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March 3, 1999

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Mr. R. Max Wideman
Wideman, R. Max
2216 West 21st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6L 1J5
Subject:   Cognitive Science Supports Management Science

Dear Max,
Thanks for the source on Professor Miller's article in your letter. Miller's work likely contributed to the emergence of Cognitive Science as a powerful tool for understanding human intelligence.
An example, is processing a simple, one sentence letter which yields connections pointing to an inescapable conclusion that Communication Metrics is sound science opening a new path for technology to improve management. The number of things to work on and improve is limitless once the path is found.
The whole thing is so fascinating.

Miller comes up with chunks of human memory in 1955. I started fusing with automated tools in 1985. In 1991 Justice Mosk noticed the benefit of automatic linking cause and effect. This was refined into continuous Knowledge Space; and, in 1996 Landauer's chunks support the concept of knowledge acquistion. More work building an Internet replication method in 1998 to deliver chunks. as business intelligence. Then you show up with Miller who says "Hey, this should work," even though everyone on the planet says it won't. So I am encouraged.
Let me know what you think? Am I overlooking something?

Thanks again.



Rod Welch