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Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 18:23:17 -0700

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Mr. James V. Lovo
Team Leader
Construction Management Team, CEMP-EC
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Military Programs
Engineering and Construction Division
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Subject: Common Admin Supports Partnering
SDS Program Leverages Human Intelligence to Process Information

Dear Jim,

Thanks, great letter.

Have you noticed the Welch system does not "automate" intelligence. I really don't want a machine doing the "thinking." It is like a backhoe. With a skilled operator it can do a good job by leveraging natural human strengths.

We "leverage" human intelligence to process information.

This may be a quick and dirty way to explain the advantage of Communication Metrics. It is a backhoe for managers that can move a lot more information where it belongs faster, cheaper and better than an army of managers.

See you later.



Rod Welch

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