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June 19, 2001

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Mr. Jack Park
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Palo Alto, CA Zip
650 388 1108

Subject:   Collaboratory and Education

Dear Jack,

Congratulations on progress with Nexist, reported in your letter on June 18, 2001. Feedback, you requested is in the record on June 18.

A letter to Mary Keeler on June 24, 2000 proposed a DKR (also "Collaboratory") should lift civilization. This requires lifting competence of a lot of people, which aligns with Doug's ABC improvement effort, reviewed on December 22, 1999. Doug sets the basic mission to enable a....

whole new way of thinking and working

One way to help a lot of people work smarter, rather than harder, is to provide skills and tools that can be used regularly to improve natural talents. Today, alphabet technology delivered through education augments natural intelligence. SDS improves this method, as explained in POIMS. Your letter on November 16, 2000 seemed to concur that SDS provides a whole new way of thinking.

The record on June 14 explains how SDS improves education to lift civilization. Feedback on SDS capabilities for improving education would be helpful.



Rod Welch