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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 11:55:43 -0800

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Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Dynamic Alternatives
Subject:   SDS Development
Collaborating with Morris based on C Version of SDS

Dear Gary,

Thanks for your call this morning, following up my letter on December 12, 2001 proposing steps to move SDS ahead and meet your need for this capability, which you related today.
Today, we discussed focusing on three (3) tasks for period ahead....

  1. Communicate on KM by linking to provisions in POIMS and citing experience using SDS, so there is a foundation of understanding on what is needed.

  2. Use SDS for daily work at Boeing.
  3. Develop next generation SDS for personal use and wider market.

On points 2 and 3, I offered to give you ownership participation in SDS to protect IP rights and to secure performance of work.

In our call today, I suggested you contact Morris Jones, who has helped develop the current version of SDS. A possible interim step that would fit your interest in SDS, and provide movement toward product development, would be to work with the C version of Medit that Morris created for Windows, but which lacks all of the commands needed to run SDS.
By copy I am letting Morris know that you will contact him by email to explore these ideas.

Morris has developed ways to use Microsoft programs to manage his work at Intel, which sounds similar to your situation at Boeing; so, he may have suggestions that can immediately help organize your software engineering project in the near-term.
By copy, I am letting Jack Park know about our discussion, and that you may contact him about Nexist, as suggested in my letter on December 12, 2001.
Thanks again for your call. Look forward to hearing results of this initiative.

Happy holidays.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Jones, Morris E.,
  2. Park, Jack,