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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 13:36:24 -0800

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OHS DKR Project
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Subject:   Law Use Case for OHS Ontology

Dear Jack,


Great work in your letter today moving ahead on KM.

How would your analysis on Qualitative Process Theory (QPT) apply use case practice to legal practice in order to move Doug's ideas on knowledge management from the laboratory into daily life, as reflected in the record today on a trial litigating rent control?

Experience shows that a scenario (an element of QPT in your analysis today), for handling daily working information in legal practice, also, improves medical practice, executive management, engineering, reading a book, digging a ditch, i.e., i.e., the core process of knowledge formulation improves all forms of knowledge work. This record indicates that to enhance competency, called out by Doug Engelbart, we have to do KM, not just talk about it.

Your submission today is a good start, although it would help to see

alignment with the project record, as Doug requested the other day. that fosters a culture of knowledge moving from IT to KM.

Why is the law a good model for improving competency in all disciplines? One reason might be that it has worked out methods over thousands of years for making judgments about the efficacy of conduct in all fields. If we look closely at that process, the architecture of human thought is revealed, which is the foundation for improving competency.



Rod Welch

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