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DIARY: May 17, 2001 09:00 AM Thursday; Rod Welch

Meeting Pat Lincoln at SRI to review POIMS, SDS demo.

2...SDS Demonstration and Review POIMS Technology
3...Operating System for People and Organizations
4...Organizational Memory Captured in SDS Improves Listening
5...Listening Enables Understanding and Follow Up to Get Things Done
6...Knowledge Connects Information into Chronologies of Cause and Effect
.........................k.n o w l e d g e
.......................L.I S T E N I N G
..........................follow up
.....Executives Discover Intelligence Saves Time and Money
7...SDS Organic Subject Structures Organize the Record - Ontology
8...POIMS Provides Scalable Knowledge from One-to-Many-to-All
9...Scalable Knowledge Enables Collaboration
10...POIMS Leverages Ability to Create, Manage Organizational Memory
11...Pilot Test SDS Scalable Knowledge Context Management Collaboration
........................Knowledge Repository
....Pat asked for an example where SDS content is "leveraged" to save
12...SDS Saves Time and Money - ROI 10:1
13...Pat asked why USACE cancelled the Com Metrics project?
......1...Improvement is like walking through the valley of death in a
......2...Resistance ending Com Metrics at USACE reflects natural
..........Wiggle Room Prevents Using Intelligence for Good Management
..........Social, Cultural Resistance Due to Ignorance, Fear, Denial
..........Command and Scribe Need Intelligence for 21st Century
.................communication the biggest threat in enterprise
......3...SDS is a paradigm shift from information to knowledge that
.............Paradigm Shifts Change Cultural Traditions E.G.....
.............Adding Water Solves Problem of Too Much Water
..........Long Way Around Short Way There, Paperwork Saves Time
..........Intelligence Looks Like Paperwork, Saves Time and Money
14...Huge Need Transition from Information to Culture of Knowledge
15...SRI, Welch Partners for Deployment, Research and Development SDS
16...SRI is a good vehicle for pilot testing SDS, because....
..1...SRI's mission enabled by SDS to Spawn Culture of Knowledge
...............Operating System for People and Organizations
..2...Research SDS Theory, Tools, Practice to Deploy KM
......a...Intelligence, Knowledge, Literacy, Alphabet Technology
......b...Meaning Drift Makes Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise
......c...SDS Organizational Memory Solves Meaning Drift
......d...Time and Organic Structure Manage Complexity - Ontology
......e...Education, Listening, Doing, Learning
......f...Communication Manager: Culture of Knowledge Needs New Role
......g...Deployment Strategies - People, Training, Technology
..................Clear, Concise, Complete Communication
..........Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a new role that supports the
..........Training... like the alphabet, everyone needs SDS skills to
..........Hardware and Software Ergonomics
..........Meetings Do Not Need Com Manager All the Time
..3...SDS Improves SRI Management - Save Time and Money
........Pat asked if he could learn SDS?
........Learning SDS Takes More than 20 Minutes
........Pilot Test SDS at SRI
..4...SDS Gives SRI Marketing Advantage for KM

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1...Research is required to extend the notion of command and

0201 - SRI International
020101 - Mr. Pat Lincoln; Director
020103 - Computer Science Laboratory

Meeting SDS Improve SRI Management Learn KM, Curt Carlson, Pat Lincoln
Planning Agenda, Demonstrate SDS, Communication Metrics
Meeting Pat Lincoln Review SDS Prepare Meeting Curt Carlson 010522

2106 -
2106 -    ..
2107 - Summary/Objective
2108 -
210801 - Follow up ref SDS A2 0000, ref SDS A0 0000.
210802 -
210803 - Alliance between Welch and SRI applies SRI's research expertise in
210804 - deploying the next generation of knowledge capability, and, also,
210805 - extending a powerful new technology.  SDS demonstration today showed
210806 - the difference between information and knowledge that is leveraged so
210807 - that people can support each other. ref SDS 0 4Q5I  This is a powerful
210808 - advance on alphabet technology that lifts civilization.  SDS enables
210809 - Knowledge Space for managing organizational memory to reduce time and
210810 - effort of collaboration. ref SDS 0 RL5F  SDS improves understanding
210811 - and follow up to get things done, commonly called "listening."  This
210812 - makes daily work a "utopia" compared to other methods. ref SDS 0 ZO6N
210813 - Executives accept saving time and money, if given the opportunity to
210814 - discover benefits of adding intelligence to management. ref SDS 0 KE6O
210815 - Despite savings, social and cultural resistance related to self-image
210816 - takes leadership with a broader vision to help people gain experience
210817 - that is needed to discover the benefits of intelligence. ref SDS 0
210818 - KE6O  SRI can lead the way with as a crucible of research to deploy
210819 - SDS in science, government, business and education. ref SDS 0 2A4J
210820 - SRI's leadership will save time and money for SRI by improving daily
210821 - work, and it will provide experience to advance KM.  A business
210822 - relationship with Welch gives SRI a marketing advantage of deploying
210823 - capability that saves time and money. ref SDS 0 GO3J  This solution is
210824 - in demand for overcoming information gridlock that overwhelms the
210825 - national and world economy with too many problems. ref SDS 0 KH6O
210826 -
210827 -      [On 010608 submitted proposal for partnership. ref SDS A9 0001
210829 -       ..
210830 -      [On 010625 telecon with Pat indicated agreement with proposal for
210831 -      partnership. ref SDS B5   0001
210832 -
210833 -
210834 -
210835 -
210837 -  ..
2109 -
2110 -
2111 - Progress
2112 -
211201 - SDS Demonstration and Review POIMS Technology
211202 - Operating System for People and Organizations
211203 -
211204 - Meeting today follows up planning yesterday on 010516 to discuss POIMS
211205 - and demonstrate SDS in order to prepare for a meeting with SRI's CEO,
211206 - Curt Carlson, on 010522. ref SDS A2 B46O
211207 -
211208 -      Pat has reviewed the record of the meeting with him and Curt on
211209 -      010122. ref SDS 81 458J, which was submitted by a letter,
211210 -      ref DIP 4 0001, on 010320. ref SDS 91 0001
211211 -      ..
211212 -      There were no corrections or additions.
211214 -  ..
211215 - We used a notebook computer to demonstrate the SDS program.  Pat
211216 - noticed the SDS Group Manager shows a number of people are supported
211217 - by Rod, which is one aspect of "scaling up" that Pat raised in
211218 - connection with leveraging knowledge, discussed in detail below.
211219 - ref SDS 0 4Q5I
211221 -  ..
211222 - SDS starts in a schedule for planning action.  This gives Knowledge
211223 - Management (KM) an action orientation that connects planning with
211224 - experience, per the letter to Pat on 010426. ref SDS 98 LV4I  POIMS
211225 - explains a theory of knowledge that applies a continuous cycle of
211226 - "intelligence." ref OF 1 6649
211227 -
211228 -
211229 -
211230 -
211231 -
211232 -
2113 -

POIMS Understanding KM
Context Needed to Understand POIMS
Understand POIMS Difference Knowledge Information
Knowledge Different from Information
Organizational Memory Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, How Much
Listening Analysis Understanding Follow Up Make Getting People to Say
Counterintuitive SDS Secret KM Design Counterintuitive, 000425
KM Difficult to Understand SDS Core Capability
Architecture Human Thought Information and Knowledge

4211 -
421201 -  ..
421202 - Organizational Memory Captured in SDS Improves Listening
421203 - Listening Enables Understanding and Follow Up to Get Things Done
421204 - Knowledge Connects Information into Chronologies of Cause and Effect
421205 -
421206 - Pat's letter on 010426 reports gaps in understanding that require more
421207 - context to grasp the power of POIMS. ref SDS 98 IB6N  He stated....
421208 -
421209 -       There is a tremendous amount of context required to understand
421210 -       what you are getting at.  I think that the work is interesting
421211 -       although I think I understood only some large fraction of what
421212 -       you are talking about. ref DRP 1 155O
421213 -
421215 -  ..
421216 - Today, the SDS demonstration provided additional "context" that added
421217 - meaning to ideas in POIMS on the difference between....
421218 -
421219 -
421220 -                          information
421221 -
421222 -
421223 - ...which is consumed and generated immediately in the conscious span
421224 - of attention through biological senses....
421225 -
421227 -             ..
421228 -            seeing, hearing, speaking, email, doing things
421229 -
421231 -  ..
421232 - see POIMS, ref OF 1 V57N and NWO. ref OF 3 6824
421234 -  ..
421235 - While......
421236 -
421237 -                         k n o w l e d g e
421238 -
421239 -
421240 - ....results from processing information over time in the subconscious
421241 - that connects events into chronologies of cause and effect based on
421242 - subjects that sustain human needs.  The process is commonly called
421243 - "intelligence," and comprises human experience. ref OF 1 0367 and
421244 - ref OF 1 8774
421245 -
421246 -      [On 010712 Stuart Harrow at DCMA reported loss confidence in IT
421247 -      is diverting funding to other areas. ref SDS B8   ZR5G
421249 -  ..
421250 - On 940609 difference between information and knowledge explains
421251 - biological architecture of human thought drives impulse for sight and
421252 - sound that processes pictures and speaking in the conscous span of
421253 - attention immediately, while knowledge is created by subconscious
421254 - processing. ref SDS 12 HU4K
421256 -  ..
421257 - Integrating time and information to enhance alphabet technology for
421258 - capturing experience and creating "knowledge" was explained in a
421259 - letter, ref DIP 1 3220, to the OHS/DKR team on 000120, during Doug's
421260 - Colloquium at Stanford. ref SDS 45 5967  Later on 000407 the matter
421261 - was raised again as foundational to advancing beyond information to a
421262 - culture of knowledge that is essential for accomplishing the goal to
421263 - develop a new way of working for solving world problems. ref SDS 51
421264 - 2805
421266 -  ..
421267 - On 000503 Eric Armstrong explained in a letter strong aversion to the
421268 - concept of knowledge distinct from information, ref SDS 53 5033; and
421269 - on 000615 during a meeting at SRI Eugene Kim advised there was not
421270 - enough knowledge to develop Knowledge Management. ref SDS 57 6271
421271 -
421272 -      [On 010605 Eugene made this point again. ref SDS A7 RU5O
421274 -  ..
421275 - While the correlation of "knowledge" with experience is not broadly
421276 - understood, there is important support for this proposition in
421277 - Einstein's writings reviewed on 991124. ref SDS 43 3066  Recent
421278 - interest in semiotics based on Charles Peirce's work also supports
421279 - using the correlation between experience and knowledge for developing
421280 - technology that augments human intelligence, as reviewed on 000515.
421281 - ref SDS 54 0042  Doug Engelbart made a similar point in his 1972 paper
421282 - reviewed on 000327. ref SDS 49 3971
421284 -  ..
421285 - Over the past 18 months, SRI has acquired experience interacting with
421286 - SDS, which yields some understanding of "knowledge" as distinct from
421287 - "information."  However, this experience has been at arms length,
421288 - because there has not been a leadership component that encourages SRI
421289 - staff to engage the record for guiding daily work.  The proposal for
421290 - SRI to use SDS for researching Knowledge Management and to save time
421291 - and money in performing SRI work, would provide additional context,
421292 - see below, ref SDS 0 CF8K, which can increase understanding of the
421293 - distinction between information and knowledge, because the synergy
421294 - between doing and learning, cited by Einstein, is endemic to SDS. see
421295 - POIMS. ref OF 1 2049
421297 -  ..
421298 - SDS aids the human mental biology by connecting information based on a
421299 - design called the "management" cycle, also, called an intelligence
421300 - process. ref OF 1 6649
421302 -  ..
421303 - On 001219 steps for using SDS enable a new way of thinking and
421304 - working, ref SDS 76 QT6F, called out by Doug Engelbart, reviewed on
421305 - 991222. ref SDS 44 3696
421307 -  ..
421308 - Today, we created a follow up task in SDS to demonstrate new events
421309 - are automatically linked to progeny at the subject level.
421310 -
421311 -     This aligns with discussion on 010426 about using technology to
421312 -     guide action. ref SDS 98 NZ5F  Subjects provide "context," so this
421313 -     capability builds chronologies of cause and effect that augment
421314 -     human intelligence for managing contextual experience.
421316 -  ..
421317 - We created custom links.  This takes only seconds, and is essentially
421318 - a matter of mere volition.
421320 -  ..
421321 - In combination with organic subject structures (see below, ref SDS 0
421322 - UN4L), SDS hard wires factual history of cause and effect, making it
421323 - fast and easy to capture, manage and apply organizational memory, as
421324 - an enterprise asset.
421326 -  ..
421327 - SDS makes it practical to capture a larger share of organizational
421328 - memory than is possible by other means, and to provide flexible
421329 - structure, subjects, alignment and summary that converts information
421330 - into useful knowledge for doing daily work, as seen from the record on
421331 - the OHS/DKR project this past year, see 001017. ref SDS 68 1575  These
421332 - advantages are not yet well recognized in the market place, as added
421333 - value, when described as "knowledge," because the word "knowledge" is
421334 - mostly associated with going to school.
421335 -
421336 -     [On 010619 continued problems in the work place grow demand for
421337 -     literacy, which is extended by SDS, for example DCMA. ref SDS B1
421338 -     KWSQ
421340 -  ..
421341 - Many, in fact, are disillusioned by the prospect that technology can
421342 - support knowledge, because of failed promises.  On 950927 Intel gave
421343 - up on using technology for knowledge work. ref SDS 17 7732  On 970222
421344 - Oracle's CEO, Larry Ellison, despaired that wordprocessing cannot be
421345 - improved to provide better productivity. ref SDS 26 3967  On 000503
421346 - Eric Armstrong gave up on defining "knowledge." ref SDS 53 5033  On
421347 - 000615 the OHS/DKR team gave up as well. ref SDS 57 6271
421348 -
421349 -     [On 010620 SRI issued draft requirements for NODAL to support a
421350 -     Collaborative Doucment Repository (CDR), based on Eric Armstrong's
421351 -     requirements for Collaborative Document System (CDS) issued a year
421352 -     earlier. ref SDS B2   0001
421354 -      ..
421355 -     [On 010623 demand for organizational memory is weak because people
421356 -     have given up on technology. ref SDS B4   VO4H
421358 -  ..
421359 - There is, however, strong demand for better.....
421360 -
421361 -
421362 -                       L I S T E N I N G
421363 -
421364 -
421365 - seen from the record on 890809, ref SDS 3 CJ9J, which reflects
421366 - underlying demand for SDS capabilities that strengthen....
421368 -  ..
421369 -
421370 -                        understanding
421371 -
421372 -
421373 - ....and....
421375 -  ..
421376 -
421377 -                          follow up
421378 -
421379 -
421380 - that people get things done correctly, on time and within
421381 - budget, as Doug Engelbart proposed in his 1972 paper on improving
421382 - knowledge work, reviewed on 000327. ref SDS 49 3971  Better listening
421383 - is another way to explain the idea of "augmenting intelligence," since
421384 - that is what SDS does, as explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 3742  However,
421385 - in the market place, people are wary of these ideas, so "listening"
421386 - may work better for customers.
421387 -
421388 -     [On 010619 continued problems in the work place grow demand for
421389 -     literacy, which is augmented by SDS, for example DCMA. ref SDS B1
421390 -     KWSQ
421392 -  ..
421393 - Recently, on 010425 the SDS typical day scenario was cited by an IT
421394 - executive at Intel, Morris Jones, as a good explanation that helps
421395 - people grasp how SDS improves daily work. ref SDS 97 EP7F  A scenario
421396 - in POIMS, also, illustrates the SDS management cycle. ref OF 1 5312
421397 -
421398 -     Today, this unique SDS capability was demonstrated using a
421399 -     notebook computer.
421401 -  ..
421402 - The Typical Day Scenario, available on the Welch web site under
421403 - publications.....
421404 -
421405 -
421406 -   
421407 -
421408 -
421409 - ....presents a series of use cases showing SDS improves daily work.
421410 - ref OF 2 0001  Everybody wants this capability, when properly
421411 - understood.  Compare, for example, the common problem of limited time
421412 - discussed at Intel on 950927. ref SDS 17 6021, with Intel's "dream"
421413 - solution later in the same meeting. ref SDS 17 8943
421415 -  ..
421416 - Today, we looked at the record showing SDS makes it possible and
421417 - practical to convert information into useful knowledge that augments
421418 - human intelligence minute by minute, hour by hour... 24 7, day after
421419 - day, year after year, forever....
421421 -  ..
421422 - An example is the record on 970107....
421423 -
421424 -     The beginning of this record shows the process of capturing
421425 -     organizational memory, and the additional process of adding
421426 -     subjects, analysis, summary and alignment that add value to mere
421427 -     information. ref SDS 24 9769
421428 -
421429 -
421430 -
4215 -

Broader Vision Leadership Overcomes Fear of Change to Help People Hel
Leadership Broader Vision Needed Implement SDS

4604 -
460501 -      ..
460502 -     Executives Discover Intelligence Saves Time and Money
460503 -
460504 -     The record on 970107, also, shows that busy executives, who are
460505 -     good at getting people to say "yes," as explained on 890809,
460506 -     ref SDS 3 CJ9J, come to respect and embrace the SDS methodology,
460507 -     if given the opportunity to experience SDS over time, because they
460508 -     discover that it works better than they expected in the beginning,
460509 -     when they lack experience.
460511 -      ..
460512 -     Once an executive discovers that capturing organizational memory
460513 -     and adding "intelligence" saves time and money, they want that
460514 -     power. ref SDS 24 4953  This discovery, however, can only occur by
460515 -     getting direct experience from support by a Communication Manager,
460516 -     because the idea of SDS is counterintuitive and foreign to daily
460517 -     life. ref OF 1 2049  Without leadership that enables discovery,
460518 -     executives rely on their experience, as Pat noted in the meeting
460519 -     on 010122. ref SDS 81 5I7J
460521 -      ..
460522 -     Accordingly, it is important to have buy-in at the top of the
460523 -     organization in order to develop leadership with a broader vision,
460524 -     explained in NWO, ref OF 3 5653  Leadership helps folks work
460525 -     through inexperience long enough to discover cost savings from
460526 -     adding "intelligence" to daily management, as PG&E reported on
460527 -     950110. ref DRP 2 3333  Andy Grove at Intel explains the challenge
460528 -     leaders must face helping successful executives adopt better
460529 -     methods, reviewed on 980307. ref SDS 34 2648
460530 -
460531 -
460532 -
460533 -
460534 -
460535 -
460536 -
4606 -

Organic Subject Structure Ontology Part of Intelligence to Organize...

5303 -
530401 -  ..
530402 - SDS Organic Subject Structures Organize the Record - Ontology
530403 - POIMS Provides Scalable Knowledge from One-to-Many-to-All
530404 -
530405 - Demonstrated SDS support for organic subject structure, also, called
530406 - "ontology" by some authorities, cited in the meeting with Curt on
530407 - 010122. ref SDS 81 FU6F
530408 -
530409 -     SDS correlates subjects to manage information with organizational
530410 -     objectives, requirements and commitments, which impact time and
530411 -     cost of getting things done.  These impacts have an organic
530412 -     structure that connects the microcosm of daily details to the big
530413 -     picture of productivity, earnings and stock prices, in the same
530414 -     way that DNA molecular structures build fully functioning human
530415 -     beings, as set out in the record on 890523. ref SDS 1 SQ5L  Thus,
530416 -     SDS organic structures provide a scalable "ontology" of collateral
530417 -     impacts that predict success or failure of individual humans and
530418 -     larger communities. see, also,  POIMS, ref OF 1 0367, and NWO.
530419 -     ref OF 3 5024
530421 -      ..
530422 -     SDS is an action capability, rather than a passive "repository" of
530423 -     knowledge. see POIMS. ref OF 1 1110  Objectives, requirements and
530424 -     commitments are endemic to life, but are generally overlooked as
530425 -     an opportunity to save time and money, because the mind innately
530426 -     identifies subjects on automatic pilot, without conscious effort,
530427 -     and so it seems to take no time, i.e., it seems to cost nothing.
530429 -      ..
530430 -     However, human biology has limited listening and observing
530431 -     ability, commonly called "limited span of attention," that causes
530432 -     meaning drift.  Limited span of attention conceals the cost of
530433 -     missed opportunity, and of rework to correct mistakes due to
530434 -     overlooked collateral impacts, causing continual loss, conflict,
530435 -     crisis and calamity.  Therefore, this golden opportunity to save
530436 -     money is overlooked, because it is counterintuitive.
530437 -
530438 -          [On 010725 report by DNRC found SDS solves meaning drift.
530439 -          ref SDS C0   065K
530441 -      ..
530442 -     SDS makes it possible and practical to track 100 - 200 subjects
530443 -     for a meeting or phone call, whereas, human mental biology can
530444 -     normally only handle at most 7 subjects. see review on 990303.
530445 -     ref SDS 37 5328  This 20 fold increase in span of attention gives
530446 -     SDS greater control of critical details that occur in the
530447 -     microcosm of daily work.
530449 -      ..
530450 -     Today, we reviewed the USACE report showing cost savings from
530451 -     avoiding rework caused by limited span of attention, which SDS
530452 -     solves by expanding awareness from at most 7, to several hundred
530453 -     collateral impacts, commonly called "subjects." ref DRP 4 4680
530455 -      ..
530456 -     We stepped through a series of different subjects showing a
530457 -     limitless capability to organize the record by adding subjects
530458 -     with a flexible structure that can grow in any direction required
530459 -     by evolving circumstances day-to-day, summarized by the idea of
530460 -     "Knowledge Space," explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 M17I  On 000709
530461 -     Bill DeHart explained that SDS flexible structure manages context
530462 -     better than other methods. ref SDS 59 PQ6G
530463 -
530464 -         [On 010617 Jack Park reported that efforts to use the Internet
530465 -         for learning and education need better KM support. ref SDS B6
530466 -         PF3F
530468 -      ..
530469 -     During the meeting we called several reports to show SDS extracts
530470 -     sections of records and assembles chronologies for requested
530471 -     subjects that show the history of cause and effect for particular
530472 -     context, as explained in NWO. ref OF 3 5024  No other technology
530473 -     does this.  An example, is the record below, where Pat made an ad
530474 -     hoc request for a record showing SDS produces knowledge that can
530475 -     be accessed by others besides the Communication Manager.
530476 -     ref SDS 0 TY7F
530477 -
530478 -
530479 -
530480 -
530481 -
530482 -
530483 -
5305 -

Chronology Connects Stories History Define Knowledge Knowledge Cause
SDS Killer Application Improves Alphabet Technology Like Alphabet Im
Scalable Knowledge Examples Repository Leverages One Person's Work t
Killer App Intelligence Memory Organizational Personal History Exper
Scalable Knowledge Examples Meeting SRI Pat Lincoln Repository Lever

7707 -
770801 -  ..
770802 - Scalable Knowledge Enables Collaboration
770803 - POIMS Leverages Ability to Create, Manage Organizational Memory
770804 - Pilot Test SDS Scalable Knowledge Context Management Collaboration
770805 -
770806 - Follow up ref SDS 98 449H.
770807 -
770808 - We reviewed Pat's letter on 010426 calling for the ability to scale up
770809 - one person's knowledge, ref SDS 98 449H, to help many people work
770810 - intelligently, called out in POIMS. ref OF 1 1X6G  This advances
770811 - beyond traditional information technology for producing documents to
770812 - improve management and earnings with a culture of knowledge.
770813 - ref OF 1 K84L
770815 -  ..
770816 - Today, Pat explained what he has in mind calling for technology that
770817 - scales up from one person's knowledge to leverage effectiveness for
770818 - teams and projects solving world problems...
770820 -     ..
770821 -    Pat cited other vendors, manufacturers and technologists who
770822 -    compete with SRI for research dollars, and orders from customers by
770823 -    claiming to provide a....
770824 -
770825 -                        Knowledge Repository
770826 -
770827 -    ..., or similar capability, which can "leverage" personal knowledge
770828 -    for performing daily work, and solving problems.  Pat advised that
770829 -    SRI competitors claim their technology enables people to get
770830 -    information without help from a Communication Manager role that
770831 -    notifies a group, project or team of critical information.
770833 -     ..
770834 -    Pat noted that SRI recognizes SDS is an effective Knowledge
770835 -    Management solution, based on the record of support provided for
770836 -    the OHS/DKR project over the past year, as shown in the record for
770837 -    the meeting on 001017. ref SDS 68 1575   This places SDS in a
770838 -    unique position relative to SRI research reported on 000324 showing
770839 -    other Knowledge Management projects have all failed. ref SDS 48
770840 -    4877  A month later, review on 000425 indicates SDS is a unique
770841 -    solution. ref SDS 52 0480
770843 -     ..
770844 -    Previously, on 010111 Pat commented that SDS aids collaboration,
770845 -    ref SDS 78 3X4I, which has been difficult to accomplish with other
770846 -    tools and methods. ref SDS 78 EF6M
770848 -     ..
770849 -    Scalable knowledge that aids collaboration fits the model proposed
770850 -    by Vannevar Bush in his famous 1945 article cited by Doug Engelbart
770851 -    at SRI in a 1962 propoal for augmenting intelligence.  Bush
770852 -    proposed a new professional role that "delights" using tools
770853 -    designed for blazing trails of association that leverage
770854 -    performance for everyone else, reviewed on 960304. ref SDS 19 364J
770855 -
770856 -            [On 010425 Morris Jones described SDS is a utopia compared
770857 -            to using other tools, because everything is in the right
770858 -            place at the right time. ref SDS 97 EP7F
770860 -     ..
770861 -    Pat asks today if people can get information that saves time and
770862 -    money without direct support from Welch, say by looking up generic
770863 -    questions like....
770864 -
770865 -      •  converting information into knowledge
770866 -      •  ontology pandora's box of complexity
770867 -      •  intelligence adds value to information
770868 -      •  adding intelligence to management saves time and money
770869 -      •  integrating time and information improves alphabet technology
770870 -      •  adding time to information produces knowledge
770871 -      •  improving alphabet technology lifts civilization
770872 -      •  Peter Drucker - people giving up on communication
770873 -      •  communication biggest risk in enterprise
770874 -      •  organizational memory invests intellectual capital
770875 -      •  investing improves foraging for information
770877 -     ..
770878 -    Initially, we reviewed the record of SRI's research over the past
770879 -    year showing that nobody else has developed such capability.  On
770880 -    000324 Lee Iverson reported in a meeting at SRI that nobody has
770881 -    done this. ref SDS 48 4877  On 000330 Marcello Hoffman was cited as
770882 -    SRI's lead KM expert, and he stated nobody else has developed an
770883 -    effective KM technology. ref SDS 50 2627
770884 -
770885 -       [On 070105 illustration scalable knowledge from organizational
770886 -       memory support for order, structure, and pattern telling the
770887 -       story to make sense of complexity that helps people solve wicked
770888 -       problems by delivering anytime, anywhere intelligence on the
770889 -       Internet. ref SDS D2 EI44
770891 -     ..
770892 -    Pat's request today is an an aspect of the ontology "engine" Jack
770893 -    Park proposed on 000623. ref SDS 58 4752 and ref SDS 58 2915  On
770894 -    001130 Jack pointed out that none of this exists, ref SDS 71 0130;
770895 -    and, on 010223 recognized it will not be easy to create.
770896 -    ref SDS 88 N5RW  Another popular term, a few years ago was "data
770897 -    mining," and "business intelligence" that IBM promoted for awhile,
770898 -    beginning on 980226. ref SDS 32 1247
770900 -     ..
770901 -    Analysis on 010426 shows SDS accomplishes this objective,
770902 -    ref SDS 98 FR4O, as set out in POIMS....
770903 -
770904 -         The vision of automated integration.... empowers people to
770905 -         accomplish tasks that are helpful to others, as a by-product
770906 -         of doing self-interest tasks for themselves. The incentive and
770907 -         timeliness of personal objectives, creates synergy that
770908 -         leverages knowledge and ideas throughout an organization,
770909 -         hence POIMS. ref OF 1 8951
770911 -     ..
770912 -    SDS is inherently scalable.  It solves $500 problems, $500K
770913 -    problems and $5B problems the same way, by adding intelligence to
770914 -    daily work, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 1104
770915 -
770917 -     ..
770918 -    Pat asked for an example where SDS content is "leveraged" to save
770919 -    time and money for other people?
770921 -     ..
770922 -    We used the SDS subject index to figure out how to ask for records
770923 -    that address Pat's question.  There is a demand for technology that
770924 -    can do what Pat wants, so we used that subject to find the record
770925 -    on 010114, which describes someone finding an SDS record on the
770926 -    Internet that saved time and money fixing a problem. ref SDS 79
770927 -    0001
770929 -     ..
770930 -    Pat seemed to indicate this is what he means by "leveraging" and
770931 -    "scaling up" the use of one's person's knowledge, in his letter on
770932 -    010426.
770934 -     ..
770935 -    Other examples are in the record on......
770936 -
770937 -       Philosoypy professor on Com Metrics..... 000716, ref SDS 60 0001
770938 -       Improve management - Peter Drucker...... 000809, ref SDS 62 0001
770939 -       Aviation management - Peter Drucker..... 000925, ref SDS 65 SZ7L
770940 -       Knowledge repository Project Office..... 001116, ref SDS 70 0001
770941 -       VC loaning money to start ups........... 001212, ref SDS 74 0001
770942 -       Improving management.................... 001217, ref SDS 75 4W7H
770943 -       Saving time, money fixing computer...... 010114, ref SDS 79 0001
770944 -       Doctoral thesis on Com Metrics.......... 010123, ref SDS 82 0001
770945 -       Improving management.................... 010207, ref SDS 84 0001
770946 -       Learning about time and information..... 010218, ref SDS 86 HW5J
770947 -       Help with IE............................ 010219, ref SDS 87 0001
770948 -       Implementing POIMS...................... 010428, ref SDS 99 0001
770949 -       Solve problem W2K....................... 010517, ref SDS A4 EA3M
770950 -       Install W2K on notebook................. 010517, ref SDS A4 627I
770951 -   *   DSL configuration....................... 010526, ref SDS A6 0001
770952 -       Equipment procurement................... 010717, ref SDS B9 0001
770953 -       Intrigued by Knowledge Space design..... 010905, ref SDS C2 UB3L
770954 -       Solved difficult business problem
770955 -       inquirer says "keep up good work"....... 021228, ref SDS C6 0001
770956 -       SDS research on Internet very useful.... 030115, ref SDS C7 0001
770957 -   *   PG&E applies explicit links..............030131, ref SDS C8 558K
770958 -   *   SDS dynamic knowledge repository
770959 -       helps people find the right
770960 -       information at the right time............030422, ref SDS C9 IS64
770961 -   *   Schedule research....................... 050221, ref SDS D0 EP9F
770962 -   *   Case studies medical care............... 061018, ref SDS D1 0001
770963 -       Refrigerator fix wicked problem......... 070105, ref SDS D2 2Y5H
770965 -           ..
770966 -       *  Applies explicit links for precision access, explained on
770967 -          010526, ref SDS A6 KJ4K, and in NWO. ref OF 3 PX6J
770969 -  ..
770970 - See complete listing on 010907. ref SDS C3 0P8P
770971 -
770972 -        [On 070907 Gary Johnson commented about SDS scalable knowledge
770973 -        on the Internet. ref SDS D3 337G
770974 -
770975 -
770976 -
770977 -
7710 -

Cost Savings ROI 10:1 Intelligence Saves Time and Money
Good Management SDS Pays for Itself Like Advertising
Leadership Image Threatened by Com Manager Speaking to Add Intelligen
Paradigm Shift of Millennium Communication Biggest Risk in Enterprise
Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise Too Many Problems Stock Market
Listening Analysis Understanding Follow Up Make Communication Getting
Information Overload New Reality Requires Operating System People Org
Scribe Com Manager Deliberates Organizational Memory Different Tasks
Accountability Asset to Get Credit for Success
Why Advantages of SDS Overlooked and Abandoned by Big Organizations
Why Did USACE Abandon SDS After Reporting Savings ROI 10:1

AS13 -
AS1401 -  ..
AS1402 - SDS Saves Time and Money - ROI 10:1
AS1403 -
AS1404 - Pat asked about cost savings using SDS?
AS1405 -
AS1406 - How much does SDS cost to deploy and how much does it save?
AS1407 -
AS1408 - This was discussed during the meeting on 010122. ref SDS 81 AW4L
AS1409 -
AS1410 -    Today, we reviewed the USACE report received on 971008. ref SDS 31
AS1411 -    2979, which shows Com Metrics cost $50K over three months, and
AS1412 -    saved $317K of direct expense, plus $3.4M of additional expense
AS1413 -    claimed by a contractor, which computes to an ROI of 10:1.
AS1414 -    ref DRP 4 8555
AS1416 -     ..
AS1417 -    Subsequently, two years later on 981027 District Counsel reported
AS1418 -    SDS saved the government an additional $200K, that was unknown at
AS1419 -    the time of the report on 971008. ref SDS 36 7315  This reflects
AS1420 -    the continuing value of knowledge.
AS1422 -  ..
AS1423 - Pat asked why USACE cancelled the Com Metrics project?
AS1424 -
AS1425 -    The record of the meeting with Curt and Pat on 010122 explains some
AS1426 -    background on this issue, ref SDS 81 5I7J, citing similar cultural
AS1427 -    barriers to progress that prevented SDS from being used at PG&E and
AS1428 -    the State of California Department of Water Resources, explained on
AS1429 -    950123. ref SDS 15 7Y4I
AS1431 -     ..
AS1432 -    On 970624 the District Engineer explained why he cancelled the Com
AS1433 -    Metrics contract with USACE. ref SDS 28 6499
AS1435 -     ..
AS1436 -    USACE later paid $20M more than was justified, in order to satisfy
AS1437 -    cultural fears about Com Metrics, see on 981027. ref SDS 36 9152
AS1438 -
AS1439 -        [On 010522 Pat cited another example of reticence to improve
AS1440 -        management. ref SDS A5 017G
AS1442 -     ..
AS1443 -    Willingness to incur $20M of added expense, rather than pay $200K
AS1444 -    for Com Metrics to improve management, reflects powerful cultural
AS1445 -    barriers....
AS1446 -
AS1447 -      1.  Improvement is like walking through the valley of death in a
AS1448 -          big organization, reported on 980307, ref SDS 33 3740,
AS1449 -          because cultural latency prevents people from investing time
AS1450 -          to understand a new way of working, reported on 990527,
AS1451 -          ref SDS 39 1233, and previously on 950123 concerning PG&E and
AS1452 -          the State of California. ref SDS 15 Y75L
AS1454 -           ..
AS1455 -          At the meeting with Curt Carlson on 010120, Pat explained how
AS1456 -          senior people typically go by personal experience, because
AS1457 -          they do not have time to understand evidence and reasoning in
AS1458 -          reports. ref SDS 81 5I7J
AS1460 -           ..
AS1461 -          Voltaire and Diderot took 20 years to launch the first DKR,
AS1462 -          called an "encyclopedia" in the 1700s, reported on 940510.
AS1463 -          ref SDS 11 8403
AS1465 -           ..
AS1466 -          An example is Doug's invention of the mouse and work on
AS1467 -          linking, hypertext and other information technologies Doug's
AS1468 -          team developed at SRI.  Managers with authority to approve
AS1469 -          use and development lacked experience to understand added
AS1470 -          vaue of IT in the 1960s, and so refused approval, as related
AS1471 -          on 001220. ref SDS 77 UG7K  Later, another big successful
AS1472 -          company, gave the technology away to Apple, because the
AS1473 -          inertia of success, noted by Grove, reviewed on 980307, led
AS1474 -          executives in charge at Xerox to not believe IT was useful,
AS1475 -          reported on 960612. ref SDS 20 7744
AS1477 -           ..
AS1478 -          Executives at 3M Company required 15 years to approve
AS1479 -          marketing of Post-its, reported on 970526. ref SDS 27 8333
AS1481 -           ..
AS1482 -          IBM gave away the operating system for the PC to Bill Gates
AS1483 -          because executives at IBM did not believe an operating system
AS1484 -          for information technology was a good way to generate
AS1485 -          revenue, also on 960612. ref SDS 20 2222
AS1486 -
AS1487 -              [On 011210 inventor and developer Buckminster Fuller
AS1488 -              estimates an established culture takes about 50 years to
AS1489 -              absorb a new way of working. ref SDS C5 R66K
AS1491 -           ..
AS1492 -          Reasoning for these mistakes guided the decision to cancel
AS1493 -          the contract for Communication Metrics on 961226. ref SDS 23
AS1494 -          0549
AS1496 -           ..
AS1497 -      2.  Resistance ending Com Metrics at USACE reflects natural
AS1498 -          tension between military and civilian control.  In the San
AS1499 -          Francisco District, there was a particular history which
AS1500 -          compounded traditional tensions.  This may account for why
AS1501 -          the top 4 or 5 civilian managers requested Com Metrics,
AS1502 -          ref DRP 3 5543, and one military commander refused to support
AS1503 -          the staff charged with defending against a $60M claim,
AS1504 -          ref SDS 28 7388, despite the Commander's admitted lack of
AS1505 -          expertise to deal with such problems. ref SDS 29 7488
AS1507 -           ..
AS1508 -          Wiggle Room Prevents Using Intelligence for Good Management
AS1509 -          Social, Cultural Resistance Due to Ignorance, Fear, Denial
AS1510 -          Command and Scribe Need Intelligence for 21st Century
AS1511 -
AS1512 -          One reason given for ending Com Metrics at USACE was that the
AS1513 -          Commander did not want the Com Manager to speak during
AS1514 -          meetings; he viewed the role as an ancient "scribe," who
AS1515 -          recorded what was said, as reported on 961206. ref SDS 22
AS1516 -          0001, rather than adding intelligence that prepares
AS1517 -          leadership to succeed.  This reflects powerful social issues
AS1518 -          of image that extend to the time of Plato, as seen from the
AS1519 -          Legend of Prometheus, where orality has long been at war with
AS1520 -          analysis. see 991108. ref SDS 42 7426  Image and social worry
AS1521 -          were discussed at IBM on 920402. ref SDS 7 0344  On 990527
AS1522 -          the problem was cited at Intel. ref SDS 39 1233
AS1524 -           ..
AS1525 -          Pat noted today that cultural and social pressures are big
AS1526 -          challenges to overcome using SDS to implement good management
AS1527 -          practices that save time and money.  Morris Jones cited
AS1528 -          cultural pressures on 990527. ref SDS 39 1233  People fear
AS1529 -          accountability from organizational memory that reduces
AS1530 -          deniability and wriggle room using communication skills for
AS1531 -          talking their way out of accountability for mistakes, and
AS1532 -          talking their way into credit for success. see POIMS,
AS1533 -          ref OF 1 4079
AS1535 -           ..
AS1536 -          On 970830 "wriggle room" is a powerful dimension of feel good
AS1537 -          management, ref SDS 30 0995, that Morris cited on 911123.
AS1538 -          ref SDS 5 1331  People feel good when they avoid being
AS1539 -          pinned down, because this increases deniability.
AS1540 -
AS1541 -              [On 010522 Pat detailed concerns about accountability.
AS1542 -              ref SDS A5 PV6G
AS1544 -               ..
AS1545 -              [On 010522 fear of accountability blocks experimenting
AS1546 -              and researching effective deployment of SDS by SRI.
AS1547 -              ref SDS A5 PV6G and ref SDS A5 3T5K
AS1549 -           ..
AS1550 -          Additionally, intelligence support seems to threaten personal
AS1551 -          competence and thereby livelihood, which presents a major
AS1552 -          challenge for deployment, see....
AS1553 -
AS1554 -             POIMS............................ ref OF 1 3943
AS1555 -             High Cost of Medical Mistakes.... ref DIP 5 6048
AS1557 -           ..
AS1558 -          This is a major reason why KM is a research project, as set
AS1559 -          out in the letter to SRI on 001011, ref SDS 67 0001, and
AS1560 -          proposed today, per below. ref SDS 0 UQ6M
AS1562 -           ..
AS1563 -          Doug Engelbart calls for a whole new way of thinking and
AS1564 -          working to advance civilization under new realities of an
AS1565 -          increasingly complex world, see review on 991222. ref SDS 44
AS1566 -          3696  The NWO points the human mind is fast creating a world
AS1567 -          for which it is not well suited. ref OF 3 2082  Speaking was
AS1568 -          a major advance 10,000 years ago that enabled people to
AS1569 -          coordinate simple tasks like hunting a buffalo for dinner.
AS1570 -          This skill ingrained respect for speakers in directing work
AS1571 -          that affects lives and fortunes, hence "command" remains a
AS1572 -          powerful image to the present day.
AS1574 -           ..
AS1575 -          Writing began about 5,000 years later, and led to a scribe
AS1576 -          that writes things down in order to make sure things spoken
AS1577 -          by commanders actually get done.  "So let it be written, so
AS1578 -          let it be done," remains a powerful idea.  About 3,000 years
AS1579 -          later in 400 BC began a new tradition of writing down what
AS1580 -          actually takes place, in addition to what was said, because
AS1581 -          history and analysis are powerful guidance for the future,
AS1582 -          called lessons learned, see 991108 recounting the work of
AS1583 -          Thucydides. ref SDS 42 7048 One branch of this practice is
AS1584 -          the law, that sets down lessons learned to guide future
AS1585 -          conduct called "precedents," and uses discover to capture
AS1586 -          useful organizational memory.
AS1588 -           ..
AS1589 -          Communication Metrics extends this tradition by enabling the
AS1590 -          idea of adding intelligence to guide daily work through a new
AS1591 -          idea of "concurrent discovery. see NWO. ref OF 3 1780  Since
AS1592 -          it is a new way of thinking and working, called out by Doug,
AS1593 -          there is initial social resistance, which typically occurs
AS1594 -          with a major paradigm shift (see next section), reported on
AS1595 -          990527, ref SDS 39 1233, until people gain experience to
AS1596 -          discover the world is changed.
AS1597 -          ..
AS1598 -          New realities of information overload make.....
AS1599 -
AS1600 -
AS1601 -                 communication the biggest threat in enterprise
AS1602 -
AS1603 -
AS1604 -          ....which the power of Com Metrics solves by adding
AS1605 -          "intelligence."
AS1606 -  ..
AS1607 -
AS1608 -          Research is required to extend the notion of command and
AS1609 -          leadership beyond the lineaments of tradition that relies
AS1610 -          solely on biological intellectual capacities based on sight
AS1611 -          and sound commonly called "listening" and "common sense," to
AS1612 -          include support for a new practice of "intelligence," as
AS1613 -          called out in POIMS. ref OF 1 4079
AS1615 -           ..
AS1616 -          The "research" needed is how to deploy SDS as the first
AS1617 -          generation KM capability. per below. ref SDS 0 UQ6M
AS1618 -
AS1619 -
AS1620 -
AS1621 -
AS1622 -
AS17 -

Paradigm Shift IT to Culture of Knowledge Difficult to Accept for Lea
Culture of Knowledge Objective DKR
Paradigm Shift Documents to Knowledge Space
IT Improved by Intelligence Added to Information for Producing Knowle
Knowledge Culture Transition from Information Culture
Paradigm Shift Documents to Continuous Knowledge Stream
Paperwork Saves Time Com Metrics Adds Intelligence that Avoids Mistak
Uncommon Sense Counterintuitive Paradigm Shift Creativity Hunches Inc
Paradigm Shift to KM from IT Requires KM Com Manager Knowledge Manage

BE11 -
BE1201 -           ..
BE1202 -      3.  SDS is a paradigm shift from information to knowledge that
BE1203 -          constitutes a "new way of thinking," called for by Doug
BE1204 -          Engelbart, per above. ref SDS 0 K63I  Experience doing daily
BE1205 -          work using SDS is needed for "context" to understand the SDS
BE1206 -          counterintuitive design, noted by Pat, per above, ref SDS 0
BE1207 -          RL5F similar to Columbus sailing West to reach the riches of
BE1208 -          the East.  Human cognition that manages organic structure on
BE1209 -          automatic pilot, discussed above, ref SDS 0 K93M, is still
BE1210 -          largely a mystery, explained in NWO. ref OF 3 42HC  So, like
BE1211 -          Columbus, to reach the new world of knowledge management,
BE1212 -          leadership must overcome ignorance, fear and denial that
BE1213 -          initially rejects "uncommon sense" that constitutes a "new
BE1214 -          way of thinking."  Equally, like Columbus, once people gain
BE1215 -          experience, a new world order of opportunity is discovered.
BE1216 -          see again NWO. ref OF 3 7055
BE1218 -           ..
BE1219 -          Information has an immediate impact on biological senses that
BE1220 -          people readily grasp, and value, see NWO, ref OF 3 14FG  As a
BE1221 -          result, people will pay for information, and this sustains
BE1222 -          information technologies, like telephone, television, pen,
BE1223 -          paper, books, a meeting, email. etc. see above. ref SDS 0
BE1224 -          RL5F
BE1226 -           ..
BE1227 -          People, including leaders giving orders to get immediate
BE1228 -          action, explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 1265, do not readily
BE1229 -          grasp the concept of knowledge, as distinct from information,
BE1230 -          because the intelligence process is hidden from the conscious
BE1231 -          mind, and so seems to work without cost or time, because the
BE1232 -          cost of rework to correct knowledge deficits, i.e., mistakes,
BE1233 -          is deferred, and often transferred to others.  People have no
BE1234 -          awareness of why mistakes are made, because the labyrinth of
BE1235 -          connection of cause and effect are too complex for the mind
BE1236 -          to fathom, and so is dismissed as "Murphy's Law. see NWO.
BE1237 -          ref OF 3 9449  Therefore, people who lack experience with
BE1238 -          SDS, like the commander of USACE San Francisco District, are
BE1239 -          bound by human biology to value information technologies, but
BE1240 -          view with suspicion investment in knowledge capabilities. see
BE1241 -          record of OHS/DKR avoiding "knowledge" on 000503, ref SDS 53
BE1242 -          5033; and the meeting at SRI on 000615. ref SDS 57 H67O
BE1243 -
BE1244 -              [On 010605 Eugene Kim confirmed OHS/DKR team has decided
BE1245 -              to avoid "knowledge." ref SDS A7 RU5O
BE1247 -           ..
BE1248 -          People directly involved with SDS discover from interacting
BE1249 -          with the record over time that, what seems, initially, like
BE1250 -          extra "paperwork," turns out to save time and money, because
BE1251 -          SDS has connections of cause and effect that avoid mistakes,
BE1252 -          and provide alerts to get things done, that are otherwise
BE1253 -          overlooked.  Superiors, who do not directly interact with
BE1254 -          SDS, only have their experience, which says paperwork wastes
BE1255 -          time.  As Pat noted on 010122, executives tend to rely on
BE1256 -          experience, ref SDS 81 5I7J, and so do not believe reports
BE1257 -          from staff, even highly trusted staff, that SDS expedites the
BE1258 -          work, because that proposition completely conflicts with
BE1259 -          personal frustrations everyone has every day from paperwork
BE1260 -          clogging things up.
BE1262 -              ..
BE1263 -             Paradigm Shifts Change Cultural Traditions E.G.....
BE1264 -             Adding Water Solves Problem of Too Much Water
BE1265 -
BE1266 -             To illustrate, in 1973 a construction project in West
BE1267 -             Sacramento required building a pump station about 10' in
BE1268 -             diameter and 40 feet deep.  The work was next to a stream,
BE1269 -             so the water table was about 6' below ground. Conventional
BE1270 -             practice would be to construct a cofferdam so that water
BE1271 -             could be drawn down below the -40' level, then excavate to
BE1272 -             make room for building the structure. That is the way the
BE1273 -             job was bid, because that is conventional practice.
BE1275 -              ..
BE1276 -             After the job was awarded, an innovation was used.
BE1278 -              ..
BE1279 -             Instead of building a cofferdam to hold back the earth,
BE1280 -             digging a huge excavation, and installing equipment to
BE1281 -             pump the water down so that the structure could be built,
BE1282 -             a hole was simply drilled into the ground only slightly
BE1283 -             larger than the structure, and water was pumped in, rather
BE1284 -             than pumped out of the excavation.  This increased the
BE1285 -             water pressure inside the hole, making it greater than the
BE1286 -             surrounding pressure of the water table, with the result
BE1287 -             that the hole did not collapse. The structure was erected
BE1288 -             on a foundation at ground level next to the hole, and then
BE1289 -             was lowered with a crane into the hole filled with water.
BE1290 -             The structure sank as water filled the structure from two
BE1291 -             large faucets built into the bottom.  Once the structure
BE1292 -             was at plan grade, divers went down and turned the faucets
BE1293 -             off, then water was pumped out.  Engineers experienced in
BE1294 -             conventional practice didn't think this would work, and so
BE1295 -             demanded additional insurance in advance of approving a
BE1296 -             construction method that violated convention.  It saved
BE1297 -             $200K on a $400K job, which reflects the power of
BE1298 -             knowledge.
BE1299 -
BE1301 -           ..
BE1302 -          Long Way Around Short Way There, Paperwork Saves Time
BE1303 -          Intelligence Looks Like Paperwork, Saves Time and Money
BE1304 -
BE1305 -          SDS is similar; we improve the work by growing knowledge
BE1306 -          needed to succeed.  We ADD connections of cause and effect
BE1307 -          that enable deeper understanding, and guide timely action.
BE1308 -
BE1309 -          But, until people gain experience, SDS looks like it is
BE1310 -          increasing problems by "filling the hole with water" (i.e.,
BE1311 -          adding paperwork), defying natural instincts to pump it down.
BE1312 -          Since SDS is counterintuitive solution, we have to overcome
BE1313 -          ignorance, fear and denial. Research and education are common
BE1314 -          strategies for addressing this problem.
BE1316 -           ..
BE1317 -          USACE Commander's lack of experience using SDS may have led
BE1318 -          to refusing to acquire experience needed to understand the
BE1319 -          value of "intelligence," and was, in any case, against advice
BE1320 -          of those who had experience with SDS, and requested to use it
BE1321 -          to save $20M.  Something very powerful prevented this from
BE1322 -          occurring when a Contracting officer, Chief of Construction,
BE1323 -          the Construction Manager, Project Manager, the Resident
BE1324 -          Engineer, the lead lawyer and chief trial counsel all counsel
BE1325 -          that SDS can save money, and a commander without experience
BE1326 -          using SDS decides it cannot.  On 980307 Andy Grove, CEO
BE1327 -          Intel, advised that denial is a powerful force. ref SDS 34
BE1328 -          2648
BE1330 -     ..
BE1331 -    Moving civilization beyond the limits of Information Technology to
BE1332 -    a culture of knowledge, requires researching cultural barriers that
BE1333 -    resist adding "intelligence" to management, as further set out in
BE1334 -    the record on 990527. ref SDS 39 1233
BE1335 -
BE1336 -
BE1337 -
BE1338 -
BE1339 -
BE1340 -
BE14 -

ROI, Return on Investment
Strategic Partners Welch SRI
Partnership Strategic Opportunities
SRI Linking Support Doug's Legacy, OHS/DKR Linking Requirements
SRI Scholarship Competition Foster Culture of Knowledge Based on Doug
SRI Needs Help to Improve Management Coordination and Collaboration
Listening Analysis Understanding Follow Up Make Communication Getting
Research SRI Good Organization to Pilot Test SDS to Develop KM

CB10 -
CB1101 -  ..
CB1102 - Huge Need Transition from Information to Culture of Knowledge
CB1103 - SRI, Welch Partners for Deployment, Research and Development SDS
CB1104 -
CB1105 - Pat indicated SRI has a lot of areas where SDS can strengthen daily
CB1106 - communication.  He feels everything SRI does can be improved by the
CB1107 - method of plan, perform, report that captures organizational memory
CB1108 - and adds "intelligence" to the work, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 6649
CB1110 -  ..
CB1111 - This aligns with SRI's planning on 000829 to improve management.
CB1112 - ref SDS 63 MJ6F
CB1114 -  ..
CB1115 - On 890809 "listening" was identified as a key part of "communication"
CB1116 - that enables accurate understanding and follow up to get things done
CB1117 - correctly, on time and within budget. ref SDS 3 CJ9J
CB1119 -  ..
CB1120 - "Listening" is a simple way to summarize the goal of a DKR to invest
CB1121 - organizational memory as a new resource of intellectual capital. see
CB1122 - POIMS. ref OF 1 1101  The need for better.....
CB1123 -
CB1124 -                      listening
CB1125 -                      organizational memory
CB1126 -                      intellectual capital
CB1127 -                      intelligence
CB1128 -                      understanding
CB1129 -                      follow up
CB1130 -
CB1131 - ...permeates every sector of the economy, as reported recently on
CB1132 - 001207.  Too many people are having too many problems, causing
CB1133 - productivity, earnings and stock prices to decline using existing
CB1134 - technology and management methods, ref SDS 73 V54M  Eric Armstrong
CB1135 - noted on 000927 there is a huge need for KM support. ref SDS 66 VX5J
CB1137 -     ..
CB1138 -    On 001011 a letter to SRI proposed research to address this
CB1139 -    problem. ref SDS 67 0001  SDS provides a powerful method of organic
CB1140 -    subject structure that strengthens understanding and enables
CB1141 -    getting critical information from organizational memory when
CB1142 -    needed. ref SDS 67 FZ4F  The record on 890523 explains why this
CB1143 -    method saves time and money. ref SDS 1 P13O
CB1145 -     ..
CB1146 -    Up until now, SRI has been marketing research services to develop
CB1147 -    KM.  Welch proposes that SDS provides much of the KM capability SRI
CB1148 -    wants to develop, and so enables SRI to move beyond its competition
CB1149 -    and propose research to implement KM, which will yield experience
CB1150 -    for testing SRI's theories, and to expand the technology.
CB1152 -     ..
CB1153 -    If social and cultural barriers are impenetrable, it is impossible
CB1154 -    to implement KM.  In that case, there is no point seeking research
CB1155 -    funds to create it, because, even if successful, nobody is willing
CB1156 -    to use it.  That is the underlying Knowledge Management dilemma
CB1157 -    that requires research at this time.
CB1158 - ..
CB1159 - Pat seemed to indicate the record using SDS on the OHS/DKR
CB1160 - project shows SDS can help meet the need for avoiding and solving
CB1161 - problems from expanding complexity of enterprise, by adding
CB1162 - intelligence to daily work, as Doug called out in his 1972 paper,
CB1163 - reviewed on 000327, ref SDS 49 3971, including managing context and
CB1164 - action items.
CB1166 -  ..
CB1167 - An example is the record on 000922. ref SDS 64 0001
CB1168 -
CB1169 -
CB1170 -
CB1171 -
CB1172 -
CB12 -

Pilot Test SDS for Implementing KM, Meeting Curt Carlson, Pat Lincoln
Pilot Test SDS to Gain Experience, Learn Discover How to Design KM
Alphabet Technology Improves Intelligence Preserves Understanding of
Alphabet Technology Proposal Research Improve Management SRI Solve Re
Killer App Useful Means Used a Lot Everyday by Everyone for Everyone
Intelligence Organize Analyse Align Summary Link to Detail Feedback A
Creativity Structure SDS Combines Wordprocessing Narrative with Sprea
Creativity Aided by Analysis and Alignment

D810 -
D81101 -  ..
D81102 - SRI is a good vehicle for pilot testing SDS, because....
D81103 -
D81104 - Follow up ref SDS 81 458J
D81106 -  ..
D81107 -
D81108 -  1.  SRI's mission enabled by SDS to Spawn Culture of Knowledge
D81109 -
D81110 -      SDS enables SRI's mission to improve the nation.  SDS both
D81111 -      enhances alphabet technology, which has not been done in 2500
D81112 -      years, and improves productivity, earnings and stock prices, by
D81113 -      adding "intelligence" to management, discussed with Pat on
D81114 -      000725, ref SDS 61 0897, and explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 0367
D81115 -      ..
D81116 -      SDS integrates structure with creativity of traditional
D81117 -      narrative to provide a spreadsheet for knowledge that makes the
D81118 -      computer an.....
D81120 -  ..
D81121 -               Operating System for People and Organizations
D81123 -  ..
D81124 -      ....which enables enterprise management, discussed with Intel on
D81125 -      950927. ref SDS 17 8226, and explaining why better communication
D81126 -      improves productivity. ref SDS 17 3840  More recently, SDS was
D81127 -      explained in a letter, ref DIP 7 0895, to the OHS/DKR team
D81128 -      meeting at SRI on 000605, ref SDS 56 1760, noting in part that
D81129 -      POIMS and Communication Metrics....
D81130 -
D81131 -            ....articulate a vision distinguishing information from
D81132 -            knowledge that gives life to a new generation of
D81133 -            development and progress. ref DIP 7 017J
D81134 -      ..
D81135 -      Combining wordprocessing and spreadsheet methods augments
D81136 -      human intelligence to accomplish industry objectives voiced by
D81137 -      Oracle's CEO, Larry Ellison, on 970222 for a new form of software
D81138 -      that improves productivity. ref SDS 26 8529  Some authorities
D81139 -      refer to a "killer" or "compelling" application, e.g., on 940615.
D81140 -      ref SDS 13 3001  This objective requires a new kind of tool that
D81141 -      can be used all the time by everyone for every kind of work, as
D81142 -      set out in the record on 010411 defining an "effective" KM
D81143 -      architecture. ref SDS 94 6U6F  This enables SRI to take the next
D81144 -      step in the march of civilization to a new world order. see NWO.
D81145 -      ref OF 3 7055
D81146 -
D81147 -
D81148 -
D81149 -
D81150 -
D81151 -
D81152 -
D812 -

Alphabet Technology Proposal Research Improve Management SRI Solve Re
Research Intelligence Augmented by SDS Improving Alphabet Technology
Alphabet Technology Writing Literacy SDS Improve Memory Reduce Mistak
Literacy Improved Integrate Time Information Intelligence SDS Makes P
Meaning Drift Avoided Reduce Mistakes Build Maintain Shared Meaning O
Communication Biggest Risk in Enterprise, Dilemma

DM08 -
DM0901 -  ..
DM0902 -  2.  Research SDS Theory, Tools, Practice to Deploy KM
DM0903 -
DM0904 -      SRI is a "research" organization.  SDS implements a "whole new
DM0905 -      way of thinking and working," see above, ref SDS 0 UN4L, called
DM0906 -      out by Doug Engelbart to accomplish Knowledge Management. see,
DM0907 -      also, above. ref SDS 0 K63I
DM0909 -       ..
DM0910 -      Knowledge Management (KM) entails a quantum leap from present
DM0911 -      practice of relying on information (IT), per discussion above.
DM0912 -      ref SDS 0 RL5F  "Research" is needed to overcome ignorance, fear
DM0913 -      and denial that resists the paradigm shift to a culture of
DM0914 -      knowledge, which is required to save time and money, per above,
DM0915 -      ref SDS 0 TL6I, by gaining control over lower levels of organic
DM0916 -      structure, explained in NWO. ref OF 3 MY6H
DM0917 -      ..
DM0918 -      The "quantum leap" entails theory, tools and practice for
DM0919 -      KM. The SDS program supports KM.  POIMS sets out work practices
DM0920 -      for deployment under the name Communication Metrics.  In order to
DM0921 -      improve SDS tools, engineers must first experience work practices
DM0922 -      that provide the "context" Pat discussed in his letter on 010426,
DM0923 -      discussed above. ref SDS 0 RL5F  This is a research effort
DM0924 -      because people resist using work practices until there is first
DM0925 -      proof of rewards.  Research is a process for investigating to
DM0926 -      create proof.
DM0928 -       ..
DM0929 -      SRI is qualified to perform this research, as set out in the
DM0930 -      letter to SRI on 001011. ref SDS 67 0001  SDS has a unique design
DM0931 -      which saves time and money, per above. ref SDS 0 GO3J  SRI's
DM0932 -      experience reported on 001017 shows SDS work product is useful
DM0933 -      for KM. ref SDS 68 1575  No other project or design is otherwise
DM0934 -      available to support SRI's objective for developing KM to advance
DM0935 -      the nation and civilization.
DM0936 -
DM0937 -         [On 010619 notified DCMA that KM is research that can be
DM0938 -         accomplished by SDS. ref SDS B1 GZ5F
DM0939 -      ..
DM0940 -      Research opportunities presented by SDS were set out in the
DM0941 -      letter to SRI on 001011, ref SDS 67 0001, which cited....
DM0943 -  ..
DM0944 -      a.  Intelligence, Knowledge, Literacy, Alphabet Technology
DM0945 -
DM0946 -          Establish science for concept of "intelligence" process that
DM0947 -          integrates time and information to improve alphabet
DM0948 -          technology for creating knowledge by investing intellectual
DM0949 -          capital, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 1101  Support rationale
DM0950 -          for culture of knowledge and advances information technology
DM0951 -          (IT), as the next step in the march of civilization.
DM0952 -
DM0953 -              [On 010622 alphabet technology makes people "superhuman."
DM0954 -              ref SDS B3   N668
DM0956 -  ..
DM0957 -      b.  Meaning Drift Makes Communication Biggest Risk Enterprise
DM0958 -
DM0959 -          Experiment and publish results showing "meaning drift,"
DM0960 -          illustrated by the "telephone game," is a common cause of
DM0961 -          problems in all industries and professions, and makes
DM0962 -          communication the biggest risk in enterprise, which is likely
DM0963 -          the paradigm shift of the millennium, because every meeting,
DM0964 -          every call, every email sows the seeds of error, conflict,
DM0965 -          crisis and calamity, explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 8774
DM0967 -           ..
DM0968 -          Research can demonstrate risk from reliance on IT that causes
DM0969 -          information overload, and the opportunity for KM to convert
DM0970 -          this risk into a cornucopia of riches by adding a new form of
DM0971 -          "intelligence" that converts information into knowledge.  The
DM0972 -          core fundamental for research to address is the proposition
DM0973 -          on 950204 that people can only maintain alignment of
DM0974 -          communication for about one minute, ref SDS 16 0550, with the
DM0975 -          result that constant calls, meetings and email accelerate
DM0976 -          complexity, confusion and error, leading to the condition
DM0977 -          reported on 001207 of too many people having too many
DM0978 -          problems. ref SDS 73 V54M
DM0979 -
DM0980 -
DM0981 -
DM0982 -
DM0983 -
DM0984 -
DM10 -

Research SDS Organizational Memory SDS Solves Meaning Drift Communica

ED03 -
ED0401 -  ..
ED0402 -      c.  SDS Organizational Memory Solves Meaning Drift
ED0403 -
ED0404 -          Develop formal proof showing SDS maintains alignment of
ED0405 -          daily work with objectives, requirements and commitments
ED0406 -          that adds value to information technology (IT), and the
ED0407 -          Internet, by adding "intelligence" that reduces meaning
ED0408 -          drift through proactive problem handling, called
ED0409 -          "concurrent discovery," that tracks chronology of cause
ED0410 -          and effect based on organic subject structure that saves
ED0411 -          time and money, see NWO, ref OF 3 1852, and the record on
ED0412 -          960620, ref SDS 21 1101, and there is no other cost
ED0413 -          effective means to do this.
ED0415 -           ..
ED0416 -      d.  Time and Organic Structure Manage Complexity - Ontology
ED0417 -
ED0418 -          Study and formalize SDS procedures for managing complexity
ED0419 -          with chronology that establishes sequence used by the human
ED0420 -          mind to reason "logically," and using organic structures for
ED0421 -          managing the universe, also called "ontology," of information
ED0422 -          encountered in life, called out in the letter to SRI on
ED0423 -          001011, ref SDS 67 FZ4F, by applying DNA processes for
ED0424 -          growing small meanings to accomplish large objectives at the
ED0425 -          conscious span of attention, explained above. ref SDS 0 UN4L
ED0426 -
ED0427 -
ED0428 -
ED0429 -
ED0430 -
ED05 -

Education Change Paradigm to Continual Learning Making Connections Ca
Research Education Improved by SDS Listen Do Learn Children SDS Exten
Pilot Test SDS in High School, University of Santa Clara
School Project Where Did PC Come From?
KM Education Based on SDS, POIMS, NWO Launched by Henry van Eykan
Education SRI Support SDS Pilot Test to Improve Student Performance
Education Literacy Alphabet Technology Proposal Research Improve Mana

F009 -
F01001 -  ..
F01002 -      e.  Education, Listening, Doing, Learning
F01003 -
F01004 -          On 000829 SRI planned to improve education. ref SDS 63 OB7I
F01005 -          SDS provides a direct path for advancing this objective, as
F01006 -          discussed with Pat and Curt on 010122. ref SDS 81 V5E1
F01007 -
F01008 -          Studies to verify SDS improves education per para a, above.
F01009 -          ref SDS 0 ME9L  Experiment to show children can learn SDS as
F01010 -          an extension of basic literacy curriculum to improve the
F01011 -          ability to think, remember and communicate, as explained in
F01012 -          POIMS, ref OF 1 3742, and promote SDS as best method of
F01013 -          arresting loss of literacy after leaving school and joining
F01014 -          the work force, reported on 991108. ref SDS 42 7380
F01015 -
F01016 -              [On 010614 detailed explanation of SDS support for
F01017 -              education was formulated. ref SDS B0 2J5H
F01019 -               ..
F01020 -              [On 010619 DCMA goal to strengthen literacy in daily
F01021 -              business life, because pressures restrain this capability
F01022 -              that makes people "superhuman." ref SDS B1 KWSQ
F01023 -          ..
F01024 -          On 951012 scope of education study was formulated
F01025 -          during meeting at Santa Clara University. ref SDS 18 7477
F01026 -
F01027 -              [On 010711 Stuart Harrow with DCMA offered ideas for
F01028 -              advancing this study. ref SDS B8   2O5I
F01030 -           ..
F01031 -          One form of experiment can develop a scholarship competition
F01032 -          honoring Doug Engelbart's work, from the record on 001220
F01033 -          when Doug was honored by SRI for winning the National Medal
F01034 -          of Technology award. ref SDS 77 KI6O  This was later reviewed
F01035 -          in the record of meeting with Curt and Pat on 010122.
F01036 -          ref SDS 81 V5E1
F01037 -
F01038 -
F01039 -
F01040 -
F011 -

Com Manager Role Needed Implement KM Technology
Psychologically Demanding Com Metrics Need Com Manager Work Role
Training Education Com Manager Use SDS Implement Work Practices
Training Writing Story Useful Not Emotionally Disruptive Diplomatic
Training Feedback Probative Questioning
Psychologically Demanding Com Manager Consistently Discovering Notify
Story History Writing Aids Understanding
Professional Role Use SDS Like Pilot Flies Airplane
8 Steps Implement SDS for Com Metrics

G311 -
G31201 -  ..
G31202 -      f.  Communication Manager:  Culture of Knowledge Needs New Role
G31203 -
G31204 -          Communication Metrics and by extension Knowledge Management
G31205 -          requires skill and therefore training for....
G31206 -
G31207 -           1.  using SDS tools to...
G31208 -
G31209 -               a.  align chronologically that maintains sequence of
G31210 -                   cause and effect which aids intelligence, using
G31211 -                   traceability to original sources, also, called an
G31212 -                   audit trail. see ISO criteria reviewed on 950721.
G31214 -                    ..
G31215 -               b.  develop and apply organic subject structure that
G31216 -                   relates cause and effect to context, and assembles
G31217 -                   the record to discover trends, i.e., concurrent
G31218 -                   discovery, see above. ref SDS 0 UN4L
G31220 -                    ..
G31221 -               c.  summarize for perspective, but maintain links to
G31222 -                   relevant details that expedite understanding.
G31224 -                    ..
G31225 -               d.  integrate critical mass of tasks that emulate human
G31226 -                   intelligence for producing an effective Knowledge
G31227 -                   Space to invest intellectual capital that grows
G31228 -                   organizational memory.
G31229 -  ..
G31230 -           2.  writing a story (i.e., history, analysis) with structure
G31231 -               and headlines that enables Concurrent Discovery by
G31232 -               revealing deviations from objectives, requirements and
G31233 -               commitments in a constructive way that does not attack
G31234 -               personal competence, so that people can proactively
G31235 -               solve small issues before they become mistakes,
G31236 -               problems, conflict, crisis and calamity. see
G31237 -  ..
G31238 -                  Power of "stories," 900303....... ref SDS 4 3016
G31239 -                  Power of analysis, 931130........ ref SDS 10 7911
G31240 -                  Investing Intellectual Capital... ref OF 1 1101
G31241 -                  Concurrent Discovery............. ref OF 4 1476
G31242 -
G31243 -           3.  obtaining feedback. see NWO. ref OF 3 2670
G31245 -           ..
G31246 -          Performing these tasks becomes increasingly psychologically
G31247 -          burdensome from confronting a continual stream of errors and
G31248 -          resistance, similar to accounting that maintains alignment of
G31249 -          finances.  However, if people want to augment intelligence to
G31250 -          improve the work, increase earnings and stock prices, there
G31251 -          is no choice but to perform this work in order to reduce the
G31252 -          number and magnitude of problems that occur in a complex
G31253 -          world, cited on 001207. ref SDS 73 V54M  SDS makes it easier
G31254 -          to discover emerging problems at a time when they can be
G31255 -          avoided before causing severe damage; but, Communication
G31256 -          Metrics, and by extension KM, remains a difficult job, as
G31257 -          shown in the record on 000307. ref SDS 47 4472
G31259 -           ..
G31260 -          SRI research can demonstrate that a new kind of professional
G31261 -          work role is needed because not everyone has the skill nor
G31262 -          temperament to do this work, as reported by Fortune in an
G31263 -          article published on 990625. ref SDS 40 4914
G31264 -
G31265 -
G31266 -
G31267 -
G313 -

Deployment SDS Multi-tier Application Executive, Corporate, User
Deployment Boggles Mind Overwhelming Orientation Executives Managers
Clear Concise Complete Communication New Way of Working Connected Env
Deployment Strategies for Industries Professions Management Levels
Feedback Refines Accuracy using Notice Rather than Get Angry about Co
Accountability Asset to Get Credit for Success

GR08 -
GR0901 -           ..
GR0902 -      g.  Deployment Strategies - People, Training, Technology
GR0903 -
GR0904 -          One of the things that needs to be worked out by research is
GR0905 -          the multi-tier design of SDS.  The capability is there, but
GR0906 -          it has not been implemented, so this needs to be researched,
GR0907 -          to develop organizational and procedural practices, and to
GR0908 -          refine technology infrastructure for security, privacy and
GR0909 -          confidentiality.
GR0910 -
GR0911 -              [On 010625 Pat noted need for security. ref SDS B5 OE4H
GR0913 -           ..
GR0914 -          For example, SDS has Executive, Corporate, and Single User
GR0915 -          Modes. Each of these has technology and cultural components
GR0916 -          relative to confidentiality, security and privacy issues that
GR0917 -          need to be addressed through research.
GR0919 -           ..
GR0920 -          Research could involve firms like Cisco, Oracle and other
GR0921 -          systems developers, who have an interest in growing demand
GR0922 -          for networking capability.
GR0924 -           ..
GR0925 -          For example, on 000125 Eric Armstrong worried that OHS/DKR
GR0926 -          would "boggle" the mind. ref SDS 46 3975
GR0928 -           ..
GR0929 -          In the beginning, augmenting intelligence exposes people to a
GR0930 -          new way of thinking, called out by Doug Engelbart, reviewed
GR0931 -          on 991222. ref SDS 44 3696  SRI has experienced a "whole new
GR0932 -          way of thinking" for the past year, evidenced by this record
GR0933 -          and others reported on 001017. ref SDS 68 1575  This new way
GR0934 -          of working is explained in the record on 001219 listing steps
GR0935 -          for using SDS to improve memory. ref SDS 76 FO5M   These
GR0936 -          steps brings increased power to "understand," as explained in
GR0937 -          NWO, ref OF 3 5361, which is overwhelming, leading to a "kill
GR0938 -          the messenger" fury symbolized by the Legend of Prometheus,
GR0939 -          reviewed on 991108. ref SDS 42 5368
GR0941 -           ..
GR0942 -          Yet, Bill DeHart, who used SDS at PG&E, found that after
GR0943 -          people become familiar with SDS work product, they apply it
GR0944 -          effectively, reported on 000709, ref SDS 59 Z28N, under a
GR0945 -          strategy of.....
GR0947 -                   ..
GR0948 -                  Clear, Concise, Complete Communication
GR0949 -
GR0950 -
GR0951 -          ...., which at first seems conflicting, i.e., how can
GR0952 -          communication be both "concise," and "complete," reviewed on
GR0953 -          990419. ref SDS 38 0896
GR0955 -           ..
GR0956 -          Strategies are therefore needed for industry, professions and
GR0957 -          management levels.  This takes research and study to foster a
GR0958 -          culture of knowledge that overcomes natural biological drives
GR0959 -          to value information, ref SDS 0 I24K, and eschew investment
GR0960 -          in knowledge, per above. ref SDS 0 MC4F  This issue was set
GR0961 -          out in a letter to the OHS/DKR team, ref DIP 9 VT5M, on
GR0962 -          001202. ref SDS 72 JY9F
GR0963 -
GR0965 -           ..
GR0966 -          Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a new role that supports the
GR0967 -          CEO, and so could be expanded to provide Com Metrics. see
GR0968 -          article in Fortune on 990625, ref SDS 40 8183
GR0969 -
GR0970 -               [On 010619 a strategy was proposed to DCMA for expanding
GR0971 -               the FSR role. ref SDS B1 GZ5F
GR0972 -
GR0974 -           ..
GR0975 -          Training... like the alphabet, everyone needs SDS skills to
GR0976 -          do basic tasks, and so deployment requires a component to
GR0977 -          improve basic education, per above. ref SDS 0 XB4J  We, also,
GR0978 -          need to develop training to transition people to acquire SDS
GR0979 -          skills that compliment current expertise. see above.
GR0980 -          ref SDS 0 8H7F
GR0982 -           ..
GR0983 -          For example, an engineer may want to track cause and effect
GR0984 -          of a design, cited by Eric Armstrong on 000517 as adding
GR0985 -          value to a project in Texas, ref SDS 55 2064; or, an
GR0986 -          accountant, who tracks cause and effect of costs and income
GR0987 -          variances.  An executive may want to know what happened
GR0988 -          following up a meeting, or phone call, i.e., was anybody
GR0989 -          listening, cited on 890809? ref SDS 3 CJ9J  In some cases a
GR0990 -          secretary can maintain a good deal of the record, just as a
GR0991 -          secretary keeps track of expenses for an executive. However,
GR0992 -          critical issues that involve considerable value at risk
GR0993 -          and/or are complex, a Com Manager is needed to devise an
GR0994 -          organic subject structure, ask questions that develop timely
GR0995 -          feedback, capture and align the record of organizational
GR0996 -          memory.
GR0998 -           ..
GR0999 -          Feedback modalities must be developed for Communication
GR1000 -          Metrics that grow knowledge and overcome fears explained in
GR1001 -          NWO. ref OF 3 2670  Training must develop probative skills
GR1002 -          and writing style that raises issues without raising
GR1003 -          temperatures of anger and angst.  Training and orientation
GR1004 -          must prepare staff to treat the record as notice of initial
GR1005 -          understandings that require feedback to refine accuracy.
GR1006 -          Perceived errors are opportunities to build shared meaning by
GR1007 -          submitting corrections.
GR1009 -           ..
GR1010 -          Accountability is an organizational asset to improve memory
GR1011 -          that saves time and money, not a liability that attacks
GR1012 -          personal competence, and causes inordinate social and
GR1013 -          cultural fear about converting information into knowledge.
GR1014 -          (compare the record on 980405, ref SDS 35 5065, with the
GR1015 -          record on 890809 showing the desire for listening and
GR1016 -          organizational memory. ref SDS 3 CJ9J
GR1018 -             ..
GR1019 -            [On 010522 Pat notes worry about accountability restrains
GR1020 -            pilot testing intelligence support. ref SDS A5 785R
GR1021 -
GR1022 -
GR1023 -
GR1024 -
GR1025 -
GR11 -

Research Deployment Hardware Software Ergonomics Backup Security Keyb
Distribution SDS Com Manager Skills Secretary Engineers Project Manag
Com Manager Need Not Attend Every Meeting Creates Intelligence from E
Cost Savings Incredible, Conflict with Common Sense
Com Manager Need Not Attend Every Meeting So One Com Manager Supports

H207 -
H20801 -           ..
H20802 -          Hardware and Software Ergonomics
H20803 -          Meetings Do Not Need Com Manager All the Time
H20804 -
H20805 -          During the meeting today, Pat asked if "Rod" has to attend
H20806 -          every meeting, which asks how many Communication Managers are
H20807 -          needed?  A related question is what mix of hardware and
H20808 -          software is required?
H20810 -           ..
H20811 -          Deployment research requires gaining experience to discover
H20812 -          the mix of people, skills and ergonomics, including keyboard,
H20813 -          and maintaining peripheral technology, the same way people
H20814 -          decide how many engineers or accountants are needed.
H20815 -          Hardware, security, networking and backup are key issues that
H20816 -          require both development and research to discover effective
H20817 -          deployment.
H20819 -           ..
H20820 -          Experience at DNRC, PG&E and USACE (see ref SDS 0 T35N) shows
H20821 -          that one Com Manager, who attends a few meetings, improves
H20822 -          performance for all communications by adding intelligence so
H20823 -          that people are prepared to spread "knowledge" rather than
H20824 -          guess and gossip.  A skilled Com Manager can provide useful
H20825 -          "intelligence" without attending every meeting. see example
H20826 -          on 970110. ref SDS 25 9483  Adding "intelligence" to some
H20827 -          communications improves productivity of all communications,
H20828 -          as reported a year ago at Intel on 010517. ref SDS 55 2537
H20830 -           ..
H20831 -          This occurs because SDS enables building and maintaining
H20832 -          shared meaning over time, which is otherwise fragmented,
H20833 -          because, without SDS, people can align communication for only
H20834 -          about one minute, see above. ref SDS 0 TY6F
H20836 -           ..
H20837 -          Like USACE, experience on the OHS/DKR project showed that a
H20838 -          Com Manager can produce useful "intelligence" without
H20839 -          attending every meeting, because email traffic and debriefing
H20840 -          attendees provides information that can be converted into the
H20841 -          knowledge people need to make progress, provided there is
H20842 -          leadership and resources to carry out the work identified in
H20843 -          the record of action items, as seen on 000922. ref SDS 64
H20844 -          0001
H20846 -           ..
H20847 -          This knowledge needs to be expanded through research to
H20848 -          develop different ways to use SDS for Communication Metrics.
H20849 -
H20850 -
H20851 -
H20852 -
H20853 -
H20854 -
H20855 -
H209 -

Management SRI Initiative SDS Can Support
SRI Improve Management Curt Carlson Set Goal SDS Can Accomplish
Learn SDS Anyone Can Including Pat Lincoln Takes More than 20 Minutes
Learning SDS Takes More than 20 Minutes Need Transition Com Manager D
Pilot Test SDS to Develop KM SRI Good Organization to Research KM Fit
20 Min - 1 Hr Pilot Test, Conflicts Knowledge Pays Off Days, Weeks, M
Com Manager Helps People Learn SDS on the Job Transitioning Build Fai
SRI Use SDS Improve Management Pilot Test
Change New Way Working Avoided by Using Com Manager Deliberates Organ
Director Com Manager Different New Role Collaborates with Others
Time Not Enough for Others to Perform Com Metrics Too Busy
Hard Work Need Dedicated Time Skills for Com Metrics Performed by Com

HM14 -
HM1501 -       ..
HM1502 -  3.  SDS Improves SRI Management - Save Time and Money
HM1503 -
HM1504 -      SRI needs better management to improve productivity and earnings
HM1505 -      that pay for research to improve the nation and civilization. As
HM1506 -      Pat notes above, SDS meets this need, ref SDS 0 4Q5I, and
HM1507 -      ref SDS 0 PSSQ, confirming Pat's letter on 010111. ref SDS 78
HM1508 -      OE8H Deployment issues require research through pilot testing,
HM1509 -      experimentation and analysis.  Since SRI is a research
HM1510 -      organization, it has a unique chance to improve management, save
HM1511 -      time and money, and advance research in Knowledge Management.
HM1512 -      ref SDS 0 2A4J
HM1514 -       ..
HM1515 -      Curt set an objective to improve SRI management, as reported on
HM1516 -      000829. ref SDS 63 MJ6F  The record using SDS on the OHS/DKR
HM1517 -      project over the past 18 months shows SDS is more effective for
HM1518 -      improving management than any other means, as seen in the record
HM1519 -      on 001017. ref SDS 68 1575   Welch has demonstrated the ability
HM1520 -      to perform, and this has been done at no cost to SRI.  On 010111
HM1521 -      Pat noted SRI's needs better collaboration, and that SDS provides
HM1522 -      this support. ref SDS 78 3X4I
HM1524 -       ..
HM1525 -      As a result, the next thing to do is use SDS, per action item on
HM1526 -      010111. ref SDS 78 VT5N
HM1528 -       ..
HM1529 -      SRI performs research that requires the scientific method.  On
HM1530 -      000716 independent authority reviewed SDS and reported that it
HM1531 -      directly supports the scientific method, ref SDS 60 0192,
HM1532 -      solving a core academic problem that has been pursued since at
HM1533 -      least the 17th century. No other technology does this.
HM1535 -       ..
HM1536 -      Using SDS at SRI provides experience that yields a record for
HM1537 -      performing research required to advance KM, per above.
HM1538 -      ref SDS 0 UQ6M  The only way for SRI to acquire experience for
HM1539 -      understanding KM is to begin doing KM at SRI.  If SRI merely
HM1540 -      supports KM for another organization, a few people involved in
HM1541 -      the effort may acquire some insights, but they will be cut off
HM1542 -      from the larger SRI culture.  Pilot testing SDS within SRI
HM1543 -      provides a unique opportunity to gradually spread awareness and
HM1544 -      acceptance of a more powerful learning and working methodology,
HM1545 -      that positions SRI to then advance the technology.
HM1546 -
HM1548 -         ..
HM1549 -        Pat asked if he could learn SDS?
HM1550 -        Learning SDS Takes More than 20 Minutes
HM1551 -
HM1552 -        Anyone can learn SDS, as we discussed yesterday. ref SDS A2
HM1553 -        B46O
HM1554 -
HM1555 -        Wayne Wetzel, Deputy Director, Department of Natural Resources
HM1556 -        and Conservation, State of Montana, taught himself SDS, with
HM1557 -        support of Com Manager, and based on experience seeing the
HM1558 -        benefits of adding intelligence to daily management.  I
HM1559 -        mentioned my sister, Kathleen learned SDS entirely on her own
HM1560 -        using SDS Help.
HM1562 -         ..
HM1563 -        Learning SDS is not a 20 minute job.  People with a heavy
HM1564 -        schedule get frustrated easily, because the core concept of
HM1565 -        converting information into knowledge is counterintuitive, as
HM1566 -        reported on 920215. ref SDS 6 5820  There is no experience from
HM1567 -        which to intuit new functions needed for knowledge work.
HM1568 -        Improving management requires integrating a critical mass of
HM1569 -        tasks, otherwise no improvement occurs. see POIMS. ref OF 1
HM1570 -        11G5  Learning to do a range of tasks takes more than 20
HM1571 -        minutes.  Deployment is facilitated by a Communication Manager
HM1572 -        to transition from current IT practices to a culture of
HM1573 -        knowledge using SDS.
HM1574 -
HM1576 -         ..
HM1577 -        Pilot Test SDS at SRI
HM1578 -
HM1579 -        Pat indicated his department has 25 researchers.  There is not
HM1580 -        a budget for a new role of a Com Manager or Knowledge Worker.
HM1581 -        SDS has been used at SRI for over a year, and there has not
HM1582 -        been a budget, so budgeting should be an impediment to
HM1583 -        progress. see the record on 001017. ref SDS 68 1575
HM1585 -         ..
HM1586 -        We considered using SDS at a senior level, where cost can be
HM1587 -        distributed across departments.  SDS could initially be tested
HM1588 -        to help Curt as a COO, per above, ref SDS 0 7D5F, or to support
HM1589 -        a specific project where SRI has value at risk that needs
HM1590 -        immediate support.
HM1592 -         ..
HM1593 -        The purpose of meeting with Curt scheduled for 010522 is to
HM1594 -        propose a pilot test so SRI can verify cost savings.  If SDS
HM1595 -        saves time and money, then concern about lack of a budget
HM1596 -        disappears, because every penny invested for Com Metrics
HM1597 -        increases the budget available for doing other things.  It is
HM1598 -        similar to saying we could reduce costs by eliminating the
HM1599 -        department manager, the CEO, or desks.  Each of these overhead
HM1600 -        costs do not perform any direct work.  Eliminating support that
HM1601 -        makes work productive, like managers, desks, pencils, paper,
HM1602 -        file folders and computers would save a lot of money; but, it
HM1603 -        would actually skyrocketing costs, because knowledge work needs
HM1604 -        direction and ability to translate resources into productive
HM1605 -        work.  POIMS explains why SDS increases this ability,
HM1606 -        ref OF 1 6649, and therefore increases productivity, which
HM1607 -        means lower costs, as found by USACE. ref DRP 4 0001
HM1609 -         ..
HM1610 -        One way to approach it is to enter into an agreement, that
HM1611 -        allows Com Metrics to operate for several months.  If SRI
HM1612 -        decides to continue, then it pays for the time, if not there is
HM1613 -        no cost to SRI.  We can do this with anyone, and be pretty sure
HM1614 -        we will succeed because of the large number of mistakes that
HM1615 -        are occurring everyday without Com Metrics.
HM1616 -
HM1617 -
HM1618 -
HM17 -

Marketing Advantage SDS Enables SRI to Deploy KM Rather than Seek Pay
SRI Marketing Advantage Deploying SDS for KM rather than Develop KM
Marketing Sell Existing Technology Figure Out How to Make it Producti
Market Conditions DKR Project at SRI

HY06 -
HY0701 -       ..
HY0702 -  4.  SDS Gives SRI Marketing Advantage for KM
HY0703 -
HY0704 -      SRI wants to sell research and support services for improving
HY0705 -      management, and using technology for Knowledge Management, as
HY0706 -      reported during a meeting at SRI on 001017. ref SDS 68 014M  SDS
HY0707 -      enables SRI to provide a specific technology for implementing and
HY0708 -      researching KM, and SDS has a history showing a lot of "work
HY0709 -      product" from delivering "intelligence" anytime, anywhere.....
HY0710 -
HY0711 -             
HY0713 -       ..
HY0714 -      ....that enables customers and clients to understand benefits, h
HY0715 -      are documented by past customers.     <T35N     <WP62
HY0716 -      DNRC..................................... ref DIP 6 0001
HY0717 -      PG&E..................................... ref DRP 2 8444
HY0718 -      USACE report on Intelligence............. ref DRP 3 6172
HY0719 -      USACE report on cost savings............. ref DRP 4 0001
HY0721 -       ..
HY0722 -      Industry is beginning to recognize that deploying technology to
HY0723 -      improve productivity and earnings, like SDS, is a viable
HY0724 -      strategy, in addition to working on visions for the future
HY0725 -      embodied by OHS/DKR.  The world conference in Paris on 010223
HY0726 -      brought together leaders who urged people to market deployment,
HY0727 -      rather than continue offering customers ephemeral dreams.
HY0728 -      ref SDS 89 WG8O  Deploying SDS technology realizes a large part
HY0729 -      of the vision for KM, the virtual office, the paperless office,
HY0730 -      plus capability that has not yet occurred to anyone else, as
HY0731 -      explained in POIMS, ref OF 1 6649, and demonstrated to Pat today,
HY0732 -      per above. ref SDS 0 UN4L
HY0734 -       ..
HY0735 -      Therefore, a partnership could be fruitful between Welch and
HY0736 -      SRI to develop and exploit these objectives and capabilities,
HY0737 -      as contemplated in the record on 010426. ref SDS 98 BD8M
HY0738 -
HY0739 -          [On 010605 discussed with Pat during dinner. ref SDS A8
HY0740 -          W59K
HY0742 -           ..
HY0743 -          [On 010608 submitted proposal for partnership. ref SDS A9
HY0744 -          0001
HY0746 -           ..
HY0747 -          [On 010625 telecon with Pat indicated agreement with
HY0748 -          proposal for partnership. ref SDS B5   0001
HY0750 -       ..
HY0751 -      Selling KM requires support for a culture of knowledge that
HY0752 -      improves information technology (IT).  This takes education to
HY0753 -      explain paradigm shifts by credible people in a credible setting.
HY0754 -      see above, ref SDS 0 TL6I  Seminars and events like Doug's
HY0755 -      colloquium, where cultural resistance to saving time and money
HY0756 -      are directly addressed, under the legend of Prometheus, reviewed
HY0757 -      on 991108. ref SDS 42 5368
HY0759 -       ..
HY0760 -      An example is the record on 000503.  Eric Armstrong has a strong
HY0761 -      background in AI, and so should be reasonably comfortable with
HY0762 -      moving from IT to KM, yet Eric reported to the OHS/DKR team that
HY0763 -      he does not understand the term "knowledge," and so refrains from
HY0764 -      using it in connection with developing technology for better
HY0765 -      management. ref SDS 53 5033 There must be a deep emotional switch
HY0766 -      that causes people to reject one of the most common and useful
HY0767 -      words in the human arsenal.
HY0768 -
HY0769 -         [On 010605 Ted Nelson, who has done seminal work using
HY0770 -         computers to advance literature, which should be a good
HY0771 -         candidate for using technology for knowledge work,
HY0772 -         pointedly averred use of both knowledge and technology
HY0773 -         during a meeting at SRI. ref SDS A7 5T7K
HY0775 -          ..
HY0776 -         [On 010605 Eugene Kim confirmed the OHS/DKR team does not
HY0777 -         understand the term "knowledge" in relation to project
HY0778 -         objectives. ref SDS A7 RU5O
HY0780 -       ..
HY0781 -      We need to build a bigger record pilot testing SDS in different
HY0782 -      settings, and write up a report that tells folks intelligence
HY0783 -      need not be feared.  SRI has standing to address this KM dilemma
HY0784 -      that is embodied by the Legend of Prometheus, reviewed on 991108.
HY0785 -      ref SDS 42 5368
HY0787 -       ..
HY0788 -      We need to supplement pilot testing with research through focus
HY0789 -      groups, seminars and formal education that overcomes ignorance,
HY0790 -      fear and denial from people discouraged by past failures at
HY0791 -      places like HP, GE, DARPA, NIH, and so on, which Pat cited in a
HY0792 -      letter on 010426. ref SDS 98 657O
HY0794 -       ..
HY0795 -      Welch provides a theory of knowledge that improves IT, use cases
HY0796 -      on implementation, SDS that implements the theory, and a history
HY0797 -      of work product showing SDS can be deployed to save time and
HY0798 -      money as predicted by theory.  SRI can provide research expertise
HY0799 -      for solving deployment issues, and credibility for presenting SDS
HY0800 -      in a context for making progress on advancing the nation and
HY0801 -      civilization.
HY0803 -       ..
HY0804 -      Pat will write a letter to Curt recommending SRI research KM by
HY0805 -      pilot testing SDS for accomplishing objectives we have discussed
HY0806 -      today.
HY0808 -       ..
HY0809 -      He requested a draft he can edit.
HY0810 -
HY0811 -        [On 010608 submitted proposal for partnership. ref SDS A9 0001
HY0812 -
HY0813 -        [On 010711 submitted draft per Pat's request. ref SDS B7   0001
HY0814 -
HY0815 -        [On 010731 Pat plans to issue letter. ref SDS C1   EY9O
HY0817 -         ..
HY0818 -        [On 010920 not enough time to issue letter, Pat plans to work
HY0819 -        on this project and to assign staff for support. ref SDS C4
HY0820 -        JS6H
HY0821 -
HY0822 -
HY0823 -
HY0824 -
HY0825 -
HY0826 -
HY0827 -
HY0828 -
HY0829 -
HY0830 -
HY0831 -
HY0832 -
HY0833 -
HY09 -
Distribution. . . . See "CONTACTS"