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San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

September 4, 1997                                                                    03 00050 97090402

Mr. Denis Henmi
Kwan Henmi
Architecture, Planning, Inc.
74 New Montgomery Street #300
San Francisco, CA  94105

Subject:  Communication Metrics


  1. Design Support, SDS record Aug 30, 1997
  2. Telecon USACE HQ, Aug 28, 1997, re Partnering
  3. Telecon Turner Const, Jun 20, 1997
  4. Welch letter to KH May 9, 1997
  5. Meeting Denis/Rod Sep 11, 1996
  6. Meeting Denis/Rod May 6, 1996

Dear Denis,

The attached record, ref a, shows a recommendation by Tom Keesling at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to use Communication Metrics for design support. You can reach Tom at 415 977 8701.

This seems to support your original budget to use Communication Metrics for the design phase on your SFIA work, due to increased complexity of the project environment, which we reviewed on 951104. I have included analysis differentiating this method of intelligence from traditional "documentation," which was a perceptual hurdle on Apr 24, 1996, when you initially approached SFIA on this matter.

On Jun 20, 1997, Turner reported continuing communication difficulties with SFIA's new management team, ref c.

This supports your judgement on Mar 13, 1996 that the SFIA building program might be helped by Communication Metrics to deal with a complex business environment. Merely changing people while continuing conventional work practices of endless meetings, calls, email, Internet, and so on, simply compounds problems of confusion.

In our meeting on Sep 11, 1996, you felt the new team at SFIA needed time to get settled before hearing about Communication Metrics.

Possibly the record over the past few years has now reached a critical mass so that SFIA management is ready for the meeting on Communication Metrics you proposed when we met on May 6, 1996, ref f. Recent bankruptcy filings by Morrison Knudson, Dutra Dredging and now Guy F. Atkinson, point to the urgency of addressing the reality of a growing risk from a changed business environment. Now, the media is reporting that "communication" is the primary cause of poor management and offers the best opportunity to improve earnings. Communication Metrics can succeed. Let me know if you would like to pursue this opportunity.

A second record covers discussion with Jim Jones, Deputy Chief of Operations for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Washington, D.C. on wider use of Communication Metrics. Jim asks about support for partnering which you indicated KH is trying on a current project. Your experience with UC may indicate a role for Communication Metrics on partnering efforts.



Rod Welch