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November 11, 1998                                                                    03 96060 61 98111101

Mr. Robert Rudeen
Kwan Henmi Architects
Interior Design/Documentation
Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi
600 California Street, Floor 1100
San Francisco, CA  94108

Subject:  Moscone Center Expansion, Phase III
                Meeting Note Distribution

Dear Robert,
Per our discussion this morning, the doc log now has a current list of project documents, which you requested on Oct 30, 1998

We discussed on Nov 6, 1998 making distribution to Gensler of outstanding meeting notes. Ivan has held notes pending your review and determination of procedures. You have reasonably withheld distribution pending meeting with Gensler to develop joint procedures for identification and distribution, with the result that there are about 7 sets of meeting notes that need to be issued to Gensler.

Some possible langauge to consider with respect to the duty of notice is in the record of our discussion on Nov 6. This might be used in some form before or after meeting with Gensler. It seems essential to explain why there has been a delay in submission of meeting notes.

Reasons for delayed distribution are...

  1. Gensler has issued mixed instructions on procedures.

  2. Accelerated schedule, caused by Gensler's failure to provide project management within industry standards, that has reduced time for review to ensure a record that supports the project design, which is complex and so requires careful review.

  3. Change in personnel, elevating Robert Rudeen to supplement KH management presence on project, that requires adjustments in review procedures which have taken time to implement.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Ivan Romero