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November 18, 2002

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Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Dynamic Alternatives
PO Box 59237
Norwalk, CA 90652
Subject:   Plan Perform Report SDS New Way Working

Dear Gary,

Thanks very much for guidance on HTML coding to avoid problems. Using style sheets to solve problems with Netscape 7 is very encouraging.
Your letters today present a lot of opportunity for making progress on technical and marketing objectives, based on widespread interest you demonstrate in using technology for saving time and money, even though it sometimes seems like no one is listening because everyone is talking. A few questions (action items) occurred in reviewing your letters. However, as we discussed last night, I would really like to focus on skill development for publishing SDS records on the Internet.
Just let me know when it is convenient to talk about the subject index and other things we want to work on.


Rod Welch