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September 21, 1998                                                                   04 00065 61 98092101

Mr. Mohan Singh, P.E.
Deputy Chief
Office of the Chief, CEMP-E
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Military Programs
Engineering and Construction Division
20 Massachusettes Avenue, N.W.; Room 2229, Pulaski
Washington, DC  20314-1000

Subject:  Communication Metrics
                 Preparing for the 21st Century

Ref:   a. Telecon Mohan/Rod Sep 21, 1998
          b. CESPN Report on Cost Savings, Oct 7, 1997
          c. CESPN Report on Communication Metrics, Mar 3, 1997

Dear Mohan,
Per our discussion this morning, ref a, here is the report issued by the San Francisco District (CESPN) on Communication Metrics dated March 28, 1997.

On Oct 8, 1997 CESPN issued a follow up report showing cost savings.

The basic idea is that adding a proactive role to organize, analyse, align and summarize information reduces mistakes. Putting intelligence on the Internet makes it fast and easy to use. Meetings are a primary application.



Rod Welch

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  1. Tom Keesling, CESPN-CO
  2. Max Blodgett, CESPN-CO
  3. Leonard SooHoo, CESPN-CO