Gensler, Michael Willis, Kwan Henmi
Moscone Center Expansion Phase III
600 California Street
San Francisco, California 94108
415 433 3700

November 13, 1998                                                                     03 96060 61 98111303

Prepared by:  Robert Rudeen

Subject:  Moscone Center Expansion Project - Phase III
                Project Number:  96060
                Project Work Summary - Entered on 981106

Work Completed This Week

  1. 50% CD Printing update

    Clonia returned Tuesday. She reviewed the plans and has instructed that corrections be done prior to the drawings being printed and distributed. This is taking away our time for doing other tasks.

  2. Jury Duty

    I am on Jury Duty again this week. Wednesday was Veteran's Day (no Jury Duty) so, I was at Gensler all day.

  3. Meeting Notes

    I went over the Telecommunications meeting notes with Clonia on Wednesday, to check content and format. She did not want to review them because they were too wordy. It appears that Steve, from Michael Willis' office will be doing the meeting notes (I'm not sure) because she likes the way he is doing his notes. They are very brief. I will continue to do meeting notes. If she does not like them and or does not want to distribute them, so be it.

  4. Structural Coordination Meeting held on 981111

  5. Mechanical Coordination Meeting held on 981112

  6. Stair Sections

    Lawence was interrupted for most of the week to make small changes for Clonia.

  7. Movable Wall Package (operable partitions)

    Phillip was interrupted for most of the week, to make changes requested by Clonia. Specifically, changes to the Fire Separation Plans and Sections at the elevator 7 & 8 Core.

  8. Floor Plan Updates

    Bolivar has been assigned to do the dimensions for the floor plans. They are to be complete before we are 50% complete. Bolivar was interrupted this week to make floor plan changes for Clonia.

  9. Elevator Machine Rooms

    Put onto the Plans.

  10. Escalator Sections

    Michael worked on dimensions and sections. The dimensions changed because Clonia said to put the escalator in per the DD set. Peter, the designer wanted them changed. The Plans were changed again.

  11. Enlarged Ceiling Plan Detail

    Per Clonia's request.

  12. Wall Types

    No progress on assignment from previous week.

  13. Interior Elevations

    KH is on hold and cannot perform interior elevations because Gensler is making changes to the design.

Work to be completed next week:

  1. Office: none.
  2. Staff Meeting to make weekly assignments.
  3. Meeting with Structural (Wednesday 3:00)
  4. Meeting with Mechanical (Thursday 3:00)
  5. Finish Schedule
  6. Redlines (backcheck and coordination)
    Fire damper access and structural damper access.
  7. Dimension the Plans (partial progress from previous week)
  8. Wall Types
    Clean-up wall types. (no progress from previous week)
  9. Fire Separations on the Plans
    Study line widths for the plans. (no progress from previous week)
  10. Opening Schedule (no progress from previous week)
  11. Opening Details (no progress from previous week)
  12. Exterior Skin interface with Interior
    Update exterior wall sections and draft new details.
  13. Exterior Bid Package
    Review current printing to coordinate interior and exterior interface.
  14. Escalator Sections
  15. Basement Ramp Section
  16. Elevator Shaft Sections
  17. Operable Partition bid package
  18. Duct Clearance Section
    Section needed to check beam clearance at Prefunction Room Ceiling (near elevators 7&8, grids F/4.3)
  19. Interior Elevations
    Continue to be on HOLD because Gensler's designer is making changes. I have heard rumors that his study is complete but I have not seen the drawings.











  1. Robert R is on Jury Duty this week.