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DIARY: February 3, 2004 09:37 AM Tuesday; Rod Welch

Gary reports management on the project wants more support for meetings.

2...Demand Grows for CFISR Enabling Management to Work Intelligently
3...Fame for Delivering Intelligence Shows Demand Grows for SDS Support
4...Steady Exposure to Good Management Grows Demand for More
5...Care About Technology that Brings Good Management Within Reach
6...Attitudes Change from Resisting to Insisting on Good Management
7...CFISR Working Intelligently Aids Collaboration Command Control at Work
8...Increased Demand for Com Metrics Calls for Expanding Support
9...Support for Good Management on a Big Project More than a One Man Job
10...Case Study Shows Demand for New Professional Work Role Lesson Learned
11...Squeaky Wheel Expands Attention for Situational Awareness
12...Innovation Loop Not Enough Time to Be Prepared to Save Time
13...Follow Up Planned for Repetitive Reminder on Approving SDS
14...Personalities Can Delay Progress Hurt Feelings Kill Collaboration
15...Bottleneck Getting SDS Approved Resolved by Changing Assigned Staff
16...Failed Action on Action Items Industry Practice Paralyzes Productivity
17...SDS Another Action Item Falling Through the Cracks
18...Change Assignment on Getting Approval for SDS to Expedite Progress
19...Building Tools to Generate SDS Format to Maintain Visibility
....Bureaucracy Command Control People Prevents Working Intelligently
....Command Control of People Prevents Improve Command Control Work
....Lesson Learned Overwhelming Tendency Bad Management Resists Change
....Good Management through Continual Learning Unnecessary Overkill
....Ignoring Requirements Easier than Approval for Tools to Perform
....Pilot Testing to Improve Command Control Prevented by Bureaucracy
....Innovation Loop Prevents Experimenting to Improve Command Control
....Conversation without Accuracy Communication Black Hole Management
....Bureaucracy Black Hole Communication without Intelligence Support
....Nobody Cares About Accurate Communication Beyond Reach Too Risky
....Give Up on Communication Nobody Cares About Accurate Communication
....Beyond Reach Authenticate Conversation Complexity Explodes Mistakes
....Sour Grapes Beyond Reach Good People Give Up on Good Management
.......................Fight City Hall!
20...SDS Exposure Interrupted Awareness Fragile Slips Away Quickly
21...Understanding Power SDS Fragile Transitory Without Reinforcement
22...Opportunity Transformation Understanding SDS Fragile Fleeting Whisper

ACTION ITEMS.................. Click here to comment!

1...Insisting that Gary attend important meetings to " what you're
2...following up in the meeting today and in meetings going forward with a


Meeting Gary Asked Not to Attend a Meeting So Gary Can Use th
Demand Grows for More People to Use SDS Help Needed Using SDS for Com
Com Metrics Expand Support People Insist Attend Meeting
Productivity Meetings Accurate Understandings Shared Meaning Enabling
Attitudes Change Experience SDS Demonstrate Memory Better than Most,
Organizational Memory Demand Grows Com Metrics for SDS Support Bruce
SDS Demand Grows for Com Metrics Organizational Memory Bruce Mamont O
Relentless Pressure Exposure Steady to SDS Records Applies Theory of
Transformation Using SDS According to the Design Enables Discovering
3-layer Architecture Solution Com Manager Has Time for Performing SDS
Do What You're Famous for Capturing Record for Intelligence Lessons L
Front-end Investment Time Allocated for Organizational Memory Rather
Relentless Pressure Delivering the Goods Attitudes Change Time Alloca
Johnson Gary Famous Organizational Memory at Aerospace company Com Mana  r Can
Famous Organizational Memory Johnson Gary at Aerospace company Com Mana  r Can
SDS Demand Grows Project Management Wants More Records on Meetings G

9218 -
9218 -    ..
9219 - Summary/Objective
9220 -
922001 - Follow up ref SDS 72 4L73, ref SDS 70 0000.
922002 -
922003 - Gary reported good news that cultural transformation is occurring from
922004 - recognizing need for professional role that allocates time for using
922005 - SDS to perform Communication Metrics. ref SDS 0 N03C  Further good
922006 - news occurred when management reported people are now insisting on
922007 - getting Communication Metrics support. ref SDS 0 NB6G  When people
922008 - insist on getting more support, demand grows for more people to
922009 - provide what people want and care about. ref SDS 0 4O8O  If the supply
922010 - of support for Communication Metrics is not increased to meet the
922011 - demand, those doing the work will burn out and the quality of the
922012 - support will decline, causing performance to fall.  Consideration
922013 - should be made to notify management on the picture emerging from
922014 - connecting the dots of project history showing the opportunity to
922015 - provide Communication Metrics. ref SDS 0 ZP6I  As latent demand grows
922016 - into insistence for good management practice, an innovation loop now
922017 - interrupts delivery of support, ref SDS 0 F86G, because, without SDS,
922018 - everybody is too busy attending meetings to remember about acting on
922019 - action items. ref SDS 0 1W7F  One solution is to change the assignment
922020 - and have Gary work on getting SDS approved. ref SDS 0 1W7F  To work
922021 - around this problem, Gary suggests developing tools that enable
922022 - Communication Metrics using information technology from Microsoft and
922023 - others to produce SDS work product. ref SDS 0 FJ95  Success on this
922024 - initiative could maintain visibility of SDS; there is also risk of
922025 - getting frustrated and giving up, and that resulting work product will
922026 - seem good enough to get buy, but fail to improve productivity, causing
922027 - loss of confidence in Communication Metrics, and so loss of demand for
922028 - SDS.  Gary indicated plans today to discuss these issues with
922029 - management toward getting SDS approved to meet growing demand for
922030 - organizational memory on the job. ref SDS 0 F88I  Cultural inertia
922031 - that resists innovation remains a major hurdle to improvement.
922032 - ref SDS 0 E44K
922033 -
922034 -
922035 -
922036 -
922037 -
922038 -
922040 -  ..
9221 -
9222 -
9223 - Progress
9224 -
922401 - Demand Grows for CFISR Enabling Management to Work Intelligently
922402 - Fame for Delivering Intelligence Shows Demand Grows for SDS Support
922403 -
922404 - Gary called and reported his boss, Steve, stopped by Gary's office
922405 - this morning and told him not to attend a meeting that was about to
922406 - start, because he wanted Gary to prepare the record of organizational
922407 - memory for an important meeting that was held yesterday.
922409 -  ..
922410 - Steve's guidance today aligns with the request on 040116 for Gary to
922411 - restore the SDS record of organizational memory, and further aligns
922412 - with analysis of Paul's conclusion on 031008 that Gary needs help to
922413 - prepare the record of daily work, because one person cannot do all of
922414 - the intelligence on a big project. ref SDS 67 JU4T  This new evidence
922415 - adds to the "dots" in building a picture of people who care about
922416 - productivity and so value history, experience and knowledge that comes
922417 - from steady exposure to working "intelligently," as set out in the
922418 - annual review on 040102. ref SDS 70 W63I
922420 -  ..
922421 - About 20 minutes later, Gary got a call from Steve saying everyone in
922422 - the meeting wants Gary to come and attend, so that he can prepare the
922423 - record of organizational memory on both meetings.  Gary's SDS record
922424 - for the meeting today says in part...
922425 -
922426 -       Steve had originally told me not to attend these meetings, but
922427 -       he called from the meeting at 0912 and said that he and Bruce
922428 -       had decided thet they wanted a technical record of the
922429 -       proceedings, and geve me the assignment for all3 days to attend
922430 -       and to "do what you're famous for". ref SDS 76 YS5H
922432 -  ..
922433 - Steve did not mention further concerns about SDS, based on Gary's
922434 - report to Paul on 040122. ref SDS 74 0001
922436 -  ..
922437 - There was not enough time to discuss getting help using SDS to produce
922438 - more "intelligence" for command and control of the work, explained in
922439 - POIMS. ref OF 7 1113
922441 -  ..
922442 - Gary is now the 3rd person to become famous for using SDS.  The record
922443 - on 010916 cites SDS enables "amazing memory" on the OHS/DKR project.
922444 - ref SDS 35 0001  On 970711 Wayne Wetzel reported being famous for
922445 - finding critical information quickly when needed, which others could
922446 - not remember nor find in the official files of the agency. ref SDS 19
922447 - 3003  Later on 010725 Wayne mentions SDS support for organic structure
922448 - that strengthens context management. ref SDS 32 FQ3G  This record
922449 - supports Morris' letter on 010425 describing self-evident benefits of
922450 - SDS as a "utopia," because everything is in the right place at the
922451 - right time. ref SDS 30 EP7F
922452 -
922453 -     [On 040129 Gary's research shows importance of giving people
922454 -     experience to transform emotional resistance against good
922455 -     management into demand for SDS support to work intelligently that
922456 -     saves time and money. ref SDS 75 4T8U
922458 -      ..
922459 -     [On 040205 Jerry Nord reports being snowed in and buried by
922460 -     information overload at CSG in Omaha, Nebraska. ref SDS 78 M04Q
922462 -      ..
922463 -     [On 040209 Gary notifies M&S management SDS needed to provide
922464 -     organizational memory requested by Bruce. ref SDS 79 0001
922466 -      ..
922467 -     [On 040216 planning to notify management of resuming support for
922468 -     intelligence on the project. ref SDS 81 G13N
922470 -      ..
922471 -     [On 040222 draft submitted for proactive notice on using SDS.
922472 -     ref SDS 83 CM95
922474 -      ..
922475 -     [On 040221 Gary's fame spreading, asked for his SDS records and to
922476 -     make a presentation at SRI. ref SDS 82 RR8L
922477 -
922478 -
922480 -  ..
922481 - Steady Exposure to Good Management Grows Demand for More
922482 - Care About Technology that Brings Good Management Within Reach
922483 - Attitudes Change from Resisting to Insisting on Good Management
922484 - CFISR Working Intelligently Aids Collaboration Command Control at Work
922485 -
922486 - Follow up ref SDS 70 393U.
922487 -
922488 - Gary's report shows progress on planning in the record on 030126 to
922489 - grow demand for working intelligently. ref SDS 53 OA6N
922491 -  ..
922492 - Insisting that Gary attend important meetings to " what you're
922493 - famous for," demonstrates growing awareness that Gary is delivering
922494 - useful "intelligence" to provide an effective project knowledge
922495 - repository, which Steve requested on 030911. ref SDS 66 HA6I  At that
922496 - time, Gary planned to support the assignement by explaining how SDS
922497 - enables Com Metrics. ref SDS 66 HA9R  The record today provides a
922498 - basis to notify Steve that the assignment has been accomplished.
922499 -
922500 -     [On 040221 Gary's fame spreading, asked for his SDS records and to
922501 -     make a presentation at SRI. ref SDS 82 RR8L
922503 -  ..
922504 - Conclusions reported on 040102 in the annual review using SDS at a
922505 - major aerospace company, ref SDS 71 393U, draw further support today
922506 - that demonstrates cultural transformation occurs using a 3-layer
922507 - architecture to bring relentless pressure through steady exposure of
922508 - SDS work product, planned on 030416, ref SDS 55 NH8N, and again on
922509 - 030524, ref SDS 57 9X62, and reviewed on 040102. ref SDS 70 WI3H
922511 -  ..
922512 - Attitudes change from resistance due to ignorance and fear that good
922513 - management is beyond reach, which fosters denial giving the impression
922514 - people don't care about working intelligently, to first accepting,
922515 - then expecting and finally, as occurred today, insisting on good
922516 - management by people investing time on working intelligently in order
922517 - to be prepared for making CFISR effective for command and control of
922518 - the work, ref SDS 0 N03C, because people do care about saving lives,
922519 - time and money when they learn through experience that the means are
922520 - within reach, answering Gary's letter on 020217, ref SDS 42 425M, and
922521 - lending support to Roy Roebuck's analysis of demand for Communication
922522 - Metrics, shown in the same record. ref SDS 42 1332
922524 -  ..
922525 - Asking people to invest time on creating a record of organizational
922526 - memory with the express aim of helping others, fits the model for a
922527 - new professional work role that complements existing accounting
922528 - practice, that adds alignment to finances, by now adopting a practice
922529 - of also adding alignment to communications in order to improve the
922530 - chances of getting better alignment in finance between costs and
922531 - budgets, as explained in NWO. ref OF 13 6369
922533 -  ..
922534 - Working smarter with intelligence delivered through Gary's efforts,
922535 - per above, ref SDS 0 N03C, makes management effective by improving
922536 - communication and collaboration, per annual review on 040102,
922537 - ref SDS 70 526L, on accomplishing the project mission to develop CFISR
922538 - for a customer, here the US Army, reviewed on 040102, ref SDS 71 164F,
922539 - and discussed with Bruce on 030121, reported on 030123. ref SDS 52 2E3O
922540 -
922541 -
922542 -
922544 -  ..
922545 - Increased Demand for Com Metrics Calls for Expanding Support
922546 - Support for Good Management on a Big Project More than a One Man Job
922547 -
922548 - The record today piling on more work boils down to asking Gary to be
922549 - in two (2) places at once, and illustrates the common problem of
922550 - burn-out from overload that worried Gary on 030830.  Productivity
922551 - suffers when things don't get done, because people are spread too
922552 - thin, i.e., we cannot be in two (2) places at once. ref SDS 65 8490
922553 - Ordinarily when management sees there is more work than one (1) person
922554 - can do, more people are hired to meet demands of the work, as occurred
922555 - today. ref SDS 0 NB6G
922557 -  ..
922558 - Recognizing the need for more people takes time, particularly when
922559 - introducing a new work role, noted by Nancy on 030702. ref SDS 60 HL6H
922560 - In the meantime, common practice gives priority to the last order from
922561 - the boss; so, we go to the next meeting rather than invest time for
922562 - understanding and following up on the last meeting.  Andy Grove solves
922563 - this problem by ordering people at Intel to proceed with the next
922564 - meeting without him, so that he can figure out what happened at the
922565 - last meeting that requires follow up to save time and money, reported
922566 - on 980307. ref SDS 22 8488  Steve's initial instinct today followed
922567 - Andy's advice, per above. ref SDS 0 0001  When Steve called back
922568 - later, pointing out there is not enough time to go to the next meeting
922569 - and, also, figure out what happened at the last meeting, helps
922570 - management "get it" by "connect the dots" showing there is more work
922571 - than can be accomplished by one person, noted by Paul on 031008.
922572 - ref SDS 67 JU4T  When management finally "gets it," pressure builds to
922573 - expand support in order to avoid getting fouled up, falling behind
922574 - schedule and going over budget, which result from bad management that
922575 - ignores objectives, requirements and commitments, as Gary noted on
922576 - 011006. ref SDS 37 O99K
922578 -  ..
922579 - In another record today, independent evidence shows growing demand for
922580 - a professional work role that adds intelligence to convert information
922581 - into useful knowledge. ref SDS 77 YY9H
922582 -
922583 -
922584 -
922585 -
9226 -

Professional Work Role Grows Communication Analyst
Demand New Professional Work Role Grows Communication Analyst

9404 -
940501 -  ..
940502 - Case Study Shows Demand for New Professional Work Role Lesson Learned
940503 -
940504 - "Connecting the dots" since the annual review on 040102, ref SDS 71
940505 - UO6T, together with analysis on 001207, ref SDS 28 MZ7G, shows demand
940506 - growing for a professional role to perform the eight (8) steps of
940507 - Communication Metrics listed on 001219 that enable the team to work
940508 - intelligently collaborating as a unit by keeping everyone on the same
940509 - page with a common story. ref SDS 29 4W4L  There is growing evidence
940510 - that to routinely capture, maintain and access organizational memory,
940511 - staff and support for Communication Metrics must be sized to fit an
940512 - expanding work load....
940514 -         ..
940515 -        Gary's hard work and skill
940516 -        reporting organizational
940517 -        memory makes understanding
940518 -        complex communication in
940519 -        meetings fast and easy................ 030527, ref SDS 58 0001
940521 -         ..
940522 -        Gary's memory better than most
940523 -        shows Nancy "gets it" so people
940524 -        can learn through steady exposure
940525 -        that good results require good
940526 -        management using skills, tools
940527 -        and leadership enabled by
940528 -        Communication Metrics................. 030702, ref SDS 60 IX8L
940530 -         ..
940531 -        Professional role needed for
940532 -        personal and organizational
940533 -        memory; one person not enough
940534 -        to capture entire record on
940535 -        a big project......................... 030702, ref SDS 60 HL6H
940536 -
940537 -        "History button" makes management
940538 -        effective; Gary has demonstrated
940539 -        ability to provide personal and
940540 -        organizational memory on the
940541 -        project............................... 030821, ref SDS 62 NH5N
940543 -         ..
940544 -        When people "get it" that
940545 -        organizational memory makes
940546 -        good management fast and easy
940547 -        for working intelligently to
940548 -        command and control daily
940549 -        communication in meetings,
940550 -        calls and correspondence,
940551 -        Gary will need help providing
940552 -        an effective "history button"
940553 -        on a big project...................... 030821, ref SDS 62 JR5M
940555 -         ..
940556 -        Gary worried demand for good
940557 -        management is growing, and so
940558 -        using SDS is becoming more
940559 -        than a one man job on the project;
940560 -        Communication Metrics support
940561 -        for organizational memory must
940562 -        be sized to fit an expanding
940563 -        work load............................. 030830, ref SDS 65 8490
940565 -         ..
940566 -        Paul "gets it" that Gary needs
940567 -        help preparing the record of
940568 -        organizational memory that has
940569 -        proven effective on the project....... 031008, ref SDS 67 JU4T
940571 -         ..
940572 -        Leadership with a broader vision
940573 -        beginning to take root, Paul notes
940574 -        organizational memory important
940575 -        concept for working intelligently
940576 -        to make communication, command
940577 -        and control effective................. 031201, ref SDS 68 IR4V
940579 -         ..
940580 -        Steve wants links to turn on the
940581 -        light of intelligence that adds
940582 -        value to organizational memory........ 031205, ref SDS 69 RS6W
940584 -         ..
940585 -        Gary's galactic efforts have
940586 -        opened the eyes of management
940587 -        to see the value of investing
940588 -        time for Communication Metrics
940589 -        to develop organizational
940590 -        memory................................ 040203, ref SDS 70 4E4I
940592 -         ..
940593 -        Steve wants organizational
940594 -        memory restored....................... 040116, ref SDS 72 4L73
940596 -         ..
940597 -        Steve wants more organizational
940598 -        memory than one person can do
940599 -        on a big project; requires
940600 -        dedicated professional role
940601 -        for intelligence that applies
940602 -        CFISR practices to management.......... 040203, ref SDS 0 N03C
940603 -
940604 -
940605 -
940606 -
940607 -
9407 -

Bailing Water Out of the Boat to Learn How to Use a Pump
Follow Up Planned for Repetitive Reminder on Approving SDS Requires P
Never Good Time to Improve Good Times Improvement Overkill Not Needed
Innovation Loop Not Enough Time to Be Prepared to Save Time Requires
Squeaky Wheel Gets Oil Follow Up Planned for Repetitive Reminder on A
2nd Act Gary Plans to Meet with Nancy Review SDS Format Intel
Innovation Loop Not Enough Time to Be Prepared to Save Time Requires
Busy Not Enough Time to Study Approve SDS Com Metrics Not 100% Sure I
Approve SDS 2nd Act Follow Up Planned for Repetitive Reminder on Appr
Squeaky Wheel Gets Oil Remind Repetitive Gary Plans Follow Up

AE12 -
AE1301 -  ..
AE1302 - Squeaky Wheel Expands Attention for Situational Awareness
AE1303 - Innovation Loop Not Enough Time to Be Prepared to Save Time
AE1304 - Follow Up Planned for Repetitive Reminder on Approving SDS
AE1305 -
AE1306 - During the call today, Gary indicated that expanding situational
AE1307 - awareness on the job about the benefits of good management, shown by
AE1308 - Steve's conflicting requests, per above, ref SDS 0 N03C, justifies
AE1309 - following up in the meeting today and in meetings going forward with a
AE1310 - "2nd act" to help management "connect the dots" showing opportunity to
AE1311 - expand support for Communication Metrics, which Gary cited on 030506,
AE1312 - ref SDS 56 N33G, and is reported again today, per above. ref SDS 0 0001
AE1313 - This entails action item review on this matter in meetings and in
AE1314 - private contacts through calls and email with Bruce, Steve, Paul and
AE1315 - Gil.  Repetition to remind people to take action applies the common
AE1316 - practice of being a "squeaky wheel" to get action.
AE1317 -
AE1318 -        [On 040202 opportunity to be "squeaky wheel" to expand limited
AE1319 -        span of attention by leveraging situational awareness about
AE1320 -        need for support to work intelligently. ref SDS 81 JY8J
AE1322 -  ..
AE1323 - Proactive communication to educate company management and assist with
AE1324 - taking action by following up with a "2nd act" to get approval for SDS
AE1325 - may be too risky under the lesson learned that cultural dynamics
AE1326 - initially resist improvement, until people get enough experience to be
AE1327 - 100% sure. see below, ref SDS 0 E44K
AE1329 -  ..
AE1330 - Goals for this year were set a few weeks ago on 040102 for expanding
AE1331 - follow up with company management in meetings, calls and
AE1332 - correspondence to explain SDS and Communication Metrics support for
AE1333 - project management by applying practices that implement requirements
AE1334 - for CFISR. ref SDS 71 1L30  Without follow up for repetitive review,
AE1335 - action items get lost in the shuffle, until crisis forces people to
AE1336 - take corrective action, commonly called "rework" that drives up delay
AE1337 - and cost.  So far, getting action on action items has generally proven
AE1338 - impossible, which is a pandemic in the age of information overload.
AE1339 - Gary mentioned this problem on 030826, where action item review was
AE1340 - planned, ref SDS 64 VV5I, but there was worry that nobody cares about
AE1341 - getting things done. ref SDS 64 ZS6L  Review on 030911 shows people
AE1342 - don't have enough time for action item review because everybody is
AE1343 - busy working on a crisis to revise the schedule and budget to reflect
AE1344 - slow progress on getting things done. ref SDS 66 615F  Previously, on
AE1345 - 011105 the problem of a big ship slowly sinking because everybody is
AE1346 - too busy bailing water to use a pump, was reviewed. ref SDS 38 5V3O
AE1347 -
AE1348 -
AE1349 -
AE1350 -
AE1351 -
AE1352 -
AE14 -

Collaboration Fails on Getting SDS Approved May Signal Hurt Feelings
SDS Approval Collaboration Fails on Getting SDS Approved May Signal H
Hurt Feelings Jealousy Fear Competition People Become Obstructionist
Fear Competition Rivalry Jealousy Hurt Feelings People Become Obstruc
Obstructionist Rather than Helpful Collaboration Fails on Getting SDS
Collaboration Enabled by SDS Changes Attitudes about Good Management
SDS Approval Collaboration Fails on Getting SDS Approved May Signal H
Competition Fear Rivalry Jealousy Hurt Feelings People Become Obstruc
Solution Leadership Change Assignments Obstructionist Rather than Hel
Personnel Tensions Hamper Collaboration Fails on Getting SDS Approved
Personality Conflicts Hamper Communication Fails on Getting SDS Appro

AR13 -
AR1401 -  ..
AR1402 - Personalities Can Delay Progress Hurt Feelings Kill Collaboration
AR1403 - Bottleneck Getting SDS Approved Resolved by Changing Assigned Staff
AR1404 - Failed Action on Action Items Industry Practice Paralyzes Productivity
AR1405 -
AR1406 - Gary indicated today there has been no progress from Gil on getting
AR1407 - SDS approved to use on the project.  Gil may have done some research
AR1408 - and prepared a report.  Gary tried to help Gil last week or the week
AR1409 - before, and Gil refused, indicating a possible breakdown in
AR1410 - collaboration.  Gary has not heard anything from Bruce, Steve nor Paul
AR1411 - on this objective set 040116. ref SDS 72 4L64  Failed follow up on
AR1412 - action items repeats a pattern and practice throughout industry and
AR1413 - government, because getting things done suffers when everybody is busy
AR1414 - attending unproductive meetings, reported in the study on 960205,
AR1415 - ref SDS 16 5902, and illustrated by Gary's report today, per above.
AR1416 - ref SDS 0 NB6G   There is no reason to believe Gil is any less busy
AR1417 - than Gary, Paul, Steve and Bruce.  Everybody is too busy being busy to
AR1418 - get anything done.  Same problem that prevents action item review,
AR1419 - which is essential for staying on track.
AR1421 -  ..
AR1422 - Gary related that Gil was scheduled to make a presentation on getting
AR1423 - SDS approved during a meeting last week, however, there wasn't enough
AR1424 - time during the meeting.  This fits the model for requirements of
AR1425 - proactive management using Communication Metrics.  As related USACE in
AR1426 - their report dated 970328 on Com Metrics, SDS enables a new
AR1427 - professional role to provide support before, during and after meetings
AR1428 - for ensuring understanding and timely follow up on important matters
AR1429 - regardless of what transpires during a meeting. ref DRP 3 0411
AR1431 -  ..
AR1432 - The downside risk of being too "squeaky" (persistent) is causing hurt
AR1433 - feelings by helping people get things done who feel overworked.  That
AR1434 - would explain Gil's refusal to collaborate with Gary, per above.
AR1435 - ref SDS 0 F87W  It is possible Gil does not support SDS.  He may view
AR1436 - Gary's heightened visibility as a threat to his role as operations
AR1437 - manager who should be proactive developing support for communications,
AR1438 - and so Gil is taking this occasion to be obstructionist in order to
AR1439 - elevate his visibility by reducing Gary's.  This common problem of
AR1440 - group dynamics was reported in an HBR article, reviewed in the record
AR1441 - on 940510. ref SDS 11 WH6M
AR1442 -
AR1443 -
AR1444 -
AR1445 -
AR15 -

Change Assignment to Gary Review company Policy Procedures for
SDS Delay Getting Approved Back Online Means Good Management Support
Falling Through Cracks SDS Approval Gil Caughmen Operations Manager T
Counterintuitive Lessons Learned on Complex Problems project Similar to
SDS Approval Use on company Equipment Gil Assigned to Make Re
Too Busy Being Busy at Meetings Change Assignment to Gary Rev
Options Planning Approve SDS and Other Software for Use by M&S to C
Action Items Failure Perform Falling Through Cracks SDS Approval Gil

BI10 -
BI1101 -  ..
BI1102 - SDS Another Action Item Falling Through the Cracks
BI1103 - Change Assignment on Getting Approval for SDS to Expedite Progress
BI1104 -
BI1105 - Since there has been no action for two (2) weeks to get SDS approved,
BI1106 - this has become another action item that is is falling through the
BI1107 - cracks.  Like several hundred other action items, SDS approval has
BI1108 - fallen into the "black hole" of limited span of attention.  On 030830
BI1109 - Bruce warned the project is falling prey to problems on prior projects
BI1110 - by failing to heed lessons learned showing that people need a means to
BI1111 - capture the record of organizational memory in order to avoid
BI1112 - repeating prior mistakes when action items fall through the cracks,
BI1113 - preventing progress on complex issues because "lessons learned" are
BI1114 - lost and forgotten. ref SDS 65 TY9H  This is another innovation loop,
BI1115 - a dog chasing its tail.
BI1117 -  ..
BI1118 - Problems that impact accomplishing the project mission as a result of
BI1119 - interrupting the record of organizational memory are reviewed below.
BI1120 - ref SDS 0 F88I
BI1121 -
BI1145 -
BI1146 -
BI12 -

Tools Gary Creating to Convert Files with Microsoft Word and Other Pr
Ownership Tools Gary Creating to Convert Files with Microsoft Word an

BK04 -
BK0501 -  ..
BK0502 - Building Tools to Generate SDS Format to Maintain Visibility
BK0503 -
BK0504 - A week or so ago, Gary submitted a file with an SDS format he is
BK0505 - considering using to store information he plans to continue gathering
BK0506 - on project communications, principally meetings.  He explained plans
BK0507 - for using alternate tools from Microsoft and others to accomplish Com
BK0508 - Metrics without SDS, while the M&S group initiates a procurement that
BK0509 - will take at least several months to six (6) months, if successful.
BK0511 -  ..
BK0512 - Gary's record on 040119 develops a strategy and protocol for using
BK0513 - Keynote, Multiedit, Purplewiki and other tools for managing an interim
BK0514 - journal environment without SDS. ref SDS 73 0145
BK0515 -
BK0516 -        [On 040227 Gary reported this effort was not effective,
BK0517 -        ref SDS 84 RH6K, even with using extra people assigned to
BK0518 -        support capturing the record. ref SDS 84 RH77
BK0520 -  ..
BK0521 - This presents a false promise of providing SDS work product without
BK0522 - using SDS, pursuant to an understanding from Gary's boss Steve, who on
BK0523 - 040116 asked Gary to remove SDS from his computer, ref SDS 72 0001,
BK0524 - and then later asked to restore the SDS record. ref SDS 72 4L73  Gary
BK0525 - drew from these events that Steve believes effective intelligence
BK0526 - support for organizational memory can be provided using software from
BK0527 - Microsoft and other approved vendors.  Without proactive effort to
BK0528 - remedy misperception based the record of failed attempts to advance
BK0529 - from information to knowledge tools, based for example on research by
BK0530 - IBM reported on 020608, ref SDS 44 QV5G, there will be no significant
BK0531 - pressure to get SDS approved.
BK0532 -
BK0533 -        [On 040227 Gary reported this effort was not effective.
BK0534 -        ref SDS 84 RH9F
BK0536 -         ..
BK0537 -        [On 040302 there is progress on getting SDS approved for Gary
BK0538 -        to use again. ref SDS 85 AP3F
BK0540 -  ..
BK0541 - The purpose of putting work product from Microsoft Word or other
BK0542 - popular programs into SDS record format seems self-defeating, because
BK0543 - SDS format is designed to support the eight (8) steps to perform
BK0544 - Communication Metrics.
BK0546 -  ..
BK0547 - Gary seemed to indicate in his call today that this is a temporary
BK0548 - step to maintain visibility during the period for getting approval to
BK0549 - use SDS on the project.
BK0551 -  ..
BK0552 - The danger is that when good management is beyond reach, people
BK0553 - rationalize.  Denial begins to discover that requirements for
BK0554 - Communication Metrics that are not fast and easy using Microsoft and
BK0555 - other programs are unnecessary overkill, per experience at NASA, see
BK0556 - below. ref SDS 0 VI78  Failure to use SDS degrades Communication
BK0557 - Metrics work product to the level of ordinary information technology,
BK0558 - and denial will accept information technology as good enough to get
BK0559 - by, as reported on 001126. ref SDS 0 4U9O
BK0561 -  ..
BK0562 - The problem of denial gained visibility last year when NASA came under
BK0563 - review to determine "lessons learned" from the loss of the Columbia
BK0564 - space shuttle, reported on 030201. ref SDS 54 0001  Requirements for
BK0565 - managing the project safely came to be viewed as "suggestions" and
BK0566 - "guidelines" for goals on upper limits, which could be ignored,
BK0567 - because, like the proposal to substitute for SDS, ref SDS 0 FJ95,
BK0568 - allowing the work to fall below requirements was easier than getting
BK0569 - approval for tools and support needed to meet requirements.
BK0571 -  ..
BK0572 - Gary is excited about writing software tools to support this new
BK0573 - initiative, per above, ref SDS 0 FJ95, and that is a good goal for
BK0574 - experimenting to find ways that may help bridge the gap between the
BK0575 - two (2) worlds of information technology and using SDS for working
BK0576 - intelligently.
BK0577 -
BK0578 -        [On 040227 Gary reported this effort was not effective,
BK0579 -        ref SDS 84 RH6K, even with using extra people assigned to
BK0580 -        support capturing the record. ref SDS 84 RH77
BK0582 -  ..
BK0583 - However, there is work to be performed daily capturing the record and
BK0584 - adding organization, analysis, alignment, summary and feedback in
BK0585 - order to make organizational memory effective for saving time and
BK0586 - money.  Trying to do this with an experiment, rather than SDS tools
BK0587 - that meet requirements for working intelligently, falls back into the
BK0588 - trap that NASA reported on 030826. ref SDS 63 1G9L  Since there is
BK0589 - limited time, and since Gary is being asked to do more than one person
BK0590 - can handle, per above, ref SDS 0 FI8K, the chances of making progress
BK0591 - on new tools are remote under the following lesson learned below.
BK0592 - ref SDS 0 E44K
BK0594 -  ..
BK0595 - The lesson from the "lesson learned" is that innovation can come to
BK0596 - big organizations only by osmosis through a fait accompli.  Flying
BK0597 - below the radar to give people experience needed for discovering a new
BK0598 - way of working is not harmful, but improves productivity, earnings and
BK0599 - stock prices is the only path for transforming culture from resisting
BK0600 - good management to embracing tools and methods for working
BK0601 - intelligently that save lives, time and money.
BK0602 -
BK0603 -
BK0604 -
BK0605 -
BK0606 -
BK0607 -
BK07 -

Lessons Learned Work Intelligently Continual Learning Continual Linki
Unnecessary Overkill Anything SDS Does that Cannot be Done with Curre
Overwhelming Tendency Bad Management because Good Management Seems Li
Lesson Learned Ignore Requirements Faster Easier than Fighting System
Overwhelming Tendency Bad Management Work on Familiar Things in Famil
Innovation Stifled Information Overload Not Enough Time Improvement o
Bureacracy Stifles Innovation by Denial Anything SDS Does that Canno

C609 -
C61001 -     ..
C61002 -    Bureaucracy Command Control People Prevents Working Intelligently
C61003 -    Command Control of People Prevents Improve Command Control Work
C61004 -    Lesson Learned Overwhelming Tendency Bad Management Resists Change
C61005 -    Good Management through Continual Learning Unnecessary Overkill
C61006 -
C61007 -    Follow up ref SDS 59 FL88.
C61008 -
C61009 -    Speaking truth to power, by taking the initiative to follow up,
C61010 -    gives busy executives the power of knowledge to seek the truth
C61011 -    before the truth finds them with devestating consequences, noted on
C61012 -    921127, ref SDS 8 0674, and explained earlier by Aristotle in 400
C61013 -    BC, see NWO. ref OF 10 JV3G  Understanding complex forces that
C61014 -    drive productivity, reviewed recently on 040102, ref SDS 71 1L30,
C61015 -    requires teaching to explain and educate that drives discovery of
C61016 -    solutions and opportunities in time to grow earnings and stock
C61017 -    prices.  That is why, for example, successful CEOs are good
C61018 -    learners (see The Learning Mind-Set, HBR, reviewed 940508,
C61019 -    ref SDS 10 3381)  Learning, other than by continual bumbling that
C61020 -    risks loss, conflict, crisis, calamity, and failure, requires
C61021 -    people willing to listen with the vision to see (i.e., the ability
C61022 -    to "connect the dots" of cause and effect), the courage to act
C61023 -    (i.e., to sound the alert), and the will to persevere in the face
C61024 -    of unreasoned opposition, so that action occurs in time to sieze
C61025 -    opportunity and avoid disaster.
C61027 -     ..
C61028 -    An example is fear of opportunity to advance Knowledge Management
C61029 -    reported on 030624. ref SDS 59 XZ54
C61030 -
C61031 -        [On 040914 example "black hole" bureaucracy prevents contacting
C61032 -        people responsible for investing a few minutes to a few hours
C61033 -        configuring SDS for distrubting anytime anywhere intelligence
C61034 -        on the ACE intranet that improves productivity and earnings.
C61035 -        ref SDS 91 U06Y
C61037 -         ..
C61038 -        [On 041110 Stanford Medical Center people giving up, fear of
C61039 -        accountability prevents timely, accurate communication; stifle,
C61040 -        proactive management, taking initiative to enable effective
C61041 -        care. ref SDS 92 2J42
C61043 -         ..
C61044 -        [On 041228 story of Graphing Calculator shows unnofficial
C61045 -        "skunkworks" projects with strong leadership could be
C61046 -        successful at Apple computer in the early 1990s. ref SDS 93
C61047 -        E85L
C61049 -         ..
C61050 -        [On 051006 example medical practice communication,
C61051 -        collaboration, team care staff fears speaking truth to power,
C61052 -        risks patient to avoid risking personal reprisals. ref SDS 95
C61053 -        6H8M
C61055 -         ..
C61056 -        [On 070904 Knowledge Management development lacks focus, slow
C61057 -        progress 15 years due to common factors that stifle discovery
C61058 -        of tools co-evolving with new way of working. ref SDS 98 DV9U
C61060 -     ..
C61061 -    Proactive management exercising leadership with a broader vision,
C61062 -    planned on 030123, ref SDS 52 S05L, to overcome powerful cultural
C61063 -    forces of ignorance, fear and denial that resist improvement, cited
C61064 -    on 990527, ref SDS 24 1233, is not easy, shown by the traditional
C61065 -    tension between management "theory x" and "theory y" that drive
C61066 -    attitudes on the job, reviewed on 020927. ref SDS 50 U249  Andy
C61067 -    Grove at Intel urges strong leadership, in his book "Only the
C61068 -    Paranoid Survive, reviewed on 980307.  Grove says don't be a "wimp"
C61069 -    who shrinks from taking responsibility to act on knowledge of the
C61070 -    truth. ref SDS 22 MT8W  However, Grove, also, notes that getting
C61071 -    out in front, being proactive, while essential for success, is not
C61072 -    easy, ref SDS 22 MT8W, perhaps recalling the fate of Prometheus,
C61073 -    who, according to legend, accepted eternal suffering, as reward for
C61074 -    bringing the light of knowledge to humanity, reviewed on 991108.
C61075 -    ref SDS 26 7633
C61077 -     ..
C61078 -    Why is empowering people with the power of knowledge rewarded with
C61079 -    punishment, rather than rewards?
C61081 -         ..
C61082 -        [On 040222 initiative on proactive management to avoid
C61083 -        repeating past mistakes that cause failure. ref SDS 83 KX97
C61085 -         ..
C61086 -        [On 040505 Paris peace conference in 1919 heads of state began
C61087 -        holding meetings hoping to avoid keeping records, but found the
C61088 -        top people in the world could not remember enough to perform
C61089 -        daily work; eventually leadership yielded to an even stronger
C61090 -        fear of accountability for failing to get anything done, and so
C61091 -        a record of organizational memory was prepared and this change
C61092 -        in management practice yielded results that expedited progress.
C61093 -        ref SDS 88 MQ49
C61095 -         ..
C61096 -        [On 040813 movie Command Decision illustrates why improvement
C61097 -        takes a long time because transformation is resisted by
C61098 -        powerful cultural forces. ref SDS 90 IU6U
C61099 -
C61101 -     ..
C61102 -    Ignoring Requirements Easier than Approval for Tools to Perform
C61103 -    Pilot Testing to Improve Command Control Prevented by Bureaucracy
C61104 -    Innovation Loop Prevents Experimenting to Improve Command Control
C61105 -
C61106 -    The power to command must be applied through bureaucracy to control
C61107 -    a diverse work force using practices and technologies that have
C61108 -    brought success.  However, sole reliance on established tools and
C61109 -    methods, as a constant formula for future success, leads inevitably
C61110 -    to sole reliance on cost containment for improving earnings, which
C61111 -    makes experimenting to discover improvement solely a cost that is
C61112 -    always over budget, because there is no budget for improvement.
C61113 -    ref SDS 0 YN6O  Failure to budget and support experimentation
C61114 -    ignores Grove's call to invest a share of earnings on improvement
C61115 -    while there are sunshine profits, rather than wait for a crisis
C61116 -    that forces everyone to "clutch at every straw" while the ship is
C61117 -    sinking. ref SDS 0 KD6H  Command and control of people that is
C61118 -    willfully blind to lessons learned from history showing viability
C61119 -    and survival require prudent investment for contiual renewal
C61120 -    through continual learning, creates an "innovation loop" that
C61121 -    prevents pilot testing to experiment for discovering improvements
C61122 -    to command and control the work that saves lives, time, and money.
C61123 -
C61124 -        [On 040625 online forms illustrate command and control of
C61125 -        people that reduces command and control of the work.
C61126 -        ref SDS 89 HF8H
C61128 -     ..
C61129 -    When people cannot experiment for continual learning to improve,
C61130 -    then command and control of people implodes into continual bumbling
C61131 -    that eventually reaches critical mass. ref SDS 0 C57N, because
C61132 -    conditions of life and work gradually change to make traditional
C61133 -    practices and technology obsolete, noted by Grove citing experience
C61134 -    at Intel, reviewed on 980307. ref SDS 22 SL3I  Cultural forces
C61135 -    drive fear of losing position, prestige and payment in reprisal for
C61136 -    disturbing comforts of the status quo, cited on 990527. ref SDS 24
C61137 -    1233  Fear prevents people from investing more than 20 minutes to
C61138 -    discover new ideas for improvement, and from sounding the alert to
C61139 -    empower leadership in time for studying new ideas, when they are
C61140 -    discovered, reported on 890809. ref SDS 2 5U6K
C61141 -
C61143 -     ..
C61144 -    Conversation without Accuracy Communication Black Hole Management
C61145 -    Bureaucracy Black Hole Communication without Intelligence Support
C61146 -
C61147 -    Bureaucracy drives communication toward style to curry favor, and
C61148 -    avoid controversy, reported on 920402, ref SDS 6 0344, rather than
C61149 -    than communication for substance to save lives, time, and money.
C61150 -    ref SDS 0 9T4K  People try to improve by having more conversation
C61151 -    in meetings, calls and email to get more information, which then
C61152 -    reduces time for thinking to "connect the dots" into useful
C61153 -    knowledge, cited on 970910. ref SDS 20 3479
C61155 -     ..
C61156 -    Increasing reliance on conversation to avoid accountability for
C61157 -    mistakes, causes accuracy to fail.  Rising mistakes force people to
C61158 -    spend more time covering up to avoid accountability, so there is
C61159 -    less time to get things done correctly, on time, and within budget.
C61160 -    When symmetry between immediacy and accuracy is ignored, eventually
C61161 -    rising entropy reaches a critical mass of bumbling that explodes
C61162 -    ticking time bombs of ignored and forgotten problems, explained in
C61163 -    POIMS. ref OF 5 8844
C61164 -
C61165 -            [On 040312 complementarity in quantum physics illustrates
C61166 -            symmetry in universe that requires energy to maintain
C61167 -            balance. ref SDS 86 486I
C61169 -             ..
C61170 -            [On 061208 mistakes in electronic medical chart stored on
C61171 -            the computer cannot be corrected because Kaiser "locks
C61172 -            down" the record after the doctor meets with the patient;
C61173 -            prevents feedback loops called out in Healthwise Handbook
C61174 -            from correcting the medical chart. ref SDS 97 N54K
C61176 -     ..
C61177 -    Documentation with connections showing traceability to original
C61178 -    sources for working intelligently, called out in standards,
C61179 -    reviewed on 950721, ref SDS 13 1740, becomes scarce, cursory,
C61180 -    suppressed then abandoned, as daily communication slides entirely
C61181 -    toward conversation without verification under the excuse of
C61182 -    reducing "paperwork" in order to "expedite."  Without intelligence
C61183 -    for reality metrics to verify accuracy, reviewed on 021118,
C61184 -    ref SDS 51 QS8H, meetings devolve into finger pointing, blame and
C61185 -    accusation, because people cannot point to an accurate record of
C61186 -    organizational memory, reported by DOD on 020217. ref SDS 42 9360
C61187 -    Organization then spirals into cycles of error, conflict, crisis
C61188 -    and calamity toward a "black hole" that paralyzes productivity,
C61189 -    reported by Eric Armstrong on 011003. ref SDS 36 EC5N
C61190 -
C61191 -            [On 040312 black holes attract all mass and energy that
C61192 -            never returns. ref SDS 87 G83J
C61194 -             ..
C61195 -            [On 041110 Stanford Medical Center people giving up, fear
C61196 -            of accountability prevents timely, accurate communication;
C61197 -            stifle, proactive management, taking initiative to enable
C61198 -            effective care. ref SDS 92 2J42
C61200 -             ..
C61201 -            [On 050722 Steve resists email written record; giving up on
C61202 -            communication; wants verbal briefings; 300 unread email.
C61203 -            ref SDS 94 RP54
C61205 -             ..
C61206 -            [On 060221 Jimmy said he gets so many email at the VA that
C61207 -            his directory is full, and he does not have time to read
C61208 -            the letters nor to delete anything. ref SDS 96 NT6J
C61210 -     ..
C61211 -    The US Air Force Institute of Technology (USAFIT) reported a study
C61212 -    showing major procurements fail, because negative synergy occurs,
C61213 -    when people are overwhelmed by information that cannot be studied
C61214 -    and connected for understanding causation.  The USAFIT study found
C61215 -    that information density overwhelms span of attention.  Management
C61216 -    productivity is quickly reduced to entropy. ref SDS 18 0108  Common
C61217 -    examples of routine chaos in daily management are listed in the
C61218 -    record on 020217. ref SDS 42 TT3F
C61219 -
C61220 -        [On 040914 example "black hole" bureaucracy prevents contacting
C61221 -        people responsible for investing a few minutes to a few hours
C61222 -        configuring SDS for distrubting anytime anywhere intelligence
C61223 -        on the ACE intranet that improves productivity and earnings.
C61224 -        ref SDS 91 U06Y
C61226 -     ..
C61227 -    Information overload reduces the time to be prepared using common
C61228 -    technologies for meetings, calls, and documents.  Studies reported
C61229 -    on 960205 show that people waste 70% of the day in endless
C61230 -    meetings, where there is no agenda, no alignment, no understanding
C61231 -    and no follow up on action items, because there is not enough time
C61232 -    using approved information technology (IT) and practices.
C61233 -    ref SDS 16 5222  Since people become comfortable working on
C61234 -    familiar things in familiar ways, proposing a solution to
C61235 -    unproductive meetings seems counterintuitive because everybody is
C61236 -    working extremely hard using approved methods and practices.
C61238 -     ..
C61239 -    People fear proposing a solution, because, when everybody is
C61240 -    talking, nobody has time to listen, so there is never enough time
C61241 -    to study anything for more than 20 minutes, reported on 890809.
C61242 -    ref SDS 2 5U6K  Suggesting a new idea that requires hours of study
C61243 -    and months to pilot test disrupts the status quo of endless
C61244 -    meetings.  The common reaction is to remove disruption, so that
C61245 -    everybody can continue feeling comfortable being a "team player"
C61246 -    working on familiar things in familiar ways in the familiar "fog"
C61247 -    of "information overload" that hides opportunity and danger, while
C61248 -    paralyzing productivity, reported on 011003. ref SDS 36 EC5N
C61250 -     ..
C61251 -    Since command and control of people prevents experimenting to
C61252 -    improve command and control of the work, and since proposing ideas
C61253 -    to study for updating approved methods and tools results in loss of
C61254 -    position, prestige and payment, improvement seems "beyond reach."
C61255 -    People grow discouraged, then bitter and give up, transforming
C61256 -    those who present solutions from idealist into cynic after
C61257 -    experiencing a powerful "lesson learned"....
C61258 -
C61259 -        Pain of reprisal for disrupting comforts of the status quo can
C61260 -        be avoided by avoiding efforts to improve the work, because
C61261 -        speaking truth to power seems beyond reach in order to pilot
C61262 -        test, experiment and investigate changing the status quo.
C61263 -        ref SDS 0 E44K
C61264 -
C61265 -           [On 040222 initiative on proactive management to avoid
C61266 -           repeating past mistakes that cause failure. ref SDS 83 KX97
C61268 -            ..
C61269 -           [On 040625 online forms illustrate command and control of
C61270 -           people that reduces command and control of the work.
C61271 -           ref SDS 89 HF8H
C61273 -            ..
C61274 -           [On 040914 example "black hole" bureaucracy prevents
C61275 -           contacting people responsible for investing a few minutes to
C61276 -           a few hours configuring SDS for distrubting anytime anywhere
C61277 -           intelligence on the ACE intranet that improves productivity
C61278 -           and earnings. ref SDS 91 U06Y
C61279 -
C61280 -
C61282 -     ..
C61283 -    Nobody Cares About Accurate Communication Beyond Reach Too Risky
C61284 -    Give Up on Communication Nobody Cares About Accurate Communication
C61285 -    Beyond Reach Authenticate Conversation Complexity Explodes Mistakes
C61286 -    Sour Grapes Beyond Reach Good People Give Up on Good Management
C61287 -
C61288 -    People have learned another powerful lesson through hard won
C61289 -    experience.
C61291 -     ..
C61292 -    We all remember the fabled fox, who decided that grapes, which look
C61293 -    too difficult to reach up high on the vine, are "sour," so there is
C61294 -    no reason to feel bad about failing to try.  Similarly, people
C61295 -    strive to "feel good" by avoiding emotional pain from failure to
C61296 -    meet objectives on the job.  When requirements for the work seem
C61297 -    difficult to reach, using approved tools and existing skills,
C61298 -    people conveniently ignore requirements, rather than go to the
C61299 -    trouble of improving tools and retooling skills.  Organizational
C61300 -    wizardry, even more sophisticated than the wily fox, has replaced
C61301 -    industry standards for continual learning, with continual denial by
C61302 -    announcing that improvement to save lives, time and money is
C61303 -    "unnecessary overkill."  The delusion that effort to improve can be
C61304 -    avoided is sustained by "discovering" that standards, requirements,
C61305 -    regulations, and specifications are mere "goals," "guidelines," and
C61306 -    "suggestions" which can be ignored, when approved practices and
C61307 -    tools are inadequate to get the job done, but are good enough to
C61308 -    get by without having to draw the spotlight of attention by
C61309 -    disrupting the status quo. ref SDS 0 Q95O and ref SDS 0 VI78
C61311 -     ..
C61312 -    Ignorance, fear and denial avoid the risk of having to...
C61313 -
C61314 -                       Fight City Hall!
C61316 -     ..
C61317 -    Being a "team player" preserves position, prestige and payment.  If
C61318 -    people die because nobody cared about accuracy, if the company
C61319 -    fails because requirements for accuracy turned out to be required
C61320 -    after all, if deviations that seem too inconsequential to fix, or
C61321 -    escaped notice altogether, because nobody bothered to check
C61322 -    alignment, later escalate into major disaster, because approved
C61323 -    tools don't empower people with command and control to "connect the
C61324 -    dots" of cause and effect, then our reputation and resume being
C61325 -    "team player," will make it fast and easy to hook up with another
C61326 -    outfit that values good communication skills for avoiding
C61327 -    accountability by not making waves about improvement.  On 920128
C61328 -    risks and opportunities from "making waves" were reviewed.
C61329 -    ref SDS 5 1199
C61330 -
C61331 -            [On 040214 powerful cultural forces make confidentiality of
C61332 -            intellectual property secure because good ideas for saving
C61333 -            time and money must be forced down the throat of people who
C61334 -            would rather walk through the valley of death than improve
C61335 -            working on familiar things in familiar ways in order to
C61336 -            save lives, time and money. ref SDS 80 N87M
C61338 -             ..
C61339 -            [On 061208 mistakes in electronic medical chart stored on
C61340 -            the computer cannot be corrected because Kaiser "locks
C61341 -            down" the record after the doctor meets with the patient;
C61342 -            prevents feedback loops called out in Healthwise Handbook
C61343 -            from correcting the medical chart. ref SDS 97 N54K
C61345 -     ..
C61346 -    This complex lesson is never learned because nobody has time to
C61347 -    think, and so perpetuates calcification that builds obsolescence
C61348 -    into every organization, where after about 10 years on the job,
C61349 -    people boil it down to something everybody understands...
C61351 -                  ..
C61352 -                 "What's the use??
C61354 -                  ..
C61355 -                 Bureaucracy stifles innovation, so no sense trying."
C61357 -     ..
C61358 -    The attitude of despair ("sour grapes") because ignorance, fear and
C61359 -    denial make trying to use a good idea for improving the work seem
C61360 -    "beyond reach" per above, ref SDS 0 E44K, is supported by a long
C61361 -    history...
C61362 -
C61363 -           [On 040222 initiative on proactive management to avoid
C61364 -           repeating past mistakes that cause failure. ref SDS 83 KX97
C61366 -            ..
C61367 -           [On 040312 complementarity and symmetry from quantum
C61368 -           mechanics of wave particle light duality, and of space time
C61369 -           duality, local distant causality, all fit the model of
C61370 -           conversation accuracy duality of communications. ref SDS 86
C61371 -           486I
C61373 -            ..
C61374 -           [On 041110 Stanford Medical Center people giving up, fear of
C61375 -           accountability prevents timely, accurate communication;
C61376 -           stifle, proactive management, taking initiative to enable
C61377 -           effective care. ref SDS 92 2J42
C61379 -         ..
C61380 -    1.  Nobody can find anything using
C61381 -        approved tools and methods............ 960406, ref SDS 17 4249
C61383 -         ..
C61384 -    2.  Too many people having too many
C61385 -        problems connecting the dots in
C61386 -        time to get things done correctly
C61387 -        and within budget using popular
C61388 -        tools and methods mandated for
C61389 -        daily management on the job,
C61390 -        cause the economy to fail............. 001207, ref SDS 28 MZ7G
C61392 -         ..
C61393 -    3.  National security fails when
C61394 -        there is not enough time using
C61395 -        approved tools and methods to
C61396 -        connect the dots in time to
C61397 -        discover intelligence to avoid
C61398 -        loss of lives and national
C61399 -        treasure.............................. 010911, ref SDS 34 UP5K
C61401 -         ..
C61402 -    4.  Largest bankruptcy collapse in
C61403 -        history occurred when people were
C61404 -        unable to perform good management
C61405 -        using approved tools and methods
C61406 -        under new realities of a new
C61407 -        world order........................... 020204, ref SDS 41 7O3K
C61409 -         ..
C61410 -    5.  Popular technology and methods
C61411 -        approved for use on the job
C61412 -        makes keeping work aligned with
C61413 -        objectives requirements and
C61414 -        commitments impossible, little
C61415 -        deviations escalate into major
C61416 -        disaster again, and again and......... 991001, ref SDS 25 0001
C61418 -         ..
C61419 -    6.  People get mad and demand
C61420 -        proactive management when
C61421 -        inconsequential details
C61422 -        later explode into major
C61423 -        problems because popular
C61424 -        tools and methods approved
C61425 -        for use on the job cannot
C61426 -        maintain alignment.................... 921127, ref SDS 8 0674
C61428 -         ..
C61429 -    7.  After crisis subsides people
C61430 -        feel proactive management to
C61431 -        work intelligently discovering
C61432 -        opportunity and avoiding mistakes
C61433 -        that saves lives, time and money
C61434 -        is unnecessary overkill............... 890324, ref SDS 1 8R97
C61436 -         ..
C61437 -    8.  Powerful cultural forces of
C61438 -        ignorance, fear and denial resist
C61439 -        efforts to improve management
C61440 -        for saving lives, time and
C61441 -        money................................. 990527, ref SDS 24 1233
C61443 -         ..
C61444 -    9.  Lesson learned from failure on
C61445 -        prior projects using popular
C61446 -        technology and traditional methods
C61447 -        approved for use, is being repeated
C61448 -        on the current project by failing
C61449 -        to capture organizational memory
C61450 -        of work history and develop analysis
C61451 -        to discover complex issues, because
C61452 -        "intelligence" requires new tools
C61453 -        and methods, that are not approved,
C61454 -        in order to connect the dots that
C61455 -        reveal counterintuitive problems
C61456 -        which are difficult to understand;
C61457 -        failure to apply new methods
C61458 -        tools, and skills to apply
C61459 -        CFISR goals to work intelligently
C61460 -        on the job to routinely capture
C61461 -        lessons learned for improving
C61462 -        management causes repeated
C61463 -        failure............................... 030830, ref SDS 65 TY9H
C61465 -         ..
C61466 -   10.  New realities of a new world
C61467 -        order requiring retooling skills
C61468 -        along with popular methods and
C61469 -        tools, approved for use on the
C61470 -        job, because they previously
C61471 -        enabled success, but are now
C61472 -        growing obsolete...................... 020131, ref SDS 40 QE4H
C61474 -         ..
C61475 -   11.  Tyranny of status quo resists
C61476 -        transformation to meet new
C61477 -        realities of a new world order
C61478 -        by retooling foundational skills
C61479 -        for continual learning to deploy
C61480 -        new methods and tools................. 950911, ref SDS 14 OG8L
C61482 -         ..
C61483 -   12.  SDS support for Com Metrics to
C61484 -        work intelligently that cannot
C61485 -        be accomplished with popular
C61486 -        tools approved for official
C61487 -        use is denied as unnecessary
C61488 -        overkill.............................. 010720, ref SDS 31 F511
C61490 -         ..
C61491 -   13.  Bad leadership fosters a culture
C61492 -        of denial; people feel forced to
C61493 -        excuse bad management, failure
C61494 -        and loss, as "being a team
C61495 -        player"; social pressure to
C61496 -        conform drives people to ignore
C61497 -        requirements, standards and
C61498 -        regulations for good management
C61499 -        as unnecessary overkill............... 020130, ref SDS 39 I84G
C61501 -         ..
C61502 -   14.  Speaking truth to power by
C61503 -        spreading the word productivity,
C61504 -        earnings and stock prices
C61505 -        improve with tools for working
C61506 -        intelligently to convert
C61507 -        information from popular tools
C61508 -        into knowledge needed to meet
C61509 -        new realities in a new world
C61510 -        order is restrained by fear of
C61511 -        losing position, prestige and
C61512 -        payment............................... 020920, ref SDS 49 N44O
C61514 -         ..
C61515 -   15.  Educating management, and
C61516 -        experts responsible for
C61517 -        approving tools and practices,
C61518 -        by teaching and explaining
C61519 -        to overcome ignorance fear
C61520 -        and denial with a "2nd act,"
C61521 -        risks reprisals to cover up
C61522 -        lack of confidence in personal
C61523 -        competence when people get mad
C61524 -        and strike out by "turning out
C61525 -        the light" of knowledge for a
C61526 -        fast and easy solution that
C61527 -        maintains the comfort level of
C61528 -        the status quo........................ 990527, ref SDS 24 074D
C61530 -         ..
C61531 -   16.  Negative social dynamics drive
C61532 -        failure to work for improvement
C61533 -        and acceptance of what can be
C61534 -        accomplished without making
C61535 -        waves as good enough to get by;
C61536 -        doing anything more that requires
C61537 -        fighting the system for approval
C61538 -        is unnecessary overkill............... 940327, ref SDS 9 J47F
C61540 -         ..
C61541 -   17.  Failure to meet standards
C61542 -        and requirements for good
C61543 -        management using popular
C61544 -        tools approved for use at
C61545 -        NASA is a "sore subject".............. 921021, ref SDS 7 3744
C61547 -         ..
C61548 -   18.  Tools and methods that are
C61549 -        popular and approved to work
C61550 -        on familiar things in familiar
C61551 -        ways that previously brought
C61552 -        success are becoming less
C61553 -        effective in the new world
C61554 -        order of information overload
C61555 -        caused by endless meetings,
C61556 -        calls and email....................... 980307, ref SDS 22 2051
C61558 -         ..
C61559 -   19.  Information overload causes
C61560 -        people to waste 70% of the
C61561 -        day in unproductive meetings;
C61562 -        people do not have time to
C61563 -        prepare, there is no agenda,
C61564 -        no alignment with objectives,
C61565 -        requirements and commitments,
C61566 -        and no follow up on action
C61567 -        items................................. 960204, ref SDS 16 5902
C61569 -         ..
C61570 -   20.  Information overload from
C61571 -        endless meetings and email
C61572 -        that cannot be connected
C61573 -        using approved methods and
C61574 -        tools into an effective body
C61575 -        of organizational memory to
C61576 -        access relevant history in
C61577 -        time to be effective for saving
C61578 -        time and money paralyzes
C61579 -        productivity.......................... 011003, ref SDS 36 EC5N
C61581 -         ..
C61582 -   21.  When people do not have time
C61583 -        to think, management degrades
C61584 -        into entropy, becoming an Alice
C61585 -        in Wonderland of continual
C61586 -        bumbling.............................. 940609, ref SDS 12 4238
C61588 -         ..
C61589 -   22.  Constant meetings, calls and
C61590 -        email create a perpetual fog
C61591 -        of war that hides the solution
C61592 -        in plain sight from both
C61593 -        management and experts who are
C61594 -        comfortable in the safety of
C61595 -        relying on approved tools and
C61596 -        methods to do doing the same
C61597 -        thing and get the same result
C61598 -        day-to-day, month-to-month,
C61599 -        year-to-year from one failed
C61600 -        project to the next................... 030708, ref SDS 61 LV8G
C61602 -         ..
C61603 -   23.  Feeling safe, secure and
C61604 -        comfortable working on familiar
C61605 -        things in familiar ways
C61606 -        inoculates against learning
C61607 -        to improve by making people
C61608 -        willfully blind to problems
C61609 -        from changes in the character
C61610 -        of knowledge work caused by
C61611 -        success creating information
C61612 -        technology over 2000 years
C61613 -        that now requires changing the
C61614 -        status quo with new tools and
C61615 -        practices............................. 980307, ref SDS 21 3740
C61617 -         ..
C61618 -   24.  Disrupting the comfort level
C61619 -        of the status quo to help
C61620 -        successful people improve
C61621 -        productivity, earnings
C61622 -        and stock prices by saving
C61623 -        lives time and money is like
C61624 -        walking through the valley
C61625 -        of death.............................. 980307, ref SDS 22 HN42
C61627 -         ..
C61628 -   25.  Attitudes must change to enable
C61629 -        transformation from bad to
C61630 -        good management enabled by
C61631 -        Communication Metrics................. 990505, ref SDS 23 4732
C61633 -         ..
C61634 -   26.  Denial is pervasive to avoid
C61635 -        effort upgrading skills and
C61636 -        tools to meet requirements
C61637 -        for good management with common
C61638 -        cry - "Why not use more diligence
C61639 -        applying existing skills for
C61640 -        popular technologies and approved
C61641 -        tools so we can keep doing what
C61642 -        we have always done and avoid
C61643 -        disruption that makes people
C61644 -        uncomfortable......................... 001126, ref SDS 27 4E3X
C61646 -         ..
C61647 -   27.  Bureaucracy resists improvement
C61648 -        making meetings an exercise in
C61649 -        style because nobody has time to
C61650 -        study in order to understand
C61651 -        substance using tools and methods
C61652 -        approved for use on the job........... 960103, ref SDS 15 8409
C61654 -         ..
C61655 -   28.  Bureaucracy without judgement
C61656 -        places sole reliance on cost
C61657 -        control to improve earnings
C61658 -        because there is no budget and
C61659 -        no one is empowered to experiment
C61660 -        on improving established tools
C61661 -        and methods that drive
C61662 -        innovation............................ 890809, ref SDS 3 U87H
C61664 -         ..
C61665 -   29.  Movie "Executive Suite" shows
C61666 -        competing leadership attitudes
C61667 -        between theory X - command and
C61668 -        control of people stifles
C61669 -        experimenting to pilot test
C61670 -        better tools and methods; and
C61671 -        theory Y - empowerment drives
C61672 -        innovation to improve command
C61673 -        and control of the work............... 020927, ref SDS 50 U249
C61675 -         ..
C61676 -   30.  Culture of denial at DCMA
C61677 -        forces people to use popular
C61678 -        technology from Microsoft
C61679 -        that is fast and easy to
C61680 -        learn and use for information
C61681 -        management, but prevents
C61682 -        complying with regulations
C61683 -        for good management................... 020905, ref SDS 47 QU9K
C61685 -         ..
C61686 -   31.  Culture of denial at large
C61687 -        drives people to despair
C61688 -        seeking safe harbor in being
C61689 -        willfully blind to opportunity
C61690 -        for using good management
C61691 -        because the thought of giving
C61692 -        up on popular technology people
C61693 -        have already learned, and instead
C61694 -        everyone forcing forcing themselves
C61695 -        to retool basic skills is so
C61696 -        mentally tortuous that relief
C61697 -        only comes from denial of goals,
C61698 -        objectives and requirements for
C61699 -        good management as unnecessary
C61700 -        overkill.............................. 020820, ref SDS 45 O1QQ
C61702 -         ..
C61703 -   32.  Knowledge Management "experts"
C61704 -        willfully blind citing evidence
C61705 -        many have failed to advance
C61706 -        beyond information technology
C61707 -        will not accept yes for an
C61708 -        answer, refusing to believe
C61709 -        evidence of success................... 020918, ref SDS 48 RR4I
C61711 -         ..
C61712 -   33.  Culture of denial at NASA ignores
C61713 -        requirements for good management
C61714 -        the way they are ignored every-
C61715 -        where as suggestions, guidelines
C61716 -        and upper limits that are beyond
C61717 -        reach with tools approved for use;
C61718 -        ignoring requirements is faster
C61719 -        and easier than fighting through
C61720 -        the system for approval to get
C61721 -        what is needed, because everybody
C61722 -        is busy setting new action items
C61723 -        in meetings so nobody has time
C61724 -        to notice that action items on
C61725 -        requirements, regulations and
C61726 -        specifications are being ignored
C61727 -        as unnecessary overkill............... 030826, ref SDS 63 8K4G
C61729 -         ..
C61730 -   34.  Reports of visionary leadership
C61731 -        encouraging people to experiment
C61732 -        by pilot testing new methods
C61733 -        and tools that foster innovation
C61734 -        for better productivity, earnings
C61735 -        and stock prices conflict with
C61736 -        social and cultural dynamics of
C61737 -        organization and hierarchy............ 980307, ref SDS 21 3416
C61739 -         ..
C61740 -   35.  Big organizations stifle
C61741 -        innovation by suppressing
C61742 -        experimentation to discover
C61743 -        improvement for saving lives
C61744 -        time and money........................ 910418, ref SDS 4 MW8N
C61746 -         ..
C61747 -   36.  Attitudes change, when people
C61748 -        in big organizations are
C61749 -        empowered by continual support
C61750 -        from a new professional work
C61751 -        role for Communication Metrics
C61752 -        flying blow the radar to
C61753 -        experience benefits long enough
C61754 -        to discover good management
C61755 -        does not harm, but saves lives,
C61756 -        time and money, resistance
C61757 -        against improvement caused by
C61758 -        social and cultural dynamics
C61759 -        transforms into demand for
C61760 -        support to work
C61761 -        intelligently......................... 040203, ref SDS 0 NB70
C61762 -
C61763 -
C61764 -
C61765 -
C61766 -
C61767 -
C618 -

Fragile Understanding Belief Gets It For the Moment that Management i
Spread Too Thin Gary Needs Help for Com Metrics Analyst Canno

C804 -
C80501 -  ..
C80502 - SDS Exposure Interrupted Awareness Fragile Slips Away Quickly
C80503 - Understanding Power SDS Fragile Transitory Without Reinforcement
C80504 - Opportunity Transformation Understanding SDS Fragile Fleeting Whisper
C80505 -
C80506 - Problems from delay approving SDS that interrupt the record of
C80507 - organizational memory were reviewed on 030506, ref SDS 56 KT5F, citing
C80508 - Gary's prior analysis on 011006, ref SDS 37 O99K, and later on 020315,
C80509 - ref SDS 43 NB5H, when Gary related need for SDS, ref SDS 43 UN7K,
C80510 - which aligned with analysis a month earlier on 020217 on why good
C80511 - management is essential on large projects. ref SDS 42 425M
C80512 -
C80513 -        [On 040222 initiative on proactive management to avoid
C80514 -        repeating past mistakes that cause failure. ref SDS 83 KX97
C80516 -  ..
C80517 - A "lesson Learned" reported on 040102 shows that time passing without
C80518 - SDS support causes negative synergy, because in the beginning faith in
C80519 - a new way of working is fragile, fleeting and transitory without
C80520 - steady exposure.  Cultural inertia drives everyone back to familiar
C80521 - ways using information technology, per lesson learned above.
C80522 - ref SDS 0 E44K  Retreat then compounds the "fog of war" that makes
C80523 - current awareness about the need for good management fade from memory.
C80524 - ref SDS 71 TZ6J  The overwhelming tendency to use bad management,
C80525 - noted by Jack Park on 010908, ref SDS 33 YF5O, once again begins to
C80526 - hide the benefits of SDS in plain sight, per review on 040102.
C80527 - ref SDS 70 G54T  In other words, without progress on applying a
C80528 - greater share of the eight (8) steps to perform Communication Metrics,
C80529 - planned in the annual review on 040102, ref SDS 70 H55F, the utility
C80530 - of the record will fall into line with information technology, and so
C80531 - eliminate any memory of rationale or desire for advancing to a culture
C80532 - of knowledge.  Demand for SDS will again drop to zero due lack of
C80533 - exposure and limited span of attention.
C80534 -
C80535 -        [On 040222 initiative on proactive management to avoid
C80536 -        repeating past mistakes that cause failure. ref SDS 83 KX97
C80538 -  ..
C80539 - As a result, greater progress may be gained by sending an email
C80540 - notifying Steve with a copy to Paul and Bruce, that...
C80541 -
C80542 -      Following the meeting with Bruce on 030121, the project was
C80543 -      supported by a volunteer experiment all of last year using SDS
C80544 -      technology that applies goals for CFISR on communication, command
C80545 -      and control and intelligence capabilities to daily management.
C80546 -      Support for command and control of daily work in the office,
C80547 -      rather than on the battle field, is summarized by the idea of
C80548 -      Communication Metrics, explained in POIMS. ref OF 7 1113  In the
C80549 -      same way that people meet on the battlefield, we have applied the
C80550 -      eight (8) steps using SDS for Communication Metrics to support
C80551 -      daily meetings on the project, listed on 001219. ref SDS 29 4W4L
C80553 -       ..
C80554 -      Based on Steve's report today, ref SDS 0 N03C, and connecting the
C80555 -      dots with feedback from others on the project this past year, the
C80556 -      experiment was successful, see the report on 040102. ref SDS 70
C80557 -      UO6T  While lessons learned clearly show benefits of giving
C80558 -      people more experience to overcome cultural resistance, cited
C80559 -      above, ref SDS 0 E44K, in order to strengthen commitment on
C80560 -      transformation, circumstances have placed the project at a point
C80561 -      of deciding whether to continue.
C80563 -       ..
C80564 -      The path of least resistance is to drop support for Communication
C80565 -      Metrics by discontinuing use of SDS.  This has the benefit of
C80566 -      safety by not doing anything differently from other projects,
C80567 -      groups, other company units and other organizations who rely on
C80568 -      familiar information technology.
C80570 -       ..
C80571 -      Since the assignment of the project is to do something better for
C80572 -      the future of combat, within the meaning of CFISR, there may be
C80573 -      grounds to continue experimenting with support for a stronger
C80574 -      solution than popular technology used for office work.  SDS work
C80575 -      product for "organizational memory" explains the concept of
C80576 -      advancing from information to knowledge tools.  Theory and
C80577 -      practice using SDS for integrating personal and organizational
C80578 -      memory and management is explained in "POIMS." ref OF 3 0001
C80579 -
C80580 -
C80581 -
C80582 -
C80583 -
C80584 -
C80585 -
C80586 -
C80587 -
C80588 -
C80589 -
C80590 -
C806 -