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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:28:31 -0700

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Mr. Greg Oxton
Executive Director
Executive Office
Constorium for Service Innovation
751 Laurel Street, PMB 533
San Carlos, CA 94070-3113
Subject:   Service Innovation for Com Metrics

Dear Greg,

Just a quick follow up on your letter received October 14.
The name of your organization fits the model for innovation to provide "intelligence" support services through a system of Communication Metrics reported in a government study on March 28, 1997.
These days, people fairly readily recognize the need for intelligence support when planes bump into buildings, as occurred on September 11, 2001.
People, also, recognize the need for better productivity to lift earnings and stock prices, and there is growing awareness that information overload reduces productivity. However, an innovation loop prevents using "intelligence" services to add alignment that makes information useful. The tools people use to solve problems by holding meetings, making calls or sending an email sow the seeds of error, loss, conflict, crisis and calamity due to meaning drift that is compounded by information overload, as explained in POIMS.
This dilemma needs a service innovation to complement the role of accountants for adding alignment to daily finances. A service adding alignment to daily communication improves productivity more than the accepted role of accounting, because communication is a predicate to action that prevents mistakes and discovers opportunity that improve the bottom line.
Communication Metrics services to strengthen intelligence in government and industry might therefore fit CSI's work promoting innovation in services. Looking through your website for "Betty" I gathered that you are doing a lot to improve call centers for technical support, reflected by sponsorship from Oracle, Microsoft, HP, and others. Does the opportunity for adding "intelligence" services for management, engineering, education and so on fit the model of innovation you are advancing?


Rod Welch