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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 07:38:01 -0700

Mr. Rod Welch
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Subject:   DARPA Opportunity


[Responding to your letter today, April, 26, 2001, stating.... ]

Thanks for feedback on POIMS in your letter on April 16, 2001, received just today due to a glitch in email delivery. Here I thought everyone was ignoring me, and feeling sorry for myself, and all along things were happening over in the next room.

Sorry to hear about your technology failure. These things happen.

DARPA seems to be looking for KM solutions, and they have legitimate needs for SDS capability, particularly in the area of national security for intelligence analysis. SDS is a strong environment for analysis. This seems like a straight forward pitch SRI can make, which nobody else can do. You have an SDS record on the Internet that demonstrates unique work product, and ability to perform, you have several government reports saying it provides useful intelligence. The intelligence field is one place where there are a group of folks who have a direct responsibility to learn and use tools for intelligence, unlike executives and engineers for whom learning SDS is a burden, and they don't want to feel incompetent by telling the boss they need money for a Com Manager to run SDS.

This seems, therefore, like a match made in heaven.

Well, certainly something to think about, at least.

You have contacts with DARPA. I have SDS. Isn't there some synergy here?


Has any thought been given to this opportunity?

Perhaps others have, but I haven't. At least yet.

Anyway, thanks very much for feedback on POIMS.


I have been interacting with DARPA and other agencies regularly (just returned from DC last night) regarding other technologies and possible research projects (formal methods on this last trip).

When I talk to folks in the funding circles about KM and related topics, there are some barriers in their attitudes:

There is a dim possibility of a future DARPA program on this or closely related topic. However, current DARPA politics make is extremely difficult to get any new programs approved (the new director of all of DARPA hasn't been appointed by Bush yet, and the director of the only remaining IT part of DARPA quit, so that position will be open for some time, and so new programs in IT are difficult to get going).


Computer Science Laboratory


Pat Lincoln

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