Part 4    Phase I Research Plan

Funding will be applied to interview computer scientists and practitioners in order to solve the first issue, developing an adequate search engine. The big challenge is how to synthethise personal and organizational, i.e., micro and macro, perspectives. We do not aim for a complete solution, since none is possible. What is very possible is to enable people within common cultural boundaries, i.e., a nation, an industry, a company, a project, to apply this search engine constructively, in combination with task 2.

Planning on the search feature (objective 1) may entail writing some preliminary code to test approaches that might work, and eliminate others that don't.

The second task of formulating subject index procedures and tools for the Internet, requires interviewing cognitive scientists, librarians and others who work in knowledge classification, e.g., work breakdown systems in ship building, air plane manufacture, chip design. Some may be tempted to rush ahead and assume that indexing at the back of books is the solution. There are many excellent software programs that provide this feature, but these cannot assemble chunks of information into chronologies of cause and effect, that is the objective of this project. The SDS program does this, and so provides a foundation for a larger scale tool. We will want to test its application on a range of people and settings to guide development. This research will then be formulated into a Phase II plan for accomplishing these objectives.

Without funding, this testing, and expertise cannot be tapped to synthesize ideas from different disciplines that are needed to achieve technical solutions

Planning to formalize procedures for clear, concise, complete communications, and judicious review ( objective 3), will identify information in the record on these issues. Peer review "experts" will be contacted for guidance on establishing the scope and application of the deliverable.