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October 19, 1998                                                                     03 96060 61 98101901

Mr. Ivan Romero, AIA
Project Architect
Kwan Henmi Architects
Interior Design/Documentation
Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi
600 California Street, Floor 1100
San Francisco, CA  94108

Subject:  Moscone Center Expansion, Phase III
                Meeting Notes

Dear Ivan,
Following discussions at the team meeting last Friday, I decided to change direction. Instead of creating the detail in Communication Metrics for each of the meetings, similar to that for the meeting on Sep 29, 1998, I created a format to view Gensler's meeting notes on a web browser, so they can be distrubuted via the Internet. This is one part of our goal.

You may recall Clonia wants to use Genler's format for meeting notes. As well, you want to avoid being innundated by details. Therefore, I prepared notes for the following meetings using Gensler's format that has reduced detail.

  1. Electrical Meeting on October 14, 1998

  2. Mechancial Meeting on October 14, 1998

  3. Structural Meeting on October 15, 1998

  4. Civil Meeting on October 15, 1998

These notes are generally ready for distrubution. You can send them via email or print them and send the documents by conventional methods. If you want me to make distrubution, please let me know.

Notice that the notes you prepared for the Electrical meeting on October 14, 1998, have been converted to HTML, ref b. I recommend not distrubuting notes for ealier meetings where Clonia issued notes, since this will invite controversey. Possibly Robert Rudeen can address this issue.

Other issues on implementing this system are set out in the record for October 18, 1998.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Denis Henmi
  2. Bill Long
  3. Robert Rudeen