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September 15, 1999

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Mr. Morris E. Jones
Director of Architecture
Intel Corporation
350 East Plumeria; Mail Stop CHP02-1
San Jose, CA 95124

Subject: NSF Proposal #9961176
Communication Metrics
SDS, Medit Improvements

Dear Morris,

Thanks again for the work on Sunday. Your bread was a big hit!

The business plan spreadsheet needs to somehow reflect budgets and timetables for a disruptive technology.

Your idea to inquire with the Intel "lab" to support the NSF proposal seems promising.

Thanks as well for following up with Dave Vannier. We should try to meet with him, if you can both spare the time, to give this effort some energy. Let me know how it turns out.

As I mentioned the Sunday paper had a report on the front page about the high cost of mistakes in medical practice. Industry makes many more mistakes because there is less scrutiny than in medical work. Currently mistakes are bought off through fortutitous market conditions. Medical mistakes cost money, but, also, cause pain that cries out for a solution. You pointed out on Nov 23, 1991, that business metrics for communication seems to conflict with feel good management. This invites excuses about unproven cost savings that subsidise denial of poor management. The reason mistakes are pervasive, particularly in big medicine, big government and big business, is because the human mind is wired to rely on common sense, i.e., the big picture, and common sense is inherently error prone. as explained in the NWO paper.



Rod Welch