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September 21, 1999

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Mr. David S. Vannier
IA-64 Product Planning
Intel Corporation
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Subject:   Com Metrics, NSF Proposal

Dear Dave,

Just following up ideas to discuss Com Metrics and Intel support for the Welch proposal to NSF. The U.S Navy recently reported the need for technology to provide knowledge, rather than information and data. Business is engulfed by this need, yet it is difficult to explain, because intelligence that connects cause and effect to convert information into knowledge, is a complex process. The NSF proposal and the report by the US Army Corps of Engineers, provide crediblity for using technology to support leadership, without a lot of explanation.

Experience with Com Metrics on the Internet helps explain benefits, as discussed with Landauer. Continual exposure through daily work over weeks and months, shows self-evident benefits. Contracts provide legal compunction that encourages contractors to accept help long enough to improve the work. Internal management benefits even more, as Morris and I have discussed, provided there is strong leadership suggested by Grove, which, unfortunately, is not easy.

Can we meet to discuss your ideas?



Rod Welch

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  1. Morris Jones