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Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 08:09:21 -0400

From: Lovo, James V HQ02

To: Chesi, Robert W HQ02

Krull, Jeff P HQ02

Copy to:

  1. Rod Welch; rowelch@ibm.net

Subject: Communication Metrics, AIS Requirements

Bob & Jeff:

As I recall, you are leading an effort to reinvigorate partnering in USACE.

Rod Welch is the developer of Communications Metrics which is a technique and technology to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of written communication (e.g., memos, e-mails, briefings, regulations, MFRs of phone calls, etc) by intelligently linking them electronically.

Mr. Welch forwarded me the document below which illustrates this approach.

As we know, open, effective communication sustained over the entire project is vital to the partnering process of creating and achieving common goals and objectives. Mr. Welch's is suggesting that his Communication Metrics technique/tool could be a tool to help reinvigorate partnering in USACE [under a system of Common Administration] The deluge of information at all levels, the high rate of change in organizations, and the complexity of relationships in undertakings such as construction all make effective communications more challenging on a daily basis. I am sure that partnering, which typically is used most on large, complex projects, also suffers from these communications challenges.

I have a full plate of actions and initiatives at the moment and can not become the point of the spear for more. However, the effort to improve partnering may offer you an opportunity to have a district consider testing this technique as part of the partnering improvement effort by applying it on a particular job.

Mr. Welch is more than willing to share his views on this technique. I recommend that you navigate through his sample and let him know via e-mail if you are interested in getting more info or discussing a potential application.


Jim Lovo
Team Leader
Construction Management Team, CEMP-EC