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May 13, 1999

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Mr. James V. Lovo
Team Leader
Construction Management Team, CEMP-EC
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Military Programs
Engineering and Construction Division
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Subject: Communication Metrics and AIS
New Features and Doc Log on the Internet

Dear Jim,

Thanks for feedback in your letter on May 10, covering issues we have been discussing, as shown in my record today. The past few days conversion of email into web pages, which you discuss in your letter, has been improved, along with the doc log system. USACE input was used to formulate the design, which is fairly complex. Hopefully the result users see is simple and direct.

Your comments are appreciated.

Any feedback on the AIS inquiry you mentioned on May 6?

I have not heard from Bob or Jeff about Common Administration to support partnering. Have you heard anything?

Looking for address information on the USACE web site, I noticed analyis of S&A on Nov 20, 1997. It cites a $6M loss of S&A "income," and proposes changes to business processes, to improve management. Under partnering, the government paid $10M - $20M more than was reported owed for the Oakland Harbor project, on Oct 10, 1997. This shows potential for S&A to make significant cost saving, based on Command and Control of the Record, discussed in POIMS. Adding metrics to communication is a powerful way to improve business processes called for in the Nov 20, 1997 report.

Thanks for considering this method.



Rod Welch

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