents with outlining and filing,
251525 -        understanding cause and effect with legal analysis, discovering
251526 -        correlations, implications and nuance with the scientific
251527 -        process of plan, perform and report, etc.  The difference
251528 -        between SDS and using common tools and practices requires
251529 -        focused effort on transformation to a culture of knowledge, see
251530 -        the record on 030410. ref SDS A4 LC4L  Gary gives a good
251531 -        example of the problem by explaining on 030410 that SDS support
251532 -        for "deliberative analysis" to make command and control
251533 -        effective by working intelligently in the "fog of war" that
251534 -        occurs from growing complexities in a faster paced world, set
251535 -        out in POIMS, ref OF 7 1113, is a sea change from common
251536 -        practice on the job today. ref SDS A4 D17J  Gary's perspective
251537 -        fits Morris' strategic vision explaining added value of SDS on
251538 -        911123, ref SDS 6 4930, and 10 years later on 010924.
251539 -        ref SDS 81 XT5F
251541 -         ..
251542 -        "Intellectual bridges" to facilitate transformation are listed
251543 -        on 010730. ref SDS 77 LH6M
251545 -         ..
251546 -        Research to pilot test and report on results can help bridge
251547 -        the gap between the world of existing knowledge and a new way
251548 -        of working, as related in discussion with Pat Lincoln on
251549 -        030521. ref SDS B4 X69O  Pilot testing faces the same hurdle of
251550 -        ignorance, fear and denial because people invest time and money
251551 -        to research things they believe are useful, and belief is
251552 -        innately limited by understanding.  New World Order... explains
251553 -        "understanding" is driven by experience. ref OF 11 5361  SRI,
251554 -        SAIC, Rand, DARPA, LANL, CIA, et al, have expertise to research
251555 -        advancing to a culture of knowledge, but they have no
251556 -        experience with knowledge theory and tools, and must convince
251557 -        others to pay for it, who also have no experience.  This is
251558 -        another innovation loop.
251560 -         ..
251561 -        Helping people discover opportunity for pilot testing SDS to
251562 -        advance from information to a culture of knowledge has proven
251563 -        difficult, reported on 010426. ref SDS 75 657O  People have to
251564 -        explain belief, based on experience, that other people should
251565 -        approve paying for support they don't use, have never seen in
251566 -        books, magazines, on television, nor discussed at parties and
251567 -        seminars, and so don't understand.  This makes transformation
251568 -        by pilot testing difficult, because, in the beginning, nobody
251569 -        has experience with seminal work, noted by Tom Munnecke on
251570 -        020911. ref SDS 94 6K6J  Earlier on 990526 Morris noticed that
251571 -        pilot testing requires approval. ref SDS 49 6132, and mentioned
251572 -        this again on 011211. ref SDS 84 DZ4G  At that time, Morris
251573 -        noted difficulty people have understanding the opportunity to
251574 -        advance alphabet technology. ref SDS 84 VM9M  On 000703, Morris
251575 -        pointed out people have difficulty getting experience with
251576 -        ideas they do not understand. ref SDS 65 XO81  On 011211 Morris
251577 -        clarified that people have difficulty understanding how
251578 -        technology can support cognitive science, ref SDS 84 XJ8N, as
251579 -        recommended by Drucker on 991025. ref SDS 55 8925
251581 -         ..
251582 -        This record indicates bridging the gap between two (2) worlds
251583 -        from information to knowledge tools requires imparting
251584 -        experience to break out of the box created by a powerful
251585 -        innovation loop that blinds people to the role of intelligence
251586 -        in management. see below, ref SDS 0 WH6N  Traditional practices
251587 -        to pilot test new methods has proven ineffective, and so must
251588 -        be accomplished initially without official sanction by "flying
251589 -        below the radar."
251590 -
251591 -
251592 -
251593 -
251594 -
251595 -
251596 -
2516 -

Hidden in Plan Sight by Fog of War Daily Information Overload and Eno
Strategic Vision Gary Recognizes Challenge of Transformation SDS Supp
Ignorance Fear Denial Definition Innovation Loop Prevents People from
Innovation Loop Defined Ignorance Fear Denial Prevents People from Ga

3706 -
370701 -         ..
370702 -    b.  Hidden in Plain Sight -- Com Metrics Counterintuitive
370703 -        Innovation Loop Hides the Power of Knowledge in Plain Sight
370704 -        (see lessons learned, ref SDS 0 KT4N)
370706 -         ..
370707 -        Gary explains SDS functions and benefits are fundamental to
370708 -        good management. ref OF 8 ZM4M  Opportunity is therefore hidden
370709 -        in plain sight for using SDS to use good practices, noted by
370710 -        Gary on 030708, ref SDS C3 LV8G, because working intelligently
370711 -        is beyond reach using traditional tools and methods.  Since
370712 -        people cannot experience SDS capabilities with other tools, and
370713 -        since experience is the driving force of knowledge, ignorance
370714 -        from lack of experience with SDS work product makes SDS seem
370715 -        counterintuitive, discussed with Ross on 890809, ref SDS 4
370716 -        QY6L, and noted by Morris on 920215. ref SDS 9 5820  Powerful
370717 -        cultural dynamics that resist saving time and money were
370718 -        noticed again by Morris on 990527. ref SDS 50 1233
370720 -         ..
370721 -        Cultural blinders box people into an innovation loop that hides
370722 -        the secret of knowledge tools in plain sight, listed on 010924.
370723 -        ref SDS 81 JS6G
370725 -         ..
370726 -        Ignorance about the difference between information and
370727 -        knowledge, noted on 000503, ref SDS 62 5033, and cited at SRI
370728 -        on 000615, ref SDS 64 6271, prevents progress.  An innovation
370729 -        loop is driven by fear of accountability that resists working
370730 -        intelligently, reported on 010522, ref SDS 76 6R4J, until
370731 -        people get enough experience using SDS records to learn that
370732 -        knowledge avoids mistakes and increases opportunity to get
370733 -        credit for better performance, reviewed on 980405. ref SDS 44
370734 -        5065  Fear of accountability is compounded by fear of effort,
370735 -        time and failure to learn SDS and the steps for Communication
370736 -        Metrics, fear of losing investment in learning tools that are
370737 -        increasingly ineffective to cope with the new world order of
370738 -        information overload, reported on 890809, ref SDS 5 6139, but
370739 -        are fast easy to use for making mistakes, noted by Jack Park on
370740 -        010908, ref SDS 79 YF5O, fear of not remembering what to write,
370741 -        nor how to prepare effective analysis, fear that creating a
370742 -        record with connections to original sources is beyond reach
370743 -        based on experience with conventional tools, noted on 020820,
370744 -        ref SDS 91 O1QQ, etc., cause people to resist working
370745 -        "intelligently" under color of using "common sense" to
370746 -        "expedite" by reducing "paperwork," as set out on 010924.
370747 -        ref SDS 81 N74L
370749 -         ..
370750 -        Denial helps people "feel good" about ignoring problems and
370751 -        mistakes by claiming that investing time to follow industry
370752 -        standards, reported on 950721, ref SDS 23 1740, and follow
370753 -        regulations, reviewed on 020504, ref SDS 87 XV7L, that call for
370754 -        aligning daily work with objectives, requirements and
370755 -        commitments is unnecessary paperwork that wastes time and
370756 -        money, because good communication skills can solve problems
370757 -        faster and easier by talking things out, getting people to say
370758 -        "Yes!"; and, if that doesn't work, then talking our way out of
370759 -        accountability.  Denial to feel good is a critical safety valve
370760 -        that avoids emotional trauma of a guilty conscious from causing
370761 -        harm by failing to do right.  Feel good management, defined on
370762 -        911123. ref SDS 6 1331, makes failure to perform good practice
370763 -        socially acceptable, because everybody feels that following
370764 -        standards and regulations is overkill, reviewed previously on
370765 -        960410, ref SDS 29 5T8I  The common desire to feel good makes
370766 -        denial seem fashionable and fun to avoid following standards
370767 -        and regulations that are essential to improve productivity,
370768 -        earnings and stock prices by saving lives, time and money,
370769 -        reported by USACE on 971007. ref DRP 4 4172  Feel good
370770 -        management makes denial a powerful potion to avoid feeling bad
370771 -        about losing a job, home, health insurance, etc., when the
370772 -        company folds, and feeling bad when people get killed because
370773 -        good management seems old fashioned, it's overkill.
370775 -         ..
370776 -        As a result, ignorance, fear and denial form an innovation loop
370777 -        that prevents discovering the power of knowledge by excusing
370778 -        failure to work intelligently as unnecessary overkill, reported
370779 -        on 890324. ref SDS 2 WR9K
370780 -
370781 -
370782 -
370783 -
3708 -

Relentless Pressure Exposure Steady to SDS Records Applies Theory of
Year Review SDS Project Challenge Vision Gary Recognizes o
Relentless Pressure Steady Exposure to SDS Records Applies Theory of
Attitudes Change Culture Steady Exposure to SDS Records Applies Theor
Steady Exposure to SDS Records Applies Theory of Transformation in Bo
Steady-as-she-goes 3-layer Architecture Strategy Build Experience Bas

4408 -
440901 -         ..
440902 -    c.  Relentless Pressure -- Steady Progress Transforms Culture
440903 -
440904 -        3-layer architecture to teach, educate and enlighten with
440905 -        continual experience working intelligently through steady
440906 -        exposure to SDS records, planned on 030524. ref SDS B5 9X62
440907 -        When appropriate situations arise, complement experience using
440908 -        SDS work product with timely follow up in calls, meetings and
440909 -        correspondence, citing foundational documents that explain how
440910 -        the secret of SDS support for Communication Metrics is hidden
440911 -        in plain sight, noted by in point 2.  Experience and follow up
440912 -        to explain correlations, implications and nuance, that people
440913 -        do not otherwise have time to grasp, and described as a "2nd
440914 -        act for fully below, ref SDS 0 1L30, enables continual learning
440915 -        for overcoming ignorance, fear and denial that resist good
440916 -        management, cited in point 1, and discussed recently by Gary on
440917 -        031211, ref SDS E9 PE5Y, which supplements Gary's powerful
440918 -        letter on 011210 explaining persistence is essential to help
440919 -        people improve. ref SDS 83 R66K
440920 -
440921 -             [On 040123 reviewed importance of using SDS to help others
440922 -             in order to create and grow awarenss about opportunity to
440923 -             work intelligently that grows demand for good management.
440924 -             ref SDS F6 ZT7H
440926 -         ..
440927 -        Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld recommended persistence seeking
440928 -        adherents to form a circle of advocates for helping management
440929 -        discover the opportunity of transformation to a stronger
440930 -        partnership between leadership and technology, reported on
440931 -        020131. ref SDS 85 6L5K
440932 -
440933 -
440934 -
440935 -
440936 -
440937 -
4410 -

Attitudes Change by Learning Using SDS 8 Steps for Com Metrics Enable
Collaboration Enabled by SDS Changes Attitudes about Good Management
20 Minutes Learn Above Average User Cares About Above Average Results
Feedback Shows Attractiveness of SDS Record on Web
Other Users SDS Establishes Good Management KM Not Beyond Reach Inter
Other People Can Learn Use SDS to Perform Com Metrics Proof Concept G
Spreading Word Attitudes Change about Good Management SDS Support for
Re-tool Best Practices Transformation 3-layer Architecture Transition
Reengineer Management Requires Tools New Management Science

AT11 -
AT1201 -  ..
AT1202 - SDS Aids Collaboration Teaches Com Metrics to Work Intelligently
AT1203 - Collaboration Enabled by SDS Changes Attitudes about Good Management
AT1204 - Attitudes Change about Good Management SDS Support for Collaboration
AT1205 -
AT1206 - Gary's experience this past year, reported initially on 030413,
AT1207 - ref SDS A5 0001, and later on 031008, ref SDS D5 N94S, suggests
AT1208 - "lessons learned" and "proof of concept" that people can retool common
AT1209 - literacy skills for creating information by learning new skills using
AT1210 - SDS technology for Communication Metrics.  Upgrading literacy skills
AT1211 - empowers people to apply "intelligence" that converts information into
AT1212 - knowledge, as explained in POIMS. ref OF 3 0367 and ref OF 5 14GE
AT1214 -  ..
AT1215 - Collaboration to support Gary's project and improve SDS technology,
AT1216 - see below, ref SDS 0 HH7M, further suggests potential for positive
AT1217 - synergy to improve productivity from multiple users, addressing the
AT1218 - question posed on 951103, ref SDS 25 9066, and explained in POIMS.
AT1219 - ref OF 3 2D4M
AT1221 -  ..
AT1222 - Using SDS for the eight (8) steps of Communication Metrics that save
AT1223 - time and money, listed on 001219, ref SDS 73 4W4L, demonstrates
AT1224 - productivity improves from strengthening collaboration by adding
AT1225 - intelligence to information, see again. ref OF 4 6R4N  Steady support
AT1226 - for organizational memory helps spread the word that gradually
AT1227 - transforms resistance into understanding, then belief and conviction
AT1228 - that grows demand for good management, shown by the record at Aerospace company
AT1229 - this past year, per below, ref SDS 0 UO6T, and discussed previously on
AT1230 - 030416. ref SDS A6 NH8N  SDS tools and support for Communication
AT1231 - Metrics complement traditional leadership methods for changing
AT1232 - attitudes on improving productivity and earnings, reported on 980307.
AT1233 - ref SDS 43 1660  Expanding use of SDS to others requires providing
AT1234 - free of charge experience that increases awareness of Communication
AT1235 - Metrics, defined on 950327. ref SDS 22 0001
AT1237 -        ..
AT1238 -       [On 040203 Gary reports growing demand for organizational
AT1239 -       memory. ref SDS F8 0001
AT1240 -
AT1241 -
AT1243 -  ..
AT1244 - Lesson Learned Demand Grows for Using SDS for Communication Metrics
AT1245 - Communication Analyst New Professional Work Role Proof of Concept
AT1246 -
AT1247 - Gary's writing and engineering skills applied through the hard work,
AT1248 - ref SDS 0 4E4I, of implementing a strong strategic vision, ref SDS 0
AT1249 - G59F, has provided evidence showing "proof of concept" for a new
AT1250 - professional work role.  Experience this past year shows "lessons
AT1251 - learned" that using SDS for Communication Metrics transforms
AT1252 - resistance to grow demand for the role of Communication Analyst,
AT1253 - ref SDS 0 UO6T, which requires tools training and leadership, as
AT1254 - called out in NWO. ref OF 13 6369
AT1256 -  ..
AT1257 - Relentless pressure through steady exposure to organizational memory
AT1258 - on the project, per above, ref SDS 0 WI3H, helps people discover SDS
AT1259 - applies a connectionist theory of knowledge to strengthen alphabet
AT1260 - technology, discussed generally in Gary's record on 030413.
AT1261 - ref SDS A5 0001  This discovery fosters a culture of knowledge that
AT1262 - prepares people to expand use of good management, which grows demand
AT1263 - for SDS and for skills to implement Communication Metrics, shown by
AT1264 - Paul's comments, on 031008, that Gary needs help preparing and
AT1265 - maintaining organizational memory on the project. ref SDS D4 JU4T
AT1266 - Connecting Paul's discovery with the first dot when Nancy noted on
AT1267 - 030702 that an effective of organizational memory requires a
AT1268 - professional role, ref SDS C2 HL6H, begins a pattern of connections
AT1269 - that suggest transformation may take root on the project, based the
AT1270 - picture that emerges from connecting the other dots, as shown below.
AT1271 - ref SDS 0 UO6T  Since the Internet makes delivering intelligence fast
AT1272 - and easy, under planning on 971021, ref SDS 41 JN6J, the opportunity
AT1273 - for people to discover the path Gary has travelled is greatly
AT1274 - increased, shown by the growing list reported on 010907. ref SDS 78
AT1275 - 0P8P
AT1277 -        ..
AT1278 -       [On 040203 connecting the dots shows an emerging picture of
AT1279 -       transformation is changing attitudes from resisting good
AT1280 -       management to insisting Gary expand support for organizational
AT1281 -       memory showing support for a professional work role to perform
AT1282 -       Communication Metrics. ref SDS F8 4O8O
AT1284 -        ..
AT1285 -       [On 040203 more evidence from Eugene Kim's collaboration project
AT1286 -       shows growing recognition of need for new professional work role
AT1287 -       to organize record of daily work. ref SDS F9 TV8H
AT1288 -
AT1289 -
AT1290 -
AT1291 -
AT1292 -
AX0519 -
AX06 -

Start Command Executed from SDS DOSE Command Launches Other Programs
Collaboration Effective Small Skunk Works Organizations
Technology Performance Increase for Computer Chips under Moore's Law
SDS Moore's Law Reduce Keystrokes Productivity Rises Working Smarter

B806 -
B80701 -  ..
B80702 - Moore's Law Productivity Rises by Working Smarter Not Harder
B80703 - SDS Improvements Evolve from Experience Performing Com Metrics
B80704 - Collaboration Using SDS Increases Synergy for Improving Productivity
B80705 -
B80706 - Gary was proactive on system development to bridge the gap between two
B80707 - (2) worlds from information to knowledge technology, per above,
B80708 - ref SDS 0 G59F, by creating tools to analyse Powerpoint files for
B80709 - management in SDS, reported on 030421. ref SDS A7 0001  Gary developed
B80710 - a number of system management and diagnostic tools that lay the
B80711 - groundwork for future development.  An example are tools that conform
B80712 - and synchronize SDS records and documents between computers.
B80714 -  ..
B80715 - This past year Gary submitted a lot of ideas on improving SDS, see
B80716 - list on 000824, ref SDS 71 254H, and discussion on 031208. ref SDS E8
B80717 - 0001  Many improvements flowed from using the Windows Start command,
B80718 - which expanded integration with other programs. ref SDS D7 7F4K
B80719 - Gary's practice of regularly reporting experience using SDS for daily
B80720 - work on the job follows the model of working "intelligently," set out
B80721 - in POIMS, ref OF 6 6649, that makes collaboration productive by
B80722 - leveraging the synergy between using and improving technology, cited
B80723 - by Morris on 010924. ref SDS 81 NK4J  Successful collaboration on
B80724 - improving SDS fits the model of innovation developed at Lockheed,
B80725 - which Gary discussed on 011006. ref SDS 82 CQ4J
B80726 -
B80727 -     [On 040216 example using SDS to report problems with the program
B80728 -     that enables fast turn around on improvements. ref SDS G2 6N5I
B80730 -  ..
B80731 - Synergy between using and improving SDS has reduced the work to manage
B80732 - documents from 23 to 3 steps, reported on 030823. ref SDS C9 AT4H
B80733 - Thousands of commands for 30 major tasks have been reduced to a single
B80734 - keystroke for managing "knowledge" in SDS records, reported 031203.
B80735 - ref SDS E4 JV8G  Another example is consolidating commands for
B80736 - managing context, further reducing keystrokes, time and cost of good
B80737 - management, explained on 031207. ref SDS E7 AH4L  Integrating commands
B80738 - to make converting information into knowledge faster and easier meets
B80739 - goals for improving productivity called out by industry leaders.  An
B80740 - example is Bill Gates report on 021108, ref SDS 96 EFBE, following up
B80741 - a professional event in Paris, France where Gates and Larry Ellison
B80742 - called for better use of technology to improve productivity of
B80743 - management, reviewed on 970222. ref SDS 37 8529  On 030101 the
B80744 - application of Moore's law for increasing computer speed to get more
B80745 - information explains how SDS increases productivity and earnings,
B80746 - reported by USACE on 971007, ref DRP 4 4172, by helping people work
B80747 - "smarter" rather than "harder" drowning in a sea of information
B80748 - overload. ref SDS 99 PM53  Continuing to reduce the time and effort
B80749 - for learning and using SDS by reducing thousands of keystrokes per day
B80750 - for doing Knowledge Management (explained in POIMS, ref OF 4 HO4H)
B80751 - makes bridging the gap feasible and practical for transforming from
B80752 - information to knowledge, per above. ref SDS 0 G59F In turn, SDS
B80753 - support for "intelligence" makes collaboration faster, easier and
B80754 - effective.
B80755 -
B80756 -     [On 040217 emotional fatigue eliminated by reducing time and
B80757 -     keystrokes to make good practices fast and easy so that "being
B80758 -     prepared" is a matter of mere volition, dramatically increases
B80759 -     willingness to use good management, which in turn saves lives,
B80760 -     time and money to improve productivity and earnings. ref SDS G3
B80761 -     LN3G
B80763 -      ..
B80764 -     [On 040305 upgrade to subject maintenance for Control Fields
B80765 -     generates positive synergy that compounds benefits of Knowledge
B80766 -     Space. ref SDS H0 BS5O
B80768 -  ..
B80769 - Gary worked hard learning SDS to report on meetings in April.  Through
B80770 - fatigue and the vagaries of learning new skills, a few SDS records
B80771 - were inadvertently published on the Internet, and this came to light
B80772 - on 030715, ref SDS C4 0001  The records did not contain harmful
B80773 - information, and were removed. ref SDS C4 F562  On 030826 follow up on
B80774 - the initial disclosure was still pending. ref SDS D0 D163  Experience
B80775 - on this matter enabled improvements to maintain confidentiality; an
B80776 - example is reported on 031017. ref SDS D6 0X6X
B80778 -  ..
B80779 - See below on suggestions for managing lessons learned. ref SDS 0 PA68
B80780 -
B80781 -      [On 040115 follow up on confidentiality. ref SDS F3 0001
B80782 -
B80783 -
B80784 -
B80785 -
B80786 -
B808 -

8 Steps Com Metrics Learn Slow Limited Time SDS Good Progress 2003 Ye
Subjects Segments Slow Learn Com Metrics SDS Good Progress 2003 Year
Com Metrics Learn SDS Good Progress 2003 Year Review Progress Gary Pe
Learn Com Metrics SDS Good Progress 2003 Year Review Progress Gary Pe
Study Com Metrics Theory Practice in Relation to Popular Technologie
Good Progress Learn SDS Narrative Linking Good Progress Toward End of
Retool Best Practices Learn SDS for Com Metrics Enables Good Manageme

BL09 -
BL1001 -  ..
BL1002 - Communication Metrics Skills Grow from Learning and Using SDS
BL1003 -
BL1004 - Significant strides learning SDS are illustrated by Gary's letter on
BL1005 - 030627. ref SDS C1 0001  Earlier, Gary's record on 030508 shows steady
BL1006 - growth based on prior review on 030423. ref SDS A8 Z64F
BL1008 -  ..
BL1009 - The strategy developed on 030126, ref SDS A2 OA6N, to "fly below the
BL1010 - radar" has been effective providing a window of opportunity for Gary
BL1011 - to improve and apply SDS skills and to learn how to deploy
BL1012 - Communication Metrics theory and practice under conditions of daily
BL1013 - work on the job.  Implementation of the strategy this past year has
BL1014 - given Aerospace company a chance to gain experience with intelligence support
BL1015 - added to daily operations using a dedicated professional with growing
BL1016 - skills, per above.  The strategy was reviewed on 030524 and found
BL1017 - effective, so the decision was taken to continue "steady-as-she-goes."
BL1018 - ref SDS B5 RT7F
BL1019 -
BL1020 -        [On 040116 Aerospace company begins process to get SDS approved for
BL1021 -        official use. ref SDS F4 4L64
BL1023 -         ..
BL1024 -        [On 040302 progress on getting SDS approved for official use at
BL1025 -        Aerospace company. ref SDS G8 0001
BL1027 -  ..
BL1028 - Gary's experience using SDS has increased understanding and
BL1029 - application of Communication Metrics, set out in POIMS. ref OF 6 1106,
BL1030 - and evident from Gary's SDS records that capture a greater share of
BL1031 - daily working information with limited typing skills, discussed in
BL1032 - Gary's letter on 031017. ref SDS D6 0X6Q  A big step on 030604 was
BL1033 - posting the list on the wall of Gary's office to help remember the
BL1034 - eight (8) steps for Communication Metrics. ref SDS B8 0001  These
BL1035 - efforts have drawn favorable attention at the company, helping spread
BL1036 - the word "wide as the waters" about a new way of working
BL1037 - "intelligently" that enables a culture of knowledge. (see below,
BL1038 - ref SDS 0 UO6T)  A recent example of progress learning Com Metrics is
BL1039 - Gary's letter on 031230 citing the Toffler's support for "continual
BL1040 - learning" as essential foundational skills to meet the new realities
BL1041 - of the 21st century. ref SDS F1 XW5L
BL1043 -  ..
BL1044 - Gary has progressed rapidly, per below, ref SDS 0 PT5K, by investing
BL1045 - time to study Communication Metrics theory and practice, shown by his
BL1046 - record on 030413, ref SDS A5 0001, reviewed on 030416, ref SDS A6 7P5F
BL1047 - Gary's work comparing SDS support for knowledge work with popular
BL1048 - information technologies aligns with objectives set on entering the
BL1049 - agreement for advancing toward a culture of knowledge...
BL1050 -
BL1051 -        Allen......................... 030413, ref SDS A5 0001
BL1052 -        Franklin and Covey............ 031109, ref SDS E1 0175
BL1054 -  ..
BL1055 - Gary's study and research support planning on 030123 to be proactive,
BL1056 - ref SDS A1 S05L, explaining SDS and Com Metrics to people on the job
BL1057 - discovery opportunity for transformation to a culture of knowledge,
BL1058 - (see "2nd act" below, ref SDS 0 1L30), and to broaden the discussion
BL1059 - by preparing professional papers, and speaking at events. (see below,
BL1060 - ref SDS 0 JH4G)
BL1061 -
BL1062 -          [On 040129 Gary's review of SDS foundational documents shows
BL1063 -          progress on linking analysis to original sources. ref SDS F7
BL1064 -          4T9X
BL1066 -  ..
BL1067 - Transformation on the project has progressed steadily (see below,
BL1068 - ref SDS 0 1K5Q) because....
BL1069 -
BL1070 -    1.  Limited time reported on 030611, ref SDS B9 XU5G, and more
BL1071 -        recently noted by Paul on 031008, ref SDS D4 JU4T, has limited
BL1072 -        opportunity for learning to use SDS for analysis, ref SDS 0
BL1073 -        KV4O, that expedites transformation, ref SDS 0 168F; adding
BL1074 -        analysis to the record is a major goal for the coming year.
BL1075 -        ref SDS 0 8Q3N
BL1077 -         ..
BL1078 -    2.  SDS records on the Internet for distribution of a common story
BL1079 -        for uniform, timely intelligence, planned originally on 971021,
BL1080 -        ref SDS 41 JN6J, is proscribed for security reasons on
BL1081 -        classified work, and technical issues have delayed placing SDS
BL1082 -        records on the project intranet; the desire to maintain a low
BL1083 -        profile in order to give people experience for learning how to
BL1084 -        work intelligently, has restrained aggressive action.  Gary's
BL1085 -        "relentless pressure" from delivering useful work product, per
BL1086 -        above, ref SDS 0 WI3H, has yielded support from management, per
BL1087 -        below, ref SDS 0 AH6S and ref SDS 0 OL5U; this year may bring a
BL1088 -        solution to expand distribution of organizational memory on the
BL1089 -        company intranet. ref SDS 0 QQ6F
BL1091 -         ..
BL1092 -    3.  Follow up to teach, educate and enlighten people about the
BL1093 -        correlation between SDS support for Communication Metrics and
BL1094 -        requirements for good management practice has been been limited
BL1095 -        by limited time, ref SDS 0 1L30, and the normal struggle to
BL1096 -        learn new ideas in relation to prior knowledge. ref SDS 0 5V6N
BL1098 -  ..
BL1099 - Limited exposure to work product that adds analysis to daily working
BL1100 - information, and limited access to explanations on theory and practice
BL1101 - limits awareness people experience about the power of Communication
BL1102 - Metrics.  Negative synergy from limited exposure slows intellectual
BL1103 - breakthrough for lessons learned on working intelligently, reported by
BL1104 - USACE, ref DRP 3 6172, and reviewed on 011006. ref SDS 82 W56K
BL1106 -  ..
BL1107 - By the end of the year, Gary's SDS records showed improvement on
BL1108 - narrative and structure to provide a clear, concise, complete record
BL1109 - of work on the project.  There are few segments to organize context,
BL1110 - few links for alignment, and little feedback, noted earlier on 030508.
BL1111 - ref SDS B2 FC6O  Few records have headlines to summarize meaning,
BL1112 - there are few narrative summaries of records, also, noted previously
BL1113 - on 030423, ref SDS A8 SV6G  Guidance on theory and practice for
BL1114 - summary headlines to increase understanding context was submitted on
BL1115 - 030521. ref SDS B3 QX48
BL1116 -
BL1117 -    [On 040203 Eugene Kim reports getting volunteers to work on
BL1118 -    summarizing an email archive for the OHS/DKR. ref SDS F9 VU7X
BL1120 -     ..
BL1121 -    [On 040505 adding links to authority and prior related history
BL1122 -    progressing slowly. ref SDS H7 QO5F
BL1123 -
BL1124 -
BL1125 -
BL1126 -
BL1127 -
BL12 -

Transformation Slower When 8 Steps Applying SDS for Com Metrics are N
Analysis Follow Up Strategy Planning to Set Direction Support Drives

BO04 -
BO0501 -  ..
BO0502 - Lessons Learned Short Cuts on Good Management Slow Progress
BO0503 - SDS Used for Com Metrics Saves Time Money -- Lesson Learned
BO0504 - Short Cuts on Good Management Cause Work to Get Fouled Up Fall Behind
BO0505 - Com Metrics for Intelligence Organize Analyse Align Summarize Feedback
BO0506 -
BO0507 - On 031008 Morris wrote to Gary recommending that analysis added to SDS
BO0508 - records aids strategy and planning for setting direction.  Support for
BO0509 - analysis, defined in POIMS, ref OF 5 QZ4F, drives interest in working
BO0510 - intelligently, which speeds acceptance of SDS at the executive level.
BO0511 - ref SDS D5 KR4N  Gary's letter on 011006 asked for methods to prevent
BO0512 - big projects from getting fouled up. ref SDS 82 O99K  Morris indicates
BO0513 - that SDS helps solve this problem by adding value to information under
BO0514 - the rule: a little "intelligence" makes big improvements because
BO0515 - strategy and planning drive productivity and earnings, per analysis
BO0516 - above. ref SDS 0 PUSW  Morris feels using SDS for Communication
BO0517 - Metrics catches the attention of management by forming a stronger
BO0518 - partnership between technology and leadership by improving strategy
BO0519 - and planning. ref SDS 82 EL5F  Adding analysis to reporting is, also,
BO0520 - supported by Drucker and Grove. ref SDS D5 646J
BO0522 -  ..
BO0523 - Recently more links that support analysis, and headlines that support
BO0524 - summary, have begun to appear in Gary's records, showing progress on
BO0525 - implementing the eight (8) steps for Com Metrics listed on 001219.
BO0526 - ref SDS 73 Y76G  Additionally, Gary is adding dates to show the
BO0527 - sequence of cause and effect imparted by linking.
BO0528 -
BO0529 -    [On 040216 Gary's record on 040122 shows progress developing
BO0530 -    analysis that drives strategy and planning, more work needed on
BO0531 -    organization using record segments, alignment using links to
BO0532 -    orginal sources and summary using headlines for multiple views to
BO0533 -    expand span of attention. ref SDS G2 YV6G
BO0534 -
BO0535 -
BO0536 -
BO0537 -
BO0538 -
BO06 -

8 Steps Com Metrics Learn Slow Limited Time SDS Good Progress 2003 Ye
Objectives Goals 2004 Improve Using SDS Learn 8 Steps Using SDS for C
Write Everything at Once Not Needed Write What is Important Come Back
Time Dilemma Not Enough Time Write Everything Down Information Overlo
SDS Records Review Training Suggest Improvements on Records
Rome Wasn't Build in a Day; SDS Records Created Over Days, Weeeks..
Write Everything Down All at Once in 1 Day SDS Records Com Metrics Cr

C209 -
C21001 -  ..
C21002 - Rome Wasn't Built in 1 Day; SDS Records Created Over Days, Weeks..
C21003 - Goals 2004 Learn Skills for Performing Communication Metrics
C21004 - Communication Metrics Implemented by Learning 8 Steps Using SDS
C21005 - Intelligence Work Counterintuitive Because Good Management Redundant
C21006 -
C21007 -
C21008 - 8 Steps Using SDS Communication Metrics Goal for 2004
C21009 -
C21010 - The goal for this year is to continue the learning curve for using
C21011 - more of the eight (8) steps to perform Communication Metrics.   The
C21012 - next step is constructing segments for "multiple views" and expanding
C21013 - use of summary and links that expand span of attention by investing
C21014 - time to organize the record, per above. ref SDS 0 UM5I  When pressed
C21015 - for time, adding intelligence by organizing the record with segments
C21016 - and subjects to construct context, and adding connections to verify
C21017 - alignment can seem like unnecessary overkill, because in the moment
C21018 - people feel they have situational awareness of relevant correlations,
C21019 - implications and nuance, as discussed on 030627 when Gary asked why
C21020 - people overlook the level of support SDS provides for working
C21021 - "intelligently." ref SDS C1 CP8N  SDS enables people to capture the
C21022 - essentials when the record is freshly in mind, and later add more
C21023 - "intelligence" when more time is available for deliberative analysis.
C21024 - It isn't necessary to do everything at once, nor to give every event
C21025 - equal treatment.
C21026 -
C21027 -    [On 040203 Eugene Kim reports getting volunteers to work on
C21028 -    summarizing an email archive for the OHS/DKR. ref SDS F9 VU7X
C21030 -     ..
C21031 -    [On 040203 Gary reports expanding demand for organizational memory
C21032 -    that presents opportunity to provide support for Communication
C21033 -    Metrics that is needed to meet this demand. ref SDS F8 F86G
C21035 -     ..
C21036 -    [On 040216 Gary's record on 040122 shows progress developing
C21037 -    analysis that drives strategy and planning; more work needed on
C21038 -    organization using record segments, alignment using links to
C21039 -    orginal sources and summary using headlines for multiple views to
C21040 -    expand span of attention. ref SDS G2 YV6G
C21042 -     ..
C21043 -    [On 040216 Gary's records show progress on learning 8 steps using
C21044 -    SDS for Com Metrics by showing people assigned to follow up on
C21045 -    action items. ref SDS G2 WP4Y
C21047 -     ..
C21048 -    [On 040505 record on 040410, and SAIC comments need alignment to
C21049 -    original sources. ref SDS H7 WP3N
C21050 -
C21051 -
C21052 -
C21053 -
C21054 -
C21055 -
C211 -

Hansel Gretle Audit Trail Attractive But Front-end Investment Resiste
Hansel Gretle SDS Links Back Button Maintain Alignment Stay on Course
Traceability to Original Sources Alignment Intelligence Audit Trail A
Hansel Gretle Left Links to Find Their Way Home SDS Links Empowers Pe

C906 -
C90701 -  ..
C90702 - Noah Built the Ark Before the Rain
C90703 - Hansel Gretle Audit Trail Attractive But Front-end Investment Resisted
C90704 -
C90705 - People readily grasp the idea of an audit trail.  The story of Hansel
C90706 - and Gretle powerfully illustrates the advantage of linking back to
C90707 - original sources so it is fast and easy to find the way back home;
C90708 - but, few notice the extra time for front-end investment to make the
C90709 - flour, chop the wood and start a fire to bake the bread, so that
C90710 - Hansel and Gretle could be prepared for creating a trail to find their
C90711 - way home later.
C90713 -  ..
C90714 - Making the front-end investment to "be prepared" is a core deliverable
C90715 - using SDS for Communication Metrics, reviewed on 950327, when these
C90716 - ideas were defined. ref SDS 22 8822  Proactive management using
C90717 - traceability to original sources seems like unnecessary overkill when
C90718 - there is not enough time to do all of the tasks involved in chopping
C90719 - wood, building a fire, baking bread, making a call, attending a
C90720 - meeting, writing a letter, developing code, or any of the other myriad
C90721 - tasks people perform day-to-day, see the list on 020708. ref SDS 89
C90722 - MZ6O  Without proactive management thinking ahead to be prepared,
C90723 - people soon find themselves too busy bailing water to hook up a pump,
C90724 - as the ship sinks inexorably into a sea of compounding problems.
C90726 -  ..
C90727 - Experience since 1985 indicates a lesson learned that organizing and
C90728 - linking daily history strengthens discovery, memory and understanding
C90729 - of critical details that aid analysis for strategy and planning, see
C90730 - POIMS explaining the practice of "working intelligently." ref OF 3
C90731 - 1X6G  Like creating a trail of bread crumbs to improve memory for
C90732 - finding the way back home, SDS enables amazing memory, noted by Eric
C90733 - Armstrong on 010916, because everything is in the right place as the
C90734 - right time, i.e., people are prepared to succeed, noted by Morris on
C90735 - 010425. ref SDS 74 EP7F  "Being prepared" by adding intelligence adds
C90736 - value to the record of daily work by expanding span of attention and
C90737 - refining accuracy on correlations, implications and nuance between
C90738 - work actually performed and objectives, requirements and commitments.
C90739 - Better accuracy avoids mistakes, which saves lives, time and money to
C90740 - improve productivity and earnings.  Better memory, also, makes finding
C90741 - details to create links in future records faster and easier by
C90742 - expanding span of attention from remembering only fragments, i.e., the
C90743 - gist, of the story, see POIMS. ref OF 6 KH8J
C90744 -
C90745 -
C90746 -
C90747 -
C908 -

Good Progress Learn SDS Narrative Linking Good Progress Toward End of
Com Metrics Learn Ahead of Schedule Learning SDS for Communication Me
Record Segments Multiple Views Take 1 Second Less Diligence Time SDS
Ahead of Schedule Learning SDS for Communication Metrics Takes 5 Year

CD06 -
CD0701 -  ..
CD0702 - Ahead of Schedule Learning SDS for Communication Metrics
CD0703 - Experience Using SDS Grows Knowledge about Knowledge Management
CD0704 -
CD0705 - Gary has made exceptional progress learning SDS for performing the
CD0706 - eight (8) steps of Communication Metrics, listed on 001219,
CD0707 - ref SDS 73 4W4L, based on the scope of services published by USACE,
CD0708 - ref DRP 3 4929, that allocates five (5) years for gaining experience
CD0709 - using SDS to support Communication Metrics. ref DRP 3 4257  On 030413
CD0710 - Gary reviewed Communication Metrics explaining how SDS technology
CD0711 - augments intelligence. ref SDS A6 7P5F  On 030506 Gary discussed a
CD0712 - theory of knowledge. ref SDS B0 0001
CD0714 -  ..
CD0715 - Many years from 1983 to 1988 were needed to develop and use segments
CD0716 - for organizing the record to understand correlations, implications and
CD0717 - nuance that are otherwise hidden by the complexity of daily activity.
CD0718 - Assembling SDS segments into chronologies of common context over
CD0719 - weeks, months and years reveals patterns that connect the dots of
CD0720 - disparate events to impart lessons learned based on a rich palette of
CD0721 - multiple views in the Subject Index. see report on 000723. ref SDS 67
CD0722 - KW78  Wayne Wetzel used SDS for many years applying record segments
CD0723 - sparingly.  Jeff Ghilardi had the same experience in those early years
CD0724 - when creating record segments was more complex; users had to press 3
CD0725 - or 4 keys, and make adjustments to the format for flexible structure.
CD0726 - Previously this took 20 - 60 seconds.
CD0728 -  ..
CD0729 - Today, the time to create a record segment has been reduced to one (1)
CD0730 - second by pressing 2 keys.  This forms a better partnership between
CD0731 - technology and leadership by reducing the diligence required for good
CD0732 - management, and so helps change attitudes that otherwise cause an
CD0733 - overwhelming tendency to use bad management under the Boy Scout
CD0734 - "knapsack" analogy, reviewed on 990816, ref SDS 53 2880, and noted
CD0735 - previously on 990505, as the main source of resistance to good
CD0736 - management. ref SDS 48 4732  On 010908 Jack Park explained attitudes
CD0737 - that encourage bad management, ref SDS 79 YF5O, reflecting studies
CD0738 - that show why CEOs fail, reported on 990625. ref SDS 51 0460
CD0739 -
CD0740 -
CD0741 -
CD0742 -
CD08 -

Lessons Learned Gary Requests Function Similar to Action Items that U
Action Items Different from Lessons Learned Lessons Require Accumulat
Lessons Learned Gary Requests Function Similar to Action Items that U
SDS New Function Proposed Lessons Learned Gary Requests Function Simi
Proposed New SDS Function Lessons Learned Gary Requests Function Simi
Experience from Reporting 1st Step to Plan Next Step Intelligence Pro
History Analysis Connects Data Information to Objectives Values Parad
Learning Continual Case Studies Experience History Knowledge Root Cau
Definition Lesson Learned Accurate Record Organizational Memory Conne
Control Field Subjects Lessons Learned Continual Case Studies Compet

D112 -
D11301 -  ..
D11302 - Lessons Learned Flag Proposed Similar to Action Item System
D11303 - Subject Index Manages Lessons Learned for Continual Improvement
D11304 -
D11305 - Today, Gary proposed developing a new feature for managing lessons
D11306 - learned with a methodology similar to action items, and seemed to feel
D11307 - the Subject Index is difficult to use for command and control of
D11308 - lessons learned.
D11310 -  ..
D11311 - On 030423 Gary discussed getting reports on Lessons Learned.
D11312 - ref SDS A8 O65K
D11314 -  ..
D11315 - "Lessons Learned" are beliefs from continually adding intelligence by
D11316 - connecting the dots in the story of daily work (and life) that becomes
D11317 - a history of experience conveying knowledge of cause and effect, based
D11318 - on the organic structure of context.  People innately learn lessons
D11319 - everyday from new experience that refines the accuracy of knowledge
D11320 - already learned, commonly called prior "experience," under the common
D11321 - rule....
D11323 -                       ..
D11324 -                      Been there, done that!
D11325 -
D11326 - ...and reflecting a theory of knowledge where "intelligence" enables
D11327 - continual learning.  The key issues are (1) how to remember critical
D11328 - lessons from among thousands of scenarios encountered in life that
D11329 - apply to a particular context based on situational awareness perceived
D11330 - in the moment, and (2) how to identify relevant lessons for fashioning
D11331 - long term plans that guide future action, illustrated by the example
D11332 - in POIMS. ref OF 5 1104
D11333 -
D11334 -     [On 040214 Gary submits a lesson learned that culture resists new
D11335 -     methods and consequent safety of confidentiality and protection
D11336 -     for intellectual property rights, because far from trying to steal
D11337 -     a new idea, if the idea is any good it will be resisted by the
D11338 -     inertia of culture that strives to maintian the status quo.
D11339 -     ref SDS G1 N87M
D11341 -      ..
D11342 -     [On 040214 the subject of Gary's letter "Too True" supports
D11343 -     definition of "lesson learned" as belief in the truth of a causal
D11344 -     relationship based on experience. ref SDS G1 NU9L
D11346 -  ..
D11347 - People read about "lessons" other people have learned down through the
D11348 - ages, and have been lucky enough to survive and find the time to write
D11349 - books and articles warning of bad experiences.  People, also, hear
D11350 - about lessons in seminars and from friends and respected figures.
D11351 - However, the lessons people actually learn strongly enough to
D11352 - influence plans and daily conduct come solely from direct, hard won,
D11353 - often painful, personal experience under rule...
D11355 -                       ..
D11356 -                      Once burned, twice shy!
D11358 -  ..
D11359 - Difficulty fully appreciating lessons other people have learned is a
D11360 - big reason why conflict, crisis and calamity recur with each new
D11361 - generation.  Sometimes a generation is spared, but then the next is
D11362 - charrged with re-learning the lessons of history.
D11364 -  ..
D11365 - For example, people who experience the scourge of war shield the next
D11366 - generation.  The following generation has nothing but advice written
D11367 - in books.  Soon, rewards begin to appear more inviting, and beliefs
D11368 - about the costs of war recede, because those who experienced the sting
D11369 - have passed from the scene; and, so, lessons must be learned again
D11370 - through direct personal experience.
D11372 -  ..
D11373 - Sometimes people use root cause analysis to study chronology on a
D11374 - subject in order to discover recurring sequence that indicates
D11375 - causation.  Assembling a chronology takes a lot of hard work to assess
D11376 - the weight of evidence.  A sequence that is repeated often over a long
D11377 - time span of history increases belief in a conclusion on lessons
D11378 - learned.  The only people who have the patience, skill, time and money
D11379 - to perform this work are a vary small class of specialists called
D11380 - historians, writers, authors, thinkers, and on any given question only
D11381 - a small subset of that group (about .1% of the overall population),
D11382 - have actually invested the time to do the work that imparts strong
D11383 - enough belief in the accuracy of the study to act on the knowledge
D11384 - derived.  All the rest of us, about 99.9%, do not have have knowledge
D11385 - imparted by experience doing root cause analysis studying history, and
D11386 - so we are skeptical about the vericity of reports that conflict with
D11387 - common sense, because people feel, from direct, personal experience,
D11388 - that records from history are often fragmentary and so open to
D11389 - interpretation that is colored by personal bias.  Since big decisions
D11390 - on issues like war, often require knowledge on a variety of subjects,
D11391 - even the experts disagree, because there is not enough time in a human
D11392 - life span to study more than a few subjects by investigating the
D11393 - archives in sufficient measuer to acquire knowledge beyond personal
D11394 - experience.  Expert "A" knows all about subject "x" and expert "B" has
D11395 - knowledge of subject "y", but neither than convince the other about
D11396 - lessons learned because their experiences are different, and they both
D11397 - feel they are experts.  These dynamics of human cognitive biology in
D11398 - relation to knowledge formation make it difficult for the work of .1%
D11399 - of the people to sway belief by the 99.9% who have not done the study
D11400 - on matters beyond personal experience.
D11402 -  ..
D11403 - In a letter on 031230, Gary cited the Tofflers' support for continual
D11404 - learning. ref SDS F1 UY9X  SDS supports the "intelligence" process,
D11405 - explained in POIMS, ref OF 6 6649, by enabling people to continually
D11406 - connect the dots of cause and effect, also, explained in POIMS,
D11407 - ref OF 5 QZ4F, and discussed on 001207. ref SDS 72 MZ7G  SDS further
D11408 - enables assembling connections of cause and effect in multiple views
D11409 - that greatly expand the power of knowledge from lessons learned.  As a
D11410 - result, there is potential redress the imbalance between learning and
D11411 - personal experience that otherwise leads to continual conflict, crisis
D11412 - and calamity.
D11414 -  ..
D11415 - "Lessons learned" are managed routinely on a daily basis by constantly
D11416 - accumulating evidence based on context using organic structure in the
D11417 - Subject Index, as an endemic part of using SDS for the eight (8) steps
D11418 - of Communication Metrics, listed in the record on 001219. ref SDS 73
D11419 - QZ4K
D11421 -  ..
D11422 - Root cause analysis for discovering cause and effect was reviewed
D11423 - previously on 950721. ref SDS 23 2846  "Routine" support for human
D11424 - cognition to improve knowledge work (i.e., "learning") was called out
D11425 - by Drucker for applying technology to improve management, reviewed on
D11426 - 991025. ref SDS 55 0785
D11428 -  ..
D11429 - Routine support for learning is shown by the design of the Subject
D11430 - Index for context management.  Routine means continual, hence the
D11431 - notoin of "continual learning."  "Subjects" are typically a long
D11432 - string describing a concept, issue or idea under study, which leads to
D11433 - a "lesson learned" or conclusion based on evidence that is accumulated
D11434 - over time against each account.  Currently, the subject index for one
D11435 - person has about 120K accounts, suggesting significant potential for
D11436 - managing lessons learned.  This potential has been recognized in the
D11437 - field...
D11439 -  ..
D11440 - On 970328 USACE reported experience using SDS showed Communication
D11441 - Metrics adds value to current business practices on managing lessons
D11442 - learned, by improving command and control. ref DRP 3 3156  The report
D11443 - received on 970418, ref SDS 38 2103, noticed that requirements for SDS
D11444 - to support "lessons learned," ref DRP 3 JM7O, are based on express
D11445 - findings by the contracting officer that SDS is effective for this
D11446 - purpose, reported on 961001. ref SDS 31 7490
D11448 -  ..
D11449 - An example, illustrating the SDS process of "learning a lesson" is
D11450 - listed below, showing evidence leading to proof of concept on Gary's
D11451 - idea that relentless pressure performing Communication Metrics by
D11452 - delivering the goods that provide useful intelligence on daily work,
D11453 - transforms resistance against good management into demand for SDS
D11454 - support and for investing time using a new professional work role.
D11455 - ref SDS 0 UO6T
D11457 -  ..
D11458 - Another example is Broadwater Dam, listing lessons learned in the
D11459 - record on 990316. ref SDS 46 0001
D11461 -  ..
D11462 - Possibly, additional accounts can be added for "lessons learned"
D11463 - generally, perhaps in Research, and then for each organization and
D11464 - each project.  This was considered previously on 030423. ref SDS A8
D11465 - 976L  More of anything requires investing more time to organize the
D11466 - record.
D11467 -
D11468 -    Wound up creating a new account for "Lessons Learned" in Research
D11469 -    for History, since experience is the primary source of learning,
D11470 -    per above analysis. ref SDS 0 TM3O
D11472 -     ..
D11473 -    This design applies the notion of organic structure, where many the
D11474 -    record from many subject accounts may accumulate into sufficient
D11475 -    evidence to be synthesized and summarized into conclusion about
D11476 -    cause and effect, i.e., a lesson, that is not supported by the
D11477 -    record for any single account.
D11478 -
D11479 -
D11480 -
D11481 -
D11482 -
D11483 -
D115 -