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July 16, 1999

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Mark Haselkorn
University of Washington

Subject:   NSF Proposal 9961176, Communication Metrics
Reviewers on Virtual Office, Information Overload Issues

Dear Mark,

I have submitted a proposal to NSF for researching tools and methods aimed at accomplishing the virtual office goal discussed in your article published last year by Today's Engineer. A principle strategy is using technology to support a new work role for intelligence to help solve information overload, as explained in Part 2 of the proposal. A friend at Intel has helped me the past 15 years or so develop the technology, but he is frustrated trying to get colleagues to believe in the potential of this solution.

Part of the difficulty is that the proposed solution is multi-discipline. Based on your work in communication, and with the NSF, the proposal may interest you. Your comments on the significance of the innovation, and how to help people grasp this potential would be helpful.



Rod Welch