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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 13:55:16                         03 00050 61 98112301

Mr. Morris E. Jones
Director of Architecture
Intel Corporation
350 East Plumeria; Mail Stop CHP02-1
San Jose, CA  95124

Subject:  Communication Metrics pretty neat, pretty cool???


  1. Morris' letter Nov 23, 1998
  2. Rod's letter Nov 21, 1998

Dear Morris,

Cool and neat -- have you ever heard me use these terms?

I think about lifting the capacity to think, remember and communicate; adding intelligence to management; expanding limited span of attention; automated integration of time, information, people and documents, controlling the record; improving management and earnings; knowledge space; the power of the microcosm from controlling lower levels of organic structure, linking summary to detail chronology, causation, indeed a lot of stuff.

But, I have never thought of "cool" and "neat."

On Tom White's memo, I added an explanation in para 4 on "why" and "how" delivering intelligence on the Internet is "neat," and he approved that. You can reach Tom at 415 331 0404; you can also reach Tom Keesling, who is pushing this effort in the SF District USACE, at 415 977 8473 (TK does not use "neat" and "cool" either).

I did not make any edits to Brad's letter at Mountain Computer Engineering, who came up with the phrase...

Pretty cool way to do things.

The big issue is can people see self-evident benefits emobdied by "neat" and "cool" when they interact with the system, so that we don't need long explanations that put people to sleep? Can we pass this thing around to see if others feel that Communication Metrics to deliver intelligence on the Internet is a better way to do things?

Initially, I sent you a plain old email. Then sent it using Communication Metrics linked to the record, beginning with today Does connecting time with information seem more useful; more powerful, more intelligent; you know, cool, neat?



Rod Welch