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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 08:47:42 -0700

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Mr. Wayne Wetzel
Planning and Environmental Coordinator
Bureau of Land Management
Vale District
100 Oregon St.
Vale, OR 97918
Subject:   Config Disk Partition to Setup SDS

Dear Wayne,

Responding to your letter this morning, I will call Thursday evening OA 1900 our time which will be 2000 your time, if that is okay. By then you may have received the additional disks Gary is mailing today, and if not we will try the 2-disk solution Gary suggests, reported yesterday on April 19.


Rod Welch
Post Script

What is your take on the issue presented by Sean O'Keefe, Chief of NASA, reported last year on August 26th, explaining difficulty folks have getting geared up to improve the work for meeting requirements to save lives, time and money.
A similar issue seemed to come up yesterday at the hospital.

The three of us (3) have likewise struggled mightily on the SDS config project. In each situation very small obstacles prevent progress at every level along the scale from $50, to $5K, to $5B problems, adding support to the theory of POIMS that points to need for an SDS-type "intelligence" solution for command and control of the work.
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