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March 14, 2000

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Mr. JT Neville
Director of Engineering
Technical Department
Mountain Computer Engineering
850 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Subject:   Mainboard, Memory, Windows 2000, Install
Welch PC11 Upgrade on March 10, 2000
MCE Invoice #03804

Dear JT,

Thanks for your help today in our telephone discussion, and then your letter. (I put your letter into HTML to facilitate review. Let me know if this helps.)

Your suggestion to reinstall Office 2000 in order to fix the Search issue, was successful. I am a little disappointed about the extra cost for the full version of Windows 2000 which nearly doubles the original estimate. Possibly I should have been more diligent in developing the record. How can the customer assist MCE in setting out cost options to make an informed purchase?

The printer driver you privided is the same that Eric installed on March 10, and so I did not re-install it. Perhaps there is a procedure we didn't use that we should have. Any ideas on this?

Trying to use the Schedule feature for defragmenting the drives hit a slight snag. Windows 2000 expressly says to use the Management Console for this. Maybe you could step through how this is done, when you have a free moment. Seems like the tricky part is how to specify particular drives. Can you help?




Rod Welch

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  1. Brad Schwab
  2. Eric Maxwell