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DIARY: June 17, 2003 11:44 AM Tuesday; Rod Welch

Jerry notifies draft agreement will be submitted in a few days.

2...Remembering Where to Find Information Goal of Com Metrics Using SDS
3...Dilemma Time Using Existing Methods Reduces Time to Re-tool
4...Knowledge Takes Time Skills and Tools Seems Like Overkill
5...Doing IT Reduces Time to Convert Information into Knowledge
6...Bridging Gap Between 2 Worlds from IT to Culture of Knowledge
7...Unemployed Low Cost Solution to Work Intelligently Be Prepared
8...Work Intelligently Prepare to Find Information Hire Unemployed People
9...Prepare to Find Information Hire Unemployed People Work Intelligently
10...Find Information Hire Unemployed People Work Intelligently Use SDS

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0201 - CSG Systems Inc.                                                                                                                                                   O-00000795 0404
020101 - Mr. Jerry J. Nord
0202 - Intel Corporation                                                                                                                                                  O-00000704 0201
020201 - Mr. Morris E. Jones;
0203 - Boeing                                                                                                                                                             O-00000816 0505
020301 - Mr. Garold L. Johnson
020303 - Modeling and Simulation                                                                                                                                          O-00000816 0505

Schedule Jerry Will Prepare Using MS Project Submit Initial Ideas
Agreement Jerry Will Draft and Submit for Comments
Letter to Jerry Transmitting Analysis of Proposal and Telecon on 0306
Agreement Delayed Several Days Due to Other CSG Business
Overwhelming Work Load at CSG SDS Agreement Delayed a Few Days by Pro
Problems at CSG Delay Agreement on SDS for a Few Days

7108 -
7108 -    ..
7109 - Summary/Objective
7110 -
711001 - Follow up ref SDS 80 0000, ref SDS 79 0000.
711002 -
711003 - Received ref DRT 1 0001 from Jerry responding to the letter submitted
711004 - yesterday, ref DIP 2 0001, confirming plans on 030612 for Jerry to
711005 - submit a draft agreement on SDS within a few days, ref SDS 79 EY4S,
711006 - and transmitting review of Jerry's proposal received on 030611,
711007 - ref SDS 76 0001, and, also, the record of discussions with Jerry on
711008 - 030612. ref SDS 79 0000
711009 -
711010 -
711012 -  ..
711013 - Remembering Where to Find Information Goal of Com Metrics Using SDS
711014 -
711015 - Today, Jerry reports that problems finding information at CSG have
711016 - delayed submission of a draft agreement on SDS.  He plans to submit
711017 - the draft on Thursday and will call on Friday, 030620 for discussions.
711018 - This illustrates the reason that CSG management gave approval for
711019 - Jerry to investigate SDS, reported on 030609, ref SDS 75 XO60, based
711020 - on Jerry's calculations of cost savings on 020415. ref SDS 39 5N3M
711021 -
711022 -           [On 030709 Jerry submitted internal memo at CGS explaining
711023 -           significant opportunity for SDS to save time and money.
711024 -           ref SDS 85 G45I
711026 -  ..
711027 - Specifically, Jerry says....
711028 -
711029 -    1.  Wanted to let you know I am running behind my scheduled
711030 -        delivery.  Work has been almost overwhelming.  The amount of
711031 -        knowledge that is lost here at CSG is enormous.  Have spent
711032 -        most of the weekend, all Monday, and until now, searching out
711033 -        people and information on a process that is broken, costing our
711034 -        customers untold hundreds of dollars per day, with no solution
711035 -        in sight. I have been set back about two days due to this
711036 -        problem.  Will need to move my delivery date to you to Thursday
711037 -        and will call on Friday.  Have found most of the "missing
711038 -        pieces" now just have to organize them so I can get back to the
711039 -        SDS tasks.
711040 -
711041 -           [On 030619 Jerry schedules telecon for 030620 to discuss
711042 -           specific issues. ref DRP 4 0001
711044 -         ..
711045 -    2.  It does highlight the need again to management that CSG has
711046 -        lost and continues to lose valuable knowledge by not
711047 -        documenting and storing meeting information and individual
711048 -        notes... ref DRT 1 00W2
711049 -
711050 -           [On 030709 Jerry submitted internal memo at CGS explaining
711051 -           opportunity for SDS to save time and money. ref SDS 85 G45I
711052 -
711054 -  ..
711055 - Limited time creates a challenge learning and using SDS, and was
711056 - discussed with Jerry on 030612. ref SDS 79 GZ6K   See below telecon
711057 - with Gary, as well. ref SDS 0 RN6M
711059 -  ..
711060 - There is a long history showing people have problems remembering where
711061 - to find information....
711063 -         ..
711064 -    1.  Jerry's letter cited opportunity
711065 -        for Com Metrics using SDS can
711066 -        save $40K per day by helping
711067 -        people remember where to find
711068 -        information when needed................ 020415 ref SDS 39 F95F
711070 -         ..
711071 -    2.  Letter to Jerry yesterday cited
711072 -        same problem at NASA, as the "tip
711073 -        of the ice burg"....................... 030616 ref SDS 80 FV4F
711075 -         ..
711076 -    3.  National security failed because
711077 -        people could not connect the dots
711078 -        to remember critical information
711079 -        in time to avoid attack on US
711080 -        soil................................... 010911 ref SDS 32 YNGH
711082 -         ..
711083 -    4.  Henry Kissinger characterized
711084 -        challenge of continual problems
711085 -        finding right information.............. 940609 ref SDS 5 4238
711087 -         ..
711088 -    5.  Andy Grove at Intel worried that
711089 -        executives are in denial about
711090 -        magnitude of serious problems,
711091 -        that being willfully blind
711092 -        prevents improvement................... 980307 ref SDS 9 1657
711094 -         ..
711095 -    6.  Too many people having
711096 -        too many problems causes
711097 -        productivity, earnings and
711098 -        stock prices to fall................... 001207 ref SDS 24 V54M
711100 -         ..
711101 -    7.  Morris advised that remembering
711102 -        how to find information on computers
711103 -        is a problem for everybody............. 960406 ref SDS 7 4249
711105 -         ..
711106 -    8.  Eric Armstrong said productivity
711107 -        is paralyzed when people cannot
711108 -        remember where information is
711109 -        located................................ 011003 ref SDS 36 EC5N
711111 -         ..
711112 -    9.  Bill Gates reports Microsoft is
711113 -        working on a new project to help
711114 -        people remember how to find
711115 -        information on computers............... 021108 ref SDS 48 EF5I
711117 -         ..
711118 -   10.  Eric Armstrong reported SDS
711119 -        enables amazing memory with
711120 -        mechanisms that obviously work......... 010916 ref SDS 33 0001
711122 -         ..
711123 -   11.  Eric Armstrong reported nobody
711124 -        else can remember how to
711125 -        find anything on computers............. 010916 ref SDS 34 KA6H
711127 -         ..
711128 -   12.  Eugene Kim identified steps
711129 -        to find information in email
711130 -        archives without using SDS
711131 -        by using greater diligence............. 001126, ref SDS 22 4E3X
711133 -  ..
711134 - Submitted an email to Jerry saying...
711135 -
711136 -    Thanks for the heads up in your letter today advising submission of
711137 -    a draft agreement on SDS will be delayed a few days, until
711138 -    Thursday, 030619.  Your post script, ref SDS 0 W55M, lines up with
711139 -    the letter yesterday citing growing problems that drive demand for
711140 -    better productivity. ref SDS 80 FV4F  The calculation of potential
711141 -    cost savings in your letter last year on 020415 illustrates the
711142 -    target of opportunity. ref SDS 39 F95F  Finding information has
711143 -    been recognized as a big opportunity to improve productivity by
711144 -    Bill Gates by improving Microsoft programs, reported on 021108.
711145 -    ref SDS 48 EF5I
711147 -     ..
711148 -    So, please don't rush on the SDS efforts.  Experience over the
711149 -    past 20 years advancing from information to a culture of knowledge
711150 -    has shown that the long way around is the short way there.  If you
711151 -    can get something out today, fine; but, tomorrow or Monday will
711152 -    work, also.  Since we have a "solution," this provides a cushion
711153 -    for investing time to construct a strong foundation, rather than
711154 -    rush ahead with a "house of cards."
711155 -
711156 -         [On 030619 Jerry schedules telecon for 030620 to discuss
711157 -         specific issues. ref DRP 4 0001
711158 -
711159 -
711160 -
711161 -
7112 -

Time Using IT Skills for Information Management Doing Familiar Things
Transformation from IT Skills Re-tool to SDS for Com Metrics Skills t
Transformation from IT Skills Re-tool to SDS for Com Metrics Skills t
2 Worlds Print Prefered Familiar Way of Working Need Experience to Di
Johnson, Gary Not Enough Time for 8 Steps Using SDS to Work Intellige
Beoing KM People Maybe Could be Used to Support  combat Project to Solv
2 Worlds Bridge Gap IT Makes Documents Look Good But Need Structure f
Movie Pods People Giving Up Transformed by Links Rather than Transfor
Johnson, Gary Not Enough Time for 8 Steps Using SDS to Work Intellige
Time Not Enough for 8 Steps Using SDS to Work Intelligently Because T
2 Worlds Bridge Gap Between IT and KM Transformation 3-layer Architec
Johnson, Gary Not Enough Time for 8 Steps Using SDS to Work Intellige
Johnson, Gary Explains Common Information Management Practice Require

AM15 -
AM1601 -  ..
AM17 -
AM18 -
AM19 - 1346
AM20 -
AM2001 - Dilemma Time Using Existing Methods Reduces Time to Re-tool
AM2002 - Knowledge Takes Time Skills and Tools Seems Like Overkill
AM2003 - Doing IT Reduces Time to Convert Information into Knowledge
AM2004 - Bridging Gap Between 2 Worlds from IT to Culture of Knowledge
AM2005 -
AM2006 - Follow up ref SDS 77 5B91.
AM2007 -
AM2008 - Called Gary.
AM2010 -  ..
AM2011 - Discussed bridging the gap between two (2) worlds that makes
AM2012 - transformation from information to a culture of knowledge both a
AM2013 - challenge and a big opportunity for saving time and money.  On 020512
AM2014 - the gap between printing documents to manage information in a manual
AM2015 - world, and using Knowledge Space enabled by SDS for a paperless office
AM2016 - to improve finding everything because printing documents is avoided,
AM2017 - was reviewed. ref SDS 66 ZT54
AM2019 -  ..
AM2020 - Today, we identified another dimension of the gap that separates the
AM2021 - two (2) worlds of information and knowledge, first noticed on 000503.
AM2022 - ref SDS 16 5033
AM2024 -  ..
AM2025 - Gary recalled our discussion on 030611 about KM dilemma of not having
AM2026 - enough time to re-tool skills for the 8 steps using SDS to save time
AM2027 - and money. ref SDS 77 5B91  People on the job are forced to invest
AM2028 - time putting emails into various directories because this is a
AM2029 - familiar practice for being prepared to find information later when
AM2030 - needed, despite evidence this method is not very effective, per
AM2031 - Jerry's letter and the history on this issue related above.
AM2032 - ref SDS 0 154H  Time allocated to using familiar ways takes time away
AM2033 - from doing the eight (8) steps for using SDS to organize the record
AM2034 - into a spreadsheet for knowledge, explained on 001219, ref SDS 25
AM2035 - QZ4K, that is effective for finding everything, as explained in POIMS.
AM2036 - ref OF 5 KH8J  When time is not allocated to create the SDS data base,
AM2037 - this reduces the utility of the record, causing a negative synergy
AM2038 - that reduces incentives to learn and use SDS.  It's another KM
AM2039 - dilemma.
AM2040 -
AM2041 -     [On 030702 Gary encountered KM dilemma working with action items
AM2042 -     on  combat project. ref SDS 84 9Y6I
AM2044 -  ..
AM2045 - Gary noted that putting email in folders does not take long and it is
AM2046 - easy to look things up later.  This perspective presents several
AM2047 - issues....
AM2048 -
AM2049 -      1.  What about everything else?  If there is not a uniform way to
AM2050 -          treat email, other documents, and everything else, then a
AM2051 -          disconnect grows that prevents the record from augmenting
AM2052 -          intelligence, and productivity falls, because "understanding"
AM2053 -          requires integration.  Email is a small part of human
AM2054 -          experience that the mind constructs into knowledge based on
AM2055 -          alternate views of context.
AM2057 -           ..
AM2058 -      2.  When an email directory grows large, the only way to find
AM2059 -          anything is through dates and keywords.  We reviewed today
AM2060 -          that keywords people are able to think of in-the-moment are
AM2061 -          mostly derived from near-term events, and those words are
AM2062 -          rarely in the documents being sought, because at the time
AM2063 -          documents were created the mind used other ways to describe
AM2064 -          the same thing, under the mathematics of mental metrics cited
AM2065 -          by Steven Pinker on 990329. ref SDS 10 GP2S  This means a
AM2066 -          keyword or phrase may exist in a document in an entirely
AM2067 -          different context that is not relevant, while the information
AM2068 -          that is needed remains lost.
AM2070 -           ..
AM2071 -          Merely, finding a document is not a good solution, since
AM2072 -          people need specific information in a document at any given
AM2073 -          time.  At another time, different information in the same
AM2074 -          document will be needed.  Wading through a big document to
AM2075 -          find information relevant to current context takes a lot of
AM2076 -          time.  Once found, a question arises about correlations
AM2077 -          relative to the chronology of events surrounding the
AM2078 -          information at hand in order to judge implications, nuance
AM2079 -          and weight for assessing cause and effect.
AM2081 -           ..
AM2082 -          SDS helps address these common communication metrics by using
AM2083 -          record segments to place documents and other information in
AM2084 -          context by assigning multiple subjects, adding links for
AM2085 -          alignment and by assigning contacts. This provides multiple
AM2086 -          paths to find information in documents and other sources,
AM2087 -          based on the context that is needed at the moment, and, also,
AM2088 -          to understand the chronology that impacted information in a
AM2089 -          document and that was impacted by a document.
AM2090 -
AM2092 -  ..
AM2093 - Gary took an important step toward a culture of knowledge to save time
AM2094 - and money on 030604 by posting the eight (8) steps for using SDS on
AM2095 - the wall at Aerospace company. ref SDS 72 IY75  Gary noted in the call today that
AM2096 - implementation takes time, which is not available on the job, per
AM2097 - above. ref SDS 0 LV9F  This aligns with the letter to Gary last week
AM2098 - noting that the goal is not perfection, but improvement. ref SDS 72
AM2099 - IY64  Earlier, on 000920 a letter to the OHS/DKR team at SRI, said....
AM2100 -
AM2101 -    1.  Analysis on 000908, shows that KM seems like a promising market
AM2102 -        to improve handling daily working information, ref SDS 20 8820,
AM2103 -        per telecon with Doug Engelbart on 000327, ref SDS 21 3971.
AM2104 -        However, KM requires co-evolution of technology with new
AM2105 -        educational curriculum for a culture of knowledge. ref DIP 4
AM2106 -        007H
AM2108 -         ..
AM2109 -    2.  Good management takes more time than bad management, because
AM2110 -        bad management requires doing nothing, where people get by
AM2111 -        reacting to information spontaneously without investing time
AM2112 -        adding "intelligence" for analysis, organization, alignment
AM2113 -        summary and feedback. Good tools make good management fun,
AM2114 -        faster, easier and more effective for solving world problems,
AM2115 -        for getting the car fixed, going to the dentist, building a
AM2116 -        bridge or a DKR; but, it takes time and skill.  No matter how
AM2117 -        good the tools can be made, it will always be faster and easier
AM2118 -        in the moment to rely on information from conversation and
AM2119 -        documents, and there will always be many excuses for not using
AM2120 -        good management, and instead dashing off an email, see for
AM2121 -        example NASA.  Therefore, we need a work role to add alignment
AM2122 -        to communication in the same way that an accountant adds
AM2123 -        alignment to finances, because in the modern age, there is too
AM2124 -        much information for most people to align during a busy day.
AM2125 -        ref DIP 4 E46H
AM2127 -  ..
AM2128 - On 010908 Jack Park explained the allure of email, that creates and
AM2129 - overwhelming tendency to rely on bad management. ref SDS 31 YF5O
AM2131 -  ..
AM2132 - Gary feels experience using SDS at Aerospace company shows the need for a Com
AM2133 - Manager, because even, if and when, SDS is rendered in a stronger
AM2134 - form, as contemplated by the CSG initiative being championed by Jerry,
AM2135 - per above, ref SDS 0 0001, the process of using the tools to convert
AM2136 - information into knowledge for saving time and money, takes time and
AM2137 - costs money, as related in the letter to the OHS/DKR group on 000920,
AM2138 - per above.
AM2139 -
AM2140 -      [On 020619 Gary suggests Jerry consider assigning someone to be
AM2141 -      the Com Manager or scribe to help him with SDS. ref SDS 81 6I60
AM2143 -       ..
AM2144 -      [On 030620 discussed with Jerry on drafting agreement.
AM2145 -      ref SDS 82 HS9O
AM2147 -  ..
AM2148 - An example is the call to Morris about Medit memory, discussed on
AM2149 - 030611 for possible input to the CSG project. ref SDS 77 5B7M  Today,
AM2150 - Gary related having called Morris, but, at that time, Morris was
AM2151 - leaving, so a follow up call was planned that is still pending.  Of
AM2152 - interest, here, is that on 030611, Gary needed support remembering
AM2153 - where to find the list of commands and other help on the Medit macro
AM2154 - language to support calling Morris. ref SDS 77 M785  This was
AM2155 - submitted in a letter later that day, ref SDS 77 IK9N, and further
AM2156 - illustrates benefits of doing the eight (8) steps using SDS, noted by
AM2157 - Morris on 940327. ref SDS 4 J496
AM2159 -  ..
AM2160 - Gary noted that helping people understand the benefits of working
AM2161 - "intelligently," is not easy because "knowledge" is not a commodity
AM2162 - that is familiar in the way that people are willing to pay for
AM2163 - information.  Another example is getting food to the supermarket.  We
AM2164 - can improve ships, trains, trucks, conveyors and so on, but it still
AM2165 - takes time to deliver food to the store.  This is not a big deal for
AM2166 - the farmer, because if food is not delivered, people feel the loss and
AM2167 - pay for delivery.  However, since the impact of knowledge, both
AM2168 - positive and negative, is deferred, there is no commensurate demand
AM2169 - for adding intelligence to information, because knowledge seems like a
AM2170 - "free" bonus for showing up at the meeting, or sending an email, etc.,
AM2171 - as explained in POIMS. ref OF 2 3385
AM2173 -  ..
AM2174 - The letter to OHS/DKR on 000920 made the same point. ref DIP 4 8I5K
AM2176 -  ..
AM2177 - Some people understand the role of a librarian to organize information
AM2178 - so people can find a book, using Gary's analogy in his letter the
AM2179 - other day explaining that finding a book in a library is a lot faster
AM2180 - and easier than wading through a big pile of books on the ground.
AM2181 - Expanding the librarian role to perform the eight (8) steps of Com
AM2182 - Metrics in order to create a variety of ways to find information when
AM2183 - needed, as set out on 001219, ref SDS 25 4W4L, may be one way for
AM2184 - transformation to occur from information to a culture of knowledge.
AM2185 - It probably doesn't help that Com Metrics posits changing the paradigm
AM2186 - from books to Knowledge Space, but at least this provides talking
AM2187 - points to keep the conversation going on building an intellectual
AM2188 - bridge, as discussed in the record on 010730. ref SDS 29 LC5O
AM2190 -  ..
AM2191 - The record on 000920 reports Aerospace company was at that time seeking support
AM2192 - for a lab with 250 researchers working on "Knowledge Management."
AM2193 - ref SDS 21 G84D
AM2194 -
AM2195 -     Presumably some of the "researchers" could be available to support
AM2196 -     the  combat project.
AM2198 -      ..
AM2199 -     An idea here would be to encourage support by Aerospace company for work on
AM2200 -     SDS by providing the appearance of using Aerospace company's ongoing efforts
AM2201 -     to develop KM, even though these efforts have not yielded
AM2202 -     progress on a solution like SDS.
AM2204 -          ..
AM2205 -         [On 030624 called Marvin W. Eidinger about possibility of KM
AM2206 -         support at Aerospace company. ref SDS 83 0001
AM2207 -
AM2208 -
AM2209 -
AM2210 -
AM2211 -
AM2212 -
AM2213 -
AM23 -

Hire Unemployed Inexpensive Solution for Not Having Eough to Work Int
 combat Aerospace company Gary Not Big Demand at Start of Project to Fi   In
Dilemma Demand at Start of Project to Find Information Not Evident be

AP05 -
AP0601 -  ..
AP0602 - Unemployed Low Cost Solution to Work Intelligently Be Prepared
AP0603 - Work Intelligently Prepare to Find Information Hire Unemployed People
AP0604 - Prepare to Find Information Hire Unemployed People Work Intelligently
AP0605 - Find Information Hire Unemployed People Work Intelligently Use SDS
AP0606 -
AP0607 - A possible solution is to use the unemployed to find things for people
AP0608 - on the job.  This avoids paying the cost of finding things, and gives
AP0609 - people something to do, so they feel wanted and avoid trouble, under
AP0610 - the rule "Idle hands are the friend of the devil.  If someone doing KM
AP0611 - on the job, gets hired, then there are plenty of others who can fill
AP0612 - the gap.  Hopefully, there will be someone unemployed to find things
AP0613 - for the new-hire's new job, who will not have time to find anything
AP0614 - once hired under the common rule that investing time to organize the
AP0615 - record is "overkill."  This may need more thought under the record on
AP0616 - 970910 that people do not have time to think. ref SDS 8 3479
AP0618 -  ..
AP0619 - Gary related there is a big stack of documents that need indexing, and
AP0620 - his colleagues have similar stacks of documents.  Plus, there is a lot
AP0621 - of information on the Internet to review.
AP0623 -  ..
AP0624 - The typical approach is to create an SDS record and simply state in
AP0625 - the record what is found in a document that may be relevant to a
AP0626 - project objective and requirement, and where that information was
AP0627 - found.  This avoids the problem of scanning and having to do extensive
AP0628 - indexing, by reducing the task to taking notes, and then adding the
AP0629 - eight (8) steps to the notes.
AP0631 -  ..
AP0632 - Some of documents will require more extensive indexing, but whatever
AP0633 - level of analysis is required, SDS makes creating work product faster
AP0634 - and easier than other methods, and it makes the work product that
AP0635 - results more useful, provided the eight (8) steps are followed.
AP0637 -  ..
AP0638 - Gary noted that so far there has not been a big demand on his part of
AP0639 - the  combat project to find information in the SDS records he has created,
AP0640 - because everyday, people are working on new issues.  This experience
AP0641 - reflects the character of "knowledge."  We invest intellectual capital
AP0642 - each day in order to harvest a rich history of "knowledge" when needed
AP0643 - days, weeks, months and years down the road, when those little
AP0644 - inconsequential details turn into major problems, noted by Morris on
AP0645 - 921127, ref SDS 3 0674, and reported by Jerry at CSG today, per above.
AP0646 - ref SDS 0 154H
AP0648 -  ..
AP0649 - Our task is to lay the foundation for the tools, practices and roles
AP0650 - needed to meet the challenge of new realities in a new world order,
AP0651 - as explained in NWO. ref OF 12 4305 and referencing need for a Com
AP0652 - Manager professional role. ref OF 12 3348
AP0653 -
AP0654 -
AP0655 -
AP0656 -
AP0657 -
AP0658 -
AP0659 -
AP0660 -
AP07 -
Distribution. . . . See "CONTACTS"