Mountain Computer Engineering
850 Battery Street
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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 16:06:19 -0800

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111 2496

Subject:   Welch PC11 Upgrade on March 10, 2000
MCE Invoice #03804
Action Item Review

Dear Rod,

[This responds to your letter on March 10, 2000, and confirms our discussion today where we reviwed the following issues, keyed to Action Items from the record of MCE work performed on March 10, 2000...]

  1. Our warranty is one year parts and labor. This does not include your software, just our work. After the one year Mountain warranty. the parts are under the manufacturers warranty. When our warranty has run its course you contact the Manufacturer directly.

  2. [This action item pertains to explanation of prior problems with Welch's computer #11, and consequent requirement for changing the motherboard and installing Windows 2000 recommended by MCE. In the call today, Rod indicated that no MCE action is required.]

  3. BIOS updates are generally not required. They are also best left to a certified technician as a failed BIOS upgrade will leave your computer severely broken.

  4. OEM NT2000 w/ hardware purchase is $245, stand alone Full version is $394. Please let us know if you want an upgrade.

  5. Virus software: This link indicates that the NT2000 version is not yet available. You might call them and see if the website has not yet been updated with the latest info. 800-497-6180,1257,2-1-1,00.html

  6. Sony CDR software [Spressa and ABCD] needs upgrade. try for an NT2000 version of your software. There site does not yet indicate support for NT2000. You can try using the NT4 software. It might work.

  7. Search error is an issue with your Office 2000. Perform a clean reinstall. Insure that you are not installing an older beta copy of office 2000.

  8. Scanner HP Scanjet IIC:

    Omnipage, needs upgrade from the Win95 software you have.

    Here is a link to download a trial version (v10) of the NT version (it is 61 MB) to see if it works for you. It does not look to be a free upgrade. You can also call them if the download is a bit much.

  9. Try this file attached [for your Lexmark 4039 10R printer].

    Lexmark 4039 NT2000 driver.

[In addition to Action Items in your letter on March 10, you asked about the following new support matters...]

  1. [System Maintenance batch file.

    You want to run Windows 2000 maintenance operations for backup and defragmenting disk partitions in a batch file type operation, so you can configure the tasks, and then run them at will, typically on a daily basis. Additionally, you would like to shut the system down after these operations run, based on MCE recommendation not to use suspend mode on the Intel motherboard. Daily backup requires specifying files and options for an "interim" backup job. It also requires specifying a different filename each day.

    Defragmenting requires specifying the 5 drives (c - i).]

    MCE Recommends

    Do not use MMC. Try scheduler.

  2. [Character size for Windows 2000 applications e.g., Explorer listing of files is too small. How can the characters be increased in size?

    MCE Recommends

    Some control can be exercised by using the option for Scheme, which is just above Desktop on the Appearance menu. Set Scheme to Windows Classic or Windows Standard. Each of these have a "large" and "Extra Large" option which increase the size of text displayed in Windows 2000 dialog boxes and other listings. Another method is to change the monitor setting from 1024 x 768 to a lower resolution.]


Mountain Computer Engineering
Technical Department

JT Neville
Director of Engineering


  1. HP Driver Windows 2000 Driver for
    Lexmark 4039 10R Printer

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  1. Bradley J. Schwab",

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