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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 03:18:15 -0700

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Unfinished Revolution
OHS DKR Project
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Subject:   Offer to Sell SDS for Knowledge Management
Learning to Accomplish KM by Doing KM

Sorry to have taken so long to follow up on Eric Armstrong's letter on May 30 talking about using SDS, if a way could be found to deploy and support this capability.
This issue arises in the larger context of what the OHS/DKR effort is trying to accomplish. A threshold task is to begin linking the record, also, related on May 30, based on Doug's letter on October 25, 2000 If we could see a few links here and there into the record, this would indicate people are ready to get started on the journey from IT to a culture of knowledge.
In your case, this threshold task of adding links to support communication has raised concerns. My sense is that objections come from lack of experience "playing the music", and so can be repaired by getting behind the wheel, so to speak; but, if not, SDS is not a good direction for you. SDS is designed to aid organization and make connections that augment intelligence, noted in your letter on September 16, 2001. Since intelligence is used for everything, SDS supports a wide range of tasks, as shown in the letter a few weeks ago on July 8.
Let me know if you want to get started. That would shorten up the 50 year thing you asked about the other day.




Rod Welch