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October 25, 1999

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Mr. Morris E. Jones
Business Unit Manager
Cable Network Operation
Intel Corporation
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San Jose, CA 95124

Subject:   Leadership Broader Vision
Buckle Down and Study to Understand

Dear Morris,

Thanks for your letter today saying it is time to state a solution that people can understand, to the problem of meaning drift developed in the letter on October 23, and earlier in the paper on medical mistakes issued September 24. Your idea is reviewed in the record for today.

I modified the paper on medical mistakes to explain intelligence using terms that are common in management. I used remembering to symbolize the benefit, based on your letter of July 12. However, no amount of explanation enables people to understand the process and impact of Communication Metrics, until they gain experience interacting with it. Do you feel the changes today, perhaps with further suggestions from you, and supported by strong leadership, can help people gain experience that teaches the value of adding intelligence to management?

On October 23 we discussed leadership for introducing Communication Metrics.

Understanding is a first duty of leadership.

You have not addressed Grove's call for senior people to "study," and learn new skills, and General Hatch having read the NWO... paper three times because he recognized important issues that require study. Understanding the solution to meaning drift, which is a counter-intuitive, hidden problem, due to information overload, requires careful re-reads to study the paper on medical mistakes. Complexity, i.e., chaos, in communication under information overload is complicated, particularly since the human mind is wired to suppress it in the conscious span of attention. No amount of exposition makes the solution easy. Only continual study and experience yield understanding. So we have to start with study,

Were you able to find the quotes by Grove on using analysis for avoiding ambiguity of mental maps, cited in the letter on October 23, which you requested in our discussion the evening of the 23rd?

Have you reviewed analysis of Gutenberg from of our discussion on October 23? This provides context to understand the depth of the SDS solution, which you request today, based on work from October 10.



Rod Welch