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May 1, 2000

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Mr. Cliff Joslyn
Computer Research Group (CIC-3)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Distributed Knowledge Research Team; MS B265
Los Alamos, NM 87545

Subject:   Communication Metrics
Alliance on Development
Planning Meeting on SDS with LANL Week of May 21, 2000

Dear Cliff,

Responding to your letter on April 26, suggesting a meeting in the Bay Area during the week of May 21, let's plan to meet early in the week, say on Monday or Tuesday. Since May 21 is Sunday, if you are going to be in town that day it might be a better day to meet, because traffic is less of a problem. Meeting early in the week provides an opportunity to schedule follow up latter that week, if warranted.

We can meet most any place convenient to you, at the airport, your hotel, at Xerox PARC, or here in San Francisco.

For a first meeting, we might use your notebook computer to get the agenda for the meeting from the Internet, which demonstrates a key deliverable of a knowledge repository (what I call Knowledge Space): Anytime, Anywhere Intelligence, per original planning on October 21, 1997. If you want colleagues at Xerox PARC to participate, we could meet there, and they likely have facilities for overhead projection so everyone can see the big picture of SDS, POIMS and Communication Metrics (i.e., tools, technology and management science).

If the meeting is productive, and you have time, we can meet again at my place in San Francisco so you can see SDS used in its work-a-day mode, as reported on February 27 by a member of Doug Engelart's Colloquium at Stanford. Alternatively, I can bring my own notebook and demonstrate some aspects of using SDS in our first meeting.

My sense is that the first meeting is technology oriented, to show more of the cards on SDS. You can then assess potential fit with LANL objectives and requirements, as, for example, discussed with John Hogden on March 31. A second meeting, would then demonstrate using SDS (which is the larger part of its value), but turn to discuss possible arrangements for business opportunities.

Please let me know your thinking on agenda, time, place, logistics.




Rod Welch

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  1. John Hogden