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September 6, 1999

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Mr. David S. Vannier
Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Blvd, Mail Stop SC9-59
Santa Clara, CA 95052 8119

Subject: NSF Proposal #9961176
Communication Metrics

Dear Dave,

Welcome back. Hope your sabbatical was fun and productive for you and your family, and that your new assignment offers exciting new challenges.

Your letter on April 22, seemed to align Communication Metrics on the Internet with Intel's goals to improve management, and you asked...

Where to take it from here?

You, also, asked if Morris can support this effort at Intel?

On June 16 I submitted a proposal for a research grant to the National Science Foundation (NSF). The need for research support arises from ineffective marketing on my part, and the counterintuitive character of the innovation which makes it at once powerful, as we discussed on September 27, 1995, but, also, unappealing to mainstream markets, which you pointed out on May 7, 1996. The proposal to NSF relies in part on Clay Christensen's explanation of Disruptive Technologies reviewed on May 27, 1999. Since Christensen's ideas about growing new markets are understood by some at Intel, there may be interest in supporting the NSF research for the reasons you cited on June 3, 1997. NSF requires in phase II developing commercial partners. I would like to get your views, as a marketing expert, on how to pursue this goal at Intel.

On July 13, Morris submitted the proposal for review by two colleagues, who found the ideas funny and alien. This may reflect lack of content in the NSF proposal, or lack of experience with the ideas by the reviewers. A recent article in Fortune indicates Communication Metrics provides the kind of support CEOs and other executives need, though many are unwilling to accept it. Morris recognized the dichotmy between value and conventional practice on November 23, 1991, as the core marketing challenge. Turning value into orders, requires the kind of research called out by Christensen, and cited in the proposal to NSF. If a solution can be found, the market is virtually limitless for improving management and earnings.

Since you have experience with Communication Metrics on the Internet, it would be worthwhile to get your views. I would like to meet, if your schedule permits, to hear your ideas on obtaining support at Intel for the NSF proposal.

Morris indicated in a discussion this evening, that he plans to call you in the near term on this and other matters. By copy, this letter provides talking points for that call.

Again, welcome back!!!



Rod Welch

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  1. Morris Jones