440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

April 25, 1999                                                                       04 00067 61 99042501

Mr. Neal K
Biz Tech Services
770 L Streed #960
Sacramento, CA  95814

Subject:  Welchco Changing to Unix Server
                    Email makes mistakes, wait for letter for analysis
                    Welch letter dated Apr 24, 1999

Dear Neal,

This responds to your letter received today saying you cannot read our letter sent yesterday, that is on your web server.

Our letter asks JPS to submit comments on questions in our record for Apr 24, about changing our server in order to provide reliable service. Your problem accessing the web illustrates why we need reliable service. Web pages are more efficient than email for communication -- properly configured, they deliver "intelligence." However, waiting for the web server to make the delivery causes people to get impatient, and take short cuts. They give up on "intelligence," and ask for email, as you did. This causes mistakes that increase delay, extra cost and hurt feelings.

To get from here to "there," you have to wait on this one occassion until you can view my letter on your system. Seems ironic, but it illustrates the urgency of providing reliable service. Your task today is very, very important. Unless you guys are completely down, you should be able to read my letter in a few minutes.

Thanks for your patience.



Rod Welch