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March 18, 2003

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Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Modeling and Simulation
3370 Mira Loma Avenue
PO Box 3105
Anaheim, CA 92803
Subject:   SDS Program and Records Updated

Dear Gary,

An update is on the Internet with a few corrections and minor improvements, as shown in my record today. Please remove these files from the website after installation.
This update fixes the problem you reported getting an error message when linking to another user's records.
I looked at the issue in your letter today on fixing missing record, and may have found the guidance you have in mind. Please call if you need more on this.
Hopefully, you will get procedures ironed out soon so your work and home operations are in sync, as discussed on March 16.
As we discussed, if you have a list of folks you are regularly interacting with, I can get them into your contact records to avoid delay in capturing the record of daily communications. Send me the list and your current SDS records including contacts (on h: sd 09), and I create contact records and send them back.

Keep those calls coming and emails coming. We have a good collaboration now.

Rod Welch