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July 20, 1999

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Mr. Dan Palanza

Subject: NSF Project Partner, Proposal 9961176
Communication Metrics
Security and Implementation

Dear Dan,

I look forward to reading your book. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to learn more about your ideas in the nearer term.

Security and implementation are important questions raised in your letter on July 18. Medical records are a current hot topic on the security issue; but, other contexts are, also, sensitive, as you point out.

There are references in the record on July 18 to others who have found that experience using Communication Metrics shows it is effective. A recent article in Fortune explains CEOs fail because it is hard to execute critical communication tasks, due to limited time, and because people are, at first, shocked to see their words in writing. Communication Metrics uses technology to help get this work done in a constructive manner. Initial anxiety recedes, when people get credit for better work that results from timely, accurate intelligence.

While questions of product advocacy are premature, I welcome your comments on Common Administration set out on July 16.



Rod Welch