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DIARY: May 22, 2002 09:23 PM Wednesday; Rod Welch

Gary considering requirements for SDS; comments on Aerospace company.

2...Risk Management Avoids Accountability for Failure to Perform
3...ISO 9000 Audit Passed by Aerospace company without Actual Compliance
4...Legal Exposure Arises from Failure to Perform FAR Requirements
5...Aerospace company ISS Software Project Requires Compliance with FAR
.....Design and Implementation ISS Software Fails Requirements
.....Huge Holes Between Requirements and Design and Implementation
.....Requirements Not Met by Design Implementation ISS Software
......Requirements Surveillance Staff Changes Reduce Quality of Review
6...Attitude and Intent Follow the Money
7...Good Management Must be Specified Overwhelming Tendency Bad Management
..........Disaster in Bad Times, Technology in Good Times Changes Attitudes
..........Using Good Management Fosters Demand for Support Technology
..........Technology Making Good Management Fast Easy Changes Attitudes
..........Attitude Changed by Technology Making Good Management Fast Easy

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0201 - Dynamic Alternatives
020101 - Mr. Garold L. Johnson; 714 896 3311 ext 71223

Software Requirements Specifications SRS
SDS Software Requirements Specifications SRS
SDS Proof of Existence for KM Not Technical Problem
Design Requirements SDS Gary Prepare Software Requirements Sp
SDS Design Requirements Prepare Software Requirements Specification S
SDS Secret KM Design Counterintuitive, 000425
Architecture Counterintuitive SDS Design Aided by Synergy from Daily
Difficult to Understand Knowledge Management SDS Core Capability
Requirements Documents Specification (SRS) Needed to Define Scope SDS
Johnson, Gary Considering Developing SRS for SDS Needs Code from Morr

2612 -
2612 -    ..
2613 - Summary/Objective
2614 -
261401 - Follow up ref SDS 64 0000, ref SDS 60 0000.
261402 -
261403 - Received ref DRT 1 0001 from Gary responding to the letter yesterday
261404 - on 020521, ref DIP 5 0001, asking about progress on an SRS for the
261405 - Schedule Diary System (SDS) program, ref SDS 64 WO6L, following up
261406 - discussion of this matter on 020327. ref SDS 60 KI6I
261408 -  ..
261409 - Gary says today...
261410 -
261411 -     Related to the SDS requirements you mentioned [in your letter on
261412 -     May 21, 2002] at ...
261413 -
261414 -
261416 -      ..
261417 -     I have thought about it somewhat, but not done a great deal with
261418 -     it. I need to get code from Morris and get some idea of what is
261419 -     involved.
261420 - ..
261421 - Submitted ref DIT 1 0001 thanking Gary for consideration of
261422 - doing an SRS for the SDS program, and explain that code Morris has
261423 - created to support SDS is on Welch computers. ref DIT 1 5R5O
261424 - ..
261425 - Additionally, comment....
261426 -
261427 -    Why is assembly code for Medit is needed to get started on SRS for
261428 -    SDS? ref DIT 1 VX6M
261429 -
261430 -    Since all of the functionality is created above the underlying code
261431 -    it would seem there is a level of product description that says
261432 -    what are the pieces, what do that do, how are they used and how
261433 -    will this improve upon what is being used now, or something like
261434 -    that.  Then at a lower level, there is an engineering description
261435 -    of how to write code that implements functionality and interface.
261436 -    Since the code that is contemplated to be created is not assembly
261437 -    code, it just seems that the original code is not terribly
261438 -    instructive.  So this raises a question about the need for that
261439 -    resource as a predicate to start an SRS? ref DIT 1 6B7F
261440 -
261441 -       [On 020525 Gary clarifies his remarks about getting code from
261442 -       Morris relates to solving memory problem, and not to SRS, and
261443 -       says further that SRS can procede without original code for
261444 -       Medit, by using the SDS program and history of macros.
261445 -       ref SDS 65 FW5N
261446 -
261447 -
261448 -
261449 -
2615 -

Aerospace company Case Study Bad Management Developing Requirements
Private Gary's Analysis of Aerospace company Management Developing Requ  ements to
FAR Legal Exposure ISS Software Project being Performed by Aerospace co  any
ISO Traceability to Original Sources Audit Trail Alignment Accountabi
Cover-up Ignore Small Problems Not Enough Time Ignored Resists Proact
FAR Legal Exposure ISS Software Project being Performed by Aerospace co  any
Quality Compliance Failed Tests Rigged to Pass Rather than Demonstrat

7909 -
791001 -  ..
791002 - Risk Management Avoids Accountability for Failure to Perform
791003 - ISO 9000 Audit Passed by Aerospace company without Actual Compliance
791004 - Legal Exposure Arises from Failure to Perform FAR Requirements
791005 - Aerospace company ISS Software Project Requires Compliance with FAR
791006 -
791007 - Follow up ref SDS 64 0000, ref SDS 55 0001.
791008 -
791009 - Gary reviewed analysis of FAR requirements, ref DRT 1 QM6K, shown in
791010 - the record on 020504, ref SDS 63 0001, which were provided with a link
791011 - in the letter, ref DIP 5 0001, submitted to Gary yesterday on 020521,
791012 - ref SDS 64 0001, and asking for comments on experience with the ISS
791013 - software project being performed by Aerospace company, as reported on 020315.
791014 - ref SDS 55 NB5H
791016 -  ..
791017 - Gary says today...
791018 -
791019 -      I looked at the FARS data reviewed in the record on 020504,
791020 -      citing part 4.801, ref SDS 63 Y44N, and it does indeed express
791021 -      what I believe is an increasingly involved legal situation.
791022 -      ref DRT 1 QM6K
791024 -       ..
791025 -      All of that is swept under the rug and ignored unless it
791026 -      absolutely has to be confronted.  When it must be confronted the
791027 -      approach is to institute some large system that claims to do what
791028 -      is required and obfuscates the issue to such an extent that it is
791029 -      not obvious that the requirements are not being met. ref DRT 1
791030 -      5L7K
791032 -           ..
791033 -          Letter to Gary suggests that his analysis of the ISS software
791034 -          project, beginning on 020315, ref SDS 55 0001, provides a
791035 -          good case study for lessons learned that strengthen FAR and
791036 -          ability of DOD to use good management. ref DIT 1 YJ8F and
791037 -          ref DIT 1 009O  Comments from Stuart Harrow at DCMA on 010608
791038 -          suggest that governemnt contract managers recognize need for
791039 -          improvement and that SDS technology is a helpful advance.
791040 -          ref SDS 36 RS4J  Later on 010730, Stuart requested
791041 -          intellectual bridges to help busy people bound by the history
791042 -          of working in a closed culture recognize opportunity to
791043 -          improve using SDS. ref SDS 38 LC5O
791044 -
791045 -              [On 020525 Gary comments on Stuart's assessment of SDS,
791046 -              ref SDS 65 G35G, and agrees to release analysis of ISS
791047 -              software project as case study to improve FAR.
791048 -              ref SDS 65 O276
791050 -           ..
791051 -          Denial is a powerful strategy for avoiding change to improve
791052 -          management, see review Andy Grove's book on 980307.
791053 -          ref SDS 14 1657 and ref SDS 13 2044
791055 -           ..
791056 -          Risk management focuses on how to avoid accountability for
791057 -          failure to perform, rather than take proactive action to
791058 -          enable performance of requirements on time and within budget
791059 -          by avoiding mistakes.
791061 -  ..
791062 - Gary advises that...
791063 -
791064 -      Aerospace company just passed an ISO 9000 quality audit
791065 -      with flying colors, and it was all due to careful briefings on
791066 -      where to find the right answers when interviewed by auditors.
791067 -      The systems claimed do not in fact accomplish what is claimed.
791068 -      The same sort of thing will happen with FARS compliance.
791069 -      ref DRT 1 KL8H
791070 -
791071 -               [On 100207 1454 Command Commissioning improves initial
791072 -               planning through construction, testing, and maintenance
791073 -               of multi-faceted building projects providing independent
791074 -               audit to verify alignment with owner's design intent and
791075 -               operational needs are accomplished. ref SDS 68 WX7W
791077 -           ..
791078 -          On 950721 ISO calls for audit trail using traceability to
791079 -          original sources, ref SDS 6 1740, which reflects FAR part
791080 -          4.801 reviewed on 020504. ref SDS 63 XV7L
791082 -           ..
791083 -          On 951026 ISO 9000 requirements for good management are not
791084 -          performed by anybody, because everybody feels there isn't
791085 -          enough time, so procedures are worked out to pass tests
791086 -          without actual compliance as reported today. ref SDS 7 3245
791088 -           ..
791089 -          If Enron can get buy an audit from Arthur Anderson to "game"
791090 -          the system of accounting, it should not be difficult to work
791091 -          around ISO 9000 so that people can use bad management, rather
791092 -          than follow the contract, as requirede by FAR.
791094 -           ..
791095 -          Aerospace company or the government may have hired Anderson or another
791096 -          accounting firm to "audit" performance, as occurred with
791097 -          Enron, reported on 020204....
791098 -
791099 -             Controls not implemented................. ref SDS 51 EX5O
791100 -             Accountability was "risk" to be overcome. ref SDS 51 4K4G
791101 -             Enron gamed accounting system............ ref SDS 51 P49F
791102 -             Documentation audit trail ignored........ ref SDS 51 N49M
791103 -             Arthur Anderson hired for auditing....... ref SDS 51 356O
791105 -           ..
791106 -          The need for accountability as the core of good management,
791107 -          reviewed on 970829, ref SDS 12 6666, and ability of SDS to
791108 -          deliver accountability conflicts with desire to avoid
791109 -          accountability, reported on 980405, ref SDS 15 5065, under
791110 -          color of saving the price of good management, as overkill
791111 -          reported on 890324. ref SDS 1 LZ5F  This dynamic can only be
791112 -          solved by recognizing the high cost of bad management.
791113 -
791114 -
791115 -
791116 -
7912 -

Aerospace company Projects Get Fouled Up Due to Changing Personnel
ISS International Space Station Gary Contractor on Requiremen
Aerospace company Fouled Up Project Capable Unwilling to Use Good Manag  ent Per
Work Should be Traceable to Original Requirements SRS STD PID and ICD
Requirements Failure Perform Huge Holes Between Requirements and Desi

8407 -
840801 -      ..
840802 -     Design and Implementation ISS Software Fails Requirements
840803 -     Huge Holes Between Requirements and Design and Implementation
840804 -     Requirements Not Met by Design Implementation ISS Software
840805 -
840806 -
840807 - Gary continues...
840808 -
840809 -     I just completed an analysis on some specific aspects of the
840810 -     match up between the Space Station requirements documents and the
840811 -     design and implementation, showing that there are huge holes even
840812 -     though the last of the documents is about to undergo customer
840813 -     review. ref DRT 1 818N
840814 -
840815 -          Gary's letter today aligns with the report on 011006 that
840816 -          project is fouled up. ref SDS 45 O99K
840818 -             ..
840819 -            [On 020525 more problems discovered. ref SDS 65 T29G
840820 -     ..
840821 -     Earlier versions of the same flawed documents have passed
840822 -     the same level of review without incident. I expect that this one
840823 -     will as well. Just today we challenged the decision to "close the
840824 -     book", freeze further changes, based on the substantial amount of
840825 -     work remaining to be done to resolve some of the issues raised by
840826 -     this analysis. I don't expect that this will matter, except that
840827 -     the review deadline is going to be pushed out several weeks, and
840828 -     there may be time to do something. ref DRT 1 924K
840829 -
840830 -          Letter to Gary suggests ISS software project may provide a
840831 -          good case study for lessons learned for strengthening FAR and
840832 -          ability of DOD to use good management. ref DIT 1 YJ8F and
840833 -          ref DIT 1 009O
840834 -     ..
840835 -     The fact that I find problems does not endear me to
840836 -     management in any way, but it doesn't matter as they ignore all
840837 -     such reports when it pleases them to do so. ref DRT 1 3I4O
840838 -
840839 -
840840 -
840841 -
840842 -
8409 -

Changing Personnel Causes Communication to Fail on Projects  or Softw
Aerospace company Assignment Ends in Few Months Then Needs Another Assi  ment Ti
Communication Fails Personnel Changes Productivity Falls Until New St
Change Personnel Productivity Falls Communication Fails Until New Sta

8806 -
880701 -       ..
880702 -      Requirements Surveillance Staff Changes Reduce Quality of Review
880703 -
880704 -
880705 - Gary advises that...
880706 -
880707 -      Funding for myself and my colleague who are doing this analysis
880708 -      runs out July 5 or so, and all such analysis will cease. The
880709 -      effort will be moved to Houston where it will be taken over by
880710 -      people who, in large part, have never worked with the documents
880711 -      before. ref DRT 1 BI4J
880712 -
880713 -          On 011006 Gary cited changes in personnel cause projects to
880714 -          get fouled up. ref SDS 45 MO6F
880715 -          ..
880716 -          Letter to Gary suggests ISS software project may
880717 -          provide a good case study for lessons learned for
880718 -          strengthening FAR and ability of DOD to use good management.
880719 -          ref DIT 1 GT4F
880720 -
880721 -
880722 -
880723 -
8808 -

Changing Personnel Causes Communication to Fail on Projects  or Softw
Aerospace company Assignment Ends in Few Months Then Needs Another Assi  ment Ti
Communication Fails Personnel Changes Productivity Falls Until New St
Change Personnel Productivity Falls Communication Fails Until New Sta
Get By Bad Management Memory 5% Gist Skills Good Enough Feel Good Man
Improve Management Resisted Change New Way Working Takes Faith Commit
Atititude Fear Accountability Learning New Way of Working and Cannot
Napsack Boy Scout Analogy Shows Technology Enables More People to Use
Technology Enables More People to Use Good Management Boy Scout Napsa
Technology Takes Less Diligenece So More People Can Use Good Manageme
Good Management Improve Change New Way Working Takes Faith Commitment
Conflict between Personal Job Security Prevents Approval of Capturing

B314 -
B31501 -  ..
B31502 - Attitude and Intent Follow the Money
B31503 - Good Management Must be Specified Overwhelming Tendency Bad Management
B31504 -
B31505 - Follow up ref SDS 55 GHSQ.
B31506 -
B31507 - Gary observes...
B31508 -
B31509 -      I remain convinced that a major cultural change will be required
B31510 -      to shift the organization to an intention to get the documents
B31511 -      right before any tools to help do so will be considered much less
B31512 -      adopted. ref DRT 1 215K
B31513 -
B31514 -             [On 020722 Gary suggests not sacraficing good to reach for
B31515 -             perfection in creating SDS capability for improving
B31516 -             management. ref SDS 67 N248
B31517 -          ..
B31518 -          Letter responding to Gary suggests releasing his
B31519 -          analysis of ISS Software project as a case study of lessons
B31520 -          learned that may help overcome cultural intertia of denial,
B31521 -          ref DIT 1 GT4F, by fostering "intent" to make improvements
B31522 -          Gary advocates, per above, ref SDS 0 UL4J, based on following
B31523 -          analysis....
B31524 -          ..
B31525 -          People and organizations "intend" to do what is needed
B31526 -          to "get by" within the framework of their experience getting
B31527 -          paid for work that conform to requirements whether preparing
B31528 -          documents, constructing airplanes, ships, cars and buildings,
B31529 -          writing software, ships, growing food, etc.  Solutions that
B31530 -          do not align with personal experience conflict with common
B31531 -          sense, as discussed on 020315 in connection with the role of
B31532 -          "attitudes" and "paradigms." ref SDS 55 GHSQ
B31533 -
B31534 -             [On 020525 Gary does not comment on this idea. ref SDS 65
B31535 -             FL5H
B31536 -          ..
B31537 -          This emotional and cultural dynamic presents a
B31538 -          knowledge management dilemma where people fail to use good
B31539 -          management because it seems too hard compared to using bad
B31540 -          management that is fast and easy, like pressing reply in the
B31541 -          email program, noted by Jack Park on 010908, ref SDS 39 YF3I,
B31542 -          and explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 8536  Then incure the cost
B31543 -          of bad management of rework, delay, loss, failure, conflict,
B31544 -          crisis and calamity that seems like normal every activity.
B31545 -          ..
B31546 -          On 990505 Jason Yuen managing expansion of the San
B31547 -          Francisco International airport noted "attitudes" have to
B31548 -          change in order for executives to use Communication Metrics
B31549 -          for good management. ref SDS 17 4732  Later on 990527  Morris
B31550 -          made a similar point. ref SDS 18 1233
B31551 -          ..
B31552 -          What drives "attitude" and "intent"?
B31554 -           ..
B31555 -          Attitudes are driven by ignorance, fear and denial based on
B31556 -          experience in life and work.
B31557 -
B31558 -             [On 020618 SDS records on the Internet show benefits of
B31559 -             good management; creates desire to work intelligently, but
B31560 -             seems out of reach using familiar technology and methods
B31561 -             everygody likes. SDS explicit links change attitudes from
B31562 -             getting by with bad management that seems fast and easy,
B31563 -             to using good management because SDS makes working
B31564 -             intelligently to save time and money fast and easy.
B31565 -             ref SDS 66 MU6H
B31567 -           ..
B31568 -          People like to work on familiar things in familiar ways
B31569 -          because it is fast and easy to get by with tools and methods
B31570 -          that are familiar, and it is frustrating to stop and learn a
B31571 -          new way of doing things.  Some people are willing to learn
B31572 -          new methods, but most avoid the effort, as explained on
B31573 -          010908. ref SDS 39 YF5O
B31574 -          ..
B31575 -          Communication Manager role solves the laziness problem
B31576 -          by empowering people with a new way of working without having
B31577 -          to learn something new or change work practices, but fear
B31578 -          that....
B31579 -
B31580 -             • cost of a Com Manager will exceed savings,
B31581 -
B31582 -             • asking for a Com Manager is traumatic by implying lack
B31583 -               of communication skill that impacts self-image and ego,
B31584 -               and threatens job security.
B31585 -
B31586 -             • organizational memory seems like it increases personal
B31587 -               accountability that threatens job security.
B31588 -
B31589 -          ...resist the solution of hiring a Com Manager.
B31590 -          ..
B31591 -          Resistance to learning a new way of working is based on
B31592 -          more, however, than laziness.  Some people are afraid that
B31593 -          learning a new way of work is too difficult, and this will
B31594 -          threaten job security if they admit this is needed, and then
B31595 -          fail to perform.  Others fear that after making a big effort
B31596 -          to learn, new methods will not yield better performance than
B31597 -          using current methods.
B31599 -           ..
B31600 -          These attitudes reflect ignorance about added value from
B31601 -          adding intelligence to management for saving time and money
B31602 -          by reducing mistakes and discovering opportunity being missed
B31603 -          due to information overload.  For example, on 020325 Gary
B31604 -          reported that experience using SDS discloses cost savings of
B31605 -          good management that build new attitudes. (discussed below,
B31606 -          ref SDS 0 G35H)
B31607 -          ..
B31608 -          Needs drive intent, i.e., we need food, water, shelter,
B31609 -          and in a modern setting, we need money, so the mind forms an
B31610 -          "intent" to take action necessary to satisfy needs.
B31611 -          ..
B31612 -          Experience forms attitudes, but has a short attention
B31613 -          span and is impatient with improvement that seems hard, if
B31614 -          people can get by with present practice, as noted by Lynn
B31615 -          Conway worrying how to grow a new industry for personal
B31616 -          computers that enable a new way of working that conflicted
B31617 -          with common sense, reported on 960612. ref SDS 9 1368
B31618 -          ..
B31619 -          Performing work where good management is specified, as
B31620 -          recommended on 960105, ref SDS 8 1008; getting paid for
B31621 -          performing requirements to use good management, and denial of
B31622 -          payment for bad management that fails to perform good
B31623 -          management grows experience that forms an attitude that good
B31624 -          management yields good results on things people need and
B31625 -          want.
B31626 -          ..
B31627 -          Similarly, "getting by" by getting paid for performance
B31628 -          of bad management, restrains intent to use good management,
B31629 -          and fosters the attitude that good management is unnecessary.
B31630 -          As well, if good management practice seems to be out of reach
B31631 -          and so unattainable, or very difficult to accomplish this
B31632 -          fosters an attitude that good management is "overkill,"
B31633 -          within the common notion of "sour grapes" reviewed previously
B31634 -          on....
B31635 -
B31636 -              SDS work product out of reach... 011015, ref SDS 46 E35F
B31637 -              SDS work product unique......... 010924, ref SDS 42 XT5F
B31639 -           ..
B31640 -          If there is no downside risk to bad management, i.e., there
B31641 -          is no price to pay, no pain and suffering, this reinforces
B31642 -          the attitude of denial that good management is unnecessary
B31643 -          overkill, as explained in POIMS. ref OF 1 QT5L
B31644 -          ..
B31645 -          Even where people recognize that bad management relying
B31646 -          on meetings, calls and email causes continual bumbling that
B31647 -          wastes time and money, if they have no experience, i.e., are
B31648 -          ignorant, that bad management can be improved and is within
B31649 -          their reach, opportunity to use good management will be
B31650 -          ignored, as reported on 020415 showing management recognized
B31651 -          loss of $40K per day, but did not believe they could improve
B31652 -          to recover a substantial portion of the loss, and so was
B31653 -          unwilling to even try because customers were willing to pay
B31654 -          sunshine profits that buy off the cost of mistakes.
B31655 -          ref SDS 61 5N3M  Drucker points out that favorable market
B31656 -          conditions are only temporary, as Cisco and Intel have
B31657 -          learned the past year, which makes earnings directly related
B31658 -          to the quality of management for allocating resources
B31659 -          productively, reviewed on 931130. ref SDS 4 1504
B31660 -          ..
B31661 -          The ability to get by with bad management is further
B31662 -          encouraged by the fact that the price people pay for failed
B31663 -          communication, as noted in research on 900303, ref SDS 2
B31664 -          4456, is deferred and transferred to others.  As a result,
B31665 -          savings from using good management are similarly deferred and
B31666 -          transferred, and so makes the amount difficult to calculate
B31667 -          relative to costs of good management that are incurred
B31668 -          immediately.  The difference between incurring immediate
B31669 -          costs of good management to save the much higher costs of bad
B31670 -          management drives people toward short-sighted decisions to
B31671 -          avoid good practice, as explained in the record on the high
B31672 -          cost of medical mistakes, ref DIP 6 6048, reviewed on 990924.
B31673 -          ref SDS 20 A64L
B31674 -          ..
B31675 -          FAR requires payment for using good management, noted
B31676 -          on 020504, and FAR requires withhholding payment for failure
B31677 -          to use good management. ref SDS 63 UR3H  FAR also requires
B31678 -          the government to advise and assist the contractor to ensure
B31679 -          good management is used that reduces risk to the contractor,
B31680 -          government and taxpayers.  FAR provides a legal framework to
B31681 -          empower the contractor to form intent and attitudes for using
B31682 -          good management, that overcomes near term resistance because
B31683 -          when tragedy has not yet struck, people feel they can get by
B31684 -          using bad management.
B31685 - ..
B31686 - Gary comments further...
B31687 -
B31688 -      You note in the record on 020504 that FARS requirements are
B31689 -      ignored. part 42.302(a)(33). ref SDS 63 OI5L
B31690 -
B31691 -      I expect that they will continue to be unless something can be
B31692 -      done to reverse the trend of "deliver something, anything, soon
B31693 -      enough that there is no major complaint," and move toward a
B31694 -      concept of getting quality and correctness as fundamental
B31695 -      qualities of the delivered products. This needs to happen at all
B31696 -      levels, not just the low level workers and their immediate
B31697 -      management.
B31698 -          ..
B31699 -          On 001012 Grant Bowman was frustrated by slow progress on
B31700 -          OHS/DKR project and wanted to get things going even in the
B31701 -          wrong direction. ref SDS 28 B4P2
B31702 -          ..
B31703 -          Desire for movement that gives an illusion of progress,
B31704 -          but actually prevents productivity by going in the wrong
B31705 -          direction is a common human reaction discussed on 010908
B31706 -          concerning the appeal of email. ref SDS 39 MS5H
B31707 -          ..
B31708 -          Failure to enforce requirements for good management set
B31709 -          out in FAR and industry standards like PMI and ISO denies
B31710 -          guidance and encouragement that empowers Aerospace company to use good
B31711 -          management and experiment to discover Com Metrics makes good
B31712 -          management faster and easier.  The same dynamic occurred on
B31713 -          961105, where "feel good" management on the Oakland Harbor
B31714 -          project prevented the government CAO from advising and
B31715 -          assisting the contractor to follow the contract and failed to
B31716 -          withholding payment for bad management, ref SDS 11 6121, as
B31717 -          called out by FAR part 42.302(a)(33). ref SDS 63 OY8N
B31718 -          ..
B31719 -          Why does the government specify good management, but
B31720 -          pay for bad management?  Because good management is not
B31721 -          within reach of the government either, so agency people "feel
B31722 -          bad" requiring the contractor to perform in a manner that
B31723 -          seems out of reach.  Since people like to "feel good"
B31724 -          ignoring bad management is a sensible short term strategy for
B31725 -          everybody to get along and not "rock the boat."
B31726 -          ..
B31727 -          Additionally, "good management" uses intelligence to
B31728 -          identify threats and opportunity, and planning to avoid harm
B31729 -          under risk management objectives to prevent loss, conflict,
B31730 -          crisis and calamity.  Using good management creates a
B31731 -          cognitive dynamic that grows experience which seems to show
B31732 -          that good management is unnecessary overkill because the harm
B31733 -          sought to be avoided is successfully avoided.  As new people
B31734 -          come onto the scene, the lack of an evident threat and lack
B31735 -          of memory about the pain and suffering when bad management is
B31736 -          used, creates belief that people can get by using bad
B31737 -          management, and so the cost of good management can be
B31738 -          "saved," or diverted to other things. People competing for
B31739 -          work are always looking for ways to reduce their cost of
B31740 -          performance.
B31741 -          ..
B31742 -          Finally, good management requires organizational memory
B31743 -          so that people can work intelligently to avoid meaning drift
B31744 -          by aligning daily work with the context of prior related
B31745 -          history, objectives, requirements and commitments.  However,
B31746 -          people fear the light of knowledge more than the darkness of
B31747 -          ignorance, because ignorance from ignoring requirements for
B31748 -          traceability to original sources seems like a safer way to
B31749 -          avoid accountability for mistakes than is using knowledge for
B31750 -          avoiding mistakes.  This fear fosters attitudes to destroy
B31751 -          organizationaly memory rather than invest intellectual
B31752 -          capital to work intelligently, as required by FAR.
B31754 -           ..
B31755 -          Disaster in Bad Times, Technology in Good Times Changes Attitudes
B31756 -          Using Good Management Fosters Demand for Support Technology
B31757 -          Technology Making Good Management Fast Easy Changes Attitudes
B31758 -          Attitude Changed by Technology Making Good Management Fast Easy
B31759 -
B31760 -          Short term dynamics that make knowledge appear to be a bigger
B31761 -          risk than ignorance, noted above, ref SDS 0 RH5O, requires
B31762 -          that good management must be specified and enforced in order
B31763 -          to avoid using risk management improperly for ignoring the
B31764 -          record and covering up ensuing mistakes in hopes fo avoiding
B31765 -          accountability and responsibility, as called out on 960105.
B31766 -          ref SDS 8 1008
B31767 -          ..
B31768 -          Making good management faster and easier, and enabling
B31769 -          people to acquire experience showing that good management is
B31770 -          easily attainable and saves time and money, changes attitudes
B31771 -          from ignoring good practice to using good practice because it
B31772 -          seems to be within reach and is the only path for satisfying
B31773 -          human needs.
B31775 -           ..
B31776 -          Fuller's observation that new methods require about 50 years
B31777 -          for enabling forces to form in sufficient strength to guide
B31778 -          an established culture toward improvement, noted by Gary in a
B31779 -          letter on 011210, ref SDS 48 R66K, reflects the period
B31780 -          required for people in the ordinary course to eventually
B31781 -          accumulate enough experience to adopt a new attitude that
B31782 -          overcomes ignorance, fear and denial that change is better
B31783 -          for saving time and money than continuing to use familiar
B31784 -          methods and tools.
B31785 -          ..
B31786 -          Sometimes catastrophy of war, flood, famine, plague,
B31787 -          etc., that devestate people's lives illustrate advantages of
B31788 -          good management more quickly.  An example is WWII.  More
B31789 -          recently on 010911 people were disrupted by the spectacle of
B31790 -          failed intelligence. ref SDS 40 UP5K  When more people
B31791 -          experience disadvantages of working the way they like, then
B31792 -          there is opportunity to help people foster attitudes and
B31793 -          intent to work intelligently, as noted on 001207. ref SDS 33
B31794 -          V54M
B31795 -          ..
B31796 -          Gary's report on 020325 that SDS makes good management
B31797 -          faster, easier and cheaper, ref SDS 58 XQ4M, encourages a new
B31798 -          attitude about using good management, as people discover
B31799 -          through experience using intelligence delivered by SDS that
B31800 -          good management improves productivity and earnings by saving
B31801 -          time and money, also noted by Gary on 020325. ref SDS 58 CQ5O
B31802 -          The boy scout napsack analogy explained on 990816 explains
B31803 -          how technology fosters new attitudes. ref SDS 19 2880
B31804 -
B31805 -              [On 020618 Gary confirms that SDS changes attitudes about
B31806 -              using good mangaement, because SDS makes good management
B31807 -              fast and easy. ref SDS 66 03GT
B31808 -          ..
B31809 -          The letter to Gary asks about using the case study of
B31810 -          Aerospace company in the record on 020315, ref SDS 55 0001, and
B31811 -          supplemented today, per above, ref SDS 0 T29G, to assist
B31812 -          goverment staff recognize the opportunity to help Aerospace company,
B31813 -          other contractors and taxpayers by adopting Com Metrics to
B31814 -          enable good management. ref DIT 1 Z59K
B31816 -           ..
B31817 -          The combination of understanding value at risk, with
B31818 -          consequent cost savings, and reducing the level of effort for
B31819 -          obtaining benefits, per above, ref SDS 0 G35H, helps foster
B31820 -          new attitudes about using SDS for good management, rather
B31821 -          than continuing to get by with bad management because good
B31822 -          management seems out of reach using technology and methods
B31823 -          that everybody likes, per above. ref SDS 0 7G5H
B31824 -
B31825 -
B31826 -
B31827 -
B31828 -
B31829 -
B31830 -
B31831 -
B31832 -
B31833 -
B31834 -
B31835 -
B31836 -
B319 -
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