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September 21, 2000

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Eric Armstrong

Subject:   Oughta be a Law....
Usability Learning Curve

Dear Eric,

Good analysis of a complex subject in your letter today on the trade-offs between utility and learning curve, or stated another way, on productivity and ease of use.

The past several months, I've had the beast on the rack for annual tinkering, and so have been out of the loop on everything else. Sorry there has not been time for feedback on your August 11 letter objecting to (...ought to be a law against) Knowledge Space. SDS strives to place information in the context of original sources and consequences, i.e., cause and effect. Experience over the years indicates integrating time and information provides useful "intelligence" for performing timely, effective work (an example came up yesterday). However, I respect the preference for traditional methods, and do not intend that SDS is the best solution for everyone or every situation.

Over the past months, action items have been accumulating on the DKR project. Based on your August 24 report that the Welch system has gained some attention, even though the meetings at SRI have concluded, it might be helpful to get some of the team together for a review of pending issues, in order to maintain progress, and to see the correlation between planning and reporting that aids KM. The results could be posted for wider distribution to keep the extended team involved.

I realize Doug would have to approve any such effort, but just wondering if you would support an action item review meeting to move KM ahead?




Rod Welch