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Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi

Project Moscone Center Expansion- Phase III Project Number 01.6250.000
Meeting Location JV Team Project Office Meeting Date October 21, 1998
Subject Telecom Coordination Meeting Number

KH 981021-1


JV Team/GA
JV Team/KH
Clonia Cautis (CC)
Robert Rudeen (RR)
Mark Latz (ML)


Teecom showed drawings of layout for Telecom rooms. Robert, Mark and Clonia developed initial solutions to problems in conduit routing. Clonia clarified scope between Teecom bid package and KH design for prime contract on plywood backing for attaching conduits to walls, and structural support for conduit cable trays.

  1. Telecomunications Design/Build Bid Package

    Mark advised of a recent meeting between Clonia, TEE and Teecom, and City of San Francisco officials.

    Mark said that Teecom is preparing a telecommunications scope for a design/build bid package to be let separately from the prime building contract.

    Telecommunications bid package will include...

    1. Life Safety Systems
    2. Building Automation
    3. Door hardware
    4. Elevator Systems
    5. Temperature Controls
    6. Lighting Controls
    7. Security Systems

    Mark advised that the prime building contract will include construction of conduit. The Telecom bid package will include pulling the wire in the conduit.

    Mark advised that the cable is fiber optic.

    The sweeps require 4' so a double sweep requires 8' for the curvature of the conduit.

  2. Finish Schedule for Telecom Rooms
    Plywood Backing for Conduit, with Internescent Paint

    Mark says Teecom's spec calls for connecting conduit to 3/4" plywood.

    Robert says KH can design a wall for attaching the plywood.

    Teecom will specify that utility and fixture "boxes" must be flush with the surface of the plywood.

    Clonia said the plywood for conduit runs will be part of the prime building contract, designed by KH.

    1. Prime Contract Bid Package Shall Specify...

      3/4" plywood is to be provided on all the walls for the telecommunication rooms. By General Contractor

    2. Finish shall be Internescent paint.

  3. KH to coordinate door hardware with Teecom telecom scope

  4. Structural Support Telecommunication Cable Trays

    Robert says that because the ceilings are high, Teecom should include in its bid package for the Telecom system, miscellaneous metal structural support for conduit cable trays.

    Mark says the Teecom Telecommunications conduit requires cable trays on all floors.

    Mark says structural support needed for 14' ceilings.

    Clonia says KH will provide structural support for conduit cable trays. KH should provide structural support for Telecom conduit cable trays only for ceilings over 14' high.

    Clonia instructed that an express note be provided on the plans for the contractor to provide structural support for telecommunications conduits.

    Robert asked for loading requirements of conduit cable trays?

    1. Mark says Teecom will submit cable tray layout and loading requirements to KH.

    2. Teecom specifications are to call out structural support for Telecommunications conduit.

    Mark indicates that KH should provide structural support for all ceiling areas in Telecom rooms in basement, 2nd and 3rd floors for the East quantrants.

    Robert suggested support requirements for cable trays to be a pair of angles at 48" OC (to be confirmed.)

    Mark noted that Pacific Bell's floor loading requirement for the main telephone room in the basement for this application is 150#/SF.

    Clonia said that the floor is designed to support 250#/SF.

    Robert asked if any vertical conduit runs require bollard protection?

  5. Quadrant 2 Telecom Rooms Conduit Routing

    Decided to run the conduit exposed on the wall at line E.5 near line 1.

    1. The conduit can go through the mezzanine, swing to the exterior wall at grid 1 near E.5, into the electrical room.

    2. It will be routed into the telecom room next to the electrical room.

    3. Conduit to continue up the exterior wall at grid 1, penetrate the ceiling at floor 1 and swing the conduit onto grid line 1.

    Mark says this route will work.

  6. Quadrant 4 Telecom Rooms Conduit Routing

    The proposed route runs over the North wall of the Telecom room at grid 4.6 near E.6, under structure to the South wall of Elevator 7.

    Conduit continues up the S. wall of Elevator 7 wall to Telecom rooms above.

    Robert investigates mechanical and architectural drawings and does not notice any conflicts.

  7. Quadrant 1 Telecom Rooms Conduit Routing

    Mark says the conduit will run from the South wall of the Telecom room in the basement near B 1 over to the wall on A6 between grids 1.5 and 2, through the security office and into the telecom rooms above.

    Mark said there are no problems with Elec.

    Robert checks mechanical drawings for conflicts.

    None are identified.

  8. Quadrant 3 Telecom Rooms Conduit Routing

    Robert clarified that the Telecom rooms on 2nd and 3rd floors are moved from 4.3 to 4.6.

    Robert and Mark developed the following route...

    1. Conduit to route up the South wall of the basement Telecom room at grid 4.3 near A.5

    2. Through the wall chase behind the urinal at 1st floor through the mechanical room at mezzannine

    3. Swing over South of grid 4.3.

    4. Telecom room moved Sough of grid 4.3 with new door location at South West corner.

    5. Conduit routes to the South wall of the new location, and up to level 3.

Action / Decisions Pending / Follow up

KH will submit backgrounds to Teecom.

Teecom's bid package should include a note on the plans for outlet boxes to be flush with face of the plywood, as well as called out in the specifications.

Teecom will contact KH to meet on door hardware OA Nov 30, 1998.

KH to coordinate with mechanical.

KH coordinate new door location at South West corner Telecom room.

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi will rely on these notes as the approved record of matters discussed and conclusions reached during this meeting unless written notice to the contrary is received by Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi within seven calendar days of the issue date of these meeting notes.


  1. JV Team/GA, Clonia Cautis
  2. JV Team/MW, Steven Hergert
  3. JV Team/KH, Ivan Romero
  4. JV Team/KH, Bolivar Puyol
  5. Teecom, Mark Latz

Prepared by Robert Rudeen Date Issued: 10/27/98

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