M E E T I N G  N O T E S

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi

Project Moscone Center Expansion- Phase III Project Number 01.6250.000
Meeting Location JV Team Project Office Meeting Date October 15, 1998
Subject Structural Coordination Meeting Number



JV Team/GA
JV Team/KH
JV Team/KH
JV Team/KH
Clonia Cautis (CC)
Ivan Romero (IR)
Michael Foegelle (MF)
Janet MacKinnon (JM)
Jon Andrews (JA)


  1. Restrooms

    Jannett showed drawings KH has in progress on coordinating mechanical and structural, so that main beams do not go through HVAC shafts, as discussed with A&P on Oct 14, 1998.

    Jannett suggests moving the beam 3" to provide 1" of clearance.

    Jon advised that SDE can move the beams. One member will still encroach into the mechanical shaft.

    Jon notes that the design is not well enough establihsed at this time to provide an exact number for dampers.

    Jon reported that SDE has changed some dimensions on its structural drawings that impact Jannett's work to resolve mechanical and structural coordination for the restrooms, per meeting with A&P yesterday on October 14, 1998.

    Jon said to change "this" to 1'3" CL of C6s on column line....

    Use 10 1/2"

    Clonia asked that the design support constructability.

  2. Pre Function

    Jon is aware that the 1st floor Pre Function area is terazzo.

  3. Catwalk

    Clonia advised that the catwalk cannot interfere with HVAC.

    Jannett noted that KH will resolve these issues.

    Clonia thought this problem was solved some time ago.

  4. Elevator 5 & 6 Pit Framing

    Clonia advised that the elevator pit does not require a sump.

  5. Elevator Cores 7 and 8.
    Grease Duct

    Michael showed a sketch prepred by KH on the grease duct at lines 4.6 and 5, per background from meeting on 980929

    The grease duct requires structural support at the mezzannine and at the 2nd floor level.

    Clonia advised the grease duct location was changed in the 25% CD package.

    During the meeting, Michael prepared copies of details from KH drawings for Jon to use in updating SDE's structural design.

    Jon and Michael reviewed the drawings to ensure it has the dimensions SDE needs to conform the structural drawings.

    Clonia noted that vents are missing from KH details.

    Michael reported on understandings from the meeting with A&P yesterday about venting at the roof.

    Clonia asked about louvers.

    Michael and Clonia will meet separately on vents and louver issues.

  6. Elevator Equipment Room

    Jon will submit SDE drawings tomorrow for the elevator equipment room.

    Clonia advised this is not on the critical path of the project schedule.

  7. Sky Folding Partition at Column Line B

    Michael is preparing a design support package for submission to SDE.

    Clonia asked that this information also be submitted to the electrical consultant.

  8. Basement

    Clonia asked about columns in the basement.

    There was discussion about coordinating columns at column line A4 between lines 3 and 4.

    Jon indicated a preference for locating a concrete block wall outside the columns.

Action / Decisions Pending / Follow up

KH will continue present design parameters for resolving mechanical and structural issues.

KH will prepare a detail based on Moscone II drawings, for review by Clonia.

SDE will modify the structural design to support Jannett's solution.

SDE will modify the structural drawings to support the grease duct at the mezzannine and at the 2nd floor level.

KH will submit design support package to SDE and TEE, tomorrow.

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi will rely on these notes as the approved record of matters discussed and conclusions reached during this meeting unless written notice to the contrary is received by Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi within seven calendar days of the issue date of these meeting notes.


  1. GWK, Clonia Cautis
  2. GWK, Steven Hergert
  3. GWK, Bolivar Puyol
  4. The Engineering Enterprise, KC Hogan

Prepared by Ivan Romero Date Issued: 10/19/98

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