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March 20, 2002

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Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Dynamic Alternatives
Subject:   Copy Link Location Feature Added to SDS

Dear Gary,

Just a quick follow up to our call yesterday on March 19. Following your lead in a letter on March 13 showing application of redundant links to anchors in SDS records and Welch publications, this feature was added to SDS for resolving concern in a letter on January 6, 2002 indicating it would be faster and easier to link correspondence.
Here is how it works....

A new SDS feature creates a redundant link identified by two (2) dots above all anchors so that people can copy the address to cite SDS records and other documents, similar to the Purple Numbers feature you developed, based on Eugene Kim's work that implements the original idea in Doug Engelbart's NLS program. You can see two dots above paragraphs in this letter. These are now automatically generated for publishing on the Internet with SDS.
At this time all SDS records do not have 2 dots, however, as correspondence continues, records cited will have these dots, as a result of near term processing, and over time, all will eventually be processed. As well, there will likely be glitches show up in some records that result from adding uniform structure to free form narrative. If you encounter a problem, or if you want a specific record processed, just let me know, since it only takes a second to pop the stuff into the record and a few seconds more to transfer to the Internet.
Perhaps open source people can modify browser technology to capture a link address highlighted by something like onmouseover, so that we do not clutter up the record with redundancies; but, for now we can move forward.
Please let me know if this helps in the effort to grow a culture of knowledge by using your writing skills as discussed on December 10, 2001 to relate real world experience on the job to the theory and practice of management set out in...

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Rod Welch