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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 22:38:58 -0700

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Unfinished Revolution
OHS DKR Project
SRI International
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Subject:   Fear Accountability Slippery Slope to
Accountability, Knowledge, Intelligence and Credit

Dear Jack,

Fear of accountability that avoids being "pinned down," cited in your letter today, collides later with complaints that people did not "listen," that people did not understand and so failed to follow up and get things done, causing earnings and stock prices to fall. It is another Knowledge Management dilemma that worried our friends at NSF in 1999.
If we don't pin folks down, then there is no organizational memory, there is no DKR, there is no intelligence for aligning the work with objectives, requirements and commitments, and so the binary force of accountability, "credit" for saving time and money, cannot be achieved.
Everyone wants everybody else to "listen," to understand to get things done, they want higher earnings, they want stock prices to go up, they want credit, but aver accountability, aver intelligence, and aver knowledge, as Prometheus discovered long ago. It's a dilemma. People love to know what others did and said, but don't want to be pinned down on what they say and do.
It is a big challenge for transitioning from IT to a culture of knowledge.



Rod Welch