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April 8, 2002

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Mr. Mark Clare
Knowledge Architect
Kanisa, Inc.
19925 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
Subject:   SDS Enables New Way of Thinking and Working
Calculating the Price People Pay for Relying on Common Sense
Distinguishes Benefits of KM from Costs of IT

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your letter this morning proposing telecon the first week in May. I called today but did not leave another voice message because it would have contributed to the problem we want to solve that prevented communication last week. Perhaps a meeting in May would be useful.
The record on December 19, 2000 explains steps for using SDS, responding to a question in your letter on March 22.

Constructs of Com Metrics are summarized in the record on March 22, and further explained in POIMS and NWO.
Additionally, your education (shown from researching your book) in computer science, cognitive science and philosophy, together together with experience in management, is helpful for understanding the advance from information to a culture of knowledge, enabled by SDS.

In particular, research in cognitive science indicates that people pay a price for relying on common sense rather than using good management practice called out by ISO criteria. The focus of our discussion is how to calculate the price people pay for not working intelligently to expand span of attention so that work is aligned with objectives, requirements and commitments. Arresting this growing failure far exceeds income potential


Rod Welch

Post Script

I grew up on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino. Our home was between Stelling and Monte Vista, across from what is now DeAnsia Jr. College. There used to be a strawberry patch where Apple Computer is now located. Just wondered where Kanisa is in relation to these familiar land marks?