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Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi

Project Moscone Center Expansion- Phase III Project Number 01.6250.000
Meeting Location JV Team Project Office Meeting Date October 21, 1998
Subject Mechanical Coordination Meeting Number

KH 981021-2


JV Team/GA
JV Team/KH
JV Team/KH
JV Team/KH
JV Team/KH
JV Team/KH
Clonia Cautis (CA) - (partial attendance)
Robert Rudeen (RR)
Ivan Romero (IR) - (partial attendance)
Michael Foegelle (MF)- (partial attendance)
Janet MacKinnon (JM)- (partial attendance)
Philip Buscemi (PB)- (partial attendance)
Allen Arbabaraghi (AA)
Amit Wadhwa (AW)
John Byrne (JB)

  1. 2nd Floor Mezzanine Grids F/2 Layouts Restroom Piping, Elevator 5, 6, Janitor Closet, Machine Room

    Janet asked about changing the plumbing to accommodate space for a Janitor closet that was formerly used for plumbing vents, above and north of elevator 5, at the entry to the elevator equipment room.

    Janet has confirmed with the elevator consultant that the elevator shaft can be vented high on the wall at the ceiling rather than in the ceiling.

    The vent is located above the new janitor closet.

    The elevator consultant has layed out the elevator machine room.

    Robert notes that 3' - 4' working clearance is needed around the elevator equipment.

  2. Fire Damper Access Ducts at E.5/E.7 South of grid 2, Level 2 Mez

    KH proposed design provides a catwalk access to the fire dampers.

    Janet proposes putting a ladder in the Operable Wall enclosure.

    Catwalk is at 27'4" above floor.

    Need head clearance under ducts -- 6'8" +

    No access is possible through the elevator equipment room.

    Allen says ducts clear the beams.

    Clonia says acoustical door is needed if access from moveable partition storage enclosure.

    Running the duct down to the ceiling of the toilet rooms, then back up the roof deck, was discussed.

    This was not acceptable because of acoustic and cost.

    Clonia says okay.

    Janet submitted to A&P a copy of the KH drawing showing the catwalk and access to the fire damper.

    Following the meeting it was decided to locate the catwalk access from the mechanical penthouse above.

  3. Ivan advised of having submitted a design package to A&P on elevator 7 and 8.

    KH is revising sketch that was included in the design package.

  4. Gas Meter Room Studied to Resolve Location/Space Issues

    Allen advised that A&P is meeting at 1330 tomorrow with the City and the Utility consultant.

    Allen indicated that the catwalk design scheme for the gas meter room may not work.

    Clonia noted there is no place for a louver in the side wall -- ducts must terminate in the soffit above.

    This requires...

    1. 95' of exhaust duct.

    2. 75' of supply duct.

    Allen noted that the duct length is too long.

    Clonia proposes moving the room to the ground floor.

  5. Kitchen Grease Duct, Fire Rated Blanket Wrap, Cost Reduction

    Allen suggests avoiding blanket wrap on vertical ducts per discussion on cost reduction at meeting on 981014.

    Allen indicates a single layer wrap costs $5.50/SF for material, so a double wrap costs $11.00/SF for the material.

    Installed price is estimates to cost $19.00/SF.

    Ivan asks if it is not necessary to extend the 2 hour shaft because the ducts will be wrapped?

    Michael discusses using duct wrap on long runs.

    There is not enough clearance for the duct wrap.

    Considered using blanket wrap for horizontal and vertical ducts because there is not enough clearance to build a gyp board rated shaft wall.

    Allen notes that 4 grease ducts need wrap.

    It was decided to use the grease duct wrap vertically due to area constraints.

    Clonia discusses writing a specification. It is a grey area whether to specify duct wrap in the mechanical section, or create its own section.

  6. Coordinate Telecom Conduits

    Robert asks about coordination between Telecom 4" conduits in the 1st Floor Mechanical Mezzanine at line A.5/4.3, following up meeting with Teecom at 0830 this morning.

    Allen reviewed mechanical drawings for conflicts.

    Amit says A&P needs a drawing that shows the conduit runs, so that ductwork can be layed out to avoid the conduit.

  7. Elevator Machine Rooms HVAC Equipment

    Allen submits a catalog cut of an air handler, that is reviewed during the meeting for access...

    1. Needs to hang outside the elevator machine room.

    2. There will be a supply duct and a return air duct.

    3. 36" wide access needed on 2 sides.

    4. Electrical access panel.

    5. Compressor requires access.

    6. Filter requires access that can be from either side.

  8. Notes on Meetings with Fire Dep and Building Dep

    John requested Clonia's notes on meetings with the City building department and Fire Department, last month.

    Clonia gave John notes of meeting with Fire Department.

  9. KH Preparing Backgrounds for Consultants

    A&P will receive backgrounds on 981026.

    A&P will not have adequate time to incorporate all of the changes for the 981030 printing.

    Amit asks for reflected ceiling showing substructure of Exhibit area.

    Amit explained the need to take the time required for careful professional work that is well coordinated.

    Robert explained that close coordination is needed between KH and A&P.

  10. Status of Issues from Mech Meeting on 981014

    1- Pre Function

    Allen asked for a copy of 2 slot louver, following up discussion at the meeting on 9081014.

    Clonia gave Allen a copy of the louver information during the meeting today.

    2- Mechanical Shaft in Basement Level

    Allen asks if a shaft should stop at the ceiling at line C5? per discussion on 981014.

    KH is reviewing this matter and impact on design of stair.

    4- Restroom Layout, Coordination with Plumbing, HVAC

    Clonia requested concrete curb around restrooms, as discussed at the meeting on 981014.

    Robert advised that there is a terrazzo base.

    Clonia said she still wants the concrete curbs.

Action / Decisions Pending / Follow up

A&P will revise the mechanical design to relocate piping so that it misses the elevator vent.

Amit will prepare a section to see if elevating the catwalk is feasible, and will notify KH later today.

Janet to confirm penthouse plan location for catwalk access to fire damper.

Clonia will discuss gas meter room location with Utility consultant on 981022.

A&P will submit a spec on the duct wrap blanket system.

KH will submit a sketch on the telecom conduit.

KH to provide plans for elevator equipment rooms.

A&P requested notes from meeting with Building Department.

KH will submit reflected ceiling plans showing substructure of Exhibit area.

SDE will show curbs on structural plans.

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi will rely on these notes as the approved record of matters discussed and conclusions reached during this meeting unless written notice to the contrary is received by Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi within seven calendar days of the issue date of these meeting notes.


  1. JV Team, GA, Clonia Cautis
  2. JV Team, MW, Steven Hergert
  3. JV Team, Robert Rudeen
  4. JV Team, Ivan Romero
  5. A&P, Allen Arbabaraghi
  6. A&P, Amit Wadhwa
  7. A&P, John Byrne

Prepared by Robert Rudeen Date Issued: 11/04/98

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