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October 20, 1999

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Mr. Morris E. Jones
Business Unit Manager
Cable Network Operation
Intel Corporation
350 East Plumeria; Mail Stop CHP3-105
San Jose, CA 95124

Subject:   Primary Index
Organic Subject Structure

Dear Morris,

I may have an assignment to help a contractor launch a project for a few months. I want to meet this weekend about creating a new Primary Subject Index based on experience the past 10 years or so working with the current PSI. This is a structure for organizing knowledge of the world, where sub-elements, like technology, research, government, companies, projects, etc, fit within the primary structure. It is part of the NSF proposal, and requires focused brain-power to create a simple, yet comprehensive and expansive structure that fits all, or most, situations at the primary level, then is customized at lower levels.

On July 21, 1996 you aksed about organic knowledge structures, and on January 1, 1997 you noticed the challenge of fractionalized subjects. This interest may support spending a few hours this weekend working on the problem of how to organize the world. The NSF proposal contemplates getting a bunch of smart people to work on this. Intel has a lot of smart people who could, with guidance and leadership, help move civilization forward. Limited bandwidth has inhibited progress; however, recent reports on the high cost of mistakes, reduced earnings, and poor management add urgency to using technology to expand human mental capital, i.e., "bandwidth," as Gutenberg did a few centuries ago.

Maybe we can make a start this weekend. Please let me know if you can do this.



Rod Welch